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The Fat Yogi Show

The Fat Yogi Show

By Tiffany Crociani
Compelling interviews with fat yogis
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Interview with the host, Tiffany Croww

The Fat Yogi Show

Interview with the host, Tiffany Croww

The Fat Yogi Show

Bree Boswell @breedoesgoodyoga
Howdy, I'm Bree! I’m a registered yoga teacher (200RYT, PRYT) specializing in gentle, restorative, and prenatal yoga. I'm the founder of Good Yoga, a body positive virtual yoga studio obsessed with providing accessible yoga to everyone who walks through our digital doors, regardless of age, race, sexuality, gender identity, fitness level, or body size. I have had a personal practice for 10 years on and off, but I fell deeply in love with yoga while recovering from PTSD stemming from childhood sexual abuse and infertility. I am so grateful for the delight that I have learned to take in my body since devoting myself to my practice, and I can't wait to show other people how to take delight in their bodies as well.
September 12, 2020
Milissa Norton @milrenor
I’m Milissa, my friends call me Mil. I am a mother, a wife, a baker, and a jam maker. When I have time I like to do yoga whenever I can fit it in. I’ve been “morbidly” obese my entire life, and I’ve learned to love myself while also being open to positive changes (like being able to touch my toes)! Check out my yoga schedule
August 12, 2020
Shelbey Osborne @movedbythestars
You can find Tiffany’s classes at Shelbey Osborne is a yoga teacher in training. She is an advocate for body-neutrality and applying a self-compassionate approach to your movement practice. Shelbey believes strongly in social justice and creating equality for all people. Shelbey teaches how to use yoga and other forms of embodied movement to connect deeper into the wisdom of your own body. Connect with our guest: IG: FB Group:
July 30, 2020
Kathryn Hack @Kathrynhack
Find my yoga classes here Our guest today: Kathryn Hack is a fat, disabled, body liberation artist and speaker. Her body of work highlights human diversity in all its many forms and encourages radical self love and self acceptance.
July 23, 2020
Becca Kunce @wholelovewithbecca
My name is Becca and I'm here to help you feel freer in your body. Using my expertise in the body, math/science, teaching, and self-love, I help you lovingly meet and discover the learned beliefs of yourself that secretly want you to stay trapped. Together, we will use holistic and pragmatical practices to love on and shift your beliefs so you can fully free yourself and your body. Through our work together, you will learn how to use your body as a tool and a mechanism for self-understanding, self-acceptance, and self-love. You will deeply connect to your body and self and learn to build self-trust, -communication, and -respect. Create and develop exactly the kind of relationship you want with your body and yourself because you both deserve it. If you want to learn more about my story or the work I do with clients, head to my website If you would like to set up a call to talk more about how I can support you, send me an email at
June 24, 2020
Simona Spiegel @simspieg
Today's guest is currently living in Richmond, VA. She is a new yogi as of November 2019, but she is totally in love and hopes to get a YTC soon. She is a full time educator and active community member. She lives for cooking, hiking, research, and of course - yoga! Welcome to the show, Simona.
June 10, 2020
Delsean Haywood @_myyogatime
Today's guest comes to us from Toronto, Canada. Delsean began dabbling in yoga in highschool. She truly fell in love with yoga about 5 years ago. She is a fat body positive advocate on the daily and loves spending her times with friends and family. Delsean is currently completing her 200 hr YTT and enjoys learning about different modifications to put into her daily yoga practice. She has recently started an inspiring yoga Instagram page _myyogatime
May 20, 2020
Shanna Humphrey @humphrey_homestead
Hello! My name is Shanna and I am a dog loving, yoga teaching, modern day hippie walking through life as a fat yogi. I teach a weekly Gentle Yoga class at The Yoga Garden in Uniontown, PA and I am working on my 200 hour RYT certification from Yogafit program. I loves walking outside barefoot, adding cinnamon to my daily coffee and almost cutting my bangs 9 times a year. My IG handle is humphrey_homestead and it mostly pictures of my dogs. I also am starting a blog also called the Humphrey Homestead that you can find at
May 13, 2020
Kate Mosher @matslikemirrors
Join me on this episode of the fat yogi show with my guest Kate Mosher! She’s an amazing fat yogi, who teaches yoga in Asheville, NC. She mostly taught classes out of her home, but with the outbreak happening, she has been teaching online. She also teaches at a body positive fitness studio. Kate’s yoga journey began at university, and i can’t wait for you to hear all the amazingness in this episode. Be sure to follow her in Instagram @matslikemirrors
May 6, 2020
Cara-Lea Suttie @raevynn_yoga
This episode touches on Cara’s life experiences with having an eating disorder. Complex emotions of being adopted, growing up with a single mother. And eventually coming into her own with an incredibly supportive friend group. She is an advocate of therapy, and has really done the work on loving herself. She was such a joy and light to interview! I cant wait for you to hear! Find her on Facebook “raevynn yoga-Cara-lee Suttie” where she is teaching regular weekly yoga classes.
May 4, 2020
Mary Praziak @mary_cat_demond
“Mary is new to yoga and I still learning and experiencing the yoga from a beginner’s perspective. Although Mary is new to yoga she is not new to being fat, and has been a part of the body positivity movement for a few years. She also is a plus size model in her free time, and is motivated to bring plus size women into all areas of the fashion industry including high fashion. As Mary is still learning yoga herself she has not taught and does not have any upcoming classes, but she does have a few runway shows coming up in a couple of months. The shows have been delayed, but if you check out her Instagram at Mary_Cat_Demond she will our out updates as soon as she knows the new dates! Mary loves the peace of mind that yoga gives her and how it has helped her become more in tune with her body.”
April 29, 2020
Shannon Kaneshige @fringeish
Our Guest today is Shannon Kaneshige, or you can find her as @fringeish on Instagram. Shannon is a sociologist, and a fat positive yoga instructor. She lives in Toronto, and is learning how to parent a cancer survivor. Shannon is such a wonderful addition to the podcast, as she offers so much advice and wisdom on being a fat yogi. Welcome to the podcast, Shannon! (@bodypositivefitness_ )
April 22, 2020
Amanda Nieves @chubbychinups
Our guest today is known as @chunbychinups on Instagram. She is a second year medical student who has aspirations of working as an ER MD. She has done many forms of exercise from dancing to weight lifting. She found Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube, and fell in love. She even stole her mother’s yoga mat, so she could continue her practice. She has struggled with body issues from a young age, and still is working on loving her body exactly as it is. Her story parallels how so many fat yogi’s see themselves. Welcome to the show, Amanda Nieves
April 15, 2020
Paul “PJ” Jones @pjbigjones
On today’s episode we have a super duper special guest to me. He is my cousin, we grew up together. We basically spent every waking moment out of school together. He is the reason why I’m so hilarious. He has always been a big guy. He is one of the most confident people i have ever met in my life. I love his energy, and his stories. Plus we have an awesome debate on the word FAT. Welcome to the show, PJ!!
April 11, 2020
Sarah Smith @sarah_the_fat_vegan
My guest today is Sarah, a 40 year old yogini from Central Kentucky. She has been practicing yoga for almost twenty years. She currently works in an inpatient psychiatric hospital with adolescent females. She plans to start her yoga teacher training in October, with the hope of also obtaining her yoga therapy certificate. Sarah is openly LGBT, a proud progressive, an unapologetic feminist, a body positive vegan, a lover of books, and a believer in a better world. The yoga studio that Sarah attends occasionally is on Instagram as @BarefootWorksYoga. Sarah also uses the website for the majority of her practice. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @Sarah_The_Fat_Vegan
April 8, 2020
Maggie Salem @propqueenyoga
I’m so excited to announce this week’s guest, Maggie Salem. Maggie is an amazing yogi, who is currently in the middle of a 200 hr yoga teacher training program. I love how Maggie uses props in her yoga practice. So much so, that she labeled her yoga Instagram account @propqueenyoga! Maggie has such a positive outlook on her fat yogi body, and i cant wait for you to listen to her talk about it on this week’s episode of the podcast. You can find Maggie practicing at The yoga East Healing Arts studio, their Instagram for the studio is @yogaeasthealingarts The website is
April 1, 2020
Interview with the host, Tiffany Croww
I give my story on how i became to be a fat yogi, and my thoughts on being fat.
March 23, 2020
Calling all Fat yogis!
I’m evolving this show to create a community for fat yogis! If you’re a fat yogi who wants to be on this podcast, please send me a message through ig
March 19, 2020
How i started my new business
How i started my new business, met my business parter, and came up with the name.
March 8, 2020
Story Time, and a date night tip
This episode is all about a dinner i had recently with some family members. I share a tip on how to connect more closely in social situations. Cheers! And i would love it if you left a review
February 27, 2020
Too fat to practice yoga?
February 23, 2020
Long days, and hard seasons of life
I talk about my Disney Trip, my long day on Thursday, and some personal frustrations.
February 15, 2020
Why you should go to bed early
My hello 5am series is launching today on YouTube! Check it out! “The flow”
February 9, 2020
Rant on why we don’t need arms on chairs
I was at the Fresno Chaffee zoo this morning, and had a revelation about the chairs!
February 8, 2020
Cherry Coke and Forearm Stands
Let’s talk about today, and this week!
February 7, 2020
Hello 5am
Hey guys, thanks for listening. I have a revelation about where i want to take my yoga business. And i really want to dive deeper into my morning routine. It’s so amazing, and makes me a better person . Listen, and keep me posted
February 3, 2020
Cruise Recap
Enjoy my rambling blog style of the cruise i just went on
February 3, 2020
Daily Tea with Tiffany #1
Daily Tea, enjoy this podcast version of blogging. Is it called PLOGGING? Man that sounds weird. Ok enjoy! Don’t forget to like and subscribe
January 25, 2020
Athletic clothing for plus size
I go into what sizing exists out there, and a problem with athletic wear for plus sizes. There’s also a segment on running, and rounding out with a mindful minute! Be sure to subscribe! Thanks!
January 23, 2020
Focusing on your Goals
🌿Follow up on 2020 commitments, and where I’m at. 🌿Story on why you shouldn’t compare yourself to others. 🌿Tips on focusing on your goals. 🌿Rounding out the episode with a meditation minute💕
January 16, 2020
Let’s talk motivation! What motivates you, and gets you up and doing?
January 9, 2020
2020 commitments
First podcast! Yoga, meditation, deep thinking, and my 2020 commitments
January 2, 2020
December 30, 2019
December 30, 2019