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Calm The F*** Down

Calm The F*** Down

By Marie, Ian and Tigger
Exploring the awesome world of Autistic experiences and Neurodiversity.
Three Awesomely Autistic individuals, Tigger, Marie and Ian, discuss our experiences as Autistic individuals in a Neurotypical world.
At times open and passionate, but we hope, lush to hear!
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Calm The F*** Down. Our second episode!
Marie, Ian and Tigger, at last! Unleashed in a Podcast! Here the three or us chat away, Ablism, What its like to be Neurodivergent, coping with discrimination, the lack of current knowledge and state of training.......we cover so much! At times passionate, so a few choice words!    Enjoy, and do feel free to get in touch:)
June 25, 2022
Calm The F*** Down. Our first episode!
Hello everyone, and welcome from Marie, Ian and Tigger! Three Awesomely Autistic individuals, about to embark on passionate discissions out our daily lives, thoughts and interests.  Here, we're saying hello, and introducing our new monthly Podcast. Looking forward to our next one soon! Do feel free to get in touch and like! Stay safe all:)
May 18, 2022