Alz About Alzheimer's

EPISODE #3 It Only Takes One to Give You More Hope!

An episode of Alz About Alzheimer's

By Tiffany Rivera
We are a podcast resource for community citizens of San Diego, CA; living with Alzheimer's and their care taking, Loved Ones. Nationwide we will educate on stages, care taking testimonies, healing, tips, meds, sleep, Dementia, Tau Alzheimer's, CBD oil, alternative eating and healing; Diets, how to travel, how to thrive, and how to live fully with Alzheimer's.
Your host Tiffany Rivera is a holistic health practitioner with over 21 years in the industry. She is the sole caretaker of her father with Tau Alzheimer's. Tiffany is passionate to share their remarkable journey reserving symptoms!!
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More places to listen

EPISODE #2 Rascon Family Story - Alex Got Diagnosed with Tau Alzheimer's
This is the Rascon Family...Dad got diagnosed and we took the wave from sadness to warrior winning! Alex will share feelings when diagnosed and how he is taking the road towards his brain being healed! THIS IS NOT THE ENTIRE FAMILY ON THE AIR:Our immediate family consists of: Dad, myself, Sofia, Alejandro, and Sigfredo Dad has family in Texas: 8 siblings, grandchildren and their families. Dad has 8 children of which I am the only active help in his life.  The others live out of state, across America. In the city of San Diego, CA;  there are over 120,000 people diagnosed with a form of Alzheimer's and over 300,000 caretakers helping family and loved ones overcome and seeing them through.  We are sharing our journey as a tool for your own personal tool box to help your  loved ones or yourself! This disease is impossible to live with alone!  Alz About Alzheimer's wants to be a part of your comfort and peace of mind.
March 13, 2019
EPISODE #3 It Only Takes One to Give You More Hope!
Be inspired, Reach Out,  offer your help or ask for it!! How a serendipitous instagram conversation lit my flame! Stay tuned as we will follow this family on their journey across America in a converted school bus as they fight Dementia! Be encouraged and stay in the fight warriors! 
March 13, 2019
EPISODE #1 Welcome to Alz About Alzheimer's
Welcome! Take a listen to why this special podcast platform exists! Alzheimer's patients, caretakers, administrators,  facilities, donators,  and all people who support loved ones and this Disease. Thanks for tuning in and we look forward!!!
March 11, 2019
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