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By Tim Ridley
Welcome to the official podcast of Bullitt East High School. We're reaching out to our community in every way possible to keep ChargerNation updated on all things #unrivaled. Tune in for important info and a lot of laughter. We plan on having fun while keeping you informed. Who knows? We might broadcast an epic rap battle between Hughes and Brangers.
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Disruptive Thinking


Disruptive Thinking


Disruptive Thinking
Today I am joined by Mr. Eric Sheninger who is an award-winning principal and best selling author. His work focuses on leading and learning in the digital age and we appreciate him taking the time to talk to us.
May 10, 2021
Culinary the Charger Way
We are back and better than ever w/ Mr. Bustetter to discuss his first year at Bullitt East and his plans for the Culinary Pathway in the future. 
April 19, 2021
Weekly Update 3/21
Everything you need know for the upcoming week in Charger Nation!
March 21, 2021
District Champs
Coach Couch joins the podcast today to discuss/reflect on the season so far and talks about winning the district tournament. 
March 19, 2021
Mr. Mason Takes Over
Mr. Mason takes over the podcast today to interview yours truly. 
March 16, 2021
Weekly Update 3/14
Everything you need to know for the upcoming week in Charger Nation. 
March 14, 2021
The Spanish 4 Crew
Today the podcast has been taken over by 4 students (Hannah Woodson, Alyssa Stephens, Brynna Crump and Madeline Myers) as they talk about taking Spanish classes at Bullitt East and these amazing Dial a Story Spanish books that they made for the community. 
March 12, 2021
Weekly Update 3/7
Everything you need to know for the upcoming week in Charger Nation!
March 7, 2021
Special Programs (ATC and ROC)
Today I sit down with Mr. Vincent and Mr. Clemens and ask them about the special programs that provide more opportunities for BEHS students  Below is a link with more information about all the special programs.
March 4, 2021
Student Press Freedom Day
Today you get to hear from our unrivaled student journalist on Student Press Freedom Day about what has inspired them.  
February 26, 2021
Business Pathways/Co-Op
Today we are joined by Mr. Kyle Downs to discuss the opportunities in our Business Pathways and Co-Op for students.  
February 23, 2021
Allied Health Care Pathway
Everything you need to know about our Allied Health Care Pathway!
February 15, 2021
Weekly Update 2/14
Everything you need to know for the upcoming week. 
February 14, 2021
Game Design Pathway
Today I sit down with Mr. Nate Tackett and Alex Murphy to discuss the Game Design Pathway. 
February 12, 2021
Agricultural Education Pathway
Today I sit down with Mrs. McConnell and Emma Whitehouse to get more information on the Agricultural Education Pathway at Bullitt East. 
February 4, 2021
Early Childhood Education Pathway
Today I sit down with Ms. Jones who is our Early Childhood Education Teacher and one of her students to discuss the pathway, FCCLA and what doors the pathway can open for students. 
February 2, 2021
Weekly Update 1/31
Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.
January 31, 2021
Back to School
Today I am joined by Mrs. Pitcock and Brynna Crump to discuss what it is like to be back to school (in-person style). 
January 29, 2021
Weekly Update 1/25
Everything you need to know for the upcoming week. 
January 25, 2021
PBIS-The Charger Way!
Today, I sit down with Mrs. Kari Stewart to talk about the PBIS rewards system at Bullitt East. 
January 21, 2021
Charger Connect
Today we sit down with one of our amazing guidance counselors, Mrs. Dana Steinmetz. On this episode we talk about Charger Connect, scheduling and grades. 
January 19, 2021
Weekly Update 1/17
Weekly shout outs and information for the upcoming week. 
January 17, 2021
The Students are Coming!
Mr. Mason and I sit down to go over some information and quick reminders that students and parents need to know as we prepare to welcome students back into the building under the hybrid schedule. 
January 15, 2021
ACT the Charger Way
Today I sit down with Mr. Fulghum, Mr. Craven and Makayla McMichael to discuss the importance of the ACT and how students can prepare for taking the ACT. 
January 12, 2021
Weekly Update 1/10
Everything you need to know in Charger Nation for the week of 1/10. 
January 10, 2021
Healthy Chargers
Today we sit down and talk with Coach Tolliver Hefner and go over easy ways to stay active and healthy as we start 2021. 
January 8, 2021
Heart of Bullitt East
Today we get to hear from all 3 of the Heart of Bullitt East winners for the fall semester. 
January 6, 2021
Weekly Update 1/3
Weekly Update for Bullitt East. 
January 3, 2021
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
The staff of Bullitt East would like to share holiday messages with Charger Nation.  
December 22, 2020
The G.O.A.T.- Officer Bill Willhoite
Today we are joined by our very own S.R.O. Bill Willhoite as he gets ready to enter retirement. 
December 17, 2020
BEHS Teacher of the Year
Today we sit down with Mrs. Christi Abshire who was recently names Bullitt East's Teacher of the Year. She will tell us a little bit about herself and what words of encouragement she has for students, parents and staff and we move on with this school year. 
December 16, 2020
Charger Nation Weekly Update-12/14
Weekly Update  on what is taking place this week in Charger Nation!
December 15, 2020
Student Support in Charger Nation
Today we are joined by Mrs. Angela Binkley who is the MTSS coach at Bullitt East. The MTSS coach is a new role at Bullitt East and is designed to provide extra supports for students to be successful. In this episode, you will get to learn a little bit more about Mrs. Binkley and what she does to help our students be more successful. 
December 11, 2020
Self-care for Charger Nation
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Let's face it, 2020 has been hard on everyone and sometimes we have to recognize when we need to take care of ourselves. In today's show, we sit down with our amazing Youth Service Center Coordinator, Mrs. Erin Emington-White. We have a conversation about how to keep your stress levels down at this time of year and how you might be able to help out someone else. 
December 8, 2020
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
This is the intro episode to BE UNRIVALED. We will be highlighting what is to come from the BE UNRIVALED podcast. 
December 8, 2020