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Tiny House South Africa

Tiny House South Africa

By Garth
Hi, my name is Garth, and 5 years ago I decided to build myself a tiny house. I had lost most of my family and i had been travelling for the better part of 20 years and I thought well if I just had a small space that was my own that would be great.
And so I began this journey.
Its been five years and man has my life changed in so many amazing ways and so has the trend of living off-grid or more sustainable.
So I decided to create content that will assist others who are interested in this way of life.
Thank you for your interest you can follow us online just look for
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Homesteading in South Africa Episode 1
Everything you need to know about successful homesteading in South Africa. As I have been living in my tiny house for the last few years and striving for energy independence, I have unknowingly become a micro homesteader and I have loved learning about solar and water harvesting as well as building etc along the way.  I decided to start creating some content about homesteading in South Africa. I have so many friends who live similarly to myself and there is such a wealth of information to harness and share. If you are planning on moving away from the city and starting to living more off-grid or energy independent then please follow me and share this video. I hope to be able to find out from the people I visit what was most rewarding in their journey so far, what changes they would have made and what they have learnt from their time living this way. This is my first conversation with a friend Daryl about his homesteading experience so far. I have tried to cover a set of questions that will benefit the viewer if they are interested in this topic. Daryl has been homesteading for five years. His property is completely off-grid, in other words no power from Eskom, where he installed his own solar system as well as an unbelievable biodigester which you have to see to believe. I tried to cover questions that will help and inspire the viewer. If you would like to see the tour you can find it on a separate video where we walk through those awesome systems and Daryl gives an explanation on each of them. Here is a link I am very happy to discuss this way of life with those that are interested. You can find me @ FB: Tinyhousesouthafrica Instagram: Tinyhousesouthafrica Thank you for watching and please remember to subscribe and please leave a comment. Have a wonderful evening. Kindest regards. G, Emma, Oliver & Ella Tiny House South Africa
July 01, 2020
Where shall I park my tiny house. Tiny house South Africa Episode 2
This week I give my story of how I ended up parking my tiny house. I've had this question asked many times and I thought to make this to answer that to my best ability. I hope this episode will answer that question for some. #tinyhousesouthafrica #livingtiny #buildyourowntinyhouse #wheretoparkmytinyhouse
April 14, 2020
Tiny house South Africa ( Podcast 1 ) A Conversation with Das
This episode is our first, its a conversation with myself and a friend Das and we are speaking about the deeper parts of what it means to live in a tiny house in South Africa and what people sometimes don't think about. As Das and I embark on creating a micro homestead as a project we hope to share the journey with you and help you to get clearer ideas on your dreams to live a more sustainable life style. Please leave us a comment if you have any questions and follow us: Instagram:    Tinyhousesouthafrica Facebook: Tinyhousesouthafrica Youtube: Tinyhousesouthafrica. Have a wonderful week. Garth
March 09, 2020