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For the lovers

For the lovers

By Tiy Hampton
Expressing what other's think but never say through sex, black culture and relationships as a 30 year old millennial in New York City.
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The NYC Date Life ft "TheTalkPodcast"
Cuddle Season? Lovers, as you can hear this episode, I am a bit nasal from my season of cuddling; under the cold AC! New York City has an interesting narrative when it comes to dating. The diversity of its demographics can offer a lot of possibilities, not to mentioned the influence of social media. Love or lust, it's a must you still go out to try a lover out, well why don't you listen to this episode featuring our guest host Tyree of The Talk Podcast. The spice level is pretty high as we explored why lovers would be okay with their lover dating other lovers. Perhaps it's just the lovers lane of 2021. How has feminism played a role in relationships now in 2021?  Stay Safe. Sanitize & Please wear your mask! Shop Amazon -   Shop Swim -     @TheTalksPod @fortheloverspodcast   @tiyhampton  @tiythebartender
October 27, 2021
The Summer is Over
Whew Lovers!  How long has it been since we've been tuned in to one another? I left the bar and came back. I left my lover (how many times I said that one). However I'll never leave you! Vaccines are a thing, summer at the pool club is coming to an end, while cuffing season is about to begin. Here's the full recap we've been waiting for; The craziest lie has been? Anyway I recorded so many shows over the summer with some friends and lovers.  Shop Amazon -  Shop Swim -  Stay safe. Sanitize & please wear your mask!   @fortheloverspodcast  @tiyhampton @tiythebartender
October 6, 2021
Season 5 "I'm Alive"
S.5 E.1 | Lovers! We are back for another season of Love! It's 2021 we've won, my eyes are all healed after 3 years, I joined some interesting dating apps all while I've been friend zone by the 'gum guy'. It's the Summer of my 30's and I feel a major comeback. Thank you for always listening!  This episode is on youtube and IGTV  Search Tiy Hampton to finally see the Lover in action New episode drops every Wednesday at noon with host @tiyhampton⠀  Follow her Bartending throughout nyc @tiythebartender as she continues to express what other’s think but never say @fortheloverspodcast Cheers Wear your mask & Sanitize
June 16, 2021
Season Finale
S. 4 | E. 7 It's a wrap of a season lovers! Enjoy the last episode of "I want More" ; the reason for letting go in order to grow. Two COVID 19 vaccines are available. It’s March, Women’s History Month is here and Spring is near. New episode drops every Wednesday at noon with host @tiyhampton⠀ Follow her Bartending throughout nyc @tiythebartender as she continues to express what other’s think but never say @_forthelovers.com_⠀
March 1, 2021
A lover’s Repent
Season 4. Episode 6 It’s still Black History Month⠀ It’s New York Fashion Week⠀ It’s Valentine’s Day Recap⠀ It’s surgery Day ⠀ My love life is still a disarray ⠀ ⠀ New episode drops every Wednesday at noon with host @tiyhampton⠀ Follow her Bartending throughout nyc @tiythebartender as she continues to express what other’s think but never say @_forthelovers.com_⠀
February 17, 2021
A Woman’s Healing A Woman’s Loving
Season 4. Episode 5. This episode we have guest @hairweavemurder ; celebrity hairstylist, womb healer, a lover of business. It was a pleasure discussing the fundamentals of natural womb healing, group loving and the successes of an open relationship where partners May not have longevity based on their net worth & net work. New episode drops every Wednesday at noon with host @tiyhampton Follow her Bartending throughout nyc @tiythebartender as she continues to express what other’s think but never say @_forthelovers.com_
February 10, 2021
Christianity & Sexuality
Season 4. | Episode 4 “I Want More” The conversation of being a Christian and having sex on 2021 is a layered one. @Teeevers and I (@tiyhampton) discuss it’s actually not the the worst sin because any Christian knows all sins are the same. Even mingling with another religion can cause conflict, when it comes to having a future. Joesph thought Mary cheated because how is Jesus in her belly when they weren’t even sexing. Brace yourself lovers. Stay Safe & Stay Connected.
February 3, 2021
A Jamaican Revelation
Season 4. | Episode 3. On our first day of the year we arrived to Jamaica. On the first day of 2021 we received a revelation at 30 years old we shall never forget as we enjoyed the Ganja of the motherland under a full moon. Why are guilty pleasures our distractions? How do we remain in a healthy & engaging relationship with insecurities ? Social media still is a leading result in a false hood of true loving relationships.  This week's guests: @TiyHampton @Tiythebartender @_forthelovers.com_ @missjayyiah @lyfewitliz
January 27, 2021
"Happy New Year"
S 4. | E. 2  Happy 2021 lovers! Recording on the third Monday of the month of January means its Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I'm just wondering how did it become a day of discounts and sales while the government didn't even want to recognize a black man during civil rights.  Jamaica remains a trip of revelation while women of the pandemic are managing their men.  Cheers  Follow me on Instagram @tiyhampton @tiythebartender @_forthelovers.com_ 
January 20, 2021
Jamaica part 1
Season 4 | Episode 1 “Want More” 2021 is here and we won! Relationships are more than ever at a state of emergency but this season we are breaking down the things that are breaking us up! This episode was recorded on our way to Montego Bay from Negril about an 1.5 hour ride. Men and women aren’t valuing one another for who they are instead are obsessed with ideas of each rather it’s a woman that purchased her body or a man that’s wealthy. Lies seem to save the day since the truth is too much to handle. Follow us on Instagram @tiyhampton , @_forthelovers.com_ , @serita_nurse.c , @missjayyiah .
January 13, 2021
Still In Tiyland "Project Lash"
Season 3 | Episode 8 For the Love with @_ProjectLash. Just a few days left of 2020 and one of my favorite relationships that emerged has been with my esthetician. We've been able to connect as 2 fire signs would {Leo & Sagittarius }. Tune in as we discuss beauty trends, and break up mechanisms as a lot will be left in this year to move forward in 2021.  Cheers @TIYHAMPTON  @_forthelovers.com_ @Tiythebartender 
December 31, 2020
Still In TiyLand: "Secrets of a Sagittarius"
Season 3 | Episode 7   There's many secrets to the adventurous , free-spirited , sex driven sagittarius. This episode features @The_Og of @TheOGTheory a fellow sagittarius, and event curator. There remains a double standard of men and women "smashing the homies",  while the key to a successful relationship remains in minding y'all business. What are we planning for ourselves in 2021? Enjoy past philosophy articles on  Cheers, @Tiyhampton @TiyTheBartender  @_forthelovers.com_
December 23, 2020
Still in Tiyland : "The Ride is Over"
Season 3 | Episode 6  "The ride is over" 2020 has been a roller coaster of a year! The high's and lows are much comparable to my love life as well. Let's reflect and move forward to be a better lover within. Maybe a new lover in 2021? P.S. Indoor dining is officially cancelled in NYC, however Tiy The Bartender is in full affect at Pier 15. Cheers, please wear a mask @tiyhampton @tiythebartender
December 16, 2020
Still in Tiyland : "Sex in the City"
Season 3. Episode 5. *Warning this episode is for mature audiences ONLY* Sultry Sundays was in full effect as we played cards and drank champagne discussing what millennial sex is in 2020. Two guys , myself and my girlfriend discussed what pleases us sexually, first time experiences and that good ol raw sex talk. Follow me on instagram @tiyhampton Cheers lovers
December 9, 2020
Still In TiyLand " Cheers to 30"
Season 3. Episode 4 Lovers! [ please excuse our technical difficulties last show]  We've reached a new decade in life...flirty 30. There's some things that comes to a young woman in her 30s; life rules and safe sex. Please don't forget to wear your mask! Cheers @tiyhampton @tiythebartender @_forthelovers.com_
November 30, 2020
S.3 | E. 3. “Wrap up of the 20s”
Happy women working Wednesday, cheers to the last days of my twenties, a wonderful mom & daughter trip to the Midwest Chicago while reflecting on the lover within.
November 18, 2020
Still in Tiyland : “Grace for the Black Girl”
Season 2. Episode 3. My sister joins me this episode Courtney Robert , to discuss the lack of grace for the black girl. Dating interracially for status while basement boys continue to troll on Twitter. Follow us on social @tiyhampton @tiythebartender @_forthelovers.com_ @clawsxcoco
November 11, 2020
“Still in TiyLand”
Season 3. Episode 1. It’s 8am after the elections are in and America still doesn’t know who their president is, another death of a loved one, countdown til 30th and lover vs friends! Cheers to November. Stay social @tiyhampton , @tiythebartender @_forthelovers.com_
November 4, 2020
“The Season Finale”
Season 2, Episode 6 Welcome to TiyLand “The Season Finale” The season has come to an end, as we healed from life’s experiences , peeled off layers of ourselves and count down the days of America’s new president! Follow @tiyhampton, @tiythebartender @_forthelovers.com_ . Season 3 will be back on women working Wednesday November 4 , 2020... cheers
October 7, 2020
Welcome to TiyLand : “Something’s Missing”
Season 2, Episode 5 “Something is Missing” . The season finale part 1 is here : my DNA results are in, committing to commitment takes away my freedom yet how do I find what I’m missing in life? -@tiyhampton
September 30, 2020
Welcome to TiyLand “Secrets of the Industry”
Welcome to Tiyland, Season 2 Episode 4 features @MissJayyiah. She’s a filmmaker , copywriter , journalist and one of my oldest friends! This episode we shined a light on the darkness of the entertainment industry and how important your reputation is especially as a black woman in a male dominated industry. Listen for a spicy talk on bi guys too !
September 23, 2020
Welcome to TiyLand : “What are deal breakers?”
Season 2, Episode 3 featuring yoga instructor , health & wellness coach @alisonmidolloyoga. We discussed why it’s important during a pandemic to continue to be a light while also being intentional with dating to be confident that deal breakers can change as you evolve as a person.
September 16, 2020
Welcome to TiyLand : Take 2
A death, a break up, all around trying to defuse the term “Strong Black Woman”. Excuse my cursing this episode!
September 9, 2020
Welcome to TiyLand
Lovers! We made it to the summer of 2020. It’s a pandemic , it’s the most wildest year of my life. This season I’m bringing the love to you through experiences of sneaky links, and dealing with the rapid change of the economy and everything in between. Cheers & wear your mask!
September 2, 2020
"The Bartenders"
The crazy stories from behind the bar! From customer service to properly tipping to dating the bartenders themselves; this episode features myself along with the ladies I bartend with in New York City, @livingfor_apurpose @leivis10
October 8, 2019
“The Lady Lovers”
Episode 3 of for the lovers podcast features @halamaroc @_juthy @missjayyiah & @oolakayrae with host @tiyhampton of @_forthelovers.com_. Its the perfect blend of some of New York’s strongest women showcasing their talent in comparison to their male counter parts. In 2019 it seems women continue to surpass men, a debate that’ll never end.
September 30, 2019
Single Summer 2019
The second episode of For The Lovers podcast. Recorded in D & L studios; located in Brooklyn, New York. The podcast features lovers @tiyhampton, @alondaxo , @whatsgood_e & @hye_tymes . As we play ‘Absolut Truth’ we opened up about how our Single summer seems to be a result of having standards. It’s okay to have standards especially when it comes to safe sex regardless if you’ve been friend zoned or not. What happens when your standards have put you in a friend zone keeping you forever single? Grab a cocktail and tune in to the lovers ...
September 23, 2019
Hot Summer 2019
The first episode of for the lovers podcast. Recorded in D & L studios, located in Brooklyn, New York. The podcast featured the lovers @courtelyou @jaydotholla, & @markbreal_.  Hot Summer can have you staying out, splitting bills while receiving/giving fellatio, doing all the things to keep you sizzling! Hot Girl verses Hot Boy is all about being yourself in an unapologetic way talking that hot shit the lovers want to hear! Grab a cocktail , grab a Spliff, tune in to the lovers...
September 16, 2019