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Titular Characters

Titular Characters

By Eva Webb
It's an interview show where we talk to comics and nerd culture media creators about their passions, careers, and creative journies. What fuels creativity? What does creative genius look like up close? What inspires the art and artists that make it? We aim for interviews that crackle with creative energy and excitement. It's about the process, the craft, and the dreams behind the things we love.
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Karla Nappi on Creativity, Screenwriting, Comics, Marketing, and Motherhood
Karla talked to Eva about her exciting new book Duplicant, published by Second Sight Publishing. As well as some of her experiences around the creative process, storytelling, and marketing -- as well as being the mother of a rambunctious creative three-year-old. This one goes to some thoughtful and interesting places. Bio: A Disney|ABC Writing Program semi-finalist, Karla Nappi has worked in writer rooms and on film/tv sets in both New York City and Los Angeles.  She's collaborated with Tony Gilroy on "Michael Clayton," Adam Brooks on "Definitely, Maybe," Aaron Korsh on "Suits," Carlton Cuse, and Kerry Ehrin on "Bates Motel," and Robert & Michelle King on "The Good Wife" and "BrainDead."  Her writing credits include Episode 206 “All In” of Suits, and the Suits Webisode “Mini Mike.” Karla developed a comic book series based on her pilot script “Duplicate."  She's run three successful Kickstarters for the first four issues of the series and recently signed with Second Sight Publishing. Currently, Karla is pitching the animated supernatural suspense series, "Nabarang," which was created with Filipino-American animator and paranormal expert Sapphire Sandalo. Guest Links: Official Website - Duplicant on Facebook -  Instagram @musingsbycrazed - Twitter @musingsbycrazed - Preview: Show Links: Eva Webb on Twitter – Support the show with a coffee – (every little bit helps!) Empress Luxiva on Twitter:
April 18, 2021
Tom Brevoort on the creative decision making process at Marvel, Mantles, and casting a comic
Comics legend Tom Brevoort sits down with Eva to share his experience working as a long-time editor on Marvel comics. He talked about the decision-making process, the nature of ideas, and things associate editors learn on the job. It's a thought-provoking look behind the curtain at Marvel by one of its premier senior editors. Bio: Bio: Tom Brevoort is the code name for America’s daring, highly-trained special mission force. Its purpose: to defend human freedom against Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world. Guest Links: Website: Twitter: @TomBrevoort - YouTube: Show links: Eva Webb on Twitter – Support the show with a coffee – (every little bit helps!) Empress Luxiva on Twitter:
April 17, 2021
Rachael Smith on Comics, mental health, and surviving Quarantine
Rachael Smith joins Eva to talk about mental health, comics, and the response to her incredibly relatable and personal memoir, Quarantine Comix. We covered the beginnings of her career, her artistic inspirations, and what it felt like to be cooped up for a year in her flat. Bio: Rachael Smith is a comic artist and writer. She’s created many critically acclaimed graphic novels including Wired Up Wrong, Stand in Your Power, Artificial Flowers and The Rabbit, which was nominated for Best Book in the 2015 British Comic Awards, following her nomination for Emerging Talent. Rachael’s worked on Titan’s Doctor Who comic series and is currently working on Isabella & Blodwen as well as continuing making her #QuarantineComix series inspired by the lockdown. Quarantine Comix is the winner of’s Best Digital/Webcomic of 2020 and Pipedream Comics’ Winner of Best Indie/Small Press Comic of 2020, among other awards. Guest Links:  Twitter: Insta: Facebook: Official Website: Show links: Eva Webb on Twitter – Support the show with a coffee – (every little bit helps!) Empress Luxiva on Twitter:
April 16, 2021
Joe Aubrey on comics, collaboration, capitalism, and the gig economy
Eva and Joe talked about Space Bastards, an exciting comic published by Humanoids, as well as the intricacies of comics production, good collaborations, and how to be taken seriously as a new comics creator. Joe provides insights from his own experiences. Get the inside scoop on Space Bastards, world-building, and how the project evolved. Bio: Joe Aubrey is the co-writer and co-creator of Space Bastards. When not thinking of new ways to kill futuristic postal workers, he can be found eating, paying bills, and wondering how his life became almost unmanageable. Before he had kids he read comics, enjoyed sci-fi movies, and played first-person shooters. He and his wife live in Arizona with a lifetime collection of alcohol and two increasingly entitled children. Guest Links: Official Website: Twitter: Facebook: Show links: Eva Webb on Twitter – Support the show – Empress Luxiva on Twitter:
April 11, 2021
Abigail Harding on comics, creativity, collaborations, and quality tea
The incredible Abigail Harding joins Eva to talk about her experience working in comics art, and the makings of high-quality collaborations. They talked about her work doing covers for Elephantmen and Titan Comics, Yorkshire tea, and her unusually sneaky, but sort of awesome superpower. Abigail is currently working on Cry for Mercy on Comixology Originals. Bio:  Abigail Jill Harding is a Comic-book Artist and Illustrator based in York, UK. Co-creator and Artist of Comixology Originals’ ‘ASK FOR MERCY’. Tea addict and supreme hoarder of books. Drawing monsters and fantastical creatures started from a young age. Spending much of her time going through the dinosaur encyclopedias and drawing from them. Working in both digital and traditional art styles, Abigail uses and experiments with a wide range of mediums including Ink, Watercolours, gouache, Acrylics and Photoshop. Abigail's core style and narrative are inspired by the horror and macabre, transformation, symbolism, folklore and mythology. Her artist influences and inspirations include Dali, Yoshitaka Amano, Gustav Klimt, Toppi, Mike Mignola and H.R Giger. Her work has been in publications such as Imagine FX, 3Dtotal Publishing and Printed In Blood. Abigail has also worked with comic publishers including Image, IDW, TITAN comics. Abigail's first comic book series 'Ask For Mercy' first released in 2018. Teaming up with writer Richard Starkings in co-creating the Horror Fantasy comic under the Comixology Originals line. She had previously worked with Starkings as a guest artist for his Sci-Fi series ELEPHANTMEN. Guest Links: Portfolio - Big Cartel - Cry for Mercy - Inprint - Redbubble Store - Tumblr - Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - Deviant Art - Show links: Eva Webb on Twitter – Activity Page – Support the show – Empress Luxiva on Twitter: And don't forget babies, you're beautiful, you're valid, and we appreciate you.
April 10, 2021
Erica Schultz on working professionally in comics, teaching, breaking in, and taking the medium seriously
Legendary comics writer Erica Schultz sits down with Eva to talk about the realities of working in comics, teaching comics, the mechanics of storytelling, and how to break into the industry. Erica provides her years of first-hand experience and technical insights as sort of a roadmap for new creators. Join us for one of the most interesting and inspiring episodes of Titular Characters to date! Host Notes: If you're interested in breaking into the comics, creating a new comic, or surviving in the industry, this is the best interview we've ever done. Erica is amazing, and she gives us a lot of new information. Bio: Erica Schultz is a comic book writer and graphic novelist who has written for Marvel, DC, Image, Dynamite, 2000AD, and other publishers in the U.S. and Europe. Her most recent work is the five-time Ringo Nominated series Forgotten Home for comiXology Originals and Legacy of Mandrake from Red 5 and Stonebot Comics. She's currently an editor at Mad Cave Studios and the in-person writing instructor at The Kubert School. Guest Links: Show links: Eva Webb on Twitter – Activity Page – Support the show – Empress Luxiva on Twitter: And don't forget babies, you're beautiful, you're valid, and we appreciate you.
April 4, 2021
Issue #30 > Eric Peterson on Love and comics, the craft of storytelling, and making comics at scale
Eva and Eric talked about Space Bastards, an exciting comic published by Humanoids, as well as some of the things that inspired it like 2000AD, and similar works. Eric is a big fan of English writers and likes all the good ones. They went over his creative process as well as the things that he finds interesting or inspiring. This one's fun.  Bio: Eric Peterson has written some independent comic books, including Jesus Christ: In the Name of the Gun. It isn’t as good as Space Bastards though. Read Space Bastards. Eric likes cats and lives in the desert. Guest Links: Official Website: Twitter: Facebook: Show links: Eva Webb on Twitter – Activity Page – Support the show – Empress Luxiva on Twitter:
March 27, 2021
Issue #29 > Igniting your creative super power: Ibrahim Moustafa on world building, comics production
Eva joins Ibrahim Moustafa to talk about comics, writing, art, world-building, and the creative process. They covered a lot of ground in this one, with topics ranging from creative control to diversity, and vegetarianism.  Bio: Ibrahim Moustafa is an illustrator and comic book writer/artist from Portland, Oregon. Best known for his Eisner-nominated comics Jaeger and High Crimes as well as his work on titles such as James Bond and DC’s Mother Panic, he has been published by DC Entertainment, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, Dark Horse Comics, BOOM! Studios, Valiant Entertainment, and IDW Publishing, among others. The Project: COUNT follows the adventures of one Redxan Samud.  Framed for treason and wrongfully imprisoned at the hands of a jealous and corrupt magistrate, Samud escapes his breathtaking hover-prison with only one thing on his mind: revenge.  Samud sets out to dismantle the lives of those who have wronged him, disguised as a Man of Status with a newfound fortune at his disposal and his Automaton Retainer Unit (Aru) by his side. But as collateral damage accumulates, Samud is caught between using his new fortune for the good of the people or pursuing the revenge he so desperately desires. “Humanoids has always been at the forefront of publishing beautifully produced, imaginative graphic novels,” said Ibrahim Moustafa.  “I’m incredibly honored to have COUNT added to that pantheon and grateful for a long-term commitment to publish more of the kinds of stories I’d like to tell.”  COUNT features colors by Brad Simpson (Crone, Stray Dogs), letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (PanelxPanel, Undone by Blood), and was edited by Rob Levin. Guest Links:  Count on Amazaon: Order from your local comic shop:  Diamond Order Code: JAN211389  Order from your local bookstore:  ISBN# 9781643376349 Order from Amazon: Twitter: Instagram: Show links: Eva Webb on Twitter – Activity Page – Support the show – Empress Luxiva on Twitter:
March 22, 2021
Issue #28 > Erik Larsen on art, comics, and impactful storytelling
Erik Larsen sits down with Eva to talk about producing comics, art, and storytelling. It's a really solid show. Bio: Erik Larsen was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As a child growing up in Bellingham, Washington and Albion, California, Erik Larsen created numerous comic books featuring versions of a character named ‘Dragon’. At the age of 19, Erik self-published a fanzine called Graphic Fantasy, which featured his character the Dragon and it led to his doing professional work on a comic book called Megaton. After showing his work, Erik became acquainted with Jim Shooter, Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief. Jim was impressed enough with his work that he consented to co-plot a story with him at the convention. That story was a battle between the Hulk and Thor. It wasn’t actually published until years later, but it did impress the Editors enough to get Larsen some high-profile work in the funnybook field. When artist Todd McFarlane left his artistic duties on The Amazing Spider-Man, Larsen was chosen to be his successor. That run was well-received, and included popular stories like “The Return of the Sinister Six”, “The Cosmic Spider-Man”, and “The Powerless Spider-Man”. In 1992, Larsen co-founded ‘Image’ at Malibu comics, alongside creators Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefeld, Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri, Whilce Portacio, and Jim Valentino. Image split off from Malibu and 1993 and has established itself as the third-largest comic book publisher in the United States. Erik’s flagship comic book at Image was an updated version of his childhood creation – “The Savage Dragon”. Larsen has been succeeding with his ideas ever since. He was Publisher of Image Comics from 2004-2008. In 2012 Erik wrote and drew a short run on Rob Liefeld’s Supreme, initially penciling Alan Moore’s final Supreme story. That same year he bought the rights to the character ‘Ant’ from creator Mario Gully. Ant was a book that was at one point published at Image Comics and Erik always thought that the character and its iconic design had potential. 2017 saw the release of Savage Dragon #225 celebrating 25 years of the Dragon and Image Comics in an epic 100 pages extravaganza. Guest Links: Erik Larsen on Twitter: Image Comics:  Savage Dragon: Show links: Eva Webb on Twitter –  Activity Page –  Support the show –  Empress Luxiva on Twitter:  Titular Characters on Twitter:
March 22, 2021
Issue #27 > Letting inspiration strike: Kat Calamia on storytelling, instinct, marketing, and making comics
Kat sits down with Eva to talk about her new project, The Dancer (now on Kickstarter) and her perspectives on the world of writing, marketing, storytelling and so much more. It's a fun and informative interview with one of the great minds in modern comics. Bio: Kat is the writer for indie comic books Like Father, Like Daughter and They Call Her...The Dancer. Next to her weekly comic book reviews on Comic Uno, Calamia also currently works for Newsarama and DC Comics’ DC Universe with bylines with IGN, Fandom, and TV Guide. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and a minor in Journalism through Marymount Manhattan and a MFA in Writing and Producing Television from LIU Brooklyn. Guest Links: Dancer Kickstarter Etsy YouTube  Twitter Show links: Eva Webb on Twitter –  Activity Page –  Support the show –  Empress Luxiva on Twitter  Titular Characters on Twitter
March 21, 2021
Issue #26: Tumbling into the Creative -- Through the looking glass with Kwanza Osajyefo
Kwanza sits down with Eva to talk about his critically acclaimed series Black, and his career in general. He provides insights about the creative works he loves and appreciates, as well as his early days in the industry. Bio: Creator and author of BLACK, a comic series that explores: what if only black people had superpowers, Kwanza has worked in comics for nearly two decades. He began his career in Marvel’s online department before moving into other media roles. He later returned to comics to launch DC Comics' web imprint and digital publishing initiatives. In addition to his properties, Kwanza is also a creative architect of the H1 Comics line from the premiere French publisher, Humanoids – co-writing their flagship title, Ignited with comics legend, Mark Waid. Kwanza's Links: Twitter: Instagram:  Official Website: Show links: Eva Webb on Twitter – Activity Page – Support the show – Empress Luxiva on Twitter: Patrick Turla on Twitter: Titular Characters on Twitter:
March 15, 2021
Issue #25: Lucy Sullivan on art, intersectional feminism, zines, graphic novels and creative storytelling
Lucy Sullivan sits down with Eva to explore the medium of comics and storytelling, imparting her personal experiences as a fan, and talking about some of her unique challenges and accomplishments as a comics creator. They also talked about queer trans rights issues, particularly in the UK. Bio: Lucy Sullivan is an Artist, Author & Animator based in London, UK. Since gaining a Degree in Illustration/Animation she has co-directed and animated music videos created pre-visuals & storyboards for Film & TV and taught Observational Drawing at a number of Universities.  In 2017 Lucy followed a life-long ambition and moved into comics. Her works include collaborations as the artist on IND-XED with Fraser Campbell, Black Cat for Skrawl #1 with John Reppion, Wishmaker's Gimcrack with Ram V & Aditya Bidikar and Sweeney Todd & I for Razorblades issue 3 with Dan Watters & Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. She has created commissions for Black Hammer, Hey, Amateur!, Killtopia #3, Insider Art, Colossive Cartographies, Hell in Stalingrad, Hey! Don't Go, Murky Waters and Tales from The Quarantine (with Fraser Campbell).  Her debut graphic novel BARKING, based on her own experience of a mental health crisis was published in March 2020 by Unbound, supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, and co-commissioned by The Lakes International Comic Arts Festival. Since publication BARKING has garnered awards, praise from reviewers and is on the required reading list for UCLA's Art & Trauma Collegiate Program.  Alongside comics, Lucy teaches Illustration and Animation at degree level and mentors aspiring graphic novelists through LDComics (UK). Her next comic, SHELTER launches later this year. Lucy's Links: Website and Shop:  Twitter: Intagram: Show links: Eva Webb on Twitter –  Activity Page –  Support the show –  Empress Luxiva on Twitter: Patrick Turla on Twitter:  Titular Characters on Twitter:
March 13, 2021
Issue #24: Diversity and Dracula, art, film, comics, writing and the creative process with Ricardo Delgado
Ricardo Delgado talks to Eva about his latest project, career, and some of the challenges involved in creating diverse fiction in victorian settings. Bio: One of Hollywood’s leading conceptual designers, Ricardo Delgado, is about to unleash his bold and bloody take on the Prince of Darkness, just in time for the 90th anniversary of the release of Universal Studios’ Dracula. Ricardo Delgado has been the storyboard artist and character designer for films including The Incredibles, Men in Black, and Wall-e, and his Age of Reptiles graphic novels are universally acclaimed for their stunning depiction of dinosaurs and prehistory. But Delgado’s latest creative endeavor may well be his most ambitious to date: a fresh and unsettling fully illustrated novel that reimagines Bram Stoker’s classic ghost story. Delgado’s novel DRACULA OF TRANSYLVANIA, featuring more than 20 lavish illustrations and an introduction by Donald F. Glut, is now on Kickstarter from Clover Press. Find Ricardo's Kickstarter at:  Ricardo on Twitter:  Ricardo's Filmography on ImDb: Show links: Eva Webb on Twitter -  Activity Page -  Support the show - Empress Luxiva on Twitter: Patrick Turla on Twitter: Titular Characters on Twitter: Also, don't forget to check out and the Emerald Echo podcast! Love yas!
March 9, 2021
Issue #23: Producing comics in the 21st century, superhero storytelling, and loving the medium with Tom Peyer
Eva talks to comic book creator and editor Tom Peyer of Ahoy Comics. The discussion started by being about the creative process and then moved into a broader talk about the medium in general, and some of Tom’s experiences from his 30+ years in the field. Pretty good for someone who’s still remarkably in their 20’s. Bio: This slope-shouldered industry veteran was a long-running writer on DC’s Legion of Super-Heroes, a founding editor at their Vertigo imprint, and the proud writer of their worst-selling, award-losing series Hourman. He has since written enough major characters to fill one of those hyper-populated super-hero posters where you don’t know who to look at first. Today he happily writes and edits AHOY Comics from his Ditkoesque office in Downtown Syracuse, NY. Where to find Tom and Ahoy Comics Website: Twitter: @AHOYComicMags – Instagram: @ahoy_comics – Facebook: ComicsAHOY – Show links: Activity Page: Eva Webb on Twitter: Empress Luxiva on Twitter: Patrick Turla on Twitter: Titular Characters on Twitter:
March 8, 2021
Issue #22: Pioneering the digital landscape, font development, Astro City, and Elephantmen with John Roshell
Eva talks to legendary comic book letterer John Roshell. John has worked with DC and Marvel on comics in the past and was involved in defining the modern process for lettering in comics. John talks about how he got into lettering and the kind of tools he's used over the years, including some discussion on Quark Express, Fontographer, Glyphs and Adobe products such as Illustrator. There's some talk of great letters and techniques -- and we learn what drives him creatively. Bio: John Roshell has lettered comic books for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse & Blizzard, designed the logos for Avengers, Daredevil, Black Panther & Angry Birds, and created hundreds of font families which have been used to letter millions of comic book pages, as well as appeared in video games, movies and TV shows, toy packages, t-shirts and even toilet paper. He is the co-author of "Comic Book Lettering the Comicraft Way" with Comicraft co-founder Richard Starkings, and last year founded Swell Type to manage the ever-expanding Comicraft font library and release fun, friendly, functional fonts inspired by his home state of California. The World’s Greatest Comic Book Fonts! Show Related: Eva on Twitter - Show Twitter - Activity Page: Note: Luxiva is doing a new comic! And she's actively promoting it. If you run a podcast, you're going to want to book Luxiva while you can. She's super busy and her availability is limited. Find her on twitter at -
March 1, 2021
Issue #21: Underground Comics, children’s books, and writing from the human experience with Alex Schumacher
Talked to Alex Schumacher about his journey in comics, and the things that shape the way he sees comics, creativity, and the world. This interview runs pretty deep and explores syndicated comics, underground comics, the drive to create, politics, personal struggle, and living the creative life. Bio: Alex Schumacher is an author/illustrator whose list of work includes THE UNEMPLOYMENT ADVENTURES OF AQUALUNG graphic novel for Arcana Studios (2013), THE WORLD'S CRUMMIEST UMBRELLA picture book for Wandering in the Words Press (2014), articles for, and storyboards for DreamWorks TV. His first collection of literary magazine comics, Defiling the Literati, was released in 2017 to rave reviews from such sites as Graphic Policy and Bleeding Cool. Alex produced the weekly webcomic DECADES OF (in)EXPERIENCE for Antix Press between 2015-2021 and continues the monthly misadventures of MR. BUTTERCHIPS (est. 2016) for Drunk Monkeys. A collection of the latter was released by SLG Publishing in July 2020. Alex is represented by Allison Hellegers of Stimola Literary Studio.  On the Internets: Official Website:  Youtube Channel: Alex on Twitter: @AJSchumacherart Alex on Instagram: @ajschumacherart Subscribe to Alex's newsletter:
February 24, 2021
Issue #20: Comics, technology, and the power of family with DC Hopkins
Eva talks to letterer DC Hopkins about comics, freelancing, lettering, and the joys of family life. DC dives deep in the science and technology of modern lettering, providing advice on what the field looks like, the software involved, and the satisfaction of seeing a finished page up close. Bio: DC Hopkins is a professional letterer & designer working for clients such as AWA Studios, BOOM!, Dark Horse, DC Comics, Dynamite, Heavy Metal, Humanoids, IDW, Image, Lion Forge/Oni, Scout, Vault, and more. He is also a staff letterer at Deron Bennett's AndWorld Design studio. DC lives in Indiana with his wife and son. Places to find DC Hopkins: Official Website: Twitter: @dc_hopkins - Andword Design - Show Related: Activity Page: Support the show: Rebubble shop:
February 14, 2021
Issue #19: Exploring the joy of comics, telling stories for all ages, and comics in primary education with Ellie Egleton
Ellie describes her journey with comics, and the joy of creating and selling her comics for an all-ages market. Ellie lives through the joy of comics, spreading it to the people she talks to, and children she teaches in primary school. It’s a positive and uplifting interview with an up and coming personality in the industry. Bio: The first comic book ever read to me was Batman #500. It was a time when Bruce Wayne was not wearing the cape and cowl. Since then, comic books have been at the heart of everything that I do. I have studied comics, I teach with comics and now I write and edit comics. After the successful debut of my first all-ages graphic novel, Power Punch Boot Camp, I have continued to write independent comic book scripts and I have worked with the publisher, Fair Spark Books, as editor. I am also a casual contributor to the Valkyries! Website: The Valkyries: Activity Page:
February 10, 2021
Issue #18: Contemplating the multiverse, playing in hell, and bending the medium of comics with Mike Phillips
Eva Talks to Mike Phillips about his work at the Sequart Organization, as well as his comics Necropolitan, and Tessellation. The conversation spans contemplating the multiverse, music, imagining hell, and the things that make Mike tick as a creative talent. We learn about his love of comics, and his teaching career, as well as insights about love, family, and storytelling. Bio: Mike Phillips is the editor-in-chief of Sequart Organization. He's produced books like Grant Morrison: The Early Years and The British Invasion, as well as documentaries like Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods, She Makes Comics, and The Image Revolution. Recently he's published his own comics series Necropolitan. On the Internet: Pre-order Tessalation #1 - Necropolitan on Comixology - Sequart Organization - Activity Page:
February 6, 2021
Issue #17: Epilepsy awareness positivity overcoming adversity and telling your story in comics with Ryan Sawyer
Eva talks to Ryan Sawyer, creator of Lightning Monk about Epilepsy and disability awareness in comics, building an authentic story, and growing up with a chronic health condition. Ryan discusses going through life with his disability, and what inspired him to create the Lightning Monk comic book. He also talks about his philosophy, and the value of positivity, and tells stories about working in the printing and graphic design sectors, as well as being a full-time RV'er in Arizona. Bio: Ryan has a degree in fine art and has worked in illustration/design/prepress & color in print media for 25 years. He’s from Kent Ohio, and went full-time RV 2 years ago to pursue indie comics and photography. He’ll be crowdfunding a collected graphic novel of this first arc shortly! More at: Activity Page:
February 3, 2021
Issue 16: Deconstruction, finding the redemptive curve, and the mechanics of great storytelling with David Pepose
Eva talks with David Pepose. David is the writer of comics such as The O.z and Spencer and Locke. David talks about some of the inspiration behind his comics as well as his upcoming comic Scout's Honor. They cover the creative process and discuss David's beginnings as a reviewer and editor for Newsarama. Comic books and personal marketing ideas, as well as personal brand building, are also discussed. On this episode of the Titular Characters podcast, Eva talks with David Pepose! David is the writer of comics such as The O.z and Spencer & Locke. David talks about some of the inspiration behind his comics as well as his upcoming comic Scout’s Honour, which you can pre-order using the code below. Eva and David also discuss the marketing of comic books and how to draw more people and much more! Bio: A former crime reporter turned storytelling professional, David Pepose is the comic book-writing equivalent of a motorcycle stunt jump. He has tackled comic strip homicide, wedding-crashing bank robbers, and faster-than-light space heists as the Ringo Award-nominated writer of Spencer & Locke, Going to the Chapel, Grand Theft Astro, The O.Z., and Scout’s Honor. David’s books have been featured in The Hollywood Reporter,, and io9, and have ranked on Barnes & Noble’s Best Comics and Graphic Novels list. His writing has been called “stunningly subversive” by IGN and “an absurdly good time” by Nerdist, while Syfy has described his work as “utterly insane or pure genius (or admittedly, maybe both).” In addition to developing properties for comics, TV, and film, he has also worked for CBS, Netflix, and Universal Studios. Raised in St. Louis, David currently resides in sunny Los Angeles, where he lives with his understanding partner, their rambunctious terrier, and at least six deadlines. Twitter: @peposed - Instagram @peposed - Facebook: David Pepose Comics Newsletter: Website: Scouts Honour pre-order code: JAN211049 Feel like helping us grow? Support the show at
January 30, 2021
Issue #15: Inclusive RPG game design, storytelling frameworks, and making monsters with Jim Seals
Eva is joined by writer and game designer Jim Seales. Jim is known for creating tabletop RPG games, as well as his work in academia. They discussed some of the challenges of building a modern RPG, how to have positive inclusivity within them and how Jim found himself working in the field. Jim discusses his inner superhero and gives us a taste of his superhero team with Jason Tondro. Do you want to get involved with the questions? Just follow Eva on Twitter @EvaIsAdorable and keep a lookout for the questions being posted! Bio: During the day, Jim Seals is the Instructional Support Specialist of the Writing & Reading Center at Riverside City College. During the night, he is a family man. Betwixt these two diametric extremes, he writes. You can follow him on Twitter @JimSeals1701 -
January 24, 2021
Issue #14 Positivity, self-discovery, and learning to see the world through comics with Mikefox
Fabulous interview with illustrator Mikefox about his work, and the personal journey of his life through comics. Bio: Mikefox is a digital illustrator and comics artist. They produce primarily queer and anthro themed work with a bend toward romance and sex positivity. Primarily the idea of explicit consent can be found in their work with Lt. Freya comix, an adult sci-fi space opera. Find Mikefox on Twitter @JenPallante Find Mikefox's comics at Feel like supporting the show? Buy us a coffee at htttps:// Love yas!
January 18, 2021
Issue #13: Representation, the love of comics, and knowing your audience with Joe Glass
It was fun to sit down and talk about comics with Joe Glass. We talked about comics, writing, the creative process, and effective queer representation. Don't tell Joe, but I fangirled a little. It's a really good show.  Bio: Joe is a comics writer from the deepest, darkest South Wales Valleys in the UK. He is mostly known for his ComiXology Originals, LGBTQ+ superhero series, The Pride, Acceptable Losses and Glitter Vipers, all available now!Joe has worked in the past a comics news reporter and critic and has previously worked with Bleeding Cool, Gay Times, WhatCulture and more. Joe remains a staunch advocate of LGBTQ+ representation in media.He lives with a stroppy cat, Oliver, who doesn’t like to be touched, but wants to bite him all the time. He’s also quite possibly the Elton John of comics. Joe Glass is a freelance writer available for hire too, so if you are an editor/publisher, feel free to get in touch.   Check out Joe's website: Joe's Twitter can be found at @josephglass   Joe is on Instagram at @joeglass  Get on the notification list for the miracles at Kickstarter Much needed musical assistance this episode provided by   William Rosati   Aaron Kenny
January 10, 2021
Issue #12: The Creative Process with Derek Moreland
Derek Moreland, writer of Space is Awful stops by to talk about comics, writing, and the creative process. Bio: Derek Moreland *REMEMBER TO INSERT SELF DEPRECATING BUT HUMOROUS WITTICISM HERE* He lives in Texas. His novel, SONGWEAVER, is available on Kindle. His comic, SPACE IS AWFUL, is available on Comixology. He himself is available for parties. Links and other good stuff: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website:
December 27, 2020
Issue #11: Comics, Tv Nostalgia, and more with Doctor Comics
Jason Tondro returns to talk about interesting, obscure, and progressive comics. We also talked about formative television, including The Greatest American Hero and more! Bio: Jason Tondro is a developer at Paizo, where he helps to make the Starfinder RPG. He’s a former English professor who has taught and written on comics, film, and the literature of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. He continues to write and design tabletop roleplaying games and is a huge nerd. Follow Jason on Twitter: [ICONS]The Super Villain Handbook Deluxe Edition Superheroes of the Round Table: Comics Connections to Medieval and Renaissance Literature Illustrated Edition BAMF RPG and Comics Podcast (A podcast Jason hosts occasionally) Arthur Lives for Fate Core
December 20, 2020
Issue 10: Doug Kayne, Comics, Improv Comedy, Teaching, and Heckling Sharks
Had a fabulous chat with Doug Kayne about comedy and comics! This one's a fun one to listen to.   Bio: Doug Kayne is an award-winning improv comedian and one-third of the comedy trio, Those Four Misfits (  He has been performing improv comedy professionally in one form or another since 1994.  In addition, he has created web series (”Turning the Page”, “Janey and Ira”), written a made-for-TV movie (”Romantic Comedy 101), and spent countless hours on the comedy stage. He has performed comedy at the Ice House, Flappers, and The Comedy Store, as well as a featured performer at Wizard World LA, Orccon, and Strategicon.  In his spare time, he teaches high school and adds to his growing comic book collection.  He hates writing bios.  By day, Doug is a teacher, director, and board member of Joy Theatre (
December 14, 2020
Issue #9 - Murder Mystery Theater & The Trans Experience, Queer Media with Casper Oliver
Had an amazing talk about murder theater, the trans experience, and queer media with Casper Oliver.  Bio: Casper Oliver (they/he), is a podcaster, actor, & writer. With the focus on building a platform for queer voices & talent and a passion for performing and entertainment, Casper focuses on creating queer-led projects within various genres, platforms, & audience levels. Find Casper at:
December 13, 2020
Issue #8: Talking Animation, Star Trek, Politics, and Doctor Who with Josh MacPhearson
Sat down with my pal Josh MacPhearson to nerd out, and cover a variety of nerdy topics, ranging from the mechanics of large scale animation, to non-binary representation in science fiction today with author, animator, and creative genius Josh MacPhearson, creator of the Mysterious Mrs. E and owner of the NJ4k youtube channel. Find out more about Josh at: And keep up with the Mysterious Mrs. E at
December 5, 2020
Issue #7: Comics, Coming Out, and Building LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Spaces in Fandom with Rhi Spawn
Streamer, content creator, and prolific interviewer Rhi Spawn joins the Titular Characters family with an amazing conversation about media, building queer-friendly spaces in comics, coming out, quantum computing, and the right music to have someone play as they follow you through the grocery store. She was charming, and the show was awesome. Check it out. Check out Rhi's youtube channel, I freaking love comics on Youtube.
December 2, 2020
Issue #6 Costumes, The Immortal Hulk, Astrocity, and more with Special Guest Kurt Onstad
Kurt Onstad from the Welcome Geektown Podcast joined us to talk about superhero costumes, what he's reading, and the comics he enjoys. Find Kurt on Twitter at Welcome to Geektown's website can be found at
November 26, 2020
Issue #5 Talking Comics, and stuff we're Reading with Ren Chandler
Had an amazing talk with comic book fan, blogger, and film historian Ren Chandler, where we talked about comics, the MCU, trans issues, and more.  Follow Ren on Twitter: Eva's original interview with Ren:
November 13, 2020
Issue #4: Superhero Costumes, Politics, and Color Theory with Jason Tondro
In this issue, we're going to talk about superhero costumes, the world, technology, and what it's like to teach a course about comics in academia. This one's full of thrills and chills and prescient insights about the way comics work!  Follow Jason on Twitter: BAMF RPG and Comics Podcast (A podcast Jason hosts occasionally)
November 7, 2020
Issue #2: What is the Power of your Story? An interview with David Avallone
We did this absolutely fantastic interview with David Avallone. We covered a lot of ground, ranging from the craft and art of comic book writing to the elements that make films memorable. David was charming, thoughtful, and laugh out loud funny.  David can be found on twitter at: The cover art this week is by
October 28, 2020