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Tish The Traveler

Tish The Traveler

By Quantisha Winburn
Traveling while black, living and working overseas, finding your purpose while traveling. If traveling is your thing and you may want to travel alone my podcast will help you overcome those travel anxieties and get out and see the world!
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My self-care routine.
In today’s episode we will be talking about self-care recharging your mind body and spirit all the different things that I apply to my life to keep myself healthy mentally spiritually and emotionally. There’s so many things going on in our world and we were all running on empty. Not taking care of ourselves and not apply the care we need to be our best self. I hope you take away from knowing that y’all can try to do better to apply still care into our every day lives. We are busy and we have so many things going on for taking the time to recharge yourself to make you feel even better each day!
May 07, 2021
Recap of 2020
This episode is an update and recap of my life after returning from Japan. 2020 for everyone was hard and challenging and in spite of the things that we had to go through I was able to come out with a positive way to keep myself healthy and sane in the world full of change. Life in United States was a little difficult due to the coronavirus however the case I was still able to prevail and achieve your goals and aspirations it before entering the United States this episode is for anyone interested in an update of what I’ve been up to and what I have planned for this season to tish the travel podcast.
April 02, 2021
Last podcast in Hiroshima
In today’s podcast I share my final thoughts because leaving Hiroshima Japan. It’s been an amazing growing experience coming to Japan that will never forget. I’ve had my ups and downs but mostly always learning. I’m going to miss this beautiful place yet very excited about going back home. This is my last podcast of 2019. Looking forward to starting season 2 in 2020.
December 23, 2019
My last day working in Japan
In today’s podcast I discuss my last day working in Japan as a ESL instructor. Truly thanking all the children and the staff that I worked with for these last eight months has been a tremendous experience for me and getting to know the families and their appreciation of my work helping the children learn English and using it for future enrichment. I am grateful for the opportunity and I am thankful for the lessons that It taught me if not for so I would have not discovered my purpose in life and what I truly plan on and doing once I return home. Teaching in Japan has truly changed my life for the better living in Japan has challenged me to go further and further into achieving more my goals. It was a bittersweet departure but going home with a positive outlook on life enjoy the podcast and I hope you learn something from it today see you in the next one.
December 15, 2019
How to work in Japan
This episode of this of Tish The Traveler is information in regard to anyone that is interested in working in TGH you pain or in other Asian countries as an ESL instructor or any other job that is hiring in or around the Japan area. I have a list below the different platforms that are hiring people from all of the world to teach English and to work and other different companies. It’s all a list below of different websites and companies that will hire you and take care of your visa and other information regarding living and working in Japan. I hope they help you on your journey to become whatever you decide to do in your life but he will always be worth it. The first is Japan and These companies will work with you and help you to find a job to teach in Japan and other Asian countries. Best wishes
December 08, 2019
Entry and exit of Japan
In today’s podcasts I will go over the very detailed and finite process in entering Japan and exiting to Paine because both have a very special process that must take place in becoming a resident of Japan and exiting Japan. Both require a heavy amount of patients because of the strict rules and regulations that are associated with becoming a Japanese resident getting your green card registered sitting up thanking cell phone service Wi-Fi service utility service amongst many other things to become a civil citizen of Japanese culture hope you learn something great from this podcast and enjoy!
December 01, 2019
5 things I don’t like about Japan
In today’s podcast I talk about the 5 things that I do not like about Japan. This is from my own personal experience and no judgment on the culture just what I’ve experienced and what I have learned from however my experience has been very enjoyable just a few things I get on my last nerves enjoy see you on the next podcast.
November 25, 2019
Five things I love about Japan
In today’s podcast I will discuss my five favorite thing that I love about living in Japan. There’s so many things I have absolutely discovered that have allowed me to immerse myself in such a beautiful culture food and activity that has been my all-time favorite since living and working in Japan. It is a bittersweet moment knowing that my time here is coming to an end but I have found and discovered if you things about this magnificent country that I will always have with me and I wanted to share this with anyone who is interested in the Japanese culture absolutely come and visit will never forget it.
November 17, 2019
Why I’m leaving Japan
This podcast is a in-depth conversation about why I have decided to leave Japan. This has been a very difficult decision that I have fought with for months. The company that I work for years really not as professional as I thought it was going to be in the beginning it was a lot of fun but now it has become very stressful frustrating and hard to deal with I feel anything that disrupts my peace creativity and all of our comfortableness I feel it is in my best interest that I leave I will go into further detail about my decision here on my podcast and YouTube channel I don’t expect anyone to understand why I’ve had to leave but at the end of today I put myself first and that’s all that matters.
November 10, 2019
Working in Japan
In today’s episode I like to talk to about what it’s like for me to work in a Japanese company teach English to preschool and elementary school children. What it’s like for me to work with a Japanese staff and my experience with the culture. I do not want my experience to in anyway to deter anyone from moving and working in Japan. Everyone experiences are different and mine happens to be a little interesting however I Living in Japan outside of work is amazing I absolutely enjoy the culture I enjoy my time outside of work but while I’m working it is becoming an absolute drama filled.
November 04, 2019
Black in Japan
And today’s podcast we are definitely going to discuss my experience being a woman of color in a whole different culture. What is been like my positive and negative experiences how I handle them and how I overcome situations that I am faced with daily. This episode will allow anyone that is thinking about how their culture will affect another culture you have no worries just step out on faith and know that no matter what you matter put it all in God hands and he will lead you in the right direction.
October 27, 2019
Healing, Happiness, and Wholeness
In today’s podcast I discuss what it means to be happy wholewhole and healing. Somethings in my personal life that had help me on my journey of healing, you becoming whole and being a happier and better version of yourself. Being happy is your responsibility and being whole is a reflection of your happiness. This podcast is for anyone that feels like they are struggling with brokenness and don’t know where to start in the healing process. I am here to tell you that you can overcome and you can do anything with time and patience and love for yourself you can become the best whole version of yourself.
October 19, 2019
Black and Abroad.
What does it mean to be black and abroad for me. Be proud of being a black traveler and do not allow people to project fear of doing what you want to do. Live your life with freedom bravery and courage. Faith and fear can not be friends so go out there and see the world! Just do it!
October 14, 2019