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Create A Generational Love Cycle With Timika S Chambers

Create A Generational Love Cycle With Timika S Chambers

By Timika S Chambers
This podcast aims to help you heal from the inside out (softening your heart), rebuild the family concept, raise children with morals and life-sustaining principles, fulfill divine purposes, and achieve and sustain the best health possible. We break the generational cycle of pain by shining lights on the thoughts that created it. We prepare the soil and plant new thoughts by aligning ourselves with the Truths within us for a continued harvest of Spiritual fruit: love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22).
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Life Principles I Learned From My Mother #1: Give From The Heart And Expect Nothing In Return

Create A Generational Love Cycle With Timika S Chambers

Are Experiences Meant to Make You Better or Bitter?
Whatever you believe about life often comes to fruition in some form.  And, whatever you believe, you share with others through your actions (including inactions) and words.  Whether fear or love, darkness or light, it first occurs within and then without.   Make this lifetime great because you can! Timika
September 25, 2022
Let Go of the Thoughts that Create Suffering.
In today's episode, I discuss thoughts and what I've observed in my life and others.  Thoughts are seeds that produce harvests (experiences).  Often, we try to change our experiences without changing our thoughts.  But, as you know, weeds (potentially harmful thoughts) will continue to grow in our subconscious minds until we remove their roots.  I encourage you to not only reflect on your experiences but get to the heart of your life events, whether they brought you joy or perceived suffering.  Within every experience is something to learn about yourself and an opportunity to increase awareness.  If we are co-creators of our lives, what are you bringing into your life?  In addition, I encourage you to ask yourself some pivotal questions and provide helpful tips on cleaning up your internal garden (conscious and subconscious mind).  Your actions, thoughts, and words will confirm what's in your garden.   Make this lifetime great because you can! Timika
September 11, 2022
What I Learned In My Father's Absence
In this episode, I share how my father's absence was pivotal in showing me whom I didn't want to be and leading me to who I am. I don't consider myself a fatherless daughter because I turned to my Father, my Creator and the Creator of humankind in my father's absence. As I've stated, nothing an adult does is a child's fault. Memories don't have to bring anger, doubt, guilt, resentment, shame, vengeance, and the like. You can create the family you want by remembering what you don't want. Make this lifetime great because you still can! Timika
August 28, 2022
You Are Replaceable
No matter how good you are, someone else can and may take your place if you aren't available to do the work. So how are you maintaining boundaries with family, self-care, work, and other relationships?  Do you spend all day cleaning the house to prove that you are a good housewife?  Do you stay up all night studying for an exam to prove you are a good student and neglect quality sleep?  Do you do everything for your capable child instead of instilling accountability, gratitude (for their functional body), respect, and teamwork?  Do you stay in an unsupportive relationship because you believe that abuse and neglect are normal and that there isn't anyone who will give you the respect you deserve?  People often treat you how you let them treat you.  You have the right to set your boundaries and have the support you need to be the best person you can be.  In addition, you have the right to take care of your body so that it can support the work you are here to do. So, where do you draw your lines?  What boundaries do you have in life? Make this lifetime great because you can! Timika
August 21, 2022
How Are You Interpreting Your Experiences?
Are your generational ties keeping you imprisoned in a life that doesn't bring out the best in you?  In today's episode, I ask a pivotal question to break down the prison walls.  Of course, you can ask the question what happened to me, but more importantly, how did you interpret what happened to you?  You can assess and evaluate one thought at a time to experience the freedom you deserve.   Make this lifetime great because you can! Timika Chambers 
August 14, 2022
Interrupt the Record Player in Your Mind
In this podcast, I encourage you to assess and evaluate the records and seeds planted in your mind.  What thoughts are you having that keep you stuck in an experience?  Freedom occurs on the inside when you realize you don't have to struggle and suffer with your life.  There is a deep peace in knowing you experience life instead of becoming your experience.  Whatever you are going through, I hope you accept the peace that surpasses understanding.  Peace keeps you aligned with your spirit.  Doors close, and doors open. Timika
August 07, 2022
When Drugs/Medications Aren't The Only Option
In this episode, I share a pivotal thought in breaking the generational cycle of pain. Many medications were created to help people live longer and increase their quality of life. I believe drugs were never meant to be a cure. Conditions such as anxiety, depression, weight management, and more also require internal work.  Drugs in any form do not get to the root cause. For many conditions, the sooner you face your emotions and feelings, unwire harmful thoughts, and let go of the past, the freer you are to live your life. Of course, many experiences will challenge our beliefs about ourselves, but we must stand firm in who we are and realize the power within us. You've probably heard of the placebo effect in which people receive something other than the experimental drug and still report improved health.  I believe our thoughts about ourselves, our life events, and the healing affect our healing path.  I do think there is a place and time for everything. We may not understand the reasons beyond our experiences. I do believe the body is amazing and capable of healing itself. As I prepare for my tutoring session in Pharm, I can't help but wonder about the other ways we can manage our health, especially with fewer side effects.  Critical concepts to healing from the inside out, fulfilling our divine purpose, and achieving and sustaining optimal health are changing how we process events and believing that we are more significant than our experiences.  As always, let me know your thoughts, and if you believe this episode will help someone, please share.  Make this lifetime great because you can! Timika
July 24, 2022
How You Feel About Yourself Is How You Feel About Others
Out of the heart flows the issues of life---your life? Do you project love or fear? Every experience teaches us about ourselves, and we can use our emotions and feelings as barometers of how far we've come from our truth. You can break the generational cycle of pain by dismantling the thoughts that brought it into being. My newsletters give you more insight into breaking the generational cycle of pain. Sign up on Make this lifetime great because you still can! Timika
July 17, 2022
You Can Get Unstuck
We continue to hear people projecting their pain on others.  Nothing happens overnight.  Let recent incidents remind you of the importance of putting your experiences in a healthy perspective.  No experiences define you.  You always have a choice regardless of someone's actions or inactions.  Make this lifetime great because you can! Timika
July 11, 2022
Life Principles I Learned From My Mother #23: Tomorrow Is Not Promised
In this podcast, I share another one of the principles I learned from my mother. We don't do more because we fear we will not be here tomorrow. Instead, we live more in knowing today is a gift.   Make this lifetime great because you can! Timika 
July 03, 2022
Are the Troubles You Experience Due to a Lack of Life Principles?
When constantly dealing with people crossing our boundaries, we must go inside and assess our life principles.  The principles you have set for yourself guide your earthly journey and the relationships you experience. 
June 27, 2022
Father's Day: Why I Chose to Forgive My Father
According to the Census Bureau, around 25% of people grow up without their fathers.  For some, there are many sad memories surrounding Father's Day.  But, we don't have to continue the cycle of pain.  Forgiving our father is another hurdle to overcome if we truly want to be free.  Instead, we can choose to allow our fathers to become our Greatest Teachers, learning what not to do so we do what we must do. Make this lifetime great because you can! Timika
June 19, 2022
Life Principles I Learned from My Mother #22: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves
When people know their path will not be like anyone else's, they will stop comparing themselves with others and focus on their lives.  They will cease to want what others have and focus on nourishing and healthily expressing their gifts.  But unfortunately, plenty of talented people are in prisons and gangs, on the streets, or at home and work, misdirecting their divine energy.  Yet, all have greatness within them. When we have faith in a higher power, we trust it will give us the support we need to do the work we are here to do. So there is no need for bitterness, jealousy, backbiting, resentment, and the like.  We are too focused on our work to waste energy on nonsense. Make this lifetime great because you can! Timika
June 13, 2022
Life Lessons I Learned From My Mother #21: After You Accept the Truth, You Can Move Forward with Your Life.
Until we accept the experience for what it is, we will remain stuck in what it was.   We must learn from the past and take the lessons forward to help guide our past and transcend experiences.  Make this lifetime great because you still can! Timika
June 06, 2022
Life Principle I Learned from My Mother #20: Remove Words from Your Vocabulary That Aren't Helping
The words we speak have a direct and indirect impact on the world.  You are in control of the vocabulary database that you use.  We create a generational love cycle by purifying our hearts and minds because what we say to others, we tell ourselves. Make this lifetime great because you still can! Timika Chambers
May 29, 2022
Life Principles I Learned From My Mother #19: Take Care of Home First
Hi there, It’s so easy to get caught up in the world and its expectations.  But family is always first.  We don’t need our children looking for love on the outside.  Instead, they will use our standards at home to navigate the world.  We show them how to take care of themselves and set the standards for their family, friends, and others they meet along their journey.  And, our giving to others flows from what we do at home.   Thanks for listening & feel free to let me know your thoughts. Timika
May 23, 2022
Life Principles I Learned From My Mother #18: God Gives You Common Sense
The truth is within us.  And, every day, we choose to accept or deny the truth.  As always, make this lifetime great because you still can. Timika Chambers
May 15, 2022
Happy Mother's Day!: When You Take Care of Your Children, God Takes Care of You. Life Principle #17
Today, I share another one of my mother's principles, perfect for mother's day.  Motherhood is a challenging opportunity to evolve to the highest version of yourself.  Regardless of the mother you had, you can be the mother your heart desires. With Love, Timika Chambers Fulfill Your Divine Purpose
May 08, 2022
Life Principles I Learned From My Mother #16: Create the Family You Want
You can create from love instead of pain.  Our children have a divine purpose, too. Parents must be present to remind their children our the truths within them. Whatever we teach, we reinforce within ourselves.  Make this lifetime great because you can! Timika Fulfill Your Divine Purpose
May 01, 2022
Life Principles I Learned From My Mother #15: Keep On Truckin
It's easy to lose focus and momentum after someone has projected their pain on you, but as my mother often said, "Time waits on no one. Life still goes on."   As students of life, we don't get caught up in experiences; we focus on the lessons we learned and how we can use these invaluable principles to create a generational love cycle. So what tools do you have in your backpack to help you weather the life storms so that you can Keep On Truckin? Timika Chambers
April 25, 2022
Life Principle I Learned From My Mother #14: God Is Not In A Building: He Is In Your Heart.
Did the people who projected their pain on you profess to know God and have a relationship with Him? If so, do not let others' actions deter you from the Truth. There is a higher power who loves you.  A shift happens when we listen to the truth within us and not focus on others' actions. During Paul's talk in Athens, he said, "the God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in temples built by human hands (Acts 17:24); for in Him, we live and move and have our being" (Acts 17:28). Receive Five Spiritual Truths That Can Help You Heal From The Inside Out.
April 18, 2022
Life Principles I Learned From My Mother #13: Nothing Happens Overnight
There are no quick fixes or external aids that can heal us from the inside out.  Instead, inner truths (life principles) help us avoid many potholes throughout life.  There are roots within every disaster or surprising experience, and many of these roots extend far into our lineage.  Any type of violence, prejudice, racism and other divisive means and strife don't occur overnight.  Within us is the power to strip away the weeds from our hearts and minds and cultivate our spiritual fruit (love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, Galatians 5:22). Then, we see the power in the principle that nothing happens overnight.
April 11, 2022
Life Principles I Learned From My Mother #12: Don't Put Me on Front Street.
There is a place and time for everything. And, there is compassion when we fall short of our true selves. We learn, grow, and live out our divine purpose as spiritual beings in earthly form. "To change misery for happiness, it is necessary to reverse the fixed attitude of mind and habitual course of conduct which is the cause of misery, and the reversed effect will appear in the mind and life" (James Allen, Man: King of Mind, Body, and Circumstance).  Timika S Chambers One of the books I'm reading now is James Allen's Mind is the Master. 
April 04, 2022
Life Principles I Learned From My Mother #11: Know Your Place and Get In It.
Often, we spend time living someone else's life for various reasons.  Maybe we regret not fulfilling our dreams or not being a good enough parent to our children (we over-parent our grandchildren or others' children).  Many have chosen careers that fit the generational cycle instead of following our hearts.  No matter our reasons for getting out of place, our true place awaits our acknowledgment, belief, and action.  May you take the necessary time to assess where you are in your life.  Are you in "your place?"  Do you feel at home with yourself? Make this lifetime great!  You still can! Timika Chambers
March 28, 2022
Life Principles I Learned From My Mother #9: If I Tell You I'm Going To Do Something, I'm Going To Do It.
Integrity doesn't start in adulthood; integrity begins within the home.  Children can help us be accountable for what we say.  We create a generational love cycle by saying what we mean and meaning what we say. Here are some Bible verses that you may find helpful in making integrity a firm block in building a generational love cycle: Psalm 71:22 Deuteronomy 7:9 1 Corinthians 1:9 Numbers 23:19 Jeremiah 29:11.  God promises us hope and a future. Stay tuned this week:  I'll be giving one copy of  I Love You, Mom!: Cherished Word Gifts from My Heart to Yours by Blythe Daniel and Helen McIntosh. Make this lifetime great!  You still can! Timika S Chambers
March 14, 2022
Life Principles I Learned From My Mother #8: Don't Wait For Others To Tell You The Right Thing To Do
With this principle, Don't Wait For Others To Tell You The Right Thing To Do, you build discernment, self-awareness, self-confidence, self-trust, discernment, internal peace, and other life-sustaining virtues.  What we build within ourselves, we build within the world.  Make this lifetime great!  You still can! Timika Chambers
March 07, 2022
Life Principles I Learned From My Mother #7: What Is For You, You Will Get.
True power and success do not come from belittling others; we stand in True Power when we lift others to climb the mountains with us. Timika S Chambers Facebook:  Fulfill Your Divine Purpose
February 28, 2022
Life Principles I Learned From My Mother #6: Just Because Someone Else Experienced It Doesn't Mean You Have To
Naturally, we want to belong and fit in.  But, God made us to reflect His nature individually and together.  Our birth justified our existence to be here and add flavor to the world.  You are here for reasons.  You don't have to do anything that doesn't resonate with the truth within you.  You don't have to suffer because someone has.  You don't have to experience heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or other health conditions.  As my mother would say, you are in control of your life.  So, I'm reminding you that you are in control of your life. Give the questions I ask you considerable thought and listen to the Voice of Truth within you. Then, join the community bent on creating a generational love cycle @ Timika Chambers
February 21, 2022
Life Principles I Learned From My Mother #5: Live Another Day
This podcast is about focusing on your power and strength.  I do not minimize your experiences.  Instead, I want you to remember who you are. You are greater than your experiences, and you deserve happiness, joy, love, peace, and to fulfill your divine purpose.   Five Spiritual Truths That Helped Me Youtube Channels Timika Chambers On The Oregon Coast With The Chambers  
February 14, 2022
Life Principles From My Mother #4 As Long As People Have Tongues, They Will Talk
The tongue is a powerful set of muscles that can potentially destroy others or lift others into realizing who they are.  How you use your tongue is your choice.  Another essential fact is that whatever we do to others, we have first done to ourselves.  Here are some resources: 1.  Information about the Tongue 2.  I Love You Mom, Book---Please know that I chose to be on the launch team for this book because I do support honoring people who have helped you along the way.  As mentioned, this book can be the vehicle to help you become the person and mother you want to be. Thanks for listening! Timika Chambers
February 07, 2022
Life Principles From My Mother # 3: You Don't Have To Do Anything To Anybody
A shift happens when we realize that we don't have to seek vengeance.  Believe that life is just even when it may seem like they got away with projecting their pain on you.  Preserve your body, mind, and spirit with forgiveness.   Timika Chambers Make this lifetime great!  You still can! Timika
February 02, 2022
Life Principles I Learned From My Mother: #2 "Nip Things In The Bud"
One of the most significant opportunities we have as a parent is to stop something before it gets out of hand.  But, first, we must assess our beliefs.  Do what we believe align with the Truth within us?  Timika S Chambers  Fulfill Your Purpose Facebook
January 25, 2022
Life Principles I Learned From My Mother #1: Give From The Heart And Expect Nothing In Return
Happy New Year!  In the first episode of the year, I share one of the many principles my mother taught me as a child and how it's essential to creating a generational love cycle.  Create A Generational Love Cycle is not about religion but spiritual evolution and revolution.  Everything you need to be who you are is already inside of you.  This podcast aims to help you remember who you are. Timika S Chambers
January 11, 2022
It's More Than Being Positive. It's A Way Of Life.
With every experience, we choose our perspective.  Choosing to transmute our childhood trauma comes from the inside out.  It's not about being positive for me.  I prefer to face my emotions and feelings and use them to better myself and others.  It's work---a continual mastery of myself, but every effort counts because I deserve to live my life, and so do you. Make this New Year be more about than resolutions. With conviction, take your life back. When you love yourself, loving behaviors (healthy eating, activities, joy, peace, purpose, and other life-sustaining emotions and feelings) follow. Make this lifetime great!  You still can!! Timika S Chambers
December 13, 2021
Give Yourself The Greatest Gift Of All
Recently, I learned that for some people who experienced childhood sexual abuse, the holidays might be a challenging time (triggers, etc.).  May this episode encourage, inspire, and empower you to take your life back.  Don't wait until the new year.  Realize today that you are more significant than your abuse experience, and you are here for reasons.  Step into the new year accepting and acknowledging your Truths, dismantling myths, and parting ways from your abuse experience. Cultivate a life-sustaining mindset and uncover the treasures that are inside of you.  Set your navigation to return to the place inside you where there is a peace that surpasses understanding.  Come back Home. You have every right to take your life back. Timika Facebook Website
December 06, 2021
How You Can Hold Onto Your Identity After A Traumatic Event
Continual observation of our inner garden is necessary for removing weeds and anything else that doesn't belong to us.  Don't let others' actions and opinions rob you of your abundant harvest.  A mental transformation occurs before a physical one. So keep planting seeds of curiosity, joy, peace, purpose, and Truth! These childlike curiosities didn't cause the trauma; someone used them for evil and not good.   Remember who you are. Timika 
November 30, 2021
Will You Take On The Gratitude Challenge (Opportunity)?
I know how hard it is making sense out of nonsense, but gratitude has been the two-way fence for preserving me (my childhood dreams, innocence, and the determination to be more than my childhood sexual abuse experience. In every experience, there is something to be grateful for. When you embody gratitude, you keep fueling the Light within yourself.  You say yes to yourself, and you say no to the baggage of pain someone tried to project on you. Timika Chambers
November 22, 2021
Resiliency: An Often Overlooked Superpower
Often, we overlook this inborn trait, but nature can remind us who we are.  You are more powerful than you can imagine. 1. Believe that you are resilient. 2. Believe that you can access this superpower.  Spend time reflecting on nature and how you are here today regardless of what you've experienced. 3. Believe that you can change your thoughts.  If you believe that you are doomed, weak, or any other false adjective because of what others did to you or didn't do, know that you are still here for reasons. You can bounce back to your natural state of curiosity, joy, peace, purpose, trust, and like-minded virtues. 4. Make a list of how you've overcome past experiences and how you can continue to move forward with your life. Until next time, Timika S Chambers
November 15, 2021
The Past Doesn't Determine Your Future: You Do.
Often, I have heard people take a fatalistic approach to their health. However, because someone in their family suffered at the hands of a chronic illness or disease doesn't mean you have to.  You can take the information you heard and saw and transmute it to your health and wellness plan. You have within your power to do so.  Become a student of your health. Thanks for taking the time to listen to this episode.  Share if you believe it will help someone. The seeds we plant in someone are often the seeds we sow in ourselves. P.S. I share five Truths I learned from my childhood sexual abuse and became a significant component in the Truths I later learned.  Go here to receive the five Truths and become part of a movement to break the generational cycle of pain by creating a generational cycle of love. Make this lifetime great!
November 08, 2021
Domestic Violence: The Choice To Carry Pain Is Yours
Often, my mother told me that "you don't have to do what others do. "We cannot change our past, but we choose what to make of our circumstances.  Just because I saw domestic violence doesn't mean I need to become it. We are fully capable of transforming our environment if we feel it is not benefiting us.    Will you choose to transmute your pain to brighten your Light?  Timika S Chambers
October 31, 2021
Domestic Violence: What Happens At Home Doesn't Stay At Home
Domestic violence isn't a private affair. Unfortunately, too many children, who experience some form of violence during childhood, project their pain on others, but it doesn't have to continue that way.   We break the cycle of pain by acknowledging the unfair treatment of others and acting responsibly with our pain.   Here are a few resources to learn more about domestic violence. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence The Consequences of Exposure to Violence During Early Childhood Domestic Violence Resources
October 18, 2021
Shifting From Domestic Violence To Creating A Generational Love Cycle
A shift is possible when we increase self-awareness and realize we are fully capable of healing and transcending our experiences. I do not tell people how to live because deep within you are the answers for your life.  Please remember you are worthy and never the reason for disrespectful and hurtful behavior.  It's not too late to break free. Here are some Domestic Violence Resources: What is domestic violence? Oregon National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Domestic Violence Hotline
October 04, 2021
Recovery Is Remembering Who You Are
You are more significant than your experiences.  You choose who you want to be despite the pain projected onto you.  It's not too late to ask the pivotal question.  "Who am I really? Make this lifetime great! Timika
September 20, 2021
Wrap up First Week on Digestive Health
You are only one choice away from creating meals to improve your digestive health.  Check out this episode to learn more about how to improve your digestive health and create a generational love cycle.
August 08, 2021
How Can You Improve Your Digestion Health?
In this episode, I introduce digestive health as the month's topic, discuss general information regarding digestion, and give some tips for improving your digestive health.  You have the power to create the shift you need to not only improve your health but future generations. Here is the book I mentioned. Louise L. Hay, You Can Heal Your Life
August 02, 2021
How Can You See Clearly During The Coronavirus Storm?
How we see the Coronavirus storm affects how our children see this storm and future storms.  Often, storms bring up things we haven't addressed and test the foundation on which we stand.  Are you feeling attacked? Frustrated? Unorganized?  How much time are you spending in stillness to assess emotions and feelings that have been there? Remember, the legacy we leave for future generations comes from the inside.  We have everything we need to weather the storms of life.   Make this lifetime great! Timika
July 25, 2021
Boosting Eye Health With Nutrients Week
This week, I will focus on boosting eye health with key nutrients.  The Word of God encourages us to get understanding and apply what we learn (Proverbs 4:5-7).  Let us learn what we can about our bodies and take care of them. So, as promised, here are some resources to help you this week and for the rest of your life.   American Academy of Opthalmology-36 Foods to Boost Eye Health  Lutein and Eye Health- Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Healthy Vision Month-
July 18, 2021
How To Care For Your Eyes (The Headlights of Your Vehicle)
In this episode, I discuss ways you can take care of your eyes and more. So, as promised, here are some resources to help you take care of your eyes. 1. United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) a. My Plate Plan  (by age, sex, weight, and physical activity) b. 2. Is Eating Grapes a No-No For Individuals Diagnosed With Diabetes a. 3. Healthline-Foods High in Omega-3 a.,123-mg-per-serving) 4. Centers for Disease Control-Body Mass Index (BMI) a. 5. BMI calculator for children & teens a. 6. Recommended Fruits and Vegetables a.,of%20vegetables%20each%20day.%20Learn%20more%3A%20MyPlate%20Plan Make this lifetime great! P.S. I changed my podcast airing date to Sundays to start your week off with some healthy thoughts. Timika
July 12, 2021
How Can Your Eyes Create A Generational Love Cycle?
The more we see things as they are than our past influences, the more we see that everyone is here because they belong here. We are all messengers of Truth.
July 07, 2021
You Are Not Alone
We can create the positive circle of influence we need to heal from the inside out.  Sometimes, we need to go outside our family to receive the support we need.   Trauma doesn't have to lead to more pain.  We use our pain to create a legacy out of love because we know what pain feels like.  Make this lifetime great!  You have within your power to do so. Timika
June 29, 2021
How Can You Use Food to Improve Mental Health
There are some simple things you can do to improve your relationship with food and meal planning
June 26, 2021
How Can You Use Your Emotions To Free Yourself?
Although your path may appear dark sometimes, your emotions can be the light on your healing path.  Thanks for listening!
June 19, 2021
What Myths Are You Holding On That's Preventing Healing From The Inside Out?
Trust in something greater than people.  Proverbs 3:5 encourages us to trust in God and not in our own understanding.  Early on, I learned that even family members have things they are dealing with.
June 12, 2021
Shine The Light On They Myths You Are Holding
Part of accepting and acknowledging our Truths is shining the light on potentially harmful information.  Our beliefs are the cornerstone of our actions.   Check out my blog to see if you may be carrying some of the other myths I carried Make this lifetime great! You deserve every bit of joy and peace! Timika
June 04, 2021
Start With Your Truth
The Truth is the key to breaking the dark generational pain cycle and creating the Light Generational Love Cycle.  We do not have to add to the darkness that continues to dismantle the family concept and callous hearts.  By owning our truths and demystifying myths, we open the door to our healing path. 
May 28, 2021
How I Came Up With The Name of This Podcast
Early on, I realized that too many people are suffering from this generational cycle of pain.   Instead of breaking the cycle of pain, let's create a cycle of love by healing from the inside out.
May 28, 2021
How Teachable Moments At Home Can Help Regenerate The World
Mothers can help be the change we need to see in the world.  Many of us know what it is like to have our voices silenced. We can help our children unleash their light by instilling compassion, respect, and understanding.  
May 16, 2021