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Time for Teaching

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This podcast was born out of a passion for teaching and learning, & the recognition of how despite our best and most sincere intentions, sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to do everything we’d like to. Previously, we attended PD, we read, we connected and collaborated, & we used a variety of mediums to learn, share, and grow. For some, these options may be limited now. This podcast aims to collect, curate, discuss, & suggest strategies for applying teaching & learning principles and ideas, while appreciating both the challenges and joy of teaching in higher education.
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Time for Teaching - Episode 57- Farewell
It's been a heck of a ride, and as much as we're so very sad to bid the podcast farewell, we say goodbye (at least for now) with so much love and appreciation in our hearts.  We'd love if you would join us for one last hurrah before we hang up the mics for a little while.  Please be our guest for a farewell to Time for Teaching!
January 10, 2022
Time for Teaching - Episode 56- Dr. Sarah Hunter
This week we were lucky enough to snag some time with the incredibly sweet, kind, knowledgeable and BUSY Dr. Sarah Hunter when she stopped by our virtual meeting space for a chat.  Dr. Hunter is leading some incredible work on mindfulness across Simcoe County (including here at Georgian), and was kind enough to share some information about her research and her work on mindfulness in the healthcare field, as well as some practically applicable strategies and ideas around mindfulness in our classrooms and lives.  Her passion and expertise about mindfulness and good mental health was enough to bring Kim to tears more than once, and her suggestion that mindfulness and positive mental health practices be added as an essential employability skill had both Kim and Kelly jumping out of their seats to applaud.  Dr. Hunter is a ray of sunshine, a warm and compassionate person, and is quickly becoming one to be watched in the world of mindfulness (we're predicting like co-hosting a podcast with Brene Brown type stuff).  She is incredible, and this interview is a MUST listen.  We hope you'll enjoy our chat with Dr. Sarah Hunter.
January 03, 2022
Time for Teaching-Episode 55- Ian Harris
This week we welcomed a (virtual) guest from across the pond, Mr. Ian Harris CEO of Teaching How2s, and all around personable, quick-witted, and lovely fellow! Ian shared with us the gaps and inequities that he recognized in traditional professional development, and how Teaching How2s help to make quality PD accessible for faculty where and when they need it.  Ian also shares some of the innovative ways that folks all over the world are using Teaching How2s to help supplement and support their on-site training like we do here at Georgian.  And case you haven't heard, we (faculty at Georgian) have access to the incredible collection of How2s and all of the amazing material within them.  Tune in to learn more, and to enjoy the charisma (and very cool accent) of Ian Harris.
December 20, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 54 - Toni Cano
This week we had the pleasure of sitting down (virtually) with the lovely Toni Cano to chat about her work in and on the pharmacy technician program here at Georgian.  Toni shared information about community outreach, partnerships, and work placements, and also how the 'covid catalyst' has changed the way that students learn and work within the pharmacy tech program.  Toni is an innovator, and an inspiration in the teaching and working worlds.  She also really cares about her students and their success and well-being, which is clear through her teaching, and comes through in this chat as well.  We hope you enjoy our discussion with the amazing, Toni Cano.
December 13, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 53 - Amanda McKenzie
This week we had the pleasure of connecting with Amanda McKenzie (or as Kelly suggests, the Beyonce of the Academic Integrity world).  Amanda was kind enough to share her expertise (and she's got A LOT of it!) on academic integrity, academic misconducts (and the difference between the two), and well as quality assurance, and some of other amazing things she and her team are working on at the University of Waterloo.  Amanda builds on our previous discussions about AI, sheds light on the importance of connection with our students and open and honest conversations about academic integrity, and shares some great information about how faculty (here at Georgian and beyond) can support students through trying times in their academic careers.  You don't want to miss this one!
December 06, 2021
Time for Teaching-Episode 52-Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)
This week we took our virtual discussions across the pond to connect with some friends from IT Sligo in Ireland and our very own Janette O'Neill-Scott.  Cathy O'Kelly, Mairead McCann and Janette have been working collaboratively on a teaching and learning experience through COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) and they stopped by to give us some information about their COIL project, about the experience from an instructor perspective, and a little about the student feedback they've received so far (spoiler alert - it's all positive and amazing!).  Please take a listen to these brave and incredible instructors, learn about their experience, and get information about how you too can engage in a COIL project.
November 29, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 51- Mark Dorsey
Our friend and mentor Mark Dorsey stopped by for a chat this week.  It was a lively and exciting one, and as always, Mark had lots of informative and interesting information to share about the value of liberal arts in post-secondary education, the importance of saying no and choosing projects and the way we spend our time wisely (we could have done an entire episode just on this concept alone!), and on how he makes the time fill his cup through his love of music and songwriting.  Mark is living legend around Georgian (and beyond!) and we are sure you'll enjoy the chat with him as much as we did!
November 22, 2021
Time for Teaching-Episode 50-Academic Integrity with Josh Seeland and Caitlyn Munn
This week we had a bit of a field of dreams moment ("if you build it, they will come") when we had the pleasure of interviewing Josh and Caitlin from Assiniboine Community College.  Josh and Caitlin shared their knowledge, and also some awesome resources around academic integrity, and give us the feels when they talked about AI through a lens of trust, honesty, community, and proactivity.  They also provided a little peak behind the curtain into some of the other incredible work they are doing at Assiniboine and the resources they are helping to create for their students and faculty.  You don't want to miss this one!!!
November 15, 2021
Time for Teaching -Episode 49- Resilience with Kim and Kelly
The last year and a half has required us to be more resilient than we ever thought possible, but we STILL tend to underestimate (like, by a TON) our ability to face challenge and adversity in our lives.  This week, we take a look at resilience through both personal and professional lenses, and we consider the ways in which we can recognize and appreciate our own ability to overcome, and also promote these skills through our teaching, and help our students to learn them as well.  We hope you'll join us for a chat about resilience in our lives and teaching.
November 08, 2021
Time for Teaching- Episode 48 -Ishaan Sachdeva
Our chat with Ishaan was a BLAST!  He is a bright light of joy, enthusiasm, innovation, and knowledge.  He is also humble, kind, friendly, motivated, and fun!  In our time together, Ishaan shared information about some of the incredible initiatives he and the GCSA are championing across all seven Georgian campuses, he expanded on our discussion of breaking down silos (discussed previously with Sheona as well), and invited faculty and staff to get involved, to ask questions, and to be a part of the student experience in whatever ways they can.  We loved our chat with Ishaan so much, we pledged our full endorsement of any future political campaigns in his future, and promise that we'll be door knockers to get the word out there and share our thoughts on how incredible Ishaan and his work are #IshaanForPrimeMinster !!!
November 01, 2021
Time for Teaching-Episode 47-Rob Harrison
We wrapped up our "What's in a week" series with the amazing Rob Harrison this week.  Rob is a highly valued member of the Liberal Arts portfolio, and also a "friend of CTL" frequenting courses and sessions as a past participant and expert on a variety of teaching-related topics.  This week, we had the chance to learn a little about Rob's design and development process, to hear about why he believes asking for feedback and being vulnerable in our classes helps our students to learn, and some of the ways that Rob has reconnected with his love for teaching after a challenging 18 months for the world of education.  So many valuable tips, strategies, and ideas shared here - this one is a must listen!  We hope you enjoy our chat with Rob!
October 25, 2021
Time for Teaching Episode 46- Rena Lang
Continuing on with our "What's in a week" series - we got to sit down (virtually!) with Rena Lang this week, and loved every minute of our time together.  Rena has tackled the seemingly impossible over the past 18 months as she and her team were able to take a hands on program (Hair styling) and find ways to connect with, share information, observe, and interact with students virtually in ways we never thought possible.  Rena is one of the most humble people we've ever met and would never sing her own praises, but we're very happy to do it for her.  Rena and her team are incredible, and in this episode, she shares some of the many ways that she makes connection a priority in her teaching, and helps her students to do the same as they prepare to enter the workforce.  You don't want to miss this one!
October 18, 2021
Time for Teaching-Episode 45-Eleanor Gittens
We LOVED our chat with recent recipient of a Teaching Excellence Award - Eleanor Gittens!!!  Like, really, really loved it.  Kim had goosebumps listening to Eleanor share about the organization in her course. Kelly said Eleanor was singing a tune from our favourite songbook.  And, most importantly, Eleanor shared SO many valuable tips, strategies, and ideas, about how she designs and delivers her course.  You do not want to miss this one.  Practical application strategies, manageable, realistic ideas for how to organize, design, and deliver content.  The first of our "What's in a Week" series is a an absolute gem!  We know you'll LOVE this episode with Eleanor!
October 11, 2021
Time for Teaching Episode 44- Cambrian College
Our friends from Cambrian popped into our virtual meeting space today to chat about some of the amazing work that they're doing at Cambrian's Teaching and Learning Innovation Hub.  Sarah, Chris, Mel, and their team are finding ways to meet faculty where they are, they're finding unique and inspiring ways to help faculty connect with one another and with PD, and they are gearing up to host and facilitate their Northern Lights: Reflection on Teaching Conference - October 26th and 27th, 2021.  This chat left us feeling excited, gave us the giggles (as we explored MS Teams "together mode") and provided so much inspiration as we continue to find our stride in this '21/'22 academic year.  We hope you enjoy our chat with our friends from Cambrian as much as we did!
October 04, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 43 -For the Love of Learning
Today we tackle a topic that we've danced around a little in our podcast journey, and have definitely thought about a lot in our teaching careers - the love of learning, and how we reach, connect with, and teach those who don't love learning (and why it's ok with us that they don't).  This is basically an episode about how we can connect with our students, and help them connect with the content - it's the age old question of engagement, with a twist!  Oh, and we did some research, which means there are actually some valuable tips and information that extend beyond the small pool of knowledge that we have! :)  We hope you'll take a listen!
September 27, 2021
Time for Teaching Episode 42 Erica Kelly
We had the pleasure of chatting with the lovely, knowledgeable, and thoughtful Erica Kelly this week, and are thrilled to share our chat and lots of great information about humanizing practices, external professional development, intercollegiate relationships and more.  Erica shares some wonderful practical application tips and strategies that she uses to connect with her students in online and remote environments, and also reminds us of the importance of being context-centered in our interactions with our students by recognizing that their comfort level and ability to participate may vary week to week.  Erica and Kim met at a the virtual CALL (College Association for Language and Literacy) conference this past spring, and Erica shares what the CALL conference (and others like it) bring to her teaching practice and her passion for what she does.  We hope that you'll enjoy our chat with Erica as much a we did!
September 20, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 41- Matt Garwood and Steve Cunningham
Chances are, at some point in your Georgian career, you've had the pleasure of connecting with either Matt or Steve (or both!) when you've run into a Blackboard issue.  To say that they are experts would not do enough to capture exactly what they do and how valuable their work and knowledge is to us.  The only logical way to describe these two is as Blackboard Ninjas.  Matt and Steve stopped by to chat with us about all of the wonderful ways they offer support to faculty, about what's new and exciting about our learning management system, and they both shared a few nuggets of information around "things you should know" about Bb that could make your work life SO much easier.  This episode is a "must listen" to ensure you are saving yourself time, and making the most of the features of our LMS.
September 13, 2021
Time for Teaching-Episode 39- Rob Theriault
This week we had the pleasure of chatting with the incredible Rob Theriault about all things Virtual Reality at Georgian.  Kelly was blown away by Rob's passion for these initiatives, and Kim had a lightbulb moment when considering the impact of adrenaline on our ability to make decisions in emergencies (VR can help our students experience this through simulation!).  Rob has piloted projects in many of the medical fields at the college (nursing, paramedics, veterinary tech, and more, but he has also extended VR into many other program areas at the college, including fine arts, the trades, and indigenous studies.  The possibilities appear endless, and with Rob at the helm, we're certain that VR is, and will continue to be, an important part of the Georgian student experience.
September 10, 2021
Time for Teaching-Episode 38 - Sheona Morrison
Sheona Morrison is a go-getter!  Not only is a superstar athlete (proudly representing the University of Toronto on their soccer team for all four years of her undergraduate experience), but she brings that same fierceness and passion to her role managing Student Leadership and Transition Programs here at the College.  Sheona brings a fresh and exciting energy and new perspective to the podcast, shining light on the work that our students do to enhance the Georgian experience, and sharing information about how faculty can support and be a part of student-driven initiatives across all Georgian campuses.  Buckle up for this one, it's full of so much information and energy it'll have you jumping out of your seat!
September 06, 2021
Time for Teaching- Episode 40- MaryLynn WestMoynes
This week we sat down with MaryLynn West-Moynes, who was as just as fun and easy to talk to as she was passionate about the Georgian community and team!  MaryLynn chatted with us about what "fills her cup", what brought her to the world of education, and to Georgian specifically, and she also takes a deep and meaningful dive into discussing the near and more distant future goals of the college and our community.  MaryLynn is so thoughtful and sincere in both her plans and her actions, and she isn't afraid to tackle topics like Covid protocols, vaccinations, the soon-to-be-revealed strategic plan, and what it's like to be a female college president in a field still statistically dominated by men.  We thoroughly enjoyed our chat, and left feeling confident, excited, and committed to a bright future at Georgian.  You don't want to miss this one! :)
September 06, 2021
Time for Teaching Episode 37 Jarrod Otterman
Jarrod is a good guy, like a really good guy.  He's humble, he's kind, he works incredibly hard, he is so skilled and intelligent, and he's a great friend to CTL (and we're sure SO many more) at Georgian.  Jarrod stops by to talk about his commitment to PD, what inspires him about teaching (hint - Greg Rogrido shout out that you don't want to miss!), he talks about teaching that doesn't feel like teaching, advice his offers his students as they prepare to enter the field, and more.  You don't want to miss this one with the awesome Jarrod Otterman!
August 16, 2021
Time for Teaching Episode 36 Kevin Weaver
It was a bright and sunny Thursday morning the day we sat down to chat with Kevin Weaver, and the sun wasn't the only thing warming our hearts that morning.  Kevin was an absolute joy to chat with and listen to.  In this episode Kevin shares a whole load of important information about digital innovation, new learning modalities, micro credentials, current and future plans for Georgian, and more.  But what got us so excited, and really and truly "filled our cups" during our chat was the tangible passion and excitement that you can feel when Kevin talks about Georgian, his work within and outside of it, and of course, when he talks about the Leafs.  You do not want to miss this episode.  Really.  It's full of important information about Georgian, but also just presents such a refreshing and exciting look at the college, the faculty, staff, and students within it, and the incredibly future that Kevin, the Senior Leadership Team, and the whole Georgian community are working so hard towards.  You do not want to miss this one! :)
August 09, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 35 How to reignite the fire
It's been a year (and a half!)....gosh has it ever been a year (and a half).  Many of us have found ourselves experiencing cognitive overload, emotional overload, and just general life overload.  This can leave us feeling like work is a lot, in some cases, too much.  And sometimes, it's hard to find joy in things that feel like really hard work.  However, it's important to remember that many of us also got into this career because we love teaching, we love learning, and if we're lucky enough, we love our jobs and what we do.  Our goal today is to pause, reflect, and remind ourselves what we love about our work and our jobs and how we can do more of that and find more joy, or find joy again in our work.  This episode presents some tips and ideas around finding ways to love your job.  Please join us for this important episode that we hope will help all of us feel energized, excited, and prepared for the upcoming fall term.
August 02, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 34 - Erin Gilchrist
We adore Erin.  She is kind, thoughtful, authentic, talented, and so giving (in her life, in her work, and everywhere!).  We thoroughly enjoyed our chat with Erin and are already looking forward to having her back on the podcast again.  Erin shared information about Speech and Language learning at Georgian and the Harmonize for Speech, Hearing, and Language Clinic, which is a student-led community clinic for folks in Simcoe County and beyond.  Erin's passion for her students and all that they do is admirable and tangible.  We hope you enjoy this heart-warming chat with Erin Gilchrist.
July 26, 2021
Time for Teaching Episode 33 Gail Hussey
We laughed, we reminisced, we laughed some more, we chatted, and somewhere in there the hilarious and fun Gail Hussey shared some of her amazing knowledge and experience regarding library services, life at Georgian, and more.  Gail is a firecracker, and we had a blast chatting and goofing around with her!  We hope you enjoy this lively chat with Gail! :)
July 19, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 32 - Kelly Duggan
Kelly Duggan joins us this week to chat about bravery in our teaching, work, and lives, about what digital innovation means to us and our students here at Georgian, about a passion for life and travel, and so much more.  This was an incredibly inspiring interview, and we hope that you'll enjoy listening to Kelly D as much as we enjoyed chatting with her.
July 12, 2021
Time for Teaching Episode 31 -Reflections
We are continually blown away by the support and encouragement we receive for this podcast.  We have also had felt like our cups overfloweth with guests who have touched our hearts, fed our minds, and have stoked the fire for learning, growth, and appreciation for Georgian and all of the amazing faculty and staff who make it an incredible place to work and be.  In this (short and sweet!) episode, we say thanks, we reflect, and we make plans for the future of this little podcast that could. Thank you so much for being a part of this journey with us, and we look forward to many more laughs, lots more learning, and most importantly, sharing space with and stories from incredible colleagues doing incredible things.
July 05, 2021
Time for Teaching Episode 30 Amy Goruk
The incredible, fun, supportive, knowledgeable, and kind Amy Goruk stopped by this week to share some insight on instructional design in general, to expand our understanding of some of the new learning modalities coming to Georgian, and to help us make sense of the collection of acronyms (in the form of many new and exciting courses!) coming out of the Centre for Teaching and Learning this fall.  We hope you enjoy this informative, important, and fun chat with the wonderful and awesome, Amy!
June 28, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 29 - Katie Albisser
This week we are joined by the lovely and knowledgeable Katie Albisser who was kind enough to stop by and share (from her experience as a yogi, phys ed. teacher, and more!) some information about sedentary work, and how to fight back against the negative impact that sitting can have on our health.  Katie provides some amazing (realistic and manageable!) tips and strategies to help keep our bodies and our brains sharp during this unusual time (and beyond!)
June 21, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 28 - Alissa Bigelow
This week the incredible Alissa Bigelow joins us to talk about new learning modalities at Georgian, OERs, and much more! We hope you'll take a listen to the incredible Alissa share important information about a more flexible and "open" post-secondary learning experience.
June 14, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 27 - Mac Greaves
Anyone who's ever met Mac knows that he is a total firecracker.  Quick wit, great sense of humour, huge wealth of knowledge, and a heck of a time.  We mustered up the courage to ask him to join us for a chat (mostly because we knew Kelly could edit the episode before we posted it, hopefully ensuring none of our jobs would be in jeopardy), and Mac did not disappoint.  He speaks with so much passion about what he and his team do, and shares his thoughts on the value and importance of satellite campuses, the future of the trades (we think he and Adam may have been colluding on this as they both had incredibly polished and amazing answers), and Mac also shares information about some exciting new opportunities at Georgian for students in the trades.  To learn more, and to be entertained by the comedic stylings of Mac, we invite you to take a listen!
June 07, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 26 - Corinne Whitney
When Corinne isn't sharing her gifts in the worlds of teaching, learning, and managing you can often find her loving on her cats, travelling the world, or gigging with her band (we hear she's a fabulous singer!).  We had the pleasure of sitting down to chat with Corinne about her involvement in international student experiences and teaching (mostly through EAP - English for Academic Purposes program), what the Language Help Centre is and who it supports, and also the importance of faculty appreciating and understanding the challenges that our incredible international students face when they come to Ontario to study at Georgian.  Corinne is friendly, warm, kind, knowledgeable, inclusive, patient, and all around a real blast to share space with.  We hope you enjoy our chat with Corinne!
May 31, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 25 - Dr. Robert Luke
Our Fireside Chat with Dr. Robert Luke...continued!
May 22, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 24 - Dr. Robert Luke
Dr. Robert Luke is smart, like really, really smart.  But beyond that, he's also kind, well-spoken, passionate about education and people, and overall, he was an absolute delight to work with.  We had a blast chatting with Robert about what we agreed were important topics to/for our audience, and gosh, did he ever deliver.  In these episodes Dr. Luke confidently and easily navigates our giggles and nerves, and shares helpful, meaningful, and well-developed ideas and information about topics ranging from microcredentials, to the future of online teaching and learning, to equity, diversity, and inclusion in online learning, and more.  This one is definitely worth a listen. Oh, and please note: this was recorded "live" and on a different video conferencing platform than we typically record on, and unfortunately the sound quality is not great, ugh.  But the content is SO good that we couldn't even fathom the idea of not posting/sharing these episodes.  Please forgive the sound quality and we hope you'll enjoy our "fireside chat" with Dr. Robert Luke.
May 17, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 23 - Greg Taylor
We had the pleasure of chatting with Greg Taylor about all things mental health, and are so thrilled to share his insightful, helpful, and thorough list of resources (below), as well as to chat with him about being proactive in our own mental health and how to support students during these trying times.  Greg's extensive experience in the field is evident, as is his big heart, and genuine concern and care for the entire Georgian community.  We hope you'll take a minute to check out our chat with the wonderful Greg Taylor.
May 10, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 22 - Jill Esmonde (Part 2/2)
Editing is tough and I just couldn't make this conversation into 30 minutes so here is part 2 of our conversation with Jill Esmonde.
May 03, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 21 - Jill Esmonde (Part 1/2)
Jill Esmonde is a badass.  In every sense of the word.  She is bold, brave, intelligent, real, kind, caring, and she doesn’t take shit from anyone.  And gosh do we ever love and admire her for that (and so many other things!).  Jill joins us for a discussion about Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at Georgian College and beyond, how there are no "sidelines" when it comes to racism and discrimination, and what we as faculty and people can do to act, and to be a part of positive change.  Jill tackles our discussion, and her work, and life with a passion that sparks, motivates, inspires, and challenges.  She creates space for pause and reflection, she leans into discomfort and painful conversations, and has the guts to say the things that others won't.  We hope that you'll take a ride with us, and with the incredible Jill Esmonde, and that her words will spark action, change perspectives, and force us to consider our role in making the world a place that's safe, welcoming, and fair for all.
May 03, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 20 Molly Zariwny
Our chat with Molly Zariwny began with a story from Molly about what led her to teaching and how lucky she feels to work in a role where she gets paid to learn everyday.  Sounds like an absolute dream, and we couldn't agree more.  The amazing thing about Molly's role is that it also allows Molly and her team in CICE the chance to make dreams come true for our students as well.  In this episode Molly shares information about the CICE program, shares heartwarming success stories about wonderful student experiences within the program, and shares information about the ways that faculty can best support CICE students and the amazing team of learning facilitators who support them.  Oh, and Kelly makes Kim cry (shocker!).  You don't want to miss this one. Please join us for a fabulous chat with the lovely Molly Zariwny.
April 26, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 19 - Adam Zubczyk
We had the chance to sit down and chat with Adam Zubczyk (zoob-chick), and after our time together we are completely certain that he could do a much better job hosting this podcast than we do. No joke, the guy is a complete pro.  Adam is passionate about what he does, about the people he works with, about the students he supports, and about the future of the trades and Georgian's place within it.  In this episode, Adam shares with us how he and his colleagues have adjusted and innovated to accommodate their students in the electrical techniques and apprenticeship programs in this new world, shares his thoughts about why the electrical program is so popular, and introduces us to the phrase "earn while you learn" which is just as cool as it sounds.  We hope you'll take a little time to listen to our chat with the guy who might be stealing our jobs someday soon - the super professional, friendly, well-spoken, and fun Adam Zubczyk.
April 19, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 18 - Joshua Barath
Josh Barath is a self-proclaimed "talker", so needless to say, he fit in REAL well with us, and we thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him and learning about all of the amazing things that he and his team are working on here at Georgian.  The (gulp, ew.) pivot (ugh) to remote learning presented challenges for Josh, as an integral part of his program area is co-op placement.  But what many of us saw as a challenge, or barrier to historical (read - comfortable) practice, Josh saw as an opportunity to innovate, adapt, and update.  The new foundation for learning that he and his team have developed, and continue to build upon is nothing short of awesome.  Like, really really awesome. And not only does it help his students meet the same learning outcomes they met in traditional co-ops, it also gives them a peek behind the curtain (of the "real world" that lies ahead in their field), and an opportunity for networking and connection with the professionals and companies who will be employing these students in the future.  Josh, and his commitment to growth, passion for student success, and bravery in the face of challenge are what post-secondary teaching is (and darn well should be) all about.  We hope that you enjoy our enlightening and fun chat with Josh!
April 12, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 17 - Jimmy Orange
Jimmy Orange is great guy, like really really great. Oh, and he's a highly skilled, well-respected, and wildly successful educator, coach, and human.  Jimmy combines well-defined, clear, and purposeful expectations and boundaries with humanizing strategies that Michelle Pacansky-Brock herself could be proud of.  In doing so, Jimmy has cultivated an environment where he can be a "warm demander" of excellence for his students and athletes, resulting in admirable (and almost unparalleled) levels of student motivation, engagement, commitment, and retention.  We credit part of his success to his personality and the fact that he is like super duper likeable and fun to be around, but he backs this up with knowledge about and execution of educational and learning methods and techniques and a sincere and heartfelt commitment to his students and athletes and their success. Jimmy also shares his connection to his history, culture and roots, hailing from New Zealand, and being a part of the Māori culture.  Our discussion left us feeling so inspired by how seemingly seamlessly synthesized (say that 5 times without stopping!) the Kiwi and Māori culture are, and how knowledge and learning about their shared history is deeply woven into the fabric of the school system and teachings.  It gives us something to strive for, something to work towards, and something to be excited about.  It feels a bit like a preview of what real and meaningful truth and reconciliation can look and feel like if we all commit to being a part of positive and real action and change.
April 05, 2021
The Time for Teaching - Episode 16 - The New Normal?
A wise person once said "No [person] ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and [they] not the same [person]."  We've danced around this idea for a while, and finally took the time to think a little more deeply on the idea of the "new normal".  I think most of us would agree that there is no going "back" to normal (we think at this point, it's more likely that you'd accompany Marty McFly back to the future), so it's time to start considering the exciting possibilities and opportunities that await us in the "new normal" and the future of post-secondary education here at Georgian.
March 29, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 15 - Authentic Assessment with Alyssa Hall
This week we had the pleasure of chatting with the knowledgeable, passionate, and innovative Alyssa Hall.  Alyssa shares a passion for golf with Kelly, a passion for hiking, boating, and outdoor adventures with Kim, and shares her thoughts on authentic assessment in the teaching and learning process with our audience.  Alyssa is doing some great things in her classes, like really great.  She's mastered lesson planning, course design, and assessment and so much more, and is now placing great focus on authentic assessment which is not only authentic to students and their experiences, but also focuses on mirroring what life, work, and tasks will look like for our students beyond the realm of Georgian.  We had a blast chatting with Alyssa, and really believe that there are some fabulous takeways and application ideas for other Georgian faculty to apply in their classes. We hope you enjoy!
March 22, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 14 - Greg Rodrigo
Everybody at Georgian knows Greg.  And more than this, everybody at Georgian has had an experience working with Greg, and has felt seen, heard, appreciated, and special.  Greg is a wealth of knowledge, he is as friendly and kind as all get-out, he is an innovative thinker AND Greg is an active do-er - he talks the talk, AND he walks the walk, and we are forever grateful for all of the knowledge, joy, excitement, humour, innovation, and fun that Greg brings to Georgian, and the whole world around him. In this episode we chat with Greg about the future of teaching and learning, some of his favourite experiences in the world of education, and we learn a little more about what makes the amazing Greg Rodrigo tick!
March 15, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 13 - Changemaking with Tracy Mitchell-Ashley & Laura Koza
In this episode, Laura Koza and Tracy Mitchell-Ashley take us on a journey of understanding what it means to be an Ashoka Changemaking Campus (the only one in Canada!), what Ashoka Changemakers do on campus and beyond, and how others in the Georgian community can integrate Changemaking strategies and themes into teaching and learning at Georgian College. These two are a powerhouse of knowledge, motivation, enthusiasm, and fun and we had a blast chatting with them.
March 08, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 12 - with Emma Greenfield
We had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Emma about her history and culture, what drives and motivates her, her passion for and calling to social equity and justice, and her role as Indigenization Specialist here at Georgian, and were completely in awe of how she communicates and "is" in the space around her.  Emma shares stories, knowledge, and invitations to share, connect, and learn, and does it all with a giant smile, a warm heart, a strong voice, and a laugh as contagious as Kelly's.
March 01, 2021
Time for Teaching- Episode 11 - Virtual Reality in Teaching with Andrew Oster
Andrew Oster, Veteriarian, Teacher, and all around hilarious and fun guy (not to be confused with fungi!) joins us for a discussion of the value of Virtual Reality in his teaching and classes.  This also sparks a discussion about the need to "try something out" before jumping in with both feet (especially with regards to new tech).  We also discuss Andrew's love of bio-intensive gardening, his incredible ability to connect with patients (and pet parents), and his (exciting, but sometimes challenging - we're looking at you, Zebras!) experiences with exotic animals.   We'd love if you'd take a listen, and we're sure you'll find Andrew just as hilarious, inspiring and fun as we do!
February 22, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 10 (Bonus Episode) with Clement Bamikole & Lynn MacKinlay
We invite you to listen to the bonus episode of our conversations with Lynn and Clem.  Please reach out for information or resources, or to contact us with feedback, questions, comments, or more.
February 15, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 9 - Anti-racism at Georgian with special guests Clement Bamikole & Lynn MacKinlay
In this episode we have the pleasure of chatting with the inspirational team behind the Anti-Racism forums and initiatives at Georgian, Clem Bamikole and Lynn MacKinlay.  Clem humbly introduces his rich history in advocacy and human rights, and Lynn passionately discusses some of the reasons why she is a part of movements like this one.  The pair provide history, context, and valuable commentary on anti-black racism and what allyship looks like.   A great journey starts with a single step, and although these two advocates and leaders are well into their journey, they gracefully and patiently share what we can do to help contribute to the solution, instead of being a part of the problem of racial injustice. We invite you to listen to this two part episode, and to please reach out for information or resources, or to contact us with feedback, questions, comments, or more.
February 08, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 8 - Writing in Teaching & Learning with Jesse Wilkinson
Please note, this was one of the first episodes that we recorded and we ran into some audio issues which we have since remedied.  We loved the interview with Jesse so much, we didn't want to re-record, and we're hopeful that the tiny audio blips will be overshadowed by the content :) In this episode we chat with the super cool, interesting, intelligent, well-spoken, and wonderfully talented, Jesse Wilkinson about his book, Europe: A novel (linked below), about the joy of writing, and about how Jesse infuses creative writing into his teaching practice.  We wonder if writing acts as a creative outlet for Jesse, and Jesse shares some great practical application strategies for using writing as a learning tool, and a method of assessment in his communications and general education classes.
January 25, 2021
Time for Teaching -Episode 7- Start-up Survival Kit
A last minute addition to the podcast lineup. We hope that you'll find a "nugget" of helpful info to make this Winter '21 startup as painless (and enjoyable!) as possible!
January 17, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 6 - Educational Technology, Workflow, and More with Kate Quinn
Kate Quinn (Educational technology expert, Blackboard ninja, and all around heck of a good time) joins us for this episode of the Time for Teaching Podcast.  Kate discusses the journey that brought her from "Canada's Ocean Playground", Nova Scotia  to Georgian's beautiful Barrie campus, she chats about her experience as an online student, and shares tips for streamlining the use of technology in online and remote teaching experiences.
January 11, 2021
Time for Teaching - Episode 5 - Unplugging and Recharging
In this episode we discuss the importance of down time, and the value of unplugging, recharging, and taking time for ourselves.  We discuss strategies for relaxation, and also setting the stage for a positive and painless transition back into work once the holidays are over.  Our focus for this podcast is on the teaching and learning experience, but as someone very wise once suggested, "you can't pour from an empty cup" so please take a listen, and remember to fill your cup first!
December 23, 2020
Time for Teaching - Episode 4 - Humanizing remote teaching and learning
This episode is close to our hearts as we're both such advocates for the importance of humanizing the teaching and learning experience (and even more particularly, the remote teaching and learning experience). Humanizing is about connection, collaboration, and bringing pieces of ourselves into our teaching and learning experiences.  It's about creating inclusive, welcoming, and inviting spaces for students to learn and to interact, and about acknowledging and appreciating all of the knowledge, culture, personalities, and experiences that we enter into these shared learning spaces.  The data supports it.  Like a lot of data, so we're here to discuss it, and speak from experience about the value of being human in our classes.
December 11, 2020
Time for Teaching - Episode 3 - Managing Workload & Avoiding Burnout
This episode is near and dear to our hearts.  Burnout is a real thing, and now more than ever faculty face the reality of burning out when responsibilities from life within and outside of work collide, and when boundaries between the two are blurred (so damn blurry). Having both experienced burnout at times in our lives, we want to shed light upon what led us to burning out, and more importantly, share some strategies (from like, actual experts - woohoo!) on how to avoid and/or recover from burnout when it happens.
November 22, 2020
Time for Teaching - Episode 2 - Remote Teaching & Learning (Challenges & Joy)
In this episode we discuss the challenges of remote teaching and learning.  It's a real, raw look at what we fear is missing from remote teaching, what makes it so difficult, and a recognition of the guilt that comes along with not loving teaching right now. We may all be battling the same storm, but no one is in the same boat.  Some folks are thriving, while other are barely staying afloat, and we think it's important to talk about it.
November 18, 2020
Time for Teaching - Episode 1 - Welcome to the podcast
So this is our first episode, and short of forgetting to introduce ourselves (we rebounded later in the episode), we think it went alright.  This is basically an introduction to the podcast, to who we are, and to what some of our goals are for the time we spend together.  We hope that you might take some time to listen.  Also, if it makes it any more appealing, this episode is a cool, clean 17 minutes. Dig it.
November 18, 2020