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Time Lost

Time Lost

By Time Lost
Time Lost is a poetry podcast. We ask authors to undust a work that has gone unpublished or was unpublishable in the first place. Every episode, you’ll be hearing a work that is being granted a second chance.
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Anselm Berrigan
Perdu's English podcast, Time Lost, focuses on unpublished and unpublishable work. In this second episode, poet Anselm Berrigan presents his unpublished three-part poem titled Elevation from the Crypt.  During the subsequent conversation with Alma Apt, he discusses the  themes of interruption, lack of clarity, and distraction that run  through this work in particular. As the poem speeds up, the  listener is left with shreds of information, after-images and  half-formed thoughts. In between all this, one-liners get stuck and stay  stuck in your head; poetic jokes and jabs that loop around: "an ability to antagonize  organisms I mean organize  antagonisms," In their conversation, Berrigan  speaks about how to find your way into and back out of a poem's  structure, about writing that allows one to find a collective voice, and  the problem of publishing longer poems.
October 29, 2020
Eileen Myles
On the 7th of March Perdu is launching the English-language podcast Time Lost. In the first episode Eileen Myles presents their unpublished work My Secret, a prose piece about the selling of their archive to the Beinecke collection at Yale. Following the performance of this work, they enter into conversation with Linda Veldman and Martha Jager. Their work is the starting point for a discussion on the relationship between the writer and their past writing, the contrast between the finality of being archived and the way writing allows us to continuously change the way one relates events to ourselves.
March 07, 2020