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Tip N’ Cash

Tip N’ Cash

By TipnCashpodcast
Most sister-in-law’s don’t see eye to eye; or even get along for that matter! Join the authentic conversation of these two sisters as they journey through life in the ATL. Tip (the introvert) and Cash (the extrovert), discuss everything life throws their way from marriage, dating, parenthood, culture, and business. Two totally different perspectives at times-brought to you in one lit podcast. There’s so much to talk pour a drink, order in, and if you’re gonna tip- TIP N’ CASH!
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The Story of My Life

Tip N’ Cash

The Story of My Life

Tip N’ Cash

Don't let him get you off your game!
As we wrap up Season 1, we discuss what it's like to "loose yourself" in a relationship. . . . Follow Us on IG: tipncashpodcast Send Inquiries to:
February 25, 2021
Hot Topics and Reality TV
We discuss the latest reality show drama and some other trending stories! . . . Follow Us on IG: @tipncashpodcast Inquiries:
February 18, 2021
The Story of My Life - Bonus Content
Tip n' Cash have some fun playing the game "The Story of My Life" and answer some funny questions about their life! . . . Follow Us on IG: @tipncashpodcast Inquiries: . . Buy The Story of My Life and other games from Socialaughs on Amazon or
February 10, 2021
The Story of My Life
They say laughter is the best medicine!  In this episode Tip n' Cash are joined by power couple, Anthony and Chrissy Kent (Black-owned, CEO's and creators of Socialaughs trivia games) to give you a dose of some good laughs and everything in between!   (P.S. please pardon our audio issues this week) . . . . Follow Us on IG: @tipncashpodcast Send Inquiries to: . . Follow our guest on IG: @socialaughs365 @passporttothehood Purchase any of their trivia games:
January 31, 2021
Pretty Pyscho
What happens when love turns into obsession and becomes a Lifetime movie? Is it ever justified? Let's talk about it... . . . . Follow Us on IG: @tipncashpodcast Inquiries:
January 20, 2021
The Art of Not Giving a F*ck!
New attitude! Tip is alone this episode and gives you some tips on how to master the Art of Not Giving a F*ck...take notes! . . . Follow Us on IG: @tipncashpodcast Send Inquiries to:
January 15, 2021
Closet Cleaning in 2021
It's January 1st...Happy New Year Tip n' Cash crew! Now that 2020 is over and it's officially 2021, we discuss what it means to "clean out your closet" and let the crew in on some of our new bucket list items for 2021. You'll never guess what Tip's is...LOL. . . . . Follow Us on IG: @tipncashpodcast Send Inquiries to:
January 2, 2021
Christmas Shenanigans
Merry Christmas everyone!  After some well-deserved, holiday, family time, we're back at it!  This week discussing holiday baes, giving a less expensive gift than your partner,  and our kid's Christmas lists. . . Follow Us on IG: @tipncashpodcast Inquiries and contact: . . This week's B.O.B.: Wings on Wheat  2775 Mt. Zion Pkwy, Jonesboro, Ga 30236 and 1900 Rockbridge Rd. SW, Stone Mountain, Ga 30087 IG: @wingsonwheat
December 26, 2020
Shootin' the sh*t on IG live
This week the ladies engage in a little Q&A while taping their first IG live.   . . Follow us on IG: @tipncashpodcast  Inquiries and questions: . . This week's B.O.B: Trend Urban Cafe (IG: @trendurbancafe) 5370 Hwy 78, Suite 790, Stone Mountain, Ga 30087
December 18, 2020
I’m not your princess... I’m a king!
Cash is back and joins Tip and Khristian in part 2 of their discussion from last week. They dive a little deeper into Khristian's transition from female to male, and Khristian schools the ladies on some terminology and etiquette with respect to the LGBTQ+ community.    .  .  Follow us on IG: @tipncashpodcast Email Us:  . . This week's B.O.B: Itz Appropriate Candles & More IG: @itzappropriatecandles  Website:
December 8, 2020
SHE was my past...HE is my future
Tip is joined by her brother-in-law Khristian this week, while Cash is away. They discuss Khris's journey while transitioning from female to male, his experiences, and navigating through his new life as a young, black man in 2020. . . Follow us on IG: @tipncashpodcast Email us: . . This week's B.O.B: Kendi Beauty Microblading  IG: @kendibeautyatl Website:
December 1, 2020
The Underground Comics of Atlanta
Tip N' Cash are joined by JC and Elizabeth Clyde to talk about their new project, The Underground Comics of Atlanta.  . . Follow our guest on IG: @clydevisionfilms  @jeralclyde  @mrselclyde5 Shows available this weekend in Atlanta or stream from the comfort of your couch via Eventbrite: Laugh Live Tonight! . . Follow us on IG: @tipncashpodcast Email us:
November 20, 2020
Age Aint' Nothing but a Number?!
They say age aint' nothing but a number, but is that really true?  They ladies discuss the pros and cons of age differences in relationships and Cash talks about her recent Bumble blind date experience...LOL . . This week’s B.O.B: Inside Out Hair Salon  Address: 2088 Idlewood Rd, Suite #8 Tucker, Ga. 30084  IG: @insideouthairsalon  . . Follow us on IG: @tipncashpodcast  Email us:
November 18, 2020
There's Rules to This
Tip  N' Cash are joined by guest Hope Lynette' (self-love coach,  You Tube personality, and author) to discuss her book There's Rules to This. - a black woman's dating guide.   (P.S...Sorry for the audio delay towards the end of the video!) . . .. Follow us on IG: @tipncashpodcast Email us: . Follow our guest on IG: @iamhopelynette or visit her webiste This week's B.O.B.: The Wing Suite (located at 1132 Athens Hwy, Suite 206  Grayson, Ga 30017) Follow them on IG: @thewingsuite
November 11, 2020
Access Denied
Tony, Tip's hubby and Cash's brother, joins the conversation as a special guest to discuss things like "The Chase" in relationships, how long it takes men to know if someone is marriage material, and just how much access you should give someone into your life? . . Follow us on IG: @tipncashpodcast Email us: . B.O.B. of the week- Dreamgirl's Kloset website:      IG: @dreamgirlskloset
November 5, 2020
I did NOT wake up like this!
Being a woman is a LOT, and honestly sometimes we just don't have it all together! In this episode the ladies talk about the pressures of "having your sh*t together" and always being on point as a woman, mom, and wife.  Just know you are not alone sis - so grab a glass of wine and join us in this vent session.  Men please take notes:) . Follow us on IG: @tipandcashpodcast Email: . This week's black-owned business of the week: Angel Rae Ramir - handmade, custom jewelry & more IG: @angelraeramir Facebook: Angel Rae Ramir LLC
October 29, 2020
Sis, put some clothes on around my man!
Have you ever had a girlfriend that thought it was okay to prance around half-naked in front of your man?! Sis, go put some clothes on! This week Tip n' Cash answer an advice letter from a listener who needs to tell her BFF just that! . Follow us on IG: @tipncashpodcast Drop us a line:
October 21, 2020
He's just not into you!
Tip n' Cash welcome guest Big Chris aka “Bossman” to discuss why men can't just be honest and say "I'm not into you."  They also discuss why having a rotation is important when dating and what it means to be a f*ckboy from a man and woman's perspective.   Follow our guest on IG: @bossman_bc Follow us on IG: @tipncashpodcast or drop us a line at
October 14, 2020
What about your "FRIENDS"
Tip N' Cash discuss the importance of having a solid sista circle and what it means to be a good friend.  They discuss the different dynamics in adult friendships and characteristics every "BFF" should possess.  Also, catch Tip's tips on how to spring clean your own relationships. - Follow us on IG: @tipncashpodcast Email us:
October 6, 2020
Corona Cuffing Season
In the premiere episode of Tip N' Cash, the ladies introduce themselves to the world while discussing love and relationships during the Corona virus. Also find out what Tip learned most during 2020 and what Cash's deal-breakers are in a relationship.  Thanks for listening... don't forget to subscribe, follow, rate and tune in every week for new content! ~ ~ Follow on IG: @tipncashpodcast Send your advice letters or drop us a line at:
September 30, 2020