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Tipsy Mystics

Tipsy Mystics

By Kimberly Darwin
Do you realize you're creating your reality? Grab a cocktail, fire up a joint, or pop an edible...and join Kim and Maranda for a light-hearted look at the wild "reality" of ascending!
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Bad Behavior in Atlantis, Transferring House Flies in a Zoom Meeting, and Napoleon Hill - The OG Manifester
Human + Animal experimentation in Atlantis and why Centaurs always look mad. How Maranda eliminated squirrels from Kim's timeline. Kim transfers a fly over a Zoom meeting. Ruth Bader Ginsberg's accomplishments and why she'll be back really soon. Maranda goes back 150 years to design the house she wants to buy now. 'Think and Grow Rich' - Napoleon Hill and how his deaf son learned to hear. Faith and Knowing - Your Higher Self wants you to win. --- Maranda is drinking:  Elderflower carbonated water. Kim is drinking:  Black Cherry Pelligrino. --- Check out Maranda's blog Astro Bartender Kim's You Tube Channel Are You Awakening
September 24, 2020
Timelines, Spam Texts and Disappearing Houses
First episode on Twitch Tipsy:  It's a state of mind.  No chemicals required unless you choose them. Maranda channels Janis Joplin. What to do with downloads you receive. Maranda's download:  The Creation of the Universe. Kimberly's download:  A full emergency rescue manual. Souls just wanna have fun. Timeline inconsistencies:  Houses appearing and disappearing. Maranda's disappearing ex-boyfriend. Your physical body as a representation of what you think about yourself. Kimberly's friend that's been invisible for 22 years. Kimberly picks out dresses for the Oscars. New Maranda visits Old Maranda. Being told you're a shitty person. The Fun House vs The Haunted House. Family and Friends who refuse to accept their roles as creators of their reality. How lightworkers can resemble therapists.  Talking to others' Higher Selves. Spam calls and texts and their symbolism Upcoming timelines:  sunnier and more freedom. How to tell when you've made a major timeline switch. --- Maranda is drinking:  Tequila! Kimberly:  Pellegrino and Jack Herer vape pen --- Check out Maranda's blog Astro Bartender Kimberly's blog Are You Awakening
September 18, 2020
9-11 Edition: Mr. T as a Guide, Laying Around As An Art, The Weird Images Your Guides Send You
9-11 Edition:  How you store primary events as memories Going through the "potato" stage of awakening Laying around as an art Mr. T as a guide Kimberly promises to channel Janis Joplin on stage New Channeled Artifact: Mysterious Lumanian Runes  Maranda's Guides appearing as the Simpsons' cast --- Maranda is drinking:  Tequila! Kimberly is drinking:  Pellegrino and a hit from the Jack Herer vape pen --- Visit Maranda's blog Astro Bartender See Kimberly's art collaboration with Janis Joplin Check out the Are You Awakening blog
September 15, 2020
DEATH on the Physical and 5D levels, Maranda's Exit from 3D, and Plasma Insects in Your Home
From a YouTube Live Chat recorded 9-9-2020 Kimberly's "Charlotte's Web" scenario with a Kitchen Spider The death of Maranda's Ego Everything is in retrograde Future Stoned Mystics episodes as soon as marijuana is legalized in Pennsylvania Plasma Spiders and Flies are in your home right now People delivering messages to you without knowing it Maranda explains The North Node and facts being stuffed down our throats Kimberly's beef with the Industrial Revolution, and a cardboard box anachronism How humans are trained to suffer vs grow in joy Neck tape Polite flies vs impolite flies Why you create the props in your environment How we give our power away -  to insects, to others, and to the ego. --- Maranda is drinking:  Downeast Pumpkin Cider Kimberly is drinking: Quaderna Via Viticultura Ecologica Red blend from Spain --- Visit Maranda's site Astro Bartender See this video on YouTube 
September 11, 2020
Throat Chakra Meltdowns, Working With Seth, and Maranda's Automatic Writing
Maranda and Kimberly both have frogs in their why NOT hit the record button??? Kim's Throwback Chrome Tab Configuration from 3 years ago shows up today. Why Maranda dreads cleaning out old apartments after she moves. Kim's art collaboration with Reptilian artist Azior. The God concept: Come Save Us! (and why there are so many superheros). How tacos fit into the Archetypes. --- Maranda is drinking: PA Mojito Cider Kim is drinking:  Elossa Hard Kombucha Visit Maranda's site Astro Bartender See Kim's Reptilian Art Collaborations
August 27, 2020
The End of the World, the Lumanians, and Bringing Your Family to New Earth
Will the world end on Dec 21, 2020? The Lumanians Choosing which timeline you prefer: A peaceful world or a sploady world? How your consciousness blinks on and off The impossibility of UN-BEING Accessing Akashic Records and how Kimberly taps into Janis Joplin Collective beliefs about the future Bringing your family to New Earth with you Kimberly's failure at playing music and why she bought a Roli Where does Mahjong come in? *There are some noises that appeared on this recording which we did not edit out.  We were guided to leave them in there, as they are related to the discussions surrounding the Lumanians and their unusually expressive art. Maranda is drinking: Bonterra Rose Kimberly is drinking:  Ampelos 2015 Pinot Noir (Lambda: the magnitude) Read Maranda's channels. See Kimberly's art collaboration with Janis Joplin
August 19, 2020
Earth as a Game Board - Catsuits and Yachts in the Mediterranean
Game Theory, Twin Flames and Gamemasters Hinduism and Leela Prime Events and timelines hooking up Meeting prior to incarnation in preparation for the Earth Game Kimberly's Life between Life session, and Maranda's QHHT session Playing roles on the Game Board -  Dark vs Light Mars and Maldek blowing up, and Mars-Neptune aspects How subtle the Higher Self is when it speaks.  No yelling! Truman in the Control Room Maranda's Game Board:  Barbie on the Yacht in the Mediterranean Kimberly's Game Board:  Catsuits, Double Agents and Orion Galactic History Former Orion inhabitants who still like to fight - movie lovers, actors and gamers Kimberly's B&D headshots in New Orleans Choosing costumes on the Game Board once you know you're there Possibilities available on the Game Board -- all of them! ----- Maranda is drinking:  Rose cider - Virtue Cider Kimberly is drinking:  Frey's Biodynamic Mendocino Red Check out Maranda's blog  Check out Kimberly's YouTube channel
August 13, 2020
Lion's Gate...and Not Really Knowing What That Means
Change...and how we beg for it, but freak out when it actually comes. Kimberly's misinterpreted landlord letter that sent her into a moving tizzy. Maranda's assistance in finding the perfect house---for another family. The final answer to when your Twin Flame will show up. Kimberly's conversation with a newborn. Aquarius, Uranus and how resisting change can send you surprises. Fashion while quarantined. Collective:  Fears being addressed and codes unlocked. Not so awake family members who still cheer you on. Maranda is drinking: Malbec Rosé. Kimberly is drinking:  Grey Goose and Elderberry Lemonade. Read Maranda's blog Astro Bartender Read Kimberly's blog Are You Awakening
August 9, 2020
Elvis, The Pleiadians & The "Right" Way to Wake Up
What is the "Right Way" to wake up? Are you "supposed" to eat meat, or "should" you drink alcohol? Kimberly's life as a Mexican dancer (Pilar) Maranda's Spanish Identity (Pilar) House Numerology: 5 houses vs 9 houses Seeing people that others can't see Women that leer at Truckerlicious men Bucket Lists:  Kimberly's #1 (too dirty to tell)  and the Second Floor of Graceland Elvis and the Pleiades Navigating on a plane where people can't see you Maranda Drinking Kombrewcha Kimberly Drinking Frey Biodynamic Red Check out Maranda's blog Astro Bartender Kimberly's YouTube Channel
August 8, 2020
5D Spacey in a 3D World, Visiting Hybrid Children, Living Without a Television
Functioning from that Spacey State Maranda's beef with Jesus Journey of Souls books by Michael Newton Maranda's therapy session: Manifesting money Civilized Extraterrestrial societies' barter systems Visiting hybrid children When you don't have a television Maranda's intention to manifest a pair of swans Kimberly's therapy session:  The cleaning lady who thinks she's a witch Visit Kimberly's blog: "Are You Awakening?"  Visit Maranda's blog: "Astro Bartender"
August 6, 2020
5D: Weird With No Frame of Reference
Letting go of old assumptions but nothing to replace them with. Allowing new things to come in without judgment. Superstitions and whether or not you choose to believe in them. Surrender and trusting the Higher Self If “I’m” not in charge...who the hell is?! Maranda explains Leo + the Sun relationship, not knowing how big limitless can be, and why you don't have to know the "why" of everything. Kimberly explains how bird poop leads to a lottery ticket, and how easy it is for humans to believe what comes to them via online feeds without asking if it's true. Replacing negative thought loops with Icons, or images that disrupt the pattern and get you back on the positive side of thinking.  Visit Maranda on IG at @astrobartender Visit Kimberly's blog Are You Awakening at or YouTube
July 26, 2020
Awakening Symptoms: Icky, Annoying & Fun
Here's a preview of the Tipsy Mystics' new podcast.    Grab a cocktail and join Maranda and Kimberly as they discuss the humorous aspects of the awakening process.  You're creating your reality.  Why not have fun?   In this preview episode, the Tipsy Mystics share three types of awakening symptoms:   Icky  Annoying   Fun   Maranda then attempts to explain astrological charts, aspecting planets and archetypes to Kimberly, who remains clueless about such things. Beverages imbibed: Kimberly: 2015 Paxton McLaren Vale AAA Shiraz/Grenache --- in honor of her favorite car.  Maranda: Tequila and Watermelon Kombucha   Visit Maranda on IG @astrobartender Visit Kimberly's blog Are You Awakening at or YouTube (Sound quality is improved in future episodes.)
July 23, 2020