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By Raksha Muthukumar
Tindergarten is an in-depth look at the diverse stories behind the quest for modern queer love. Join dating app enthusiast Raksha Muthukumar as she interviews folks about all things LGBT and online dating.

Every #TindergartenTuesday, you'll hear from a queer person whose story is colored by their race, gender, culture, or disability on topics that matter to them -- things like mental health, art, sex work, and polyamory. All of their stories are unique, but together they paint a picture of the vibrant, resilient world of queer life and love.
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Marla Stewart: Sex Ed Down South


Deepthi & Brindaa: Queer India
Deepthi & Brindaa are queer activists in Chennai, India. We discuss life before & after India decriminalized homosexuality (Sep 2018) in India and the diaspora. We cover the culture around transgender women and AFAB queer folks in India, along with the intersections of caste & patriarchy in queer identities. Topics like Modi's election & arranged marriages are covered in this episode as well. Tune in to learn how different yet similar the queer experience can be in different parts of the world.
December 12, 2019
Kae: From Surviving To Thriving
This is one of the heaviest episodes, but Kae is candid & thoughtful and the topics are important. In this episode we discuss a  broad range of intersectional topics -- balancing gender and sexuality, sex work facilitated by dating apps, the impossible choices black trans women make between safety & survival, anti-blackness in the body positivity movement, and holding space in our communities to build meaningful support. Kae shares her art and organizing work ("movement is activism") and Raksha and Kae give a shoutout to the first place they both became activists-- SPARK Reproductive Justice Now.
December 11, 2019
Luisa: Loving & Fighting For The South
Raksha gets to talk to one of her first queer friends in Charlotte, NC in this episode with Luisa. Luisa is a queer Latin community activist. In this episode, Luisa shares candidly about her relationship with the unsung South-- the South of immigrant resilience. We share about what it means as queer people of color to be out or not out to our families. We talk about the Charlotte Uprising and related activist burnout & trauma. Luisa shares how the Pulse shooting impacted her.
December 10, 2019
Tyler: Coming Out
Tyler shares his story just 3 months after coming out. This week's episode focuses on the steep learning curve & culture shock of joining the queer community, and the role of dating apps in that process. Tyler talks about being Southern & Jewish, taking his grandparents to a drag show, and using dating apps while being closeted abroad. Additionally, this episode covers some of the basics of respecting yourself in the dating world -- setting boundaries, zero tolerance for negging, and more.
October 15, 2019
Effy: Identity Pizza
Effy and Raksha talk about the different components of each of their "identity pizzas." Effy is a non-binary makeup artist and shares a bit about the toxic and healing forces of that industry. The two discuss the relationship between capitalism and ableism, and share some warm stories of social media and dating apps connecting us to more than romantic partners.
October 08, 2019
June Moon: Matchmaking & Love-Seeking
In this episode, June shares some tips from their work as a professional matchmaker as well as from their own years of dating in California, NYC, and now Atlanta. Come learn about sound healing and cringe at stories of first date sushi etiquette, before getting thoughtful about how queer culture can be racially segregated, hetero/cis-normative, and pigeonholed with too many labels. Raksha and June are both storytellers and this easygoing episode covers a wide range of topics with more than a few laughs along the way.
October 01, 2019
Ciera: Tinder Travels & Long Distance Loving
Just how far will queer women go for love at first swipe? In this episode, Raksha interviews up-and-coming travel blogger Ciera about tindering as a fluidly-presenting black woman from the South. Ciera shares some great soul food recommendations and the two gush over country music and sour beer. They also share their worst first dates (featuring a man with a juul and a woman with a dog). This episode features Ciera & Raksha reviewing each other's profiles, and swiping through other profiles!
September 24, 2019
Meredith Wells: Limitation Breeds Creativity
This week's episode of Tindergarten focuses on storytelling and the different mediums we use to express ourselves. Meredith Wells is the creator of Dysfunctioning Just Fine -- a musical and YouTube channel. Raksha and Meredith reflect on using vulnerability to build community and discuss increasing accessibility in queer spaces.
July 30, 2019
Marla Stewart: Sex Ed Down South
Meet sex educator Marla Stewart. This week, Raksha and Marla talk about being queer transplants to the South, craigslist dating, and kinky boundaries. Want to know what religious trauma is? Or what it means to be "monogamish"? Expand your toolkit for navigating the sexual world this week on Tindergarten.
July 23, 2019
Yaari: Making Light of It
Yaari talks about his comedy career and shares the funny side of queer dating. Hear his stories about Grindr mishaps in hotel rooms, when to NOT bring up your dead dog, and how dill pickles might be the secret to true love. This episode features both the most boring and the funniest bio we've seen so far during 5 Swipes on Tindergarten. Find him on Twitter @yaaaaaaaaari
June 18, 2019
Jack & Ava: Queering Non-Monogamy
Raksha chats with Jack & Ava about their non-monogamous relationship. In this episode, the trio discuss ethical communication, tips and tricks for opening your own relationship, and unicorn hunters. Don't know what a unicorn hunter is? Tune in to find out!
June 11, 2019
AJ: Desi, Nonbinary, & Grindr
Raksha & AJ unpack the contradictions of being Indian-American & queer this week on Tindergarten. They talk about assimilation, their own prejudices, and choosing their own narrative. AJ shares a bit about using Grindr before and after they realized they were genderqueer.
June 04, 2019
Quinn: Sex Work & Digital Security
This week on Tindergarten, Raksha learns about Quinn's experience as a sex worker who's getting a computer science degree. This episode touches on the differences between bisexuality & pansexuality, dos and donts of dating a sex worker, and ways to keep yourself safe and secure online.
June 04, 2019
Anna: The Midwest & Mental Health
Join Raksha and Anna as they discuss the culture shock of queer dating in the Midwest. This episode touches on queer isolation, mental health in academia, and advocating for yourself in a relationship where you or your partner have mental health needs.
June 04, 2019
Class Is Now In Session
Meet Raksha and learn more about the story behind Tindergarten.
May 30, 2019