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Life in the Slaughterhouse Pt 2

Life in the Slaughterhouse Pt 2

By Tim
Welcome to the Life in the Slaughterhouse Pt 2 podcast, where amazing things happen.
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Life In The Slaugterhouse Part 3/3
This is a discussion on the book Slaughterhouse 5. It goes into depth about the chapters. A big Thank You to all the music from every artist including: David Bowie, Tom Petty, Passenger, X Ambassador, The Monkees, Jim Croce and 21 Pilots. Thank You for the Music!
April 30, 2018
Life In the Slaughterhouse Pt 2
A Talk About Pt2- Life in the Slaughterhouse
April 24, 2018
Life in the Slaughterhouse Pt 1
Just a simple talk on the chapters from 1-3 of Slaughterhouse Five
April 15, 2018