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Jesus and GaryVee

Jesus and GaryVee

By James and Timmy
A show about the intersection of Faith and Entrepreneurship.

We are two regular guys who LOVE JESUS and LOVE GARYVEE. On this show, we wrestle with the teachings of the God we model our life on and the guy we model our businesses on.

James Carbary is the founder of Sweet Fish Media a podcast-first media company driven to create the most helpful content on the internet for every job function and industry

Timmy Bauer is a kids book author whose goal is to make stories kids actually want to read by challenging them with tough ideas and delivering on their need for adventure.
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Episode 0: What is Jesus and Gary Vee?
I'm Timmy Bauer, I've been a Christian since I first started crying out to God in.... well, I'm not sure when exactly, but there are a few key moments: like in middle school when I fully understood what exactly christians believe, in high school, surrendering my entire future to God, and through divorce, realizing God talks directly to my heart. I've been an entrepreneur since... probably 2014 when I made a kids book and started knocking on school doors asking to read it to the kids. * * *  I'm James Carbary, I was not raised to know Jesus. I became a Christian when I was 15 and went to a Baptist church camp where I heard the message of Jesus like I'd never heard before. I first encountered entrepreneurship when a friend of mine won a crazy sweepstakes that led me to meet the owner of a helicopter logistics company. I later went on to work for that guy, Jeff, and realized I could start my own company. I founded Sweet Fish Media in 2014. The goal of the company: to inspire people to own their careers because 90,000 hours of your life shouldn't suck. * * *  We love Gary Vee, his beliefs about empathy, authenticity, patience, adding value to others, and hard work have shaped the way we think about entrepreneurship, but we often wonder how these ideas intersect with our faith. * * *  We love Jesus, he is the reason we wake up every morning with Joy. He is the author of our faith, the creator of our stories. Everything we do, we want to be for him. We believe that our lives are better because we approach our decisions with his goals in first place.
September 09, 2020
Faith + Entrepreneurship = what exactly?
Jesus - We are both Christians who have been set free by what Jesus did for humanity and inspired to walk in his way of living. GaryVee - We are both entrepreneurs who are heavily inspired by Gary to do business with empathy, hard work, patience, and ambition. Join us in this audio diary where we take major talking points from Gary or from Jesus and see how the two ideas intersect, disagree, or coincide.
September 09, 2020