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Tim Cole's Podcast

Tim Cole's Podcast

By Tim Cole
Here you will find timely messages preached, things left on the cutting room floor, interviews with interesting people, and my personal meditations & musings to inspire you to be the best version of you on this side of eternity.
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EP2 - From the Cutting Room Floor: What Do You Have to Say?
We have been given the "go" for a great commission to represent God to the world in a way that will make discipled.  Like Jesus, that will require both our actions and words.  Since we've been given authority and power to demonstrate God's love through supernatural works, the question that remains is: What do you have to say?
June 14, 2021
EP1 - From the Cutting Room Floor - Upgrades from Pentecost
God gave us amazing upgrades at Pentecost.  In this podcast give a brief overview of a recent message and then share four things that were left out of the message and on the cutting room floor.
May 27, 2021