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Faith, Recovery & Music Podcast

Faith, Recovery & Music Podcast

By Timothy Price
The Faith, Recovery & Music Podcast is a podcast based on the ministry of the same name. It is aimed at helping alcoholics and drug addicts through Christian faith, personal experience, testimony, interviews, positive affirmation and a whole lotta' music.
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Faith, Recovery & Music Podcast Episode Six "Beautifully Broken"

Faith, Recovery & Music Podcast

Faith, Recovery & Music "This Time" Season Two Episode One
It's a long one gang at almost two hours, but sometimes the Holy Spirit just moves you!  Please join Tim and Pastor Christopher as they talk about recovery and what we can do to strengthen it. Plus we have a brand new song called "All Of My Heart" featuring Shelley Galvin, Alan OW Barnes and Timothy Price.
September 3, 2021
FRM Podcast Season 1 Episode 12 "Colleen's Story"
Please join Tim and Pastor Christopher as they talk along with Colleen and listen to her inspiring story! 
August 6, 2021
Faith, Recovery & Music Season 1/Episode 11 Spirits At Rest
Join us with our good friend, Jeremy on this very important day at this very important place. 
July 2, 2021
Faith, Recovery & Music Season 1 Episode 10 "My Name Is Tim"
Please join FRM as Tim gives us a brief description of his faith and life before and during recovery. This was recorded "LIVE" in 2019 at an Alcoholics Anonymous Speaker Meeting and content has been edited to protect the anonymity of those in attendance.
June 4, 2021
Episode Nine: Psalm 32 An Emmanuel For Recovery
Join Tim and Pastor Christopher as they discuss Psalm 32 and how it can relate to our life AND our recovery! 
May 7, 2021
Faith, Recovery & Music Podcast Episode Eight "Heart For God"
Welcome to the EIGHTH Episode of the Faith, Recovery & Music Podcast entitled "Heart For God"  Our Very Special Guest is Sambo, and we have music performed by Toby Thietje, Alyce Price and Timothy Price. 
April 2, 2021
Faith, Recovery & Music Podcast Episode Seven "The Peace That He Gives Us"
Hey and WELCOME to Faith, Recovery & Music! Our special guest is Pastor Christopher Mark and this episode we discuss John 14:27 and how it relates in our recovery from drug addiction and alcohol.
March 5, 2021
Faith, Recovery & Music Podcast Episode Six "Beautifully Broken"
This is great episode of faith, recovery and music featuring or guest Papa Bear Preach as he discusses Faith & Recovery along with performing some of his wonderful Music! 
February 5, 2021
Faith, Recovery & Music Podcast Episode Five "Breaking The Chains"
Happy New Year Everybody! This is a very special episode of the Faith, Recovery & Music Podcast called "Breaking The Chains". It features our friend Jeremy telling his story. It's around 90 minutes long, but it's filled with some great content! Packed with a story that'll make you cry, cheer, think, and believe in the power of God! Many times in the rooms & sanctuaries of recovery meetings & services, we, as recovering addicts & drunks are able to say,  "I'm so grateful I stopped before I seriously hurt myself or somebody else". Well, not everybody can make this claim, & thankfully for us, some are brave enough to face their situation head-on, accept the consequences, find God, wear their sobriety & mistakes on their sleeve, help others, & then pass on to us what they have learned so maybe we don't have to find out the hard way. I'm so proud of Jeremy, and I'm amazed at what he has done with his life in recovery. 
January 1, 2021
Faith, Recovery & Music Podcast Episode Four "The Greatest Gift"
Hey Gang And Welcome To Our Christmas Episode Entitled, "The Greatest Gift"
December 4, 2020
Faith, Recovery & Music Podcast Episode #3 "Level Ground"
This month's Podcast features our good friend Jon as he discusses his recovery and Bible Verse Psalm 143:10. Some Good Stuff That's For Sure!
November 5, 2020
Faith, Recovery & Music Season 1 / Episode 2 "Come All Who Are Weary"
This month's Podcast features Mathew Chapter 11, Verses 28-30, a little music and our good friend Randy.
October 2, 2020
"Fear Not" Faith, Recovery & Music Podcast Episode Number One 09/04/20
This months podcast is about fear and how it sometimes lies to us and puts a stronghold on our lives.    We use Isaiah 41:10 as our source of strength and our first guest is Timothy Price of Faith, Recovery & Music. We have plenty of faith, music and even a few suggestions of how to try to minimize some of our fears as we walk the road of recovery or make our way towards it. Remember! Together We're Better And With God We're Unstoppable!    
September 4, 2020
Faith, Recovery & Music Episode One "Trailer"
Here we go gang! Time to get the FRM podcast up and running! The first official episode will be up in a few weeks, but until then, take a listen to what Faith, Recovery & Music is all about!
July 19, 2020