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By Kerry and Norts
A regular rapid-fire romp through all that's happening in modern marketing - voice, chatbots, creative AI and a whole lot more. With Kerry and Norts of Tiny Giant. Expect surprises and thrills aplenty.
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TGJ#11: Are We Not Ben? (with Ben Byford)


TGJ#42: Storytelling in Strange Times (with Peter Whent)
OK... change of plan. You know all about it: the Corona Times. Despite the logistics (and social isolation) we've been super keen to have a capturedconversation with wordmeister Peter Whent about business propositions. So you know what? We went for it. And it was worth it! Peter serves up sizeable slab of sagacity on current and future times. And he'll help you shape a killer proposition to boot. Dive on in. To find out more about Peter, head to: To find out more about Tiny Giant, check out:
March 30, 2020
TGJ#41: Let There Be AI Music (with Claire L. Evans of YACHT)
Holy Grammys! Tiny Giant Jams returns with a right humdinger - an interview with Claire L. Evans of US electro-pop pioneers YACHT. They created their  2019 album Chain Tripping using machine learning, neural networks, old tracks and collaborations aplenty with AI luminaries such as Mario Klingemann, Cristobal Valenzula, Tom White and Ross Goodwin. The end result: an AI-human-powered album of effortless craft and awesomeness. Claire talks us through the origins of the album, the techniques YACHT used and what the future might hold for a band who always dare to take risks. Enjoy! YACHT: YACHT on Twitter: YACHT on SPOTIFY: Claire L. Evans: Mario Klingemann: Cristobal Valenzula: Tom White: Ross Goodwin:
February 16, 2020
TGJ#40: Innovation Inspiration (with James Wheale)
After a titchy, tiny hiatus, we're back. And we return with a splendid episode featuring fellow Pervasive Media Studio resident James Wheale.  In conversation, he took us through his love of food, his many immersive art, cultural and gaming experiences (occasionally featuring zombies, DJ Yoda and chocolate), his first-hand views on running a business and his work with Business West encouraging innovation and success throughout the South West.  This TGJ episode is packed with insight gold. So settle back and enjoy a quality half hour with Kerry, Norts and their awesome guest JW. Handy show links:
December 16, 2019
TGJ#39: Artificial Gintelligence (with Liam and Danny from Circumstance)
So recently Tiny Giant have been collaborating on the world's first AI gin with Bristol's Circumstance Distillery and strategists Rewrite Digital . It's been a fascinating project and we're wildly excited that Monker's Garkel now lives for you to try, buy and enjoy. We also thought it would be  the perfect opportunity to sit down with Liam and Danny from Circumstance to talk about their love for spirit-based innovation. A gin created through the predictive power of machines is not their first encounter with tech. So pour yourself a cheeky tipple and listen to their story. Chin, chin! Monker's Garkel Ginette the Ginmaker Psychopomp
November 11, 2019
TGJ#38: The Business Of Business (with Andrew Scott)
It's time to talk (and spell) entrepreneurialism. And who better to sit down and discuss the subject with than Andrew Scott, founder and CEO of the Ascot Group. We talk about his business journey from being a new arrival in London aged 18 to running a super-successful South West business empire. Andrew is honest, open and shares loads of great thoughts and ideas as to how the world of business is and what it takes to succeed. Feel free to dive on in!  Ascot Group: Purplex Marketing: Business Leader: Insight Data:
November 11, 2019
TGJ#37: If The Kids Are United (with Karin Rudolph)
With the highly anticipated, thoroughly sold-out Bristol Tech Fair racing up on the rails fast, Kerry meets up with one of the organsiers, Karin Rudolph, founder of Technotopia, for a lively conversation. The topic in this episode is kids and technology. Is the world adequately preparing them for the future? What are the educational and social challenges that lie ahead? What will the jobs be? How best to inspire tomorrow's adults? Dive on in to TGJ# 37 and gather a stack of wisdom from Karin.
November 07, 2019
TGJ#36: What's The Code Word? (with Ben Ridgeway)
We had immense fun meeting up on Halloween with Ben Ridgeway, Partnerships Manager at This is an inspiring organisation that helps train anyone who's up for it to be a software developer in just 12 weeks. In other words they create new opportunities for those who want to transition into technology, and a diverse pool of fresh talent for any business that has software needs. We also touched on the works of William Shakespeare. Enjoy. To find out more about, go here.
November 01, 2019
TGJ#35: The Art Of Persuasion (with Lee Warren)
Welcome to the audacious audio waltz that is Tiny Giant Jams number 35. In this episode, Kerry meets the amazing Lee Warren, a man who travels the globe teaching audiences how to be persuasive speakers. Lee developed a love of magic at an early age and has subsequently honed has mastery of audience enrapturement to become a highly-sought-after keynote speaker. Naturally, you'd love some laser-guided advice to up your persuasion game. The good news is Lee offers a wealth of tips and tricks in this episode to turn you into a pitch-crushing, room-working, sales-negotiating persuasion champ. Enjoy! Lee's website: Lee's book (published Oct 2018):
October 23, 2019
TGJ#34: Bristol Technology Festival (with David Henderson)
Hello! We go super-topical in this episode with our guest David Henderson, Hargreaves Lansdown's Head of Business Transformation. David serves up a tasty preview of all that's happening at the inaugural Bristol Technology Festival which runs from November 4 to November 9. If you're into technology, then Bristol's the place to be that week with talks, conferences, seminars, fairs and more, showcasing the city's ever-burgeoning reputation as a UK technology hub. See you there!  SHOW LINKS: Bristol Technology Festival: Including: Bristech Conference: Bristol Tech Fair: Bristol TechFin 2019: I'll Be Back South West: Bristol Technology Showcase: and many other events!  Hargreaves Lansdown:
October 15, 2019
TGJ#33: For The Love Of Technology (with Elena Corchero)
To celebrate Ada Lovelace Day 2019 we've asked the awesome Elena Corchero onto Tiny Giant Jams. Elena is Director of Emerging Technology at News Corp. Besides the day job spent exploring how to harness new technologies across the business, Elena has several entrepreneurial side hustles along with a fascination for biotech. So sweet listener, If technology's your bag and you're keen to hear predictions of the future, then this is the Tiny Giant Jams episode for you. Onwards with sound... - Elena's own website - The day job - Ada Lovelace Day - The wiki take on Ada Lovelace - cool documentary about Ada L. from Tiny Giant's showbiz pal, Dr Hannah Fry
October 07, 2019
TGJ#32: Dial B For Barbato (with Simon Barbato)
Tiny Giant Jams spend a delightful 30 minutes or so in the company of Simon Barbato: the CEO of Bristol agency Mr B & Friends. We talk of agency life, work culture, ambition, where the marketing industry is heading, chap hop, Ronaldo and a whole lot more. Plus he served up a lovely cuppa while we conversed. Possibly the most civilised TGJ to date. Enjoy. 
September 23, 2019
TGJ#31: Creative Bravery Go 2 (with Patrick Collister)
The second in our Creative Bravery series sees Norts chewing the fat with the fabulous Patrick Collister: man of many creative talents. They talk about the state of modern advertising, what it takes to stand out, some of Patrick's former roles, the Cannes festival and where Patrick sees the industry heading.  Big thanks to Foot Anstey for lending us a room to record in.  Some handy links apropos this Podcast: Creative Matters: Directory: Caples Awards: Cannes Lions: Swindon Tourism:
September 20, 2019
TGJ#30: Does Your Content Cut It? (with Dave Pinnington)
Gestalt! There, we said it. As used by our guest on Episode 30 of TGJ, Dave Pinnington. As founder of Dave is on a mission to fix the broken world of marketing by helping businesses and brands understand what of their content works. You'd be surprised to know how few know anything about anything. We touch on behavioural economics, the art of benchmarking and a whole lot more. Feel free to get stuck in and finish up hugely contented.
August 26, 2019
TGJ#29: Creative Bravery Go 1 (with Paul Mellor and Cookie Tabinor)
It's the first in an occasional series within the Tiny Giant Jams podcast family where we discuss what Being Brave actually means. In this lively opener we meet up  with Paul Mellor and Cookie Tabinor of London agency Mellor&Smith to discuss their unique approach to creativity. Make no mistake, it's a high-octane listen. (For those of a sensitive disposition, be warned: there is the occasional swear word.) More bravery podcasts very soon. 
August 19, 2019
TGJ#28: Powering Up The PR Machine (with Kerry Sheehan)
Say hello to our latest TGJ podcast guest, the awesome Kerry Sheehan of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. She's on a mission to spread the word across the PR landscape, inspiring PR types to understand the rapid advance of machine technology and its consequences. Not only as means to offer better solutions to clients, but also as valuable tools to use within the industry.  We love her. Her enthusiasm is infectious. And she has so many wise things to say. If you're in the biz, you'd better get your scribble pad out.  Want to get in touch? You can find Kerry on Twitter right here. You can also follow the conversation by typing the hashtag #AIinPR.  One last thing: Kerry will be speaking at our monthly event I'll Be Back South West in Bristol on Tuesday 15 October. Grab yourself a ticket if you're in town. It's gonna be a beautiful night.
August 10, 2019
TGJ#27: Tasty Slice Of Bacon (with Ricky Bacon)
Yes, you're cool. Inestimably cool. But that still only makes you 1% of 1% as cool as our guest on this episode of Tiny Giant Jams: Ricky Bacon.  Ricky is Group Technology Director for Critical Mass in NYC. He works with some of the world’s largest brands to create engaging digital experiences in an increasingly technically inter-twined world.  We get to talk AI, AR, VR, big brands and much more. We also touch on Ricky's passion for experimental side projects. They are OUT THERE and immensely fascinating.  Guess what? You can find out more about one of them right here.   Thanks for coming on the show, Ricky. 
August 07, 2019
TGJ#26: How Not To Be Blockbuster'd (with Sandeep Roy)
It's an honour, pleasure and privilege to welcome Sandeep Roy of SMEinnovation onto The Jams. He helps businesses take advantage of disruptive innovation. Safe to say, we had a fascinating conversation that could have rattled on for hours, but we kept to a pragmatic 30 minutes or so. There is much to be gained from Sandeep's wise words. 
July 26, 2019
TGJ#25: The Wonky Sanctuary (with Steve Chapman)
Artist and philosopher Steve Chapman was recently in Bristol to give a talk at a Bristol Media event. We - in the form of the mighty Kerry Harrison - caught up with him and enjoyed a lively, inspiring conversation about creativity, the human condition and a myriad of other fascinating subjects. It's time to unlock your beautiful wonkiness.  Here is Steve awesome website: - do dive in.
July 19, 2019
TGJ#24: A Man For All Reasons (with Derek Ahmedzai)
Finally! Finally! Yes, we've managed to persuade Derek Ahmedzai, the Tiny Giant Technical Director, and Co-Founder of Bristol-based crowdfunding platform Fundsurfer to give us some quality podcast time.  Besides being the nicest guy in the world, Derek is a dab hand at using his time supremely well to play and prosper in a myriad of experimental digital ways. There is NO-ONE in the world who knows more about Twitter Bots. Plus he's also a full-stack web developer and much, much more. Head to Sharpshooter Digital for the full story. How does he do all this? Perhaps he's built a time machine on the QT. We should ask. Enjoy!
July 08, 2019
TGJ#23: One Heck Of A Guy (with Guy Parker)
In this  episode of Tiny Giant Jams,  Norts sits down to chew the fat with the super-welcoming Guy Parker, Chief Executive of the Advertising Standards Authority. We tackle many fascinating matters including the ASA's avatar monitoring initiative and what might happen to advertising in the age of deep fakes. Dive on in - you'll be rewarded!  Here's a link to the ICO report about ad tech mentioned in the conversation. Do take a read. Discover more about the ASA's avatar monitoring here.  
June 26, 2019
TGJ#22: We Can Dirk It Out (with Dirk Knemeyer)
Oh boy! This is a humdinger. Kerry H. has a marvellous conversation with Dirk Knemeyer, a highly acclaimed Social Futurist based in Massachusetts, USA.  Dirk is a Producer and Co-Project Lead at Creative Next. His aim? To future-proof creatives and enlighten them with the technological leaps that are happening right now which will shape the years ahead. If you're in the creative industry and you want to know how the world is changing, do dive into this episode. Dirk is mega-inspiring. You should also check out as many Creative Next podcast episodes as is humanly possible. They are so good. (By the way, Massachusetts translates from the Native American as "At The Great Hill". So now you know.) Enjoy this episode. We've got plenty more where this came from. Better subscribe then. 
June 19, 2019
TGJ#21: Bruce Almighty (with Bruce Daisley)
He walks amongst us. That's right! This latest TGJ episode features Bruce Daisley, VP of Twitter EMEA, host of the acclaimed podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat and author of The Sunday Times No 1 business bestseller: The Joy Of Work. Bruce was in Bristol giving a talk on workplace culture for BIMA and Bristol Media, so Tiny Giant took the liberty of catching with him. It was a treat for us and hopefully a wow for you. Enjoy! Here be a brace of handy Bruce Daisley links should you wish to learn more (and you will): Eat Sleep Work Repeat: The Joy Of Work:
May 23, 2019
TGJ#20: Tiny Giant Jim-jams (with Michelle Morgan)
To champion Mental Health Awareness Week, Kerry meets Michelle Morgan, founder of Pjoys - a pyjama company with purpose. Settle in for a stack of truth, wisdom and insight from an entrepreneur who has a profound, hard-hitting story to tell.  Michelle came up with the idea for Pjoys after experiencing first hand what it’s like to mentally burn out and sink into anxiety and depression. During her recovery, the pyjamas that had held her back became her inspiration. A chance to positively help people and remove the stigma around mental health. At the end of TGJ#20, Kerry returns with the Tiny Giant Takeouts featuring the key hints and tips from Michelle - make sure you stick around for that!
May 19, 2019
TGJ#19: A Ploy Named Sue (with Annalisa Checchi)
Welcome to this nineteenth Tiny Giant Jam. Glad you could make it. Today we meet Annalisa Checchi, a solicitor at Foot Anstey LLP in Bristol. Annalisa and Norts caught up to talk about creative AI and the law. The dos and donts. The complexities of copyright and intellectual property in this new age of machine-generated creativity. This follows Annalisa's recent talk at March's I'll Be Back South West. She offers a wealth of valuable advice in what is a thoroughly fascinating subject. Many boundaries have yet to be tested. Perhaps this episode will help keep you out of court! No doubt, we'll do a lively follow-up in the not-too-distant future.
May 11, 2019
TGJ#18: Knight's At The Profound Table (with Stephen Knight)
Hello! We're back after a tiny spring sojourn with a spiffing meet-up with Stephen Knight, Founder and Team Lead at Pimento. Kerry caught up with him at FutureSync 2019, and the two talked modern marketing, agency models, the Pimento proposition and a whole lot more. As we always say, do dive in! Note: there are a couple of micro sound glitches - just after the 5-minute mark - we blame the seagulls. Nothing to spoil your enjoyment, mind you. In fact, they give the entire episode an extra layer of raw authenticity. Remember, if you'd like to join us on TGJ and chew the fat, do get in touch: is a good place to start.
April 28, 2019
TGJ#17: You, Me, Them, Uslan (with Uslan Cevet)
In this episode of Tiny Giant Jams we meet Uslan Cevet: artist, photographer, content expert and all-round good guy. We met him in the Barbican and had an absolute blast. In fact, he's got so many stories and is into so many things, we're sure to have back at some point in the future. We barely scratched the surface of Uslan. He can found here (LinkedIn), here (Instagram) and here (Twitter). Do dive in and have the best time.
April 07, 2019
TGJ#16: What's The Birss That Can Happen? (with Dave Birss)
We love this episode! Norts gets to hang and converse in the cultured confines of The Barbican Theatre with the awesome Dave Birss, man of books, media, public speaking, unrivalled creativity and a whole bunch more. Dave's recent tome "How To Get To Great Ideas" has been picking up plaudits aplenty and doing bloomin' decent business on the Amazon and other book retailers. Dive in and listen well as DB waxes lyrical on a multitude of creative matters. It's fun dialled up to 1 more than 11. 
March 31, 2019
TGJ#15: Gentleman Geoffrey (with Geoffrey Colon)
Holy motherboard! This is a humdinger of a TGJ episode. Kerry and Norts reach all the way over to Puget Sound to hear from Microsoft disruptor-in-chief Geoffrey Colon. As Head of Microsoft Advertising Brand Studio, Geoffrey works at the intersection of innovation, marketing, tech, design, media, human behaviour, popular culture and trends. (Heck, that's a pretty big intersection.) He is brilliant, so listen well and you will learn. Thank you, GC. Some handy links. Geoffrey the website. His acclaimed podcast. Trends studio on YouTube - discover what's a-comin'
March 26, 2019
TGJ#14: Austin Powers (with Ann Hiatt and Chris Thurling)
Saddle up, listener! This episode of Tiny Giant Jams is hotter than the high Texas sun on a sultry summer's day. That's because it features Ann Hiatt (ex Google and Amazon) and Chris Thurling (Chair of Bristol Media). They've just jetted back to Europe from SXSW 2019 in Austin and were kind enough to share  their views and observations of what they saw and experienced. Ann was also a keynote speaker at SXSW - her third time in front of the SXSW festival crowds. In this episode, you'll find out what rocked. What shocked. And what Chris thinks about electric scooters. (They were everywhere.) Don't stand back - dive on in for some rootin' tootin' inspirational insight. See you at SXSW 2020! Some handy links for inspiration:
March 20, 2019
TGJ#13: Tazz Mania (with Tazz Gault)
In this episode of Tiny Giant Jams, we meet serial entrepreneur Tazz Gault, Director and Co-Founder of StateZero Labs - the world's first solution-led Blockchain Lab for startups. 
March 13, 2019
TGJ#12: What's In Your Wallet? (with Irfon Watkins)
In this episode, we meet Irfon Watkins, CEO/Founder of DOVU - an exciting startup based in Bristol and London that is transforming global monetisation of data in the transport sector. Words like cryptocurrency, Ethereum and Blockchain are used by Irfon and Norts, but there's no need to fear such language. In fact you'll exit this episode suitably inspired about the possibilities of crypto tokens and what can help achieve. To find out more, head to
March 09, 2019
TGJ#11: Are We Not Ben? (with Ben Byford)
In this episode, we meet Ben Byford, an expert in developing principles and practices to promote ethical behaviour in autonomous systems. Ben recently spoke at I'll Be Back South West to great acclaim, so we were thrilled when he agreed to come on to TGJ. Enjoy.  Some useful BB links for you:
February 28, 2019
TGJ#10: Make Mine A Memorable Moment (with Paul Bailey)
Say hello to Paul Bailey, Strategy Director at We Launch. Norts caught up with him to talk about his work with brands to create memorable moments through using the right tech at the right time. The time flew by and many interesting matters hurtled into the conversation. Massive thanks to DeskLodge on Temple Way, Bristol for lending us a nifty, soundproof pod to record in. It was small but perfectly formed! Listener, enjoy. I'm sure we'll have PB on again. (It's our longest podcast to date.)
February 25, 2019
TGJ#9: Curiosity Thrilled The Cat (with Cat Frazer)
In this episode, Tiny Giant's Kerry Harrison meets Cat Fraser, creative data innovator and management consultant. She is endlessly excited by the nature of the world. You can find out more about Cat and her work on the links below:
February 24, 2019
TGJ#8: We Are All Scientists (with Dr Marieke Navin)
In this episode, Kerry meets Dr Marieke Navin, Head of Programming at the acclaimed Cheltenham Science Festival. Marieke and her team are making final preparations to launch the 2019 festival. The auspices are strong! For more details about the festival head to:
February 18, 2019
TGJ#7: Super Ways To Save The World (with Sam Applebee)
In this episode of Tiny Giant Jams, Kerry and Norts meet up with Sam Applebee, founder of Super Global. We talk about his inspiring work to use tech to make the world a better place.  Make no mistake, we loved our Sam time! He got us thinking rather profoundly about a myriad of social issues and the way he approaches them. By the way, don't forget the Tiny Giant Takeouts at the end!  A huge thanks to Tazz Gault and team at State Zero for helping make this podcast happen. You're all really super!
February 03, 2019
TGJ#6: Muse And Views
In this episode, Kerry and Norts of Tiny Giant discuss augmented creativity - bringing machines and humans together to create new and better things. It definitely has a role to play in marketing 2019.  You'll hear talk of football coaching, cupcakes, cocktails, neural networks and a whole lot more. Creativity in collaboration. So maybe A.I won't steal all the jobs. In fact, it might be about to make yours even better. Don't forget to check out the Tiny Giant Takeouts at the end. Enjoy!
January 26, 2019
TGJ#5: My Other Robot's A Writer Too... (with Robert Van Den Bergh)
In this episode, Tiny Giant co-founder Kerry meets Robert Van Den Bergh, MD of Scribeless, a stellar-cool Bristol business using A.I and robotics to create handwritten communications at scale.  At the end of this episode, listen out for a nifty new feature whenever we have a guest onboard: Tiny Giant Takeouts. It's where we speedily run through all the ideas and insight covered within the conversation with our respective guests.  Hopefully it will get you scribbling down your own thoughts and inspiration. (Though not perhaps with a robot arm.) Either way, fill your listening boots.
January 21, 2019
TGJ#4: What Happens In Las Vegas...
Kerry and Norts of Tiny Giant cast their eye over all the shiny new things paraded at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.  From Alexa embedded in pretty much everything to hamster wheels for cats - how weird is that? - join us in a frolicsome romp through a cavalcade of the extraordinary.
January 15, 2019
TGJ#3: Sleep Perchance To Dream... (with Helen Powell)
Norts of Tiny Giant meets Helen Powell, founder of Mode Beds.  What makes a Mode Bed special? It's a smart bed, a hybrid of technology and comfort that you can control with your phone. They talk of sleep issues, entrepreneurialism, slumber tech, advertising and memory foam. It's a heady mix. Want to check out all the nifty super-cool features and benefits of Mode Beds? Here you go!
January 14, 2019
TGJ#2: Short Back And Sighs...
Your hosts, Kerry Harrison and Richard Norton of Tiny Giant, provide a pithy podcast pointer or three to their regular monthly meet-up in Bristol: I'll Be Back South West. This free event explores the intersection between creativity, AI and advertising. Expect ideas, innovation and inspiration. If you've seen it publicised on the wires, but wanted to know more about it before you commit, this is the podcast for you. Kerry and Norts are joined on this episode by IBBSW regular, Melissa Sharpe, who was in no way paid to say nice things. If you're suitably inspired, grab yourself a ticket for I'll Be Back South West Go 5 that's happening on 13 Feb at the Square Club in Bristol. You won't regret it!
January 14, 2019
TGJ#1: The One And Only...
Kerry Harrison and Richard Norton of Tiny Giant fling themselves bodily into the podcast universe.  It's time for banter and bonhomie as they bravely slash their way through the endless jungle of new and shiny marketing technology. Things will never be the same again. Again. This opening episode serves an intro as to what might happen on Tiny Giant Jams (in an audio sense) in the coming weeks and months.  Please note: no ribbon was harmed in the launching of this podcast.
January 11, 2019