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The Football Question

The Football Question

By Tim Daniel
The greatest sport on the planet and we have questions every day, with football writer and scout, Tim Daniel. With 28 years in the game, NFL game scout, NCAA talent evaluator, professional player development coach, and long-time football writer, we will go over all the answers to those questions, and Tim will tell you why. We will talk about nothing but football. News, players, talent eval, and film breakdown of the NFL and college football. Join Tim on the football question on
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The Football Question Trailer
Is the AFC West the best division in the history of Pro Football? Will any of the preseason top 4 get beat twice this year in college football and who will be in the national championship? is the greatest college sports conference of all time going down the toilet and can the PAC 12 be saved? Why does the Carolina Panthers have three starting quarterbacks? And will Cowboys name named defensive coordinator Dan Quinn head coach after they can Mike McCarthy mid season? Lets talk Football!!
August 13, 2022
The Irish get muzzled in Las Vegas by the Diamond
College athletes plus capitalism equals God bless America, down goes the Notorious, the hypocritical hypocrite gets exposed by the bigger hypocrites.
July 11, 2021
Superteams need to end but the crime syndicate of sports needs the death penalty
Superteams are worth the price of admission until they're booted out of the playoffs, the NBA is finally watchable with one player out of the playoffs, and the crime syndicate of sports (NCAA) screws a school out of a probable national championship appearance.
June 29, 2021
TimmyD is Annoyed Trailer
Welcome to Timmy D is Annoyed, the SportsTalk podcast that has issues. Join me every Tuesday as we talk sports, all sports even if I have no idea what that sport is, we're talking about it. Your team, favorite athletes, and even coaches, we're talking about them too. No matter how much we love our favorite players and our teams, we always get annoyed at them. Join Tim Daniel every Tuesday for Timmy D is Annoyed, the sports podcast with issues
June 22, 2021