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Tiffany Twist

Tiffany Twist

By Tiffany Twist
Hi. I'm Tiffany Twist and THIS is my podcast.
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She won't go back to Chicago because of THIS!
She won't move back to Chicago now that she's found her favorite hair extension. This process, created by Tiffany, is only available at WEST COAST HAIR® locations - in Minneapolis, Los Angeles (Beverly Hills) and, upcoming --- get ready.... Dallas 2021!    WEST COAST HAIR® offers THE MOST COMFORTABLE HAIR EXTENSION IN THE WORLD - Look no further and learn more today!    WEST COAST HAIR® Brand Soft bond™ Hair Extensions in Minneapolis (612-787-7797) & Los Angeles (310-818-3200)   Learn more with Tiffany's Webinar:   Hair extensions services along with before and after hair extension stories are featured on WEST COAST HAIR®'s YouTube Channel! Please subscribe for episode updates!   Do you want to wear Tiffany's Soft bond™ hair extensions only offered by WEST COAST HAIR®? With locations in Minneapolis and Beverly Hills, we are here to serve you!  Book your hair extension install at    Frequently Asked Questions here:
May 26, 2020
The Best Hair Extension Techs In Minneapolis- WHY?
You guys are always surprised when I tell you that both my daughters apply the hair extensions for me at WEST COAST HAIR. I'd love to share the story with you, because family businesses are hard sometimes, aren't they? I am so fortunate my daughters make my business shine and I owe them some applause for that! 👏 Currently, Stephanie and Cortney are working together at our Minneapolis location. They also travel to Los Angeles together and install Soft bond™ hair extensions on clients there, as well. If you are fortunate enough to get on their schedule and have your hair extensions done by either one of them, you can be assured that you will get the kindest, most attentive, and professional service you've possibly experienced. It is the mission of mine to overdeliver to my clients and customers and my girls have grown up with this and have taken it on very well and I, as a mother and a boss, am so proud of each one. You can see more on the WEST COAST HAIR website here.  
October 18, 2019
First The Math, Then A Mike
Someone has said the math is a path, or the path is the math, and I am not really a numbers person so adding, subtracting and multiplying, cause me much wrath - so, to calm down, I decided I'll just go take a hot bath 💦 :) Kidding. 😂 Well.... maybe not really kidding... BUT! I came on my podcast this morning to upload an audio blog I just did for my hair extension business, WEST COAST HAIR. While I'm navigating to my page, I notice my audience stats and podcast earnings and I'm super happy. Then, Anchor tempts me with this pic of a microphone and a really & ridiculously easy prompt that says: go ahead, and record your next episode now, we're listening, hit record!  And this is too tempting for me. I long to discover if things could really be this easy to do. And since I've only managed 2 podcasts on here in, like, six months, I thought I'd give it a try... THIS, is THAT podcast. Until next time! XXOO Tiffany (P.S. Thank you, first follower and future followers for following me! This is going to be an awesome, flower-filled journey! Also, I can't wait to incorporate contributors and messages into my podcasts so, if you come to and leave me your thoughts, comments, questions, too, I would LOVE that, as I get cozy comfortable into this new and super fun podcasting space.) ((P.P.S. Also, I may share an affiliate link I use to promote the marketing products & services I myself use & love. My world would not be the same without them, and if needed changes are afoot for you, too, that is exactly why I share them with you.))(((P.P.S. The math/path is something I've heard from these guys you meet in this webinar -- I believe, it was at an event I attended last year. If you're into the working-out while making money thing, check it out, because me? Well, you know what I'm doing at the gym... hahahaha!)))
October 18, 2019
Don’t want a boss? Then, BE A BOSS!
An unedited nugget on living a positive life the way YOU want it and how I am here to serve —- So, just a quick thought after my teenager interpreted my surprise that he forgot the garbage, as negative, when it was meant as a compliment because I see him as so responsible and really good at follow-though normally. This turns into fast advice from my super smart husband on being employed verses having your own business and how I, as a boss, serve those who work for me. Hey, so guys who work for me, don’t be mad that I’m the boss. I don’t see myself that way. I’m working hard for you to have an awesome job to do and wonderful life to live. Call in a message for me and let me know if you guys see things as positive or negative when they come at you. It’s worth exploring why one or the other is our default.
September 16, 2019
Valentine's Special
Hey! I had a dream Valentine! And, did you ever have those roses passed out in your school on Valentines Day? Then felt like you were the only one who didn't get one? Oh the woes of being a social misfit...
February 14, 2019