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Bending Granite

Bending Granite

By Timothy Hallock
Bending Granite explores stories of positive change. It builds on our book by the same name. Each episode will visit with our authors and others to reveal the building blocks for achieving excellence. Hear stories of leading change, tackling unbendable difficulties, and navigating in a changing landscape. The podcast will interest anyone, but there are lessons to encourage change practitioners, educators, students, workers, middle managers, CEOs, and community organizers. We believe you want to make a difference, but we also know that doing so can sometimes feel like bending granite.
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We Are Not Going Back
Listen to Tom Mosgaller as he interviews David Couper, a former chief of police.  From his farm in south-central Wisconsin, David shares his introduction to quality principles and how they formed his approaches to community policing outlined in his book “Arrested Development.”
June 06, 2022
People in the System
Kathleen Paris, a Bending Granite author, reads her story “Disaster at the Ritzy Restaurant.”  She shares a memorable experience that has steered her approach to leading change for many years. Listen as Kathleen focuses on the importance of people in the system.
May 18, 2022
A Moment in Time
They say the value you provide isn’t nearly as important as pushing yourself to provide it.  Listen as former Mayor Joe Sensenbrenner tells his story of meeting Dr. Deming and being so profoundly influenced that he introduced the science of quality as an approach to make the City of Madison a better place to work and live.  Along with Michael Williamson, Elizbeth Fadell, and Tom Mosgaller, they share their story of what it took to start and succeed in making a difference.  This was a “Moment in Time.”
April 20, 2022
In this 30-minute podcast, the core design team for the book “Bending Granite" shares how they introduced their book idea to 30+ authors. Kathleen Paris and Tom Mosgaller started by introducing the concept - hear their pitch.   Coaching authors to be storytellers started with this podcast’s conversation. Listen to Maury Cotter, Tom Mosgaller, Michael Williamson, and Tim Hallock share our thoughts on storytelling.
February 08, 2022