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Stuttering Solutions Atlanta

Stuttering Solutions Atlanta

By Tim Mackesey
If you seek a deeper understanding of stuttering and if you desire solutions, begin to listen. These podcasts offer stuttering help and stuttering therapy ideas.

You are encouraged to begin listening at the bottom- with Purpose, Intention, and Stuttering. The content has continuity and everything begins with Purpose and Intention, doesn't it?
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John Harrison interview: the author of Redefining Stuttering
Many of you know John's name from his book Redefining Stuttering: What the Struggle to Speak is Really About.  He also authored the famous Stuttering Hexagon diagram and article. John explains why he prefers the concept of "Holding Back" over stuttering.  He was one of the original 15 people who participated in the National Stuttering Project- now known as the National Stuttering Association.  John participated in Toastmasters for several years before leading public speaking workshops in the Bay Area of California. I have learned a lot from John since first meeting him in 1997.  I think he helps SLPs think outside the box of mainstream treatment methods for stuttering.(Search his book title on on the internet and the 600+ page book is available for free on PDF). 
April 28, 2022
Ian Trimble's incredible story: 20 years after speech therapy
Ian Trimble is a cyber security expert.  He speaks all day long.  He is a trainer and a consultant.  Ian's childhood included teasing, bullying, and avoidance.  He had a life time of speech therapy before we met when he was in his early 20's.  Ian explains how cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) via NLP and Neurosemantics provided him the life-changing breakthrough he sought after.  Listen to his story of resolve and courage.  
March 30, 2022
An action plan for teasing & bullying
Children who stutter are often teased and bullied.  This leads to a social anxiety, avoiding, and the fear of talking.  Social anxiety starting in childhood can persist into adulthood. This podcast explains the psychological impact of teasing and how parents and teachers can support the child who stutters.  This is really important! 
March 06, 2022
Stuttering hates humor: free yourself
A healthy sense of humor is like medicine for stuttering- it can help take the pain and anxiety away.    People who stutter (pws) can spend a life time attempting to conceal their stuttering. Why? Teasing and bullying is real problem for ps.  Pws believe they will be judged for stuttering. Rob Bloom, of Orlando Florida, joins Tim in this podcast. We reflect back and we wish we would have disclosed our stuttering and used humor to de-personalize it.   If a pws can make light of his stuttering and "set the frames" for it, what happens to fear and social anxiety?  The Iceberg of Stuttering begins to melt.  Begin to set the narrative for your stuttering.  Never apologize and be bold.  You are more than stuttering.  Read this later: 
February 11, 2022
The Miracle Question Pattern. 2022 goal setting.
The Miracle Question Pattern (MQP) helps a person who stutters (PWS) make goals that are within reach.  After a clinician interviews the pws, the clinician may lead the MQP process.  Many pws can independently do this pattern after listening to this podcast.  The MQP was created in the 1970's by Steve De Shazar and Insoo Kim Berg.  Solution Focused Brief Therapy evolved out of the work of De Shazar and Berg.  PWS have anxiety and fear related to stuttering.  The MQP can help identify and change the elements that lead to anxiety and avoidance. I used it to help myself.  I have been using it for 30 years.  Have a great 2022 and beyond!
January 19, 2022
Teriyaki Chicken: when and how we fear stuttering
People who stutter (pws) often have very specific feared words and sounds.  Pws can go to great lengths to avoid and/or develop tricks and crutches intended to conceal stuttering.  Ordering Teriyaki chicken was one of my phobias.  
September 14, 2021
Clear Masks are essential if you stutter
I was just interviewed on CBS 46 in Atlanta.  People who stutter are having some real heart wrenching experiences in public and at school.  When their mouths are hidden, people are impatient and may humiliate them. Purchase at and use the promo code RYV25 for 25% off.   If you want to make a donation to help children in need get a mask, pls make a tax deductible pledge at
September 14, 2021
Stuttering at school: education and advocacy
Tricia Troester is a pws and has three children who stutter.  Tim and Tricia discuss 12 essential points to consider when educating teachers and setting up your child to succeed.  Tim and Tricia each had immense difficulties with stuttering as children in the school setting. Children deserve a safe learning environment with no bullying.  Specific strategies and ideas to support children can also be found here:
September 01, 2021
Andrew Gradone tells us how he has integrated CBT and SLP skills in neuropsychology
Neuropsychology is a branch of psychology that is concerned with how a person's cognition and behavior are related to the brain and the rest of the nervous system. Professionals in this branch of psychology often focus on how injuries or illnesses of the brain affect cognitive and behavioral functions.   In five months, Andrew has largely eliminated anxiety and avoidance related to his stuttering.  Andrew has to administer standardized tests that require nearly perfect speech to be standardized.  He meets with other allied professionals, caretakers, and patients.  Andrew's future will include depositions by attorneys and courtroom expert witness duties.  He will be ready.
May 24, 2021
An interview with a cloud solutions architect. Josh DeMuth shares his recipe for success leading webinars.
Josh DeMuth has 14 years in IT.  He is a cloud solutions architect for a major web service provider. The covid pandemic resulted in a sudden shift to virtual seminars.  If you stutter, you know that was hard. Josh is a "tier 2 qualified speaker" for webinars.  Listen as he tells you how he prepares and executes his webinars. Josh is also a Toastmasters veteran and recently chartered a virtual club.
May 04, 2021
Mallery and Mike: a brand new stuttering relationship
Mallery is an SLP.  Michael is a construction supervisor and a real estate investor.  Once they started dating Mallery learned the extent of Michael's stuttering. Stuttering was very difficult for him every day. He was avoiding and asking to be enabled. How can Mallery be a partner and an SLP at one time? She is not his therapist but wanted to help anyway she could. It was uncharted territory for her.  He was resistant to help for many years. How fast has Michael changed in a few weeks?  How has their relationship grown and changed?  How courageous is Michael already?  You may agree that this story of love and encouragement has applications to parents and teachers supporting a person who stutters.
April 02, 2021
The power of beliefs and their impact on stuttering. Listen to understand.
What are beliefs?  How do irrational beliefs lead to anxiety, avoidance, eye contact aversion, and other challenges for pws?  How can we change beliefs?
March 26, 2021
Actress Bethany Anne Lind discusses the portrayal of stuttering in motion pictures and live theater. We are all changing the narrative about stuttering.
Bethany Anne Lind is an acclaimed actress who makes her home here in Georgia.  I had the pleasure of teaching her to stutter for the award-winning play Carapace- at the Alliance Theater in Atlanta.  In addition to an extensive live theater portfolio, she has had roles in Ozark, The Walking Dead, The Stranger Things.  Streaming now is her movie Blood on Her Name.  We discuss how stuttering is portrayed in theater and movies.  After decades of tolerance for belittling people who stutter and making stuttering a punchline, we are now seeing a shift in the narrative about stuttering.  It is my opinion that the acting and film industry has a responsibility to respect people who stutter.  The ADA protects people who stutter against discrimination. The King's Speech and Carapace are two triumphs for people who stutter.  Documentaries When I Stutter and My Beautiful Stutter are newer additions to a catalog of better portrayal of stuttering and the impact it has on people.  After listening to Bethany Anne Lind, begin enjoying her talent on your television and watch for her in local theater.
March 23, 2021
Finance pro, Michael Coats, tells us how he has dramatically improved his speech and how Toastmasters played a part in his victory
Michael Coats is a 48 year old financial consultant.  He began to dive into his life long stutter in late 2016.  We worked together using CBT and best practices in speech pathology.  Michael joined Toastmaster in 2017.  He has entered and won a speech contest!  Whether meeting with clients and team members in person or virtually, he has a game plan for talking. Listening to Michael's dedication and courage is contagious.
March 04, 2021
Helping children who stutter have the optimal Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah. Tim interviews Uri Schneider of New York.
Jewish children typically celebrate a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah between age 12 and 13.  They speak in English and in Hebrew in the ceremony.  This special event requires 1-2 years of preparation in most cases. For children who stutter, this event can lead to anxiety.  Uri Schneider wisely frames this lifecycle event as an opportunity for parents to form an alliance with their child; to make achievable goals and outcomes that align with the wishes of the child.  Whether the Mitzvah is virtual or in-person, this podcast will offer helpful advice and strategies. Listen and you will quickly learn that this podcast pertains to all parent/child relationships as it pertains to stuttering.   About Uri: Uri Schneider, M.A. CCC-SLP is a partner in Schneider Speech, faculty at the School of Medicine at University of California at Riverside and host of Transcending Stuttering Podcast.  (Uri also received rabbinical ordination at Beis Medrash L’Talmud.)  Together with Dr. Phil Schneider, EdD CCC-SLP, BCS-F, Uri co-produced the highly acclaimed documentaries Transcending Stuttering: The Inside Story and Going with the Flow: A Guide to Transcending Stuttering.  You can learn more at
February 16, 2021
The Anatomy of the Speech Block. Listen to understand what happens before, during, and after a speech block. You want to know what you do when you stutter.
This podcast is dedicated to Dean Williams, PhD and John Harrison. In 1990, I asked Dr. Williams, "What is the secret to stop stuttering?" and he simply replied, "I'd want to know what I do when I stutter."  I was taken back when that was all he said.  He planted a seed for me to germinate.  John helped me learn the inner thinking patterns during stuttering.  John's book has a world-wide audience.
February 08, 2021
Tricia Troester's story: she stutters and all of her children stutter. But wait, there is even more to this story!
Tricia is a devoted parent of three boys.  In addition to stuttering, her boys all have different varieties of autism.  Tricia shares invaluable insight into parenting children with learning differences and stuttering.  She is a big proponent of early support and early intervention.
February 03, 2021
How Buddhist principles, meditation, and mindfulness help people who stutter (pws). An interview with Rae Houseman of Boston, MA
Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is well known to help pws.  Mindfulness and meditation are universally embraced as being helpful with stress and anxiety.  Listen as we explore how the acronym RAIN and the 5 Hindrances give insight into anxiety in stuttering.  Rae offers helpful tips to become curious and investigate our thoughts and feelings.  Rae Houseman works for Ten Percent Happier.  Their slogan is Meditation for a Happier and Healthier You. See
December 30, 2020
MY STUTTERING TEACHER volume III. John Gomez, the director of When I Stutter, shares what he has learned traveling the globe and meeting people who stutter.
Since its release in 2017, When I Stutter has been screened at 13 festivals and it has won seven film awards.  John Gomez was asked to watch My Octopus Teacher, on Netflix, to see if his movie on stuttering had parallels to Craig Foster's movie.  While travelling for movie screenings, John has met thousands of people who stutter in several countries.  Learn what pws have in common no matter where they live on this planet.  To watch John's movie visit:
December 28, 2020
MY STUTTERING TEACHER: Volume II with Derek Mitchell, MBA. Listen to Derek share how stuttering has been his teacher.
Derek Mitchell, MBA is an IT professional in Atlanta, Georgia.  He is a local chapter leader for the NSA and active in Toastmasters.  After watching My Octopus Teacher on Netflix, Derek goes deep into the ocean of stuttering.  He has replaced shame and avoidance with courage and advocacy for pws.
December 17, 2020
My Stuttering Teacher. Similar to My Octopus Teacher, stuttering invites vulnerability and inner reflection.
This podcast is dedicated to the award-winning documentary, My Octopus Teacher.  Free diver, Craig Foster, meets and befriends an octopus while navigating the cold and dangerous waters off Cape Town, South Africa.  The octopus serves as a shaman of sorts for Craig.  People who stutter (pws) can benefit from opening an inner dialogue about stuttering.  The octopus is an expert at disguise and camouflage.  Avoidance and concealing stuttering leads to anxiety and the fear of talking.  I encourage pws to shed the disguises, disclose that they stutter, and live free by speaking up.
December 08, 2020
What do Jiu Jitsu and stuttering have in common? Learn from Evan Himel, a 15 yo, who just spent 3 days with me in Atlanta. Stuttering and blocking can pin you into submission if you let it.
After several attempts at previous speech therapy for stuttering, Evan and his parents needed a better approach- a holistic one.  Listen to a sample of his blocking on day one and then his speech on day three.  Integrating CBT and best practices from traditional therapy, Evan is already on his way to strong verbal skills.  You will quickly determine that he really integrated key concepts learned in therapy.   Evan's insight and interpretations are beyond his 15 years of age.   Back to Jiu Jitsu: grappling, submission, and choke holds are some of the common terms in Jiu Jitsu.   Evan explains that you can use finesse to counter the energy of stuttering.  He concludes that stuttering is not an enemy but rather a sparring partner that you can maneuver and escape from its tight grasp.
December 03, 2020
An interview with Rob Bloom- Creative director at Universal Studios and author of "As Someone With a Stutter, Joe Biden's Victory Means So Much to Me. "
Verbal communication is a big part of Rob's career.  Listen to how Joe Biden's stuttering story inspired Rob. More on Rob Bloom @  or LinkedIn search. You can find his article here:
December 01, 2020
The Top 10 Forms of Twisted Thinking. This podcast is dedicated to the iconic self-help book, The Feeling Good Handbook.
This podcast will help you begin to uncover and change negative thoughts and beliefs about stuttering that lead us to avoid talking and feel anxiety. David Burns, MD wrote his classic in 1989.  It will never be outdated. With the pandemic going on, pws have extra stress and worry.  Understanding the Top 10 will help you on your journey to greater comfort talking.
November 18, 2020
Stuttering is a Game of Patience. This podcast is organized into 10 talking points that describe the experience of stuttering and it offers many helpful coping strategies.
If you stutter, it requires extraordinary patience to talk and to cope with the roller coaster of emotions often connected to stuttering.   We have to recover from hardships related to stuttering, remain resilient, deal with impatient listeners, and face a non-stuttering world. If you love someone who stutters, listen and show the patience you know they appreciate. Listen in to hear how to best manage your talking and your emotions.
November 12, 2020
Sean Khan is a senior financial analyst with a Fortune 500 company. At age 23, he has achieved a lot already. Listen as he tells us how he emancipated himself from stuttering.
Sean Khan's story is a modern story for kids, teachers, and parents to hear. Sean, a 23 year-old senior financial analyst with a Fortune 500 company, endured teasing and cyber teasing as a child. Sean speaks English and Urdu. He overcame immense adversity to hit milestones such as speaking at his HS graduation, speaking at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta to honor MLK in front of 1,200 people and television, and later raising more than $200,000 for his Atlanta school.  Sean tells us how he used to be defined by stuttering but now he gets to define it! Watch Sean's televised speech:
October 13, 2020
An interview with Dr. Lee Reeves, DVM. Listen to him discuss his journey through acceptance of his stuttering to running a successful veterinary business and beyond.
Dr. Lee Reeves is an icon in the stuttering community. He is one of my role models.  Lee has navigated stuttering in a fashion that I have admired- and I still do.  Lee gives back to the stuttering community in many ways.  He has been involved in the NSA for decades.  Lee works on committees for ASHA.  He has sage advice for pws, parents, and clinicians.  Enjoy his wisdom.
October 09, 2020
I am terrified of snakes but I have to work at the reptile house! Stuttering can be a phobia and we have to face it. We have to speak up even if we are afraid!
It is widely known that people who stutter develop anxiety and fear related to their stuttering. Many are afraid even to introduce themselves.  How does this develop in children?  What should parents know?  What is good speech therapy to deal with fear and anxiety?   We must learn to speak for ourselves for the rest of our life.  Listen in.
September 21, 2020
A 45 year-old social worker explains how NLP helped her rapidly reduce her anxiety and improve her speech during the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen to her now.
Erin is a 45 year-old social worker (MSW) who helps cancer patients. When the COVID-19 pandemic forced her to work from home, she had to face a phone phobia that had been dormant like a volcano.  The stuttering volcano erupted.  For 20 years leading up to the pandemic, she didn't really think about the traumatic stuttering from her childhood.  Erin needed immediate and effective results.  She had studied Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) years ago and has found it immensely helpful when counseling her patients.  I helped her reap the benefits of NLP on herself.  NLP is misunderstood and sometimes called "pseudoscience" by critics.  NLP changed my life and is helping countless others. NLP is a massive tool box of CBT.
September 01, 2020
Chase Decraene, aka DJ STUTTER, and Tim talk about the NSA, the SSMP program, disclosure, courage, and speaking up!
Chase is in sales and marketing.  When some teachers discouraged him from participating, he said, "NO I will be standing in front of the class like my friends do." The courageous road that got him there is all there for the listener.   Chase gives back to the stuttering community in many ways.  Now, he is helping the children of Nashville, TN stuck at home for virtual learning.
August 31, 2020
Disability versus disabled. Jack tells us the difference. He is living proof.
What if you had ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, AND you stuttered?  Jack was his HS valedictorian and he just finished his undergraduate degree!  He will inspire you to fight through adversity and to be your best.
August 26, 2020
Stop asking why you stutter and replace it with how you stutter. If you want solutions, ask yourself better questions
Why do I stutter is the wrong question!  If you are eager to change, you ask "how" instead of "why?"  People who stutter have a "structure" to their stuttering; oftentimes it is very predictable.  An example would be when a server comes up to my table, I take a breath, look away, say several "ums," and then force out the word "h-h-h-hamburger."  That is how I stuttered.  How I stutter explains specific words and situations we routinely stutter on.  Why is a culdesac- you drive in circles- and HOW is the highway to change.
August 18, 2020
Katie, Alayna, and Tim dig deep into stuttering and go beyond acceptance
Katie, Alayna, and Tim talk stuttering.  Katie, age 25, is now in grad school to become an SLP.  Alayna, age 13, wants to follow in her footsteps.  We talk about disclosure,  shutting down bullies, and going beyond acceptance.
August 11, 2020
Back to school help for stuttering: Virtual and in-person
Help kids who stutter thrive with virtual or in-person teaching during the pandemic.  Helpful tips for parents, SLPs, and teachers.  A 6-point plan to empower our kids! Learn more by visiting our YouTube channel:  Atlanta Stuttering Therapy Specialist
August 07, 2020
24 year-old Hunter gave speech therapy a second chance. You won't believe his rapid change.
24 year old Hunter tells us how he is taking on stuttering once and for all!  He dropped out of college due to stuttering but intends to jump back in to finish his degree soon. Hunter tells us how he benefited from CBT and speech therapy techniques to overcome his speech phobia.  Phone calling, public speaking, and introducing himself are now skills that he enjoys.
July 30, 2020
Mysteries and quandaries in stuttering
Mysteries and quandaries in stuttering:  Why do we not stutter when we sing?  If someone reads in unison with me I don't stutter! What is masking and how is it I don't stutter when I cannot hear myself?  I hear Emily Blunt, James Earl Jones, and Bruce Willis stutter in real life yet I have never heard them stutter when playing a character role!  These age-old mysteries are clinically important and can lead research.
July 27, 2020
IT professional overcomes stuttering to enhance his career
Interview with Subbu Chandranathan: a 52 year old IT professional decides to overcome stuttering to enhance his career.  Is 52 too old to eliminate anxiety and begin speaking with exceptional control?  He will tell you how much he has changed in just 4 weeks.
July 27, 2020
Tim is reunited with Diego Sadri after 9 years
Diego shares his journey with stuttering that included teasing, bullying, and an extended period when Diego avoided talking. 16 year old Diego is a rising high school junior. Diego is now producing podcasts and has big plans for raising his voice for issues dear to him.  Diego tells kids that it is ok to stutter and push back on bullies. He says to speak up in class because what you say is important.
June 25, 2020
Breathing and speech: How do we breathe? If I stutter, when and how do I breathe?
This podcast takes away myths and confusion related to breathing and speech.
May 14, 2020
Examining the rate or speed of talking: Science and application for pws
Examining the rate or speed of talking: Science and application for pws
May 13, 2020
Voluntary Stuttering
Voluntary stuttering: Why do it and how to do it
May 11, 2020
Eye contact and eye aversion: A deeper understanding
What is the positive intention of looking away during stuttering and why is reframing that habit an essential goal in therapy?
April 29, 2020
Memory and anticipation: How we remember and predict stuttering events
People who stutter develop specific phobias of words, sounds, and speaking situations.  Learn how the stuttering mind works.
April 29, 2020
How Purpose & Intention are Involved in Stuttering
When the attempted solutions become the problem: people who stutter develop a myriad to tricks intended to conceal their stuttering.  How does this work? How can acceptance lead to evolution?
April 20, 2020