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By Tony and Luke
TL;DR Podcast with Tony & Luke
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Whatever happened to Anthem?
No this is not an episode about Anthem – it just occurred to me that I didn’t know what happened to it. Join us this week as we talk about Agents of Mayhem, David Warner,  Battle sector and No Mans Sky with a tiny bit of what we are actually  supposed to be playing – Encased thrown in as well.
August 07, 2022
The ancient art of PC gaming
Not much progress has been made on Encased so this week we discuss  Call of Duty: Infinite War and Deeprock Galactic plus Tony picked up  Agents of Mayhem for only $4 so he tells us about that. Minor spoilers for Infinite War
July 26, 2022
Out of the Dome
Join us this week as we continue out discussion of Encased Luke has only made it a little further so there are some minor spoilers for a few areas but nothing to major story wise.We also talk about Chaosbane and our thoughts about the upcoming Starfield by Bethesda. Message @Ashius
July 10, 2022
Encased in a new world
Join us this week as we start a new game ‘Encased’ Luke also brags about his final Satisfactory factory. No spoilers but some character guidance and game play tips for Encased.
June 26, 2022
Can a factory be satisfactory before it is done?
Join us this week as we talk Satisfactory, Wildermyth and more. No spoilers!!
June 12, 2022
The satisfaction of buttons
Join us this week as we discuss variouys games thta have pushing our buittons recenlty – both good and bad.
May 29, 2022
Is there anything new under the sun?
Join us this week as we talk Thronebreaker, XCOM 2, Wildermyth and Sunset Overdrive – again….
April 27, 2022
Wylder Mithmatch
Join us this week as we discuss the multiplayer game Wildermyth and  learn if you can get 5 gamers to agree to the same overland actions. Luke discusses Sunset Overdrive, Tony has finished X-Com and the Triangle Strategy demo and dipped his toes in Thronebreaker.
April 03, 2022
Back after a break
Our boys are back after an unplanned break. Luke updates us on all things Outer Wilds Tony dips his toes back into the world of X-COM And we learn the answer to the question ‘can you break up with a game?’
March 20, 2022
The joy of story
Luke shines a bright light on The Outer Wilds this episode and has turned around this thinking on it. Tony talks about New Game + for Fire Emblem: three Houses and we get a smattering of Bloodstained, Pummel Party and Spiritfarer. Spoiler warning in episode so you’re safe if you’re playing through Outer Wilds.
February 20, 2022
A funny thing hsppened on the way to the podcast...
Tony talks about Civ 6 and Fire Emblem: Three houses as a change in  pace for him and Luke updates his progress on Bloodstained, The Outer  Wilds and Spiritfarer. Plenty of spoilers in this episode!!
February 06, 2022
A new year, a new outlook
Welcome to 2022! This episode we discuss game streaming on Australia’s NBN/wireless,  Spiritfarer, Pathfinder (yes he’s still going with it), Bloodstained and  The Outer Wilds. Minor spoilers for all
January 25, 2022
Sayonara to 2021
Welcome to our last episode for 2021! We cover off The Division, Astroneer Christmas events, Pathfinder, Fallout group looting and we wax lyrical about games of the year. Mild spoilers for The Division
December 21, 2021
Tony and Luke talk about stuff
What stuff I hear you say, well try Bloodstained, Cyberpunk, Pathfinder and Final Fantasy for starters! Tune in to hear what else 🙂
December 07, 2021
A dwarf, a division agent and an Eldritch horror walk into a bar...
This week our boys discuss a selection of games with the usual suspects thrown in and also Hammerting, and New World
November 23, 2021
It's the Halloween Spooktacular Episode!!!
JUST KIDDING! It’s a totally normal episode 🙂
October 27, 2021
A pandemic conspiracy piracy
Join our boys this week as they talk about The Division, Surviving Mars, Pathfinder: Kingmaker, New World and the teleporting joys of Sundered: Eldritch edition
October 12, 2021
DiBINity Original BIN 2
Our boys have been disillusioned with their recent experiences with  the game that shall not be named so this is their last episode on it and  we look forward to something new next time. There’s also some  Pathfinder, Astroneer and Surviving Mars.
October 04, 2021
The Podcast that shall not be named....
More Divinity, a little taste of Sundered Eldritch Edition Pathfinder: Kingmaker and some spoilers for Picard the Amazon series
September 16, 2021
Just listen OK
More Divinity, some Surviving Mars, a smattering of BattleTech and a pinch of Ratchet and Clank
September 01, 2021
The Divinity slog continues
They’re still playing Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive edition (Did  I get that right?) but Luke and Tony also discuss Back 4 Blood, Ratchet  and Clank, and also Grime. Very spoiler free episode.
August 17, 2021
Persuasion 101 or how to fail at conversation with style
Our boys talk some more Divinity 2 with a smattering of Dawn of War  III and Astroneer with some Cyberpunk thrown in for good measure. Small spoilers for Divinity
August 03, 2021
Two Godwoken walk into bar.....
Are we playing Divinity or some other fantasy/highlander/my dad’s  better than your dad game? We cover off Divinity 2, Cyberpunk and Elder  Scrolls Online. Mild spoilers ensue.
July 08, 2021
Divine Divinity divined definitively
We’re back after a short illness break with another chapter in the  continuing adventures of Tony and Luke as they play Divinity Original  Sin 2 definitive edition – wow that’s a tongue twister!!
June 22, 2021
Divinity revisited just like Brideshead
Our two heroes waffle on a bit but they also talk about thie first  impressions of Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition (wow that’s a  mouthful)
May 27, 2021
Join us this week as Tony and Luke finish up Cyberpunk 2077, talk  Valheim, Pathway and Astroneer and actually agree on what game they are  going to do next.
May 11, 2021
Does this Maelstrom implant make me look fat?
Luke and Toy ramble on some more about Cyberpunk Easter eggs, life paths and endings. Spoilers abound.
April 29, 2021
OMG! 100 Episodes? And you're still listening?
Happy 100th episode! This week we talk about interesting characters and stories we have found in Cyberpunk and we reminisce on our favourite moments in gaming over our 100 episodes. Mild spoilers.
April 11, 2021
Base building in a dystopian megacity
This week we continue to discuss the quirks of Cyberpunk 2077 and Luke revels in the survival world tribulations of Valheim some more.
March 28, 2021
The sights, sounds and smells of Night City
Join us this episode as we continue to wax lyrical on all things Cyberpunk plus Luke tells us a little about Valheim. Some story spoilers
March 14, 2021
A cyberrose by any other name...
Join us this week as Luke and Tony discuss their ending experience with Cyberpunk. Spoilers obviously but they do both decide they want more so it's a good thing there are 5 different endings!
March 05, 2021
A grab bag of games
Join us this episode as we waffle on some more about the games we have (or haven't Tony) been playing
February 14, 2021
Ramblings of a cyberpsycho
Luke has finished the game and had a look at the hate train running alongside the game. Tony hasn't had a chance to finish it yet so Luke graciously avoids too many story spoilers.
January 31, 2021
Are you a Millitech or Arasaka fangirl?
Cyberpunk 2077 has been out for a whole month now - have our boys finished it already or will it be another Divinity or Witcher 3 slogfest? The episode we discuss mechanics and how the game plays - not too many story spoilers.
January 17, 2021
Cyberpunk 2077 - worth the wait?
Our boys have been wandering around Night City for 2 weeks now: have they been enjoying the ride or just driving on the wrong side of the road? Plus, what does Luke think about the UI? All pertinent questions that are answered in this weeks episode.
January 12, 2021
The dystopian future is now
This weeks episode contains more ammunition in the great PC vs Console debate. Tony and Luke have had very different experiences with Cyberpunk 2077 so far. Our boys mostly talk about the mechanics and their general experience with the game so no spoiler warning needed.
December 20, 2020
Divinity; The long and the short of it
After 85 hours our boys have finally saved the Divinity Universe and completed the game. Did they continue to love pants off this game or did the gloss wear off as the story went on? What are they going to play next and will Cyberpunk get delayed again? Listen in and enjoy.
November 22, 2020
End games and meandering stories
Well we really thought we would have finished this by now but we're still going through our play thorough. Listen to us get more jaded as we ramble on as we try to finish this monster of an RPG off. Yes I know, I spoke in first person - sue me!
November 08, 2020
Have they finished it yet?
October 06, 2020
Divinity continues plus some other stuff
Tony and Luke continue their exploits in the world of Divinity and also discuss some things PAX, Fallout, Stardew Valley and multi-conglomerate monopoly buying.
September 23, 2020
The Divinity is in the details
Join us this week as we talk more Divinity, Borderlands 3 and 2, Gears of War: Tactics, Phoenix Point, Stardew Valley and Fallout 76 - yes that's right, we have a metric buckettonne of games for you this week!!!
September 06, 2020
More Divinity than you can poke a stick at
Who killed Jake? Isn't that what we're here to find out? WHO CARES! let's go kill things. This may or not be an actual quote from a game session this last week....
August 23, 2020
The Divinity sandbox and you
Join us this week as Tony and Luke discuss their further experiences with Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.
August 09, 2020
You Might Know of...
The Original Sin. Tony an Luke dive in to an older game this episode trying out Divinity: Original Sin for the first time for both of them. Originally released in 2014 it is an older game but the advantage of that is there is an enhanced edition which lets our boys play in a modernised version. Do they like such an old timey RPG? Tune in to find out.
July 26, 2020
Final Fantasy VII Remake - Miracle or Mistake?
So they remade the game that sold a million PlayStation systems but did they really? Final Fantasy VII is one of Tony's favorite games of all time so he's bound to have loved the new updated version of it right? Right????
July 12, 2020
Frozen Wilds wrap
Its been a full on few months.. the guys didnt even get an episode description in for this one, so you'll have to use your magination on the title, or listen in to find out what the ranting is about this time.
May 31, 2020
Concrete Beach Party
roject Firebreak continues as does Luke's run through the Frozen Wilds (Tony has already finished it..) Are the Wilds really that frozen? Is there a good reason for them to be frozen in the first place and do we love digital snow or even really need it? Tune in to find out in this week's episode
May 31, 2020
Horizon Zero D'OH!
Moving back to a console game has caused Luke some difficulty this episode but has the expansion pack been with the effort? Tune in to find out!
May 17, 2020
How many witches can a Witcher which witch
Their time in Toussant at an end what outcomes did our boys experience with the Beasts of Beauclair? You may be surprised to find out.
May 04, 2020
Blood and Whine
Hearts of Stone is in the bag and our boys move on to the second expansion Blood and Wine. Are they enjoying their time in sunny Toussaint? Can I get a hell yeah! Tony and Luke dig the new content and happily share their thoughts in our latest episode.
April 19, 2020
The one with the coronavirus
This weeks shut in Episode Luke and Tony discuss the complete Hearts of Stone expansion and touch on Blood and Wine. Tune in to find out if Geralt has helped keep Covid-19 at bay....
April 06, 2020
A tale of weddings, heists and creepy mirror guys
Luke and Tony have not yet quite finished Hearts of Stone but have they been enjoying it? Well apart from the user interface we think yes. Tune in to find out what they have to say.
March 22, 2020
Travelling the world Witcher style
Travelling the world Witcher style
March 08, 2020
The Frog Prince kiss.... of DEATH!
Our boys try out The Witcher 3 first DLC Hearts of Stone. How did they fare?
February 23, 2020
But why didn't she open the holocron?
Luke and Tony finish off Jedi: Fallen Order and discuss their final thoughts in this weeks episode. Warning major story spoilers if you haven't finished yet.
February 09, 2020
Player agency and the unbearable lightness of F4
Combat, exploration, story, surprise mechanics, skill points and maps - this week we learn about all the woes our boys have faced in their feverish effort to complete Jedi: Fallen Order. Tune in to see if it's a thumbs up or thumbs down.
January 26, 2020
Jedi: Fallin' order
Join us this week as we talk about falling off ropes in jump puzzles!! But seriously, how many wall run and rope traverse sections can you put in one game!! Our boys do like the game really, tune in to find out their thoughts in our latest episode
January 13, 2020
Jedi Fallen Order
This week our boys dip their toes into the new Star Wars game by respawn. Will it light their Sabres? Tune in to find out.
January 01, 2020
The Sexy-sode
Our boys finish up The Outer Worlds and share their final thoughts with you. Tune in to find out what game is up next. Listeners will also immediately note that the boys were so engaged in what they wanted to talk about for today's episode they neglected to both record an intro, and check the microphones were recording properly. If only one of them did this for a living...
December 16, 2019
RPG 101: Loot, personal investment and a nice hat
Now a significant way into The Outer Worlds and coming to grips with all the systems and mechanics our dynamic duo dissect their experiences with this RPG in comparison to other games we've heard on the podcast
December 01, 2019
Does the gloss wear off?
After more hours with The Outer Worlds do our 2 heroes still love it? Does it live up to the hype and apparent potential of its first few hours? Tune in as Luke and Tony continue their adventures on Terra 2
November 17, 2019
Outer this world!
Our 2 intrepid explorers dip into the Outer Worlds this week. Does Obsidian's new game match up to its promise or does it Fallout of favour with our 2 favorite podcasters?
November 04, 2019
Party games and world builders
With only a week to play since last episode due to actually having a life Tony and Luke have still managed to generate some content for us. Luke has been to a LAN and talks about party games and Tony waxes lyrical about Civ6 and I don't think he even complains too much. TOO much
October 20, 2019
Battlemechs and Pokemon - gotta catch em all!!
Luke tells us about his hermit like habits and how Pokemon has made him see the light while Tony rants some more, this time about Battletech
October 08, 2019
The one where Tony talks about a board game......
What is going on?!? With not much agreed upon to play Luke continues his musings on Fallout and Tony talks about a board game; who even are these 2 any more!
September 22, 2019
Cyberpunk Deep dive and more complaining
Our two gamers get excited by CD Projekt Red's upcoming Cyberpunk as they give us a run down on their thoughts of the recently revealed "deep dive"; and then there's Anthem.
September 16, 2019
Anthem Cataclysmic
Our boys get back to Anthem this episode as they try out the new Cataclysm event. Will it reel them back in to the game? Tune in to find out.
August 28, 2019
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Luke fills us in on this Medieval action RPG while Tony has very little excuse for not yet completing Darkest Dungeon.
August 13, 2019
Is Final Fantasy really a grind?
Luke tells us how much fun Final Fantasy isn't while grinding out the new content while Tony brings us up to date with Darkest Dungeon. Enjoy!
July 29, 2019
The great Steam Library catch up - Vermintide
Diving in to their Steam libraries looking for unplayed games our pair find the interesting 4 player co-op Warhammer title Vermintide. Recruiting a couple of outsiders Luke and Tony jump in to a Skaven swarm slaughtering schedule of delight.
July 15, 2019
No snappy title this time either....
Tony and Luke discuss Valkyria Chronicles 4 and Fallout '76 some more and try and decide on a game you'd all like to hear about. Leave us a comment if there's something you want us to play.
July 02, 2019
You are in a dark dungeon
Tony plays Darkest Dungeon and Valkyria Chronicles. Luke plays Fallout 76
June 18, 2019
Technomanced but still Falling Out '76 style
Tony gives us a wrap up on The Technomancer and Luke updates Fallout '76. When will they get back to doing this properly?!?
June 03, 2019
Fallout 76 and the Technomancer
Fallout 76 and the Technomancer
May 20, 2019
We've had some T3chnic@l prroobblllmmmsssss
Sorry for the delay fans, Tony has had some life issues and the Podcast has had some minor technical problems as a result but our boys are here with just a general chew the fat episode on Fallout76 and NomNom Galaxy. Enjoy
May 13, 2019
The one about the game about the thing
In this episode our boys discuss the Kotaku article about the problems during Anthem development, more Division 1 and a sprinkling of Fallout 76
April 15, 2019
TLDR 52: Anthem And The Unbearable Lightness Of Being Loot
Anthem has been receiving a lot of attention online since its release; what do our boys think of the game and is this the begining of a beautiful relationship or just a one night stand?
March 19, 2019
TLDR 51: Anthem Is Out, What's It About?
So what's all this Anthem business about?
March 10, 2019
TLDR 50: Let's Play Anthem!
Anthem is finally in early access and Luke and Tony managed to score 10 hours playtime passes. Tune in as they play through the opening tutorial and mission together.
February 25, 2019
TLDR 49: What's In A Looter Shooter Name?
the Anthem demo has been and gone and we're allowed to talk about this one so our boys discuss their experience with Anthem and compare it to their recent time with Tom Clancy's The Division
February 10, 2019
TLDR 48: Horizon Zero Dusk
Our lads have finished the main story now and discuss the plot at length. Listen in to see if you agree with their take on things.
January 27, 2019
TLDR 47: Horizon Zero *SPOILER ALERT*
Luke and Tony discuss the story of Horizon Zero Dawn so be warned - if you haven't played it there are very large story spoilers in this episode!
January 14, 2019
TLDR 46: Better Late Than Never
We hope you all enjoyed the cyclical calendar changeover and here's a new episode to start of your 2019
January 01, 2019
TLDR 45: By Horizon Zero Dawn's Early Light
Our favourite gamers have a few weeks of HZD under their belts now, do they still feel that warm glow of appreciation? Also, how did the Anthem Alpha test go? You won't find out this episode because of the NDA!! But Luke talks some more about Fallout 76.
December 16, 2018
TLDR 44: Horizon Dawning
A new game to tempt them our lads talk about Horizon Zero Dawn, Destiny 2 and Fallout 76
December 02, 2018
TLDR 43: It's Begining To Look A Bit Like XCom
As our intrepid gamers wrap up XCom 2 this week they also discuss Anthem, Phoenix Point and several other games as well as dipping back in to Andromeda. The game Tony is talking about that he doesn't remember the name of is Incubation: Time is running out
November 18, 2018
TLDR 42: PAXAus Special
Tony's been to PAX, Luke's actually been playing a turn based combat game, climate change is warming our morning coffee - we live in a WONDERFUL time!!
November 06, 2018
TLDR 41: The Virtues Of XCOM And Other Musings
Is Luke enjoying XCOM 2 despite it being his loathed turn based combat mechanic? I think the more important question is can our two intrepid gamers stay on topic for a whole episode? Tune in to find out. Hint: they can't
October 20, 2018
TLDR 40: Let's Play: XCOM 2
October 07, 2018
TLDR 39: The Witcher Wrap
The Witcher 3: The End Times - did our heroes enjoy their time with Geralt? Tune in to find out.
August 26, 2018
TLDR 38: Witcher Survival Evolved
As our pair draw closer to the finale of The Witcher 3 have their opinions of the game changed at all?
August 12, 2018
TLDR 37: Let's Play! - The Witcher 3
In a bizarre experiment Tony and Luke have been morphed into a Let's Play team and take you through 2 side missions in The Witcher 3
July 29, 2018
TLDR 36: Is That A Witcher In Your Rants Or Are You Happy To See Me?
A few bad turns can take the shine of a game.
July 15, 2018
TLDR 33: E3 Special
Anthem, Fallout 76, Cyberpunk 2077 Oh My!
June 16, 2018
TLDR 32: Witcher Watching
June 03, 2018
TLDR 31: Monster Hunting Witcher Style
Hot on the trail of Geralt's adoptive daughter Ciri Luke and Tony all but promised to stick to the main quest only. How have they fared and how far into the Wild Hunt have they got?
May 20, 2018
TLDR 30: The Witcher Man Cometh
Our intrepid heroes have switched to The Witcher 3 after Tony's failed attempts at Hellblade. Dipping back in to their Action RPG roots join us to see what Luke and Tony think of this now somewhat aging tale.
May 06, 2018
TLDR 29: What Sacrifice?
So did Tony have a better experience with Hellblade on his next outing or will Luke need to provide all the content for this episode? Listen in to find out.
April 23, 2018
TLDR 28: Hellblade
The new game is Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. Listen in to find out what our boys think of it.
April 08, 2018
TLDR 27: A Wrap Up On The Tyrant
Our guys give their final thoughts on Tyranny as they wrap up another game
March 25, 2018
TLDR 26: Kyros' Many Paths To Enlightenment
Playing a more traditional RPG means Tony and Luke must have a much closer gameplay experience story wise right, right? How have our heroes fared in their continuing conquest of the Tiers? Listen in to find out.
March 11, 2018
TLDR 25: A Tale Of Two Fatebinders
Tony and Luke continue their conquest of the Tiers in Kyros' name but are their stories converging as the campaign moves on? You could tune in to find out but they'll probably be talking about something else entirely.....
February 25, 2018
TLDR 24: A Fanatical Dedication To Kyros
With some more gameplay under their belts our boys discuss the joys of enforcing the laws of an overlord
February 11, 2018
TLDR 23: The Tyranny Of Kyros
Luke and Tony embark on a new journey through the isometric world of Terratus as the fatebinder of Kyros' rule. Since this game is more narratively structured do you think Tony's and Luke's game experiences diverged in any way? You bet they did!
January 28, 2018
TLDR 22: Railroaded Into Finishing
After a nice break over the holiday season our boys are back with more Fallout. Tune in and enjoy.
January 14, 2018
TLDR 21: What's In An Ending
Have we finished the game yet? Listen in for our last episode before a short break over the festive season and thanks for tuning in during 2017
December 17, 2017
TLDR 20: All Hail The Institute!
Our boys have a lot to say about the end game in this episode so there are quite a few spoilers; listen at your peril! Is this the end of Fallout 4 for our heroes? Not flippin' likely!
December 03, 2017
TLDR 19: Across The Glowing Sea
Luke and Tony continue their adventures in Fallout 4 and after having committed to staying the critical path last episode our two heroes will now be more able to discuss comparable gameplay - or will they?
November 19, 2017
TLDR 18: The Continuing Adventures Of Cogsworth And Pig
Tony has been at PAX, Luke has been online, but have either of them made any progress in the game? Yes they have but talk about distracted! Tune in to find out what they waffle on about this fortnight....
November 05, 2017
TLDR 17: Looting The Commonwealth
With a lot more game play under their respective belts both Tony and Luke (or Luke and Tony if you prefer) now have a much fuller view of the game and share their thoughts with us. Does Luke like the inventory system? Is Tony happy with the quest log? tune in to find out!!
October 22, 2017
TLDR 016: The Fallout
Tony is back from gallivanting around the world and our pair discuss their gallivanting around the Commonwealth. A brief episode this time as our pair spool up their playtime again for next episode.
October 08, 2017
TLDR 15: The Fallout Of Andromeda Or Bethesdaware
With a brand new game to discuss do you think Andromeda will come up in this episode at all? You may be surprised..... But our Duo do talk their first impressions of Fallout 4. Listen in to find out more.
August 27, 2017
TLDR 14: Dragon Age Trespassed
Luke and Tony have both now finished all the DLC and discuss at length the mechanics, the story and their thoughts on Theadas as a whole. There are story spoilers in this episode so if you don't want to know the ending finish it first before you listen.
August 13, 2017
TLDR 13: 2 Down 1 To Go
August 01, 2017
TLDR 12: The Jaws Of Descent
Our intrepid Podcasters have traded in their assault rifles for swords and staves. How did they find the Dragon Age DLC? Listen in to find out...
July 16, 2017
TLDR 11: The DragonAge Begins
July 02, 2017
TLDR 10: Bioware's Dylan
Bioware have announced their new IP, Kotaku have revealed secrets of Andromeda's production, Tony gets obsessed with guns and our lads finally decide on a new game to chew the fat over.
June 18, 2017
TLDR 09: Something About Nails And Coffins
Our final episode dedicated to Andromeda. Listen in to find out our closing thoughts and send us a message with what you would like us to crap on about next.
May 30, 2017
TLDR 08: An Ending Or A New Begining?
Luke and Tony have both ostensibly finished the game but does that mean they have finished complaining about it? What did they think about the payoff, did they have any suggestions as to how it 'should' have gone down, did our heroes think they could improve on what went before? You bet your ass they ... Continue reading "TLDR 08: An Ending or a new begining?"
May 15, 2017
TLDR 07: What's In An Inventory?
After a 'brief' technical glitch Luke explains to Tony his idea for an improved inventory system for Andromeda. There is still some discussion about the game we actually got as our heroes draw to the close of the game.
May 02, 2017
TLDR 06: The Hourglass Effect
After an Easter break Tony has caught up to Luke in progress but our 2 casters just can't seem to stay away from the mechanics. There's some talk of story and some input from listeners to the show this episode so tune in, enjoy the ride and find out what is this hourglass effect?!? *note: ... Continue reading "TLDR 06: The Hourglass Effect"
April 23, 2017
TLDR 05: First Outpost
Tony and Luke have played a bunch of Andromeda now and reveal how they feel about the 600 year trip. Please note there are some minor spoilers in this discussion. So did our pair love it or hate it after putting more time into Andromeda? Has it been worth all that time in cryosleep?
April 02, 2017
TLDR 04: It's Here!
Tony and Luke have both played the game and are excited to share their first impressions. What will these titans of conversation reveal to us?   Shadow Broker files: Claudia Black was in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 as Admiral Xen and Matriarch Aethyta.
March 22, 2017
TLDR 03: The Dream
With all the Mass Effect Andromeda marketing material smashing them in the face Tony and Luke discuss their take on what could be to come and express their most secret desires for the game.
March 18, 2017
TLDR 02: The Reality
Challenging each other to play through various saves they have of the whole Mass Effect series to date and the end of last episode Tony and Luke return with some cold hard facts about their experiences touching back on games they hadn't played for years.
March 04, 2017
TL;DR 01: The Recollections
With no gameplay fresh in their mind and simply an idea for a podcast, Tony and Luke discuss what they remember most about the Mass Effect series The Shadow Broker Files: Conrad Verner is the Citadel: the Fan character name ME1 came out 2007 ME2 came out 2010 ME3 came out 2012 Urdnot Wreave is ... Continue reading "TL;DR 01: The Recollections"
February 20, 2017