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Business in Madrid and English

Business in Madrid and English

By TJ Wierda
Business is more and more done in English, also in Spain. Therefore we wish to share ideas with the business community in Madrid, in English. We speak with business people from Madrid about their companies.
We also speak about English as we try to find role models or your own English. Therefore, we speak with non-natives
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4. Stop Wasting Time W/ Stephanie Steggehuis
Time management is something we all like to know more about. It is actually more about wasting less time. In today's episode, I speak with Stephanie Steggehuis about this topic. What are the biggest time wasters and what can we do about them. You can find Stephanie herself on LinkedIn,  as well as her company: Just know How Coaching. 
February 21, 2020
3. An Introduction to Big Data W/ Daniel Garcia
Big data is a term that is becoming more and more popular and a science that is growing also. In this episode, I speak with Daniel Garcia, Big Data specialist where he gives me an introduction to the concept of the science. I discover that Big Data is just an interesting term but that even small business owners can use it quite easily.
February 21, 2020
2. Starting a Business in Spain W/ André Fleuringer
In this episode, we speak with André Fleuringer, an entrepreneur who runs Villa Real Café and Alpha Aeronautica next to his "normal" job, about starting a business both in general and in Spain. We speak about how you need to work through struggles and how paperwork is only a problem is you make it a problem. Naturally, we also speak about his English for a while and the importance of it for his businesses. You can find André on LinkedIn: André Fleuringer
February 21, 2020
1. Family Business W/ José Luis Tabuenca
In this episode, we speak about family business in a modern world as well as the importance of English in business. We do this with José Luis Tabuenca, CMO of SIT Spain, the largest art transporter of Spain. In the past, this company has transported the famous Templo de Debod and the Guernica. You can find SIT Spain on all relevant social media and José Luis Tabuenca Rivero you can find on LinkedIn: José Luis Tabuenca LinkedIn SIT Spain: Website LinkedIn
February 21, 2020