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Time To Live Your Dreams: Soul Conversations

Time To Live Your Dreams: Soul Conversations

By Sergio &Tracy Kentish
Authentic, heartfelt, empowering conversations that go beneath the surface. Where we openly discuss everything from love, trauma, heartbreak and how the past can unconsciously keep you stuck from living your dreams and highest potential. As well as prevent you from walking in the fullness of your power, authenticity & purpose! How do you overcome childhood trauma? How do you move beyond heartbreak, rape, abuse or abandonment? How do you overcome the past to find true love or manifest your dreams? No topic is off limits! Join us in honest heartfelt - Soul Conversations.
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Don't Give Up on your Dream!
In this episode we will discuss the keys to identifying and living your dreams.  It may not be happening as fast as you had hoped and you may not be able to see how to get through it and you may even be getting tired of trying or tired of waiting for it to manifest.... either way we hope this podcast encourages you to KEEP GOING and KEEP BELIEVING! 
April 16, 2020
Signs of the Past
How can you know if your past is still affecting your present?  Lets discuss the signs to look for!   NOTE:   the Fire Starter Program is NOW "The Realignment" e-course on our website. (     And our Facebook page is:
March 10, 2020
Part 2: Let it Go & Rewrite your Story!
Part 2 - explains why its important to find the strength to let go of heartbreak or trauma from your past - to live your dreams and full potential.  
March 2, 2020
Part 1: Let it Go & Rewrite your Story
What is Time To live Your   How is your PAST affecting our present and future as an adult?  How do you let it go, move beyond it and rewrite your story?  Let's talk about it in Soul Conversations!
February 22, 2020