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The Learning Project Network

The Learning Project Network

By Stephaine Courtney M.Ed
The Learning Project podcast is a space where conversations about everyday life, education, and passion are shared. We are interested in learning about the human experience and how the problems and solutions are not as far as we think they are. It is through our conversations and our realness that we find ourselves having a-ha moment. As we say we want our conversations to be that chicken noodle soup kind of good...something that sticks to the bones and fills your soul. Join us in our next conversations. Popular Segments: Girl Get a Doula, Sending Strength and Love stories of Women, Leadership
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TikTok Tuesday let's practice being brave
Today in this episode I'm going to share with you some thoughts about being brave. Practice doesn't make Perfect. Practice creates purpose.
May 24, 2022
Motherhood Stories with Stephy Nobles Beans
What does motherhood mean to you. "Motherhood is ghetto but I like it."
May 08, 2022
Tiktok Tuesday
Listen and watch the video here
May 04, 2022
Girl Get A Doula with Shenice Peterson, LMT RHT
I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Hypnotherapist and Owner of Spokane Prenatal Massage. I am a mother to 4 children, who were the driving force for starting my own business. I wanted and needed more time with my children and to have the flexibility of creating my own schedule. I also wanted to be the example to them that you can, and should, chase your dreams. That "playing small does not change the world" (Marianne Williamson). That's how Spokane Prenatal Massage was born.  My previous careers include being a Master ASE Certified Automotive Technician and a Certified Fasenter Specialist and Warehouse Manager for a local fastener distributor.  My children and experience with my own pregnancies and giving birth are what led me on this path. I'm fascinated with the process of birth and I'm very passionate about supporting other women to feel empowered in their journey. I hope to inspire and encourage other women to research and make informed decisions about what kind of birth they want and to find professionals who will support them in those decisions.  Massage and hypnotherapy are the tools I use right now in my own life and to help others. I have plans to expand my toolbox in the future and am excited about the new opportunities that it will give me to help others heal and shine their own light. Learn more Shenice... Facebook:   Instagram: @SpokanePrenatalMassage
April 22, 2022
Girl Get A Doula with Brianna Simpson
B. Rooted Wellness was founded in October, 2019, by Brianna Simpson to provide Southeast Michigan with health and wellness coaching. We take pride in providing evidence based, emotional, physical, and informational support to pregnant women and their families, before, during, and after birth. In addition to our doula services, B. Rooted Wellness is committed to community outreach and public awareness. Learn more here: #blackwomen #health #birtheducation 
April 14, 2022
Girl Get A Doula with Roberta Bell (Mindfulness)
Meet our guess Roberta Bell I have a Bachelors of Science in Family Studies and Gerontology and  Masters Business Administration, Human Resources. I am a seasoned family advocate and love to support  self empowerment! I have years of Addiction, Social Services and Mental Health Experience. I am a Public Speaker! I co-authored a book on Women issues in 2016, Sistah to Sistah. I am an educator in all areas of Early Childhood Education, to include Management. I am known as the tool lady, to those whom I have came in contact with because I offer tools for living a life of Mindfulness. My goal is to continue to assist others throughout this journey called life! Follow Roberta Bell  https://secure.hello
March 30, 2022
Women in Business with Ramonia “Riley” Griffin
Learn about moving through the world with confidence with Ramonia “Riley” Griffin. 
March 23, 2022
TikTok Tuesday: Dig Deep
Watch the TikTok: Listen Here
March 22, 2022
Girl Get A Doula with Michelle Dunn (Photos and birth)
Michelle's favor quote: You are you, I am I, be in the moment, be in the now.  I will capture the rest. Hello, I'm Michelle!  Born and raised in Northern Indiana.  All my life I have loved photography and babies. I gained most of my hands on experience as a nursing assistant in an Amish Birthing Center.  Over 16 years ago I documented my first birth!  Where I went in just as a support person and took my camera with me.  My photography business took off 8 years ago and I have never looked back.  I have a wonderful birth community here who support the work I do as a photographer.  I truly believe an image says a thousand words.  An image can heal a broken heart, evoke an emotion, bring us back to a moment, and fill a void we may not have known existed.   Through my doula work, I am able to work alongside birthing people and help bring awareness to the birth process.  I aim to aide birthing families in a better birth experience, all while capturing their journey as it unfolds.  My goal is to capture raw emotion, and moments that we may not even realize happened during birth.  I want those fleeting moments captured for you to share your birth with others.  Sharing our stories brings better awareness to better birth outcomes. Learn more about Michelle
March 16, 2022
Girl Get A Doula with Michelle Dunn
Hello, I'm Michelle! Born and raised in Northern Indiana. All my life I have loved photography and babies. I gained most of my hands on experience as a nursing assistant in an Amish Birthing Center. Over 16 years ago I documented my first birth! Where I went in just as a support person and took my camera with me. My photography business took off 8 years ago and I have never looked back. I have a wonderful birth community here who support the work I do as a photographer. I truly believe an image says a thousand words. An image can heal a broken heart, evoke an emotion, bring us back to a moment, and fill a void we may not have known existed. Through my doula work, I am able to work alongside birthing people and help bring awareness to the birth process. I aim to aide birthing families in a better birth experience, all while capturing their journey as it unfolds. My goal is to capture raw emotion, and moments that we may not even realize happened during birth. I want those fleeting moments captured for you to share your birth with others. Sharing our stories brings better awareness to better birth outcomes. To learn more go to...
March 16, 2022
TikTok Tuesday: Women History lesson
Women's History Month. Take note  Watch the clip here: Watch the clip here 1979- Women could be fired for being pregnant  1980 Harassment in the work place  19173 in all 50 states serve on a jury  1972- run in the Boston Marathon  1969- File a no fault divorce  1971 -Attend all Ivy League school  1994- Wear pants in congress
March 15, 2022
Health Disparities in the Black Community with Lisa Gardner (Living with Sickle cell anemia in Spokane, WA)
As a consultant, I've worked with various small businesses ranging from hospitality to multi-media services. As a public relations and marketing professional, I have learned the benefits of planning ahead, but also when to pivot and think on my feet to make the most of every opportunity for my clients. I value great people, top-notch work, and finding viable business solutions. I’m a firm believer in social responsibility by aligning myself with organizations with an ethical framework that benefits our society at large. Join our conversation and learn about how sickle cell anemia has impacted Gardner's life. Her life story is powerful and thought provoking. How is your community supporting people with sickle cell anemia? Learn more about Lisa Blog: Click here to read here
March 11, 2022
Women in Business with Nina Nichols (Nina Cherie Couture)
I became the “girl who could sew” at a young age. I started sewing at the age of nine with a needle and thread and by age 12, I had taught myself how to use a sewing machine. All throughout high school and into college, I made many of my outfits and wore them with pride. It was no surprise when my love of making clothing lead me across the country to the fashion capital of the world – New York City. I attended and graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in Patternmaking. The beauty of this program was that instead of simply being someone who designed and made clothing, I would also become a “Clothing Engineer” with a keen understanding of garment construction. Shortly after graduating from FIT, I was hired as a Technical Designer for the Michael Kors label. This position was what really developed me to have an expert eye for solving fit issues as well as understanding the quality of a garment's construction. I also had the privilege of working with amazing Tailors and Seamstresses who practically took me under their wing to teach me their techniques. I felt beyond blessed because this "hands on" experience was something that couldn't be taught in school but I instead learned it directly from the "best of the best" in the fashion industry. I started sewing more and more for other people that it became a part-time gig for me. I made a wide range of garments, but quickly grew to love bridal and evening-wear the most because of how it transformed my clients and allowed them to see a more glamorous version of themselves. Over the years, I have altered hundreds of dresses and customized many formal looks. This is the work that fuels me. It takes skill and heart and keeps me connected to the drive I've had since I was a little girl. Every project, every client, and each of their special moments welcomes me into a story that is bigger than my own. It is truly a blessing to be able to do what I love for a living, as well as share that love with the clients that I am so fortunate to work with. My goal is to make each and every one of them feel special, look beautiful, and know that when they work with me - they are in good hands. Follow her for more information:  Website:
March 09, 2022
Black History: Understanding the health disparities Dr. Gloria (Jeanne) Baynes, PhD
Dr. Baynes teaches in the Africana Studies as an adjunct professor. Her courses include Contemporary African American Literature, African American Families, The Harlem Renaissance, African American Women's History, African American Culture and Expression and African American History- Post Civil War to Present. Background EdD, Curriculum and Instruction Spokane NAACP member/committee volunteer Contributor to Black Lens Watch the full podcast here:
March 09, 2022
TikTok Tuesday: Happy women's month (Understanding who you are)
Clip for the day: Click her to watch the clip 
March 08, 2022
Mental Health in the Black Community ZaDora Williams, MSW, LCSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker
ZaDora is the creator and primary clinician for now at Sankofa Center for Healing, LLC. She is a therapist, speaker, advocate for children and families, workshop facilitator and so much more. She has earned her Master's Degree in Social Work (MSW) from the University of Southern California. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Her counseling philosophy honors the strengths you have, and your ability to be well and succeed. Over the seven years, she has been in the field of social work she has has the pleasure of serving children, adults, women, and families experiencing mental health challenges or life obstacles in community mental health agencies, residential facilities, non-profits, adolescent psychiatric hospitals, and private practice. ZaDora operates from a lens that understands sometimes we have to go back to ​our roots, our past, our upbringing and seek what has been lost, forgotten consciously and unconsciously to move forward. WE MUST GO BACK AND TAKE what is essential for a brighter future. ZaDora strives to help you build healthy relationships, greater sense of self, pride and skills to navigate some of life's obstacles. She is committed to reducing mental health stigma in African American communities and helping them heal. It is her goal to help improve black maternal health outcomes. She provides a culturally responsive client-centered, cognitive and strength-based approach to help you identify your strengths and provide therapeutic interventions that are specific to your individual needs. Her goal is to assist you on your Sankofa journey to a brighter and healthier future.
March 02, 2022
TikTok Tuesday: You will never be good enough for the wrong person
Listen learn and reflect on your value in 10 minutes. 1. Stop comparing  2. Do what makes you happy  3. Make things happen 4. don't beat yourself up  5. Define you  Great about me exercise: Watch the TikTok here:
March 01, 2022
Girl Get A Doula Nneka Hall (Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness advocate Full-Spectrum)
Nneka Hall is a Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness advocate with a primary focus on infant and maternal mortality within the African American Community. Nneka is the founder of the Quietly United in Loss Together Campaign which is a Pregnancy And Infant Loss Awareness campaign designed to raise awareness of all types of loss from conception through a child's first two years of life, teach healthy fertility through womb health education, provide support to families who suffer these losses and provide support for memory programs so they won't close due to inability to afford supplies. Nneka is the mother of four: Two sunshines (Jelani and Symone), one angel (Annaya Marie stillborn at 39 weeks gestational age on August 27, 2010), and one rainbow (Bradleigh). Following the stillbirth of her daughter, she sought out ways to aid others in having a positive birth outcome. I stumbled across the doula profession and needed to learn more. She is a full-spectrum doula, holding certifications as a birth, bereavement and postpartum doula. Nneka is a certified International Bereavement Specialist, a Certified Community Centered Herbalist, Trained Womb Health Specialist, Trained Preconception Health Doula, Trained Menopause Doula, Trained End of Life Doula, Crystal Healer and Childbirth educator. June 2016 Nneka had the pleasure of being selected due to my work in the pregnancy and infant loss community to participate in the US of Women's Summit as a Nominated Change Maker which was hosted by former First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey. Mom, Doula, International Bereavement Specialist, Uterine Health Coach, Nominated Change-maker and Author. Laren more:
February 25, 2022
Girl Get A Doula with Nattassia Wynter-Fertility Coach
Join our conversation today and learn about infertility and what you can do about it.  I help women Activate their Eggs & Increase their Fertility to conceive naturally. To learn more about our guest Enjoy Nattassia's courses and materials  Free Egg Quality Guide:   Feminine Fertility Routine Course   FREE Start Your 90 Day Fertility Routine Training:
February 23, 2022
TikTok Tuesday: Let's Talk Perfectionism
How is perfection stopping you from getting your goal?  5 ways perfection shows up in your creative work and life   1. You can't let things go.  2. You're second-guessing your self  3.. You're stuck in your head  4. You're having unrealistic expectations  5. You're a control freak  TikTok Link:
February 22, 2022
Girl Get A Doula with Yokebed Kandice Burts
Yokebed Kandice Burts, CD is a woman of many skills. She is the founder of Blessed Queens Doula Care and has been on a journey of assisting women, children and families for years in areas of childcare, education and support. She is not only a certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, but a certified Life Coach, certified Midwife Assistant/Birth Assistant, Belly Binding Specialist and Childbirth Educator. She comes with a unique experience of having birthed in multiple settings (birth center, hospital and home), including her own unassisted Home Birth. She brings to the table a well-rounded show of expertise on your team! "I enjoy helping you feel like the Queen that you are!" Connect Yokebed
February 16, 2022
Tiktok Tuesday: Big dream small minds
What big dream do you have and what is holding you back? Watch the video here: WATCH THE VIDEO  Printable reflection: PRINT NOW 
February 15, 2022
What is your style Saying with Nikki Ray (Brownie Boutique)
My name is Nikki Ray.  I am a Wife to 1, Mom to 2.  I live in a house full of boys, and I am their Queen! I am a believer in Christ, and I fully subscribe to the narrative that Women are an amazing beings, equipped to do great things. One constant has always been the military lifestyle.  I grew up a military kid, traveling the world, and I get to give those travels to my own children by being a Veteran, and being married to a military member.  I enjoy connecting with military spouses and providing resources where needed. A fun passion of mine is sports, and coaching allows me to give back to athletes, much like my coaches did for me. I could be a student for life.  Any opportunity I have to learn, or research, I make it happen. I am currently pursuing my MBA, and certificate in Women's Leadership. Besides my mommy and wife hat, the other hat that stays on is a business owner. I started the Brownie Boutique in the fall of 2020. In the midst of great life change in that year, I wanted something that was completely my own, that I created, and would work nonstop for.  For years, that was exclusively my children.  As they became more independent, I said "It's Go Time". The Brownie Boutique was birthed out of the laundry room in our house, and the rest is history. Why Brownie? My maiden name is Brown, and it's also a nickname given to me by my boo thang! The Brownie Boutique is me. Every piece that I create has a part of me.  It speaks to who I am.  Believer, Military Spouse, Mom, low-key Feminist! I am the She-EO of my dreams
February 09, 2022
Tiktok Tuesday: Who has the vison?
What is your vision for your life? Take time to reflect. Tiktok: You must follow who has the vision. Printable reflection: PRINT NOW 
February 09, 2022
What are Health Disparities? Learn about Sickle Cell Anemia with Akelia Campbell
Meet Akelia Campbell @sicklecellpatientcare  Growing up feeling very self-conscious about my illness often resulted in there being this great mystery surrounding my health. After years of shutting myself off from the world, I finally mustered up the courage to speak my truth. It all started by simply wanting to share more information on Sickle Cell Disease itself, however, it slowly turned into a beast of its own. Nowadays, I tend to share my personal life experiences while focusing on creating a community and bringing awareness to this very common yet rarely spoken about illness.     Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): code: RBVE68QI7HWQJHZR #sicklecell #livedexpereince #podcast #blackhistorymonth #tlpnetwork
February 03, 2022
Tiktok Tuesday: Word yourself up
Hello and welcome to another Tictok Tuesday. Listen to this mind-blowing conversation about how to empower yourself and others. Checkout the worksheet below.  Tictok:  Activity: Word Yourself Up
January 25, 2022
Declare a Mental Health Crisis in the City of Spokane With Phillip Tyler
Learn More about how to make change Join us for our conversation about a petition to address the Mental Health Crisis. #spokane #mentalhealthcrisis #makechange #verb #sankofa Petition: Declare a Mental Health Crisis in the City of Spokane Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: RX3P0JY9QSY99JDX Watch the clip here:
January 24, 2022
Tiktok Tuesday: Goal setting
Happy Tuesday Here is a short piece of inspiration the help you grow. Click here to print off a guide: Seven steps for the chosen goals 1. Decide what you want. 2. Write it down. 3. Set a deadline. 4. Make a list of what you have to do to achieve your goal. 5. Organize the list into a checklist 6. Take action 7.. What are you doing every day to get there. Listen the Tiktok: Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: QV15QM3ZFFGIIZJQ
January 19, 2022
Girl Get A Doula with Jazzy Bean
Learn about our guest Jasmyne radiates lighthearted joy and thoughtful care in every aspect of her life. Jasmyne has always had a desire to care for the community around her. Like many intuitive caregivers, Jasmyne has always been caring for young children in her life. Early on she discovered the power of nourishing bonds and openhearted support in building resilience and self-determination. Informed by her lived experience and work in human services, Jasmyne became passionate about racial, reproductive, and LGBTQ+ justice. Quickly, Jasmyne discovered the importance of doula care in improving birth and postpartum outcomes for marginalized communities as well as a way of preserving Black and Indigenous knowledge around parenting. Knowing this is the right path for her, Jasmyne is constantly pursuing continued education to better care for her clients including specialized training in sleep consultation. Jasmyne lives her purpose by supporting people through intense and tender transitions. Jasmyne meets people where they are at and takes a warm, empathetic, evidence-based approach to doula care. When Jasmyne is not working as a doula she is focusing on the transformative power of art and study. Jasmyne is always growing and imagining new ways to foster more caring futures. Stay connected  FB/IG- @jazzybeandoula Follow us on our platforms #doula #birthjustice #change #sleep
January 12, 2022
Black Popup Shop hosted by Eastern Washington State University
Learn about the Black Popup Shop event hosted by the EWU in February. Learn how you can get connected.   Feb 1, 2022 Time 10 am to 3 pm   Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): code: 93YFW1Z3GAJZVYZV  #blackstudentunion #spokane #blackhistory #smallbusinessowner
January 11, 2022
Girl Get A Doula with Emma Summer, MAT, PMH-C, LMHC candidate August 2022
Learn about our guest  Emma Summer, MAT, PMH-C (she/her) is a psychotherapist specializing in PMADs (perinatal mood and anxiety disorders) currently in residency at Perinatal Support Washington. She is a former birth and postpartum doula, family care coordinator at Group Health Hospital, and a mom of three. Resources Learn more about the Learning Project #postpartumcare #women #birthjustice
January 05, 2022
Tiktok Tuesday: Did you know that you could become someone else and not know it?
Welcome to TikTok Tuesday where we focus on feeding your mind, body, and soul. Where will you focus your energy today?  Click to watch the video here
January 04, 2022
Tiktok Tuesday: The preparation
If this Tictok touched you share it with your circle and give us a shout-out.  Remember life is a journey and the delay is a part of the process.  Video:
December 28, 2021
Tiktok Tuesday: Handling challenges in 2022
How are you going to handle disappointment, failed and imperfections?  Clip of the day: Follow up for more Tuesday inspirations 
December 21, 2021
Book Release: Building a Trauma-Responsive Educational Practice with Em Daniels
This podcast is a special segment focused on a new book being released called, Building a Trauma-Responsive Educational Practice. This conversation is one you do not want to miss. I hope you are ready to be challenged and open to a new way to respond to trauma.  About Em Em Daniels is a master educator and leading expert on the impacts of trauma on adult learning.  They are a skilled facilitator and speaker, with an extensive background in adult education that includes alternative high schools, prisons, free college campuses, private and non-profit organizations, government institutions, and community agencies.  Their expertise focuses on countering the impacts of trauma on learning by expanding beyond a mental health approach and defining multiple points of entry to the work.  Daniels emphasizes the necessity of addressing individual and systemic trauma as crucial to create and sustain a just and compassionate world. Purchase the book today: Building a Trauma-Responsive Educational Practice  Contact Em today: Suggested reading:  Just Mercy We Do This 'til We Free Us We Want To Do More Than Survive.    The Body is Not an Apology (not directly related to our topic but excellent for all of us who struggle with loving our bodies)  
December 17, 2021
What is Postpartum preeclampsia? This is the story of Tyra Morris Our Stories, Our Way.
My Story my, My way.  This is a segment that focuses on allowing people to tell their stories their way. We are not doctors or nurses, but people with lived experiences. We hope that these stories can help the community identify warning signs that are ignored that can lead to bigger problems. This is Tyra story and it is one of trump's. Never give up on yourself and fight for your health. "Seizures that occur during a woman's pregnancy or shortly after giving birth. Eclampsia can follow a condition of high blood pressure and excess protein in the urine during pregnancy (preeclampsia). Symptoms that signal an increasing risk of eclampsia include upper right abdominal pain, severe headache, and vision and mental status changes. Medication can treat and prevent seizures and reduce high blood pressure. The baby may need to be delivered early." Symptoms  "Requires a medical diagnosis Symptoms that signal an increasing risk of eclampsia include upper right abdominal pain, severe headache, and vision and mental status changes. People may experience: Pain areas: in the abdomen Gastrointestinal: water retention, nausea, or vomiting Also common: seizures, pregnancy-induced hypertension, fainting, fetal distress, headache, mental status changes, overactive reflexes, swelling, swelling in extremities, or vision disorder." Reference:
December 15, 2021
BIPOC Voices In The Community with MJ Taylor.
MJ Taylor is a passionate social worker with over 15 years of experience with an emphasis on housing, homelessness, mental health, addictions, and maternal/child well-being. Listen to our podcast today and learn about how she is connecting the community to make a change.  Listen to this podcast and more here: Connect with our guest here:
December 06, 2021
Girl Get A Doula with Latasha Williams Hoke
Latasha is the owner of Tash The Doula and is passionate about childbirth and postpartum care.  Hoke is recently married and loving it. She was born and currently resides in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Her husband and she moved back to Charlotte after graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Science in Health, Physical Education, and Exercise Science and a minor in Psychology.   Hoke's calling and passion began when a former colleague, shared she was completing her training as a doula. Hoke did not know what she meant, but once her colleague shared what she was doing she knew she was being called to this journey as a doula.   She began pursuing her career in birth work after working in the medical field and hearing about the struggles many black women face during labor. This experience is what sparked her interest. She knew that she wanted to do something, but wasn't sure what.   Although Hoke was working in the medical field, she knew that she was not in the role she wanted to be in and felt that she could do more to make a difference. After further looking into the maternal mortality rate, the racial disparities in the field, and hospital policies she realized a change needed to be made.   She knew completing her training to be a doula, a constant support person for those in labor and postpartum was exactly how she needed to get her foot into the birth work world and make the difference she knew she could by supporting her community.   #podcast #doula #women Listen to more on our other platforms Connect with our guest
December 02, 2021
Black Voices In The Community with Shantell Jackson
Shantell is a multimedia visual artist f Buffalo, NY, who has spent the last 16 years in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to her work as the Assistant Director of Equity, Leadership, and Community at WSU, Shantell has worked locally as the Coordinator of Residential and Multicultural Education at EWU and the Director of Programming at Spectrum Center. At the end of October Shantell will begin her role as Program Director for Spokane Arts.  Shantell's creative practice includes painting, poetry, and music. Across all mediums, her work is focused on the process with the aim to "explore, the human condition, our histories, and stories through writing and visual installations. Learn More Here
November 29, 2021
Black Voices In The Community with Lacrecia Hill, MBA
Lacrecia “Lu” Hill (she/her/her) has over ten years of executive-level experience, and a drive to ensure people and systems work together to meet objectives. She has modeled her career around the philosophy that supporting personal and professional growth leads to the most effective working environment. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and an MBA. Lu has spent her career being a servant leader and ensuring others see the leader in themselves. She is committed to the growth of the regional-based economy and the significant role small businesses play in a stable economy. She believes that we must implement the quadruple bottom line; people, planet, policy, and profit. She is committed to professional development and ensuring opportunities for marginalized community members.  Lu spent most of her career in the non-profit and philanthropic sector, only leaving to take over the family business. Lu started her career with Boys & Girls Clubs, working in Las Vegas NV and Sweet Home/Lebanon OR, before coming home to the Spokane Clubs in 2011. She also worked as a Senior Program Associate with the Empire Health Foundation. Since 2015, she has been in the cannabis industry building out cannabis production, extraction, packaging, sales, and distribution facilities. Implementing best practices in management, finance, and manufacturing.  She owns her own consulting business (Wake the Culture) and is a Yoga Teacher (The Wake Yoga). She is also the emergent strategist for SIMBA. Lu currently serves as board president of Spectrum LGBTQIA2+ Center, she also represents the Spectrum on the Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Coalition. She is on the Inland Northwest Business Alliance (INBA) board, as well as the WA State LGBTQ+ Commission’s Economic Development Committee. She represents state rep. Timm Ormsby on the SNAP board. Most recently, she is working with a group in eastern Washington to establish a Black chamber of commerce.  Learn more  Instagram - lumhill  Facebook-Lacrecia "Lu" Hill  Instagram - Spokaneindependent  Facebook - Spokane Independent Metro Business Alliance Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: EG2AZZDKV0OBOH4U
November 26, 2021
Girl Get A Doula with Dulce Lopez
Dulce Lopez of @iktanbirth in Vancouver, Canada has been supporting women for 15 years through pregnancy and the early months of their children's lives as a doula, as people have done all over the world for thousands of years. ~ From her own experience having two kids as well, one via C-section in a hospital, one as a homebirth in water, Dulce shares how it is that women and their partners can be relaxedly confident in their bodies ability to do it all - have healthy ecstatic sex, carry a child, give birth, nourish and care for their baby, and on into the next years of life. ~ She brings the wisdom and joy of human accomplishment back, showing how amazing it is that it could ever have be. Social media Instagram: Facebook: Podcast:
November 24, 2021
Remember the journey is never over speech by Andre Deshields
Listen to for click here:  Andre Deshields speech
November 23, 2021
Girl Get a Doula with CC Oronoz
I am a mama to two kids-a 5 yr old and a 2 yr old. I had a birth doula with both of them and they were so instrumental in helping me to achieve the birth that I was hoping to have. After the last birth, I felt the pull to look into becoming a doula-and I did it. During a pandemic no less 🤪 but I am so happy that I did because I never would’ve dreamed I get to help people in this way! When I’m not at a birth or helping a new parent, I’m with my kids and husband. We spend a lot of family time together. My happy place is Baja California, eating the most delicious food my mother-in-law makes. I love to read, and watch movies. My guilty pleasure is reality TV 😆. Learn more at  IG-@cc_la_doula_  Fb-Cece Oronoz   TikTok-@cc_la_doula
November 10, 2021
TikTok Tuesday: My favorites
Listen to Tuesday's inspiration on some of my favorite clips. Enjoy  Instagram:  11/16-
November 09, 2021
Black Voices in the Community with Pastor Shon Davis
Pastor Shon is a true man of God that loves the Lord with his whole heart. He has a genuine love for Gods people. He’s a true shepherd at heart. He is also the founder of JITA for over 25 years of ministry in Spokane Washington. He is a gifted teacher and anointed preacher of Gods word. He has a strong love for souls, for winning souls to Christ. His reach in ministry has exceeded his physical ability to sustain the level of passion he serves in. He is a Kingdom-minded minister with a city-wide vision. He is a very humble servant and will always remind people, “That he’s just a Nobody, trying to tell Everybody, about Somebody who can save Everybody”. Jesus Is The Answer! Facebook: Youtube: Podcast:
November 08, 2021
Black Voices In The Community with Alethea Dumas
Alethea Dumas is the program manager of Equity and Engagement for BHT. She grew up in Spokane, attended Lewis & Clark Highschool, and furthered her education at WSU where she received a degree in Women’s Studies, Critical  Culture, Gender & Race Studies, along with minor degrees in Human Development, and Popular Culture. Alethea is passionate about equity and believes that equity is about always being open to learning how to love people better. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, reading, thrifting, and watching movies.
October 25, 2021
100 Ways To Support One Another with Chelsey Whilding
For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about serving others. I have always been a cheerleader for mental health access, and it is really a joy to be in a position now of being able to connect others to Charlie Health's virtual therapy program. I come from a social work background and have always been a connector - connecting people in need to resources or connecting others to each other. We are experiencing a mental health crisis right now especially for our adolescent populations, and we must reach out to each other to support those who are struggling and wrap them in love, connection, and community. Contact us today
October 20, 2021
Black Voices in the Community with Brianna Rollins
I am a Spokane native woman of color, who recently graduated with a master's degree in social work from Eastern Washington University. My bachelor's degree was also from Eastern, in social work with a minor in political science. I am passionate about social justice and systemic issues within my community. I believe that in order for individuals to be successful, systems have to be in place to facilitate and support growth and success. Shortly before graduation, I became employed at the Carl Maxey Center to do census outreach and have recently transitioned to Black-owned business outreach. My work with the Carl Maxey Center, in combination with my learning and personal experience around race, has given me a bowed understanding of racism in the greater Spokane area. I am a Black woman born in North Idaho and transplanted to Spokane before I can even remember. I graduated from Lewis and Clark to attend both SCC and SFCC. I continued my education at Eastern where I earned my Bachelor’s of Social work and a year later my Master’s of Social Work. I have been able to grow with Spokane and I intend to push the city to grow and be more welcoming to people who look like me and those who look different from me. I have a passion for helping the African American community and was delighted to find others in Spokane excited and ready to do the same work. I met Sandy in my bachelor's program and decided that I wanted to work for her and the lovely board at the Carl Maxey Center when I graduated. I am happy to say that I have been working for the Carl Maxey Center for a little over a year and love every minute of it. Website:
October 19, 2021
Black voices in the community with Carmen Pacheco Jones
Carmen Pacheco Jones, African American Health Initiative Specialist with Spokane Regional Health District formerly Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention Coordinator with Washington State University, State Certified Trainer in Diversity and Social Cognition, Certified Forensic Peer Counselor, Community Health Worker, Whitworth graduate, and Masters Candidate in Education with Gonzaga University. Carmen is a Spokane Regional Law and Justice Council member, in that capacity she is Chair of the council's Racial Equity Committee. Carmen also serves as a board member of Spokane Neighborhood Action Partners, Northwest Justice Project, Lumen High School/Early Education Center. Carmen also serves on the Department of Health Community Health Worker Task Force, Legal Foundation of Washington Race Equity Grants, Spokane Legislative Lead for EJI, and Gonzaga University Civil/Community Advisory Committee. As a formerly incarcerated individual, Carmen is dedicated in her work to transform the criminal legal system to create equity and justice for all who are impacted. Wedsite: Facebook 
October 19, 2021
Girl Get A Doula with Whitney Bean (4 Tips for Alignment& Balance)
Whitney is a certified wellness and life coach, a birth doula, and a mom of 4. She coaches intentional women to look inward, listen to their body's natural communication, create space for processing, and inevitably show up in the present moment as the most authentic version of themselves. Whitney teaches tools that are practical, realistic, and can easily be integrated into busy, everyday life. Learn more here... Website:   Podcast:   Instagram  Facebook  Restoring Balance Mini-Course Freebie
October 13, 2021
Girl Get a Doula with Janelle Leo-Boyd
My passion for birth work stems from a desire to serve others as a form of worship to Christ. Half way through graduate school, I realised that everything I had aspired to do and accomplished came from a desire develop self and improve self, it wasn't to help others. Graduation was approaching and I had to do some deep self reflection. The safe haven that college life gave me was coming to and end and I was about to enter the real world! Did I choose the right career path? Am I going to enjoy doing this for the rest of my life? While I enjoyed performing DNA analyses on sexual assault samples, toxicology analyses to identify drugs in body fluids and arson analyses on fire debris samples... something was lacking. I knew deep down I wouldn't be fulfilled. I started getting tired of suiting up (lab coat, gloves, face mask pre COVID and lots of hair nets) every day knowing I had to do something about it ASAP. The summer of my first year of graduate school, I attended my church's annual prayer retreat, which usually lasts a week. I should mention that a week before that was the first time I saw a video on Instagram of a woman having a home birth, in a birth pool, with a BIG SMILE on her face! I had never seen anything like this before and I wanted so bad to be apart of that experience! I obviously didn't want to go back to school for another 1000 years (I'm exaggerating) to become a midwife so I researched different birth professional programs and discovered the role of doulas in the birth realm. During my prayer retreat, I prayed for opportunities to serve God as I serve others and on the third day of the five-day retreat, God revealed to me that my newly found interest was my life's purpose! Since then, I've become certified as a birth professional, served a diverse group of families, both paid and gratis, and I have been continuing my education as I stay in prayer to serve growing families the way God intended for my life. Learn More at:
October 06, 2021
Black voices in the community with Kerra Bower (Raze - Early Learning and Development Center)
For over 15 years Kerra Bower has been an outstanding member of the Spokane Community. Kerra has been a leading business owner who dedicates her time to the establishment of quality childcare for children and families in the surrounding Spokane area. Raze Early Learning and Development Center, which has been a passion project of Kerra’s for years, is a developing childcare center which has the mission to change the narrative of the Black student. Along with this project and her current businesses, Kerra is continually working to develop and create long-lasting impacts for those around her community. Outside of her business ventures, Kerra is a dedicated mother, friend, and family member who aspires to inspire the people she surrounds herself with. Learn More... Facebook: Email:
October 01, 2021
Special Segment of Girl Get a Doula with Theresa T. Mitchell (Black women stories a documentary)
Theresa Mitchell is using her story to create a documentary on Life After Loss. Her loss experience brings light and truth to the struggles faced by black and brown women as they quietly struggle through miscarriage, infant loss, and infertility.   When you suffer the loss of a baby there is no formula or checklist to grieve and heal.  Grief is such a unique journey that presents itself differently in each individual.  Life After Loss can be a roller coaster of emotions filled with anxiety, anger, sadness, and love frustrated. Learn More:
September 29, 2021
Black Voices in the Community with Phillip Tyler
Currently serves as Crime Prevention and Education Officer at Gonzaga University where he has worked since 2016. He is an Inspiring Comfort Certified Trainer and a Leadership Communication facilitator. Previously, he was employed with the Spokane County Sheriff's Office-Jail Division as a Lieutenant. He enlisted in the United States Air Force after graduating from High School and served for 8 years as a Law Enforcement Specialist. A former President and Vice President of the Spokane NAACP and a former Junior High School "Prime Time Mentor" with Communities in Schools. Has served on various Boards of Directors for the city of Spokane, including but not limited to, Better Health Together, Spokane County Human Rights Task Force, Mayor's Advisory Council on Multi-Cultural Affairs, and Spokane Public Schools Diversity Advisory Council. He currently sits on the boards of the Salvation Army and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention-WA.  He is married and is a father of 3. Learn More  Facebook: Phillip Tyler  Instagram: color_fulconversations 
September 27, 2021
Girl get a Doula with Wasidah Francois (NYC Holistic Health, Wellness Specialist)
Wasidah is a well-known NYC Holistic Health, Wellness Specialist. She brings 7+ years of experience in Personal Consulting and Community Programs and Workshops across Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Health & Wellness and excels in Workshop Development, Facilitation, Programming, Public Speaking, Outreach, Advocacy, Fundraising, Events, and Activities.  She is certified as a Sound Bath Practitioner with Sacral Sounds as well as a certified doula with Mama Glow, the National Black Doula Association, and The NAFSA Project School (a traditional Moroccan doula program). Additionally, she is a certified personal trainer and has a professional background in fashion, which includes a B.A. in Fashion Design and working as a stylist with Barneys, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bloomingdale’s.  She enjoys helping women and encouraging them to get healthy and stay healthy during pregnancy. Learn more at:
September 23, 2021
Black Voices in The Community with Karen Boone
Regarded as civic & social organization professional, Karen has more than twenty five years of experience in the non-profit sector and specializes in the areas of social change, community development, cultural and civic leadership. She is recognized on a national scale as an advocate who boldly speaks out on behalf of others on social issues ranging from poverty to racism. Karen is well known by the locals, respected as a trusted community leader and deemed as friend to individuals in crisis.  A Washington State certified crisis & crime victim advocate she has provided more than 18 years of advocacy, information and referral services to scores of individuals experiencing problems, a crisis, or a life altering situation.  As the Spokane Sexual Assault Center's prevention coordinator Karen developed a program "Breaking the Silence on Violence in Marginalized & Under-served Communities" for the purpose of increasing culturally appropriate victim services which resulted to the creation of seven mental health projects inside community based organizations, the hiring of racially diverse staff at the Sexual Assault Center, and changes in Washington state policies & laws regarding service provision. Two of the local projects were awarded state funding. One became a core program and is in its 10th year of operation.  In 2015, Karen authored "The Turning Point Spokane County, Crisis Referral Resource Guide,” “Transitioning into Your Future “a self-help manual and “An Authentic Encounter In Pursuit of His Presence” a visual devotional journal. In 2017, the City of Spokane was granted three month use of her initiative “I Am Spokane” as a theme for the State of the City Address and for the Spokane Gives Campaign. Concepts were utilized for marketing, advertising, and promotional materials; directly sourced for videos, commercials, blogs and other social media purposes. The City Spokane cites the results of the total volunteer economic impact to be over 2.5 million dollars. Learn More
September 20, 2021
Black voices in the community: Mental Health with Keyonia Williams, MSW
My name is Keyonia Williams and I’m originally from Newark, NJ and it was there that I was able to grow, learn, and develop a strong cultural identity and sense of black pride. From a very young age, I knew that I wanted to do something that would help enrich and empower the lives of others. I’ve always had a passion for underserved and unprivileged communities of people. This is one of the things that lead me to study social work. I graduated from Walla Walla University in 2008 with my Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and in 2009 with my Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work.      I have spent the last 15 years in the mental health field in a number of different capacities.  I have provided home visiting services to families involved with the Department of Human Services providing them with the skills to become self-sufficient and independent. I have also worked as a foster home advocate managing and licensing foster and adoptive homes. During that time, I provided home studies for international adoptions as well. I have taught parenting classes and provided individual parent coaching for parents with small children as well.  As a mental health therapist, I have been providing counseling services to families and individuals struggling with trauma, abuse, and addiction issues. I have also facilitated trauma recovery groups. My strengths include working with individuals who struggle with depression, PTSD, anxiety, grief & loss, parenting challenges, and low self-esteem.   I currently specialize in culturally specific counseling, coaching, and consulting for individuals, groups, organizations, and families. I believe in the power of change and that is what motivates me to continue to do this work. My goal is to serve my community by educating, supporting, and empowering. Therefore, my approach is to help each person, family, or organization to reach their highest potential. Learn more... Website: Instagram:
September 15, 2021
Black Voices In The Community with Michael Bethely
A Spokane native, Michael is passionate about serving and creating opportunities to inspire, encourage, and motivate people to BE. Along with running his company, Bethely Entertainment, he is also the Co-Chair of the Inland Northwest Juneteenth Coalition; Board Member of Operation Healthy Family and SkyTree Recording Studios; Owner of the Lilac City Legends; and a producer for Community-Minded TV. He’s a Public Speaker, Lyricist, Poet, Entrepreneur, Businessman, Youth Mentor, Catalyst, Community Builder, and Community Advocate. Learn more... Website: Instagram: Facebook:
September 13, 2021
Road Trip Training: The Leadership Challenge
Welcome to our special segment Road Trip Training called the “Leadership Challenge.”  In this training, you will learn 5 skills to help lead your team to stronger leadership practices.  Through our research, we have learned that one reason why educators do not stay in our field is that they do not feel challenged.  They also feel that they are more like babysitters rather than educators.  To solve this problem we have found five skills that are missing in creating a leadership-focused environment that is determined not only to build themselves up but to build up others as well. Learn more here: Website: Facebook: @tlpsupport
May 01, 2021
Road Trip Training: “Exploring High Turnovers Using Surveys.”
Description of Training Session: Welcome to our special segment Road Trip Training, “Exploring High Turnovers Using Surveys.”  In this training, we will explore a survey focused on employee satisfaction and engagement.  Through Google Forums you can create a survey that allows you to evaluate your own staff and see where there are areas of opportunities for growth and development.  We have learned that one of the contributing factors to high turnovers correlated with people not being happy in their work environment.  This survey not only challenges leadership but employees who create the culture. Join us today for this training and learn how you can solve the problems in your environment. Learn more here: Website: Facebook: @tlpsupport Assessment:
May 01, 2021
ROAD TRIP TRAINING: how to create graduation for your students
Description of Training Session: Welcome to our special segment Road Trip Training.  This segment is on how to create graduation for your students?  In this segment, we will give you over 10 tips on how to create a graduation plan that reflects the children’s development in your community.   During COVID it can be very tricky to figure out how to create safe and fun graduation for the students in your class.  Join us today, for a fun and informative training that will help you prepare for your end-of-the-year celebration. Website: Facebook: @tlpsupport Learn more here: Assessment:
May 01, 2021
ROAD TRIP TRAINGING: How to prepare Parent/teacher conferences
Description of Training Session: Welcome to our special segment Road Trip Training, “Parent-Teacher Conferences.” In this training, educators will dive into how to document and share students learning through a digital portfolio.  Educators will learn simple steps and how to create a digital portfolio that not only can be printed out but shared through video.  This training is a great resource for teachers who want to explore different applications and develop their computer skills.  Join us for this fun training and be prepared for the end-of-the-year conferences. Learn more about this training: Website: Facebook: @tlpsupport Assessment:
May 01, 2021
ROAD TRIP TRAINING: How to plan your next move in early childhood education
Description of Training Session: Welcome to our special segment Road Trip Training, “How to create a strong career plan in early childhood education?” In our field, many educators can feel that they are stuck in a dead-end job and lose their passion and drive for the field. We want to build the value and the importance of Early childhood education (E.C.E.) by showing how to follow amazing career paths in our field and how you could implement different programs in your center or in-homes. We have learned that one of the solutions toward decreasing the high turnover in E.C.E. is to help educators create a short and/or a long-term plan for their career journey. In this training you will learn about your skills and how creating a plan can help drive you in your career in early childhood education and be invested in the community that you serve in. Don't miss this Free training with The Learning Project. Learn more here... Website: Facebook: @tlpsupport Assessment:
May 01, 2021
Girl Get a Doula with Dominique Wallace
Dominique Wallace lives in Spokane, WA, and has been practicing birth work since 2013. She is currently gaining certification with Birthing Advocacy Doula Training and hopes to further her career as a lactation consultant and then into midwifery. She graduated with a biology degree from Whitworth University in hopes of working in obstetrics and gynecology but realized a specific need within communities of color and changed her course of education after attending her first doula training program with DONA International. Now she hopes to reduce the infant and maternal mortality and morbidity crisis in America through reproductive justice and advocacy as a birth worker. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, cooking, and various crafts such as crocheting and jewelry making.
April 12, 2021
Girl Get A Doula with Celia Carey ( Our Stories)
What type of support can you get during Covid 19 to have a healthy pregnancy journey? Girl Get A Doula is about sharing our personal stories and why we choose to get a doula. You don't want to miss this.  Join our conversation on Facebook at
March 22, 2021
Girl Get a Doula with Keyonia Williams, MSW.
Learn about why you should get a doula in 2021. 
March 03, 2021
New year conversation with Quaniesha Crankfield #christianlife #positivevibes #entrepreneur #mindsetiseverything
New year conversation with @quaniesha Crankfield What did you learn from 2020 and what are your goals? #christianlife #positivevibes #entrepreneur #mindsetiseverything
January 28, 2021
New Year conversation with Tamara Bush #motherhood #entrepreneur #takingchances #inspiration #motivation #fatherhood #JUSTDOIT
New Year conversation with Tamara Bush What did you learn from 2020 and what are your goals for 2021? #motherhood #entrepreneur #takingchances #inspiration #motivation #fatherhood #JUSTDOIT
January 27, 2021
New Year conversation with Jessica Cebuhar Atwell #missnary #motivation #mindset #SelfCare #beinghonest #christianlife
New Year conversation with Jessica Cebuhar Atwell What did you learn from 2020 and what are your goals in 2021? All the way from Thailand!!! #missnary #motivation #mindset #SelfCare #beinghonest #christianlife
January 25, 2021
New year conversation with Jocelyn Dionne Jones #businessowner #motivation #depression #entrepreneur #mindset #earlychildhoodeducation
New year conversation with Jocelyn Dionne Jones What did you learn in 2020 and what are your goals in 2021? #businessowner #motivation #depression #entrepreneur #mindset #earlychildhoodeducation
January 22, 2021
New year conversation with Donna Anderson #inspiration #nevergiveup #divorce #womenpower
New year conversation with Donna Anderson What did you learn in 2020 and 2021? #inspiration #nevergiveup #divorce #womenpower
January 21, 2021
New Year conversation with JoJo Browell #goalsetting #overcoming #stressreliever #health #Carington
New Year conversation with JoJo Browell What did you learn in 2020 and what are your goals for 2021? #goalsetting #overcoming #stressreliever #health #Carington
January 20, 2021
New Year conversation with Brittany Carter #goodenough #marriagegoals #workingmother #presentmoment
New Year conversation with Brittany Carter What did you learn in 2020 and what is your goal in 2021? #goodenough #marriagegoals #workingmother #presentmoment
January 19, 2021
New Year Conversation with Jennifer Golla #mentalwellness #motherhood #movingforward #meditationspace
New Year Conversation with Jennifer Golla. What did you learn in 2020 and what are your goals in 2021? #mentalwellness #motherhood #movingforward #meditationspace
January 18, 2021
New Year Conversation with Stephy-Nobles Beans #inspiration #motivation #womenover65 #goals
New Year conversation with Stephy Nobles-Beans. What did earn from 2020 and what are your goals for 2021? #inspiration #motivation #womenover65 #goals
January 15, 2021
New Year Conversation with Celia Carey #inspiration #motivation #selfcare #playtherapy #divorce #changeisgood
New Years Conversation with Celia Carey. What did 2020 teach you and what are your goals for 2021? #inspiration #motivation #selfcare #playtherapy #divorce #changeisgood
January 14, 2021
My personal story about infertility with Donell Barlow
Learn about my story of infertility and how I changed my nutrition plan with Donell Barlow. Donell is a passionate integrated nutritionist certified in holistic health coaching and shares our journey together. 
December 16, 2020
My personal Story: Learn a story of cancer survivor, lost and pregnancy with Keyonia Williams, MSW
Keyonia Williams, MSW. Newark, NJ native. A mental health therapist providing culturally specific mental health to black/African families for the last 11 years. I specialize in working with black families struggling with issues related to trauma. My strengths include working with individuals who struggle with depression, PTSD, anxiety, grief & loss, parenting challenges, and low self-esteem. Have question? Connect with Keyonia on social media... Instagram =
November 16, 2020
Programs That Building Strong Leaders: A Blast from the Past with Rogers High School Theater Students
Learn more at  Today's podcast is about theater programs like at Rogers High School located in Spokane, WA. We are going to explore how these programs help create leaders and make a difference in student's lives. Our four special Kris Freeland, Katie Kaley, Danielle Brown, and Michael Glatzmaier share their experiences in the theater program. Covid 19 has impacted programs like theater in a negative way and I am concern that the theater programs will be the first to go in the schools. Join us for an amazing podcast the will transform your understanding of students' success and building strong leaders.  Meet our guest... Hi, I'm Katie Kaley! I'm 30 years old and I live in Spokane, WA. I graduated from Rogers High School, and I hold an AA in social services from SFCC. I have a twin brother, two nieces, and a nephew, all of whom I adore. I work for an agency contracted to write non-emergency police reports for my county, which is pretty interesting! In my free time I like trivia nights, reading, Netflix, writing poetry, listening to true crime podcasts and dancing. Follow Katie on social media Kris Freeland is a passionate educator who has revolutionized student's lives for over 20 years in the Spokane, WA area. She has created many programs around expression and drama and is driving a new conversation about theater for communities. Follow Kris on social media Her approach to teaching students sets them up for success in school and in the real world. Her love for students and her gift to create has touch thousands of students to make a difference in their communities. Follow Katie on social media Danielle is a mother of four girls (one being a cancer survivor), full-time employee, full-time student, future nurse, part-time drama nerd, ex-wife, best friend, and a huge critic of the fine arts! Follow Danielle on social media MICHAEL GLATZMAIER is a comedian based in Spokane, Washington. He performs frequently at nearby comedy clubs and at the Blue Door Theatre. Michael has been playing guitar since the early age of eight and has been improvising comedy since high school. After graduating, he started performing shows featuring improvised comedy, standup, and both improvised and original songs. Since then, Michael recorded his first CD, Michael Glatzmaier Mostly Improvised, and is currently working on releasing another. Michael is the winner of 2018’s World Series of Comedy competition and he’s also performed at the Seattle Improv Festival, SFIT, and at Bumbershoot in Seattle in 2018. Michael has performed his one man show Mostly Improvised all the way from Vancouver B.C. to New York, New York. Follow Michael on social media
November 13, 2020
Resources That Rock with Dr.Lane (Learn infertility from a leading Doctor in the community )
Learn more at   Dr. Danielle Lane of Lane Fertility Institute is a highly regarded reproductive endocrinology and fertility specialist who provides fertility services for residents of San Francisco and Novato, California.  Patients from throughout the state of California, not to mention from throughout the entire U.S. and other countries, seek out specialized fertility treatment provided by Dr. Lane and the highly reputable team at Lane Fertility Institute.  Dr. Lane provides extensive services including IUI, IVF, fertility preservation, alternative family planning, PGD/PGS, and many other fertility services.     Dr. Lane attended McGill University before completing her medical training at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, her residency at Yale-New Haven Hospital and her fellowship at the University of California, San Francisco. She opened the Center for Reproductive Health at Kaiser Permanente in Napa-Solano in 2005. In 2009 she founded Lane Fertility Institute. The Institute has grown to a multi-physician practice with a state of the art embryology laboratory.  Dr. Danielle Lane is committed to providing education for women about preservation of their fertility and developing lower-cost models to improve access to care.  She has built an organization focused on the core values of teamwork and collaboration needed to help individuals through their fertility journey.  In addition, the continuous and rigorous professional development that permeates the culture at Lane Fertility Institute ensures that the organization’s protocols and laboratory techniques remain on the cutting edge.  This is reflected in LFI’s consistently superior pregnancy rates.  Dr. Lane has authored many scientific articles and patient articles. Her research interests include developing patient-sensitive protocols, fertility preservation using oocyte vitrification, ethnic variability in IVF response, and improving fertility awareness amongst women aged 25-35 years.  If you have discovered a need for fertility services — whether it is treatment or fertility preservation — Dr. Lane and the team at Lane Fertility Institute is here to help you build your family.  Have question? Connect with Dr.Lane on social media... “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Often attributed to Gandhi, but not actually said by him. I also like “Don’t be good, be great!”  Which was a line by Jay-Z at the end of a concert in Brooklyn NY
November 09, 2020
My personal Story: Learn about miscarriage and Resilience
Elisabeth Kraus is a native of Washington state, where she lives with her two daughters, Sophia and Maliyah. Having spent most of her career working, teaching and publishing in Higher Education, life took surprising turns when her sons Isaac, John, and Malcolm did not survive their births. Naturally, this heart-breaking experience opened her heart and research interests to the disparities in maternal healthcare in the US, and she decided that she wanted to help. Currently, Elisabeth has launched a Foundation (The Rosemary Foundation for Maternal Care), while also teaching at a local University and working with her two sisters on various Early Intervention healthcare initiatives. In her, albeit limited, spare time, Elisabeth loves to read, play her piano, travel (the beach is particularly close to her heart), and enjoy her daughters’ growing up." Have question? Connect with Elisabeth on social media... Instagram = ekeifer83 Instagram-the_rosemary_foundation Twitter = @Ekraus38; Facebook = The Rosemary Foundation
November 02, 2020
Resources that help: Learn how art can help you focus on your fertility with Caitlyn Bobba
Meet our next guest a creative artist changing the way we look at women's bodies and motherhood.  Have question? Connect with Caitlyn on social media... Facebook:
October 28, 2020
My personal story: Learn about family with Sharlene Flint
Learn about what it means to have a family. Listen to Sharlene Flint's story of infertility and family. This story will share the story of what motherhood means, healing, growth, and love. 
October 27, 2020
My Journey to you-A journal for Adoptive mom with Karin Davis-Thompson
I am an adoptive mom and former foster parent, and my youngest child has special needs. I started the podcast and blog earlier this year as a way to tell my own story as an African-American mom raising a child with a mental illness. But I soon realized it was a great platform to tell the story of other women of color. Along with the podcast I provide journals that give women the space to record their journey to keep private or to perhaps one day share if they choose to do so. Have question? Connect with Karin on social media... Facebook- Instagram-
October 26, 2020
My Personal Story with Mary Yerrou (Learn about IVF and infertility)
Learn More about the Learning Project at  Mary Yerrou resides in Jackson, MS with her family. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Louisiana State University-Shreveport. She is currently pursuing her Jurisdoctorate Degree at Mississippi College School of Law. She is also a content creator on Tiktok and Instagram where she shares her Infertility journey and struggles. Mary and her husband own 5 automotive businesses across two states and strive to motivate and inspire through social media. Have question? Connect with Mary on social media... Tiktok: legally_mary Instagram:
October 23, 2020
Focusing toward your fertility: Learn fertility tips on how to maximize your fertility with Tanishia Jones, MBA
Learn more at  I am a woman who genuinely wants to see people do well in every area of their lives. I am a Christian who focuses on wholeness. I am an Air Force Veteran. I have 3 degrees - BA in Marketing (Eastern Washington University); MDIV (Howard University); and MBA (University of Maryland Global Campus). I love working with youth. And at the end of the day when it is all said and done, I am a daughter, sister, wife, stepmother, godmother, and sister-friend. Have question? Connect with Tanishia on social media... Facebook:@SweetTeas4Ur7thDay Instagram - @SweetTeas4Ur7thDay
October 23, 2020
My Personal Story with Mona Martin ( Learn about making decisions about your body)
What do you do when you Finally get Married and you Can Not have Children anymore? Mona Martin will share how she walked through a decision she made right after giving birth to her youngest son that completely had an effect on her personal life concerning relationships and marriage. Mona has been a dance instructor for over 10 years and counting. She also coaches business owners on how to grow in their industry. Her unique approach is developed through spiritual guidance and experience. Have question? Connect with Mona on social media... Email:
October 21, 2020
My Personal Story with Stacy Roberts (Learn about healing and strength)
Stacy Roberts resides in Evans, GA with her family. She holds a Master of Business Administration from Liberty University, where she is also pursuing her Doctor of Business Administration with a human resources concentration. She is a lecturer in the Augusta University Hull College of Business also a licensed minister at her church, New Life Worship Center. She is a Certified Executive and Leadership Trainer and operates her own coaching business, SMR Leadership Solutions, LLC. Along with teaching and coaching, Stacy is the author of “Donut Leads the Team”, “Boomer, Be Nice” and “Roscoe’s Rescue,” books that help teach key skills and valuable lessons to young children. Have question? Connect with Stacy on social media... LinkedIn: Facebook: SMR Leadership Solutions Instagram: @coachstacyroberts
October 20, 2020
Programs That Building Strong Leaders: Coping Skills for kids with Janine Halloran
Janine Halloran is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has been working with children, teens, and their families for 20 years. She has been helping children and teens build their coping skills throughout her career in a variety of settings, including schools, mental health clinics and in her private practice. She is the author of the bestselling Coping Skills for Kids Workbook, and the host of the Calm & Connected podcast. Her work has been featured in the Boston Globe, Huffington Post, and The Skimm® Newsletter. Janine lives in Massachusetts with her husband and two children. Have question? Connect with Janine on social media... Email: They can also reach out via instagram @copingskillsforkids. I also have a podcast called Calm & Connected, hosted at
October 19, 2020
Programs That Building Strong Leaders: Monmouth Regional High School Step Team
Meet our Guest  Celia Carey Celia Carey has dedicated her life to education. With 14 years of teaching experience in secondary schools throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, she particularly has a passion for working with students that come from tough backgrounds. Celia first recognized her desire to work with children when working at a summer camp in Red Bank, New Jersey. Years later, Celia has climbed the ladder by working as a daycare worker, babysitter, substitute teacher, teacher’s assistant, teacher, mentor, department chair, and leader in a range of schools- from the most affluent to alternative settings. Celia earned her Bachelor’s degree in the area of Psychology from the illustrious Hampton University in Virginia. She later completed her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from the beautiful Dallas Baptist University in Texas. She has taught all levels of students, and is certified in Special Education, English as a Second Language, Social Studies, Language Arts, and the Principalship. She currently serves as the English/Language Arts Instructional Lead Teacher at a middle school in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, TX. Alicia Castrogiovanni-  Alicia is a certified group fitness instructor through the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). She has an extensive technical dance background with over 25+ years of experience ranging from various forms of traditional dance (ballet, tap, jazz) and international dance. She began her fitness journey with Zumba and has been an active instructor for 10 years. She holds several licenses under the Zumba brand in addition to other dance formats, such as BollyX. Recently, she has found freedom in movement through the Nia Technique. Originally drawn to this format in 2009, she was intrigued by the healing, therapeutic, and holistic approach to movement and the combination of 9 different modalities in one class. The Nia Technique is founded on 3 disciplines: Dance (Modern, Jazz, Duncan), Martial Arts (Aikido, Taekwondo, Tai Chi), and the Healing Arts (Yoga, Feldenkrais Method, Alexander Technique). The combination of free dance, fitness elements, and light choreography innate to the body's natural way of moving created a new way of exploring expression and emotion through dance that she wishes to share with others. Her specialty focus in “Moving to Heal” provides an opportunity to teach movement from the perspective of healing not just for the body, but mind and spirit. Alicia Jackson My name is Alicia Jackson. I am a mother, business professional, and a proud member of Iota Sweethearts Inc. I attended Fairleigh Dickinson University for a Bachelor Degree in Marketing while attending school, I also worked in International wholesale for Wakefern Food Corporation. During my academic tenure, I joined the Delta Iota Chapter of the Iota Sweethearts in the Spring of 2004. Being a member of Iota Sweethearts Incorporated allows me to fund-raise, serve my community through community service, and provide and receive the opportunity to grow and develop professionally. I have had the opportunity to facilitate workshops on leadership and accountability. I have also been apart of several committees during our Regional and National Conferences. I work diligently as Chapter President and Regional Secretary to help fulfill the purpose of this growing organization. I have also held the Community Service Chair Position as well as the Fundraising Chair for my Chapter.  While I am very active in my organization I do have a career in property management with the same company for over 10 years. I decided I wanted to further my education and now I am currently enrolled with the University of Phoenix to complete a Bachelor's degree in Business Management.
October 16, 2020
Programs That Build Strong Leaders: Roger's Step Team
Learn how Step teams create leaders, family, and opportunities for growth. Meet Kristina Arnold I'm Kristina Arnold. Born in Dallas Tx in 1983. Moved to Spokane in 1992. Attended John R Rogers High school for my high school experience. Joined the Step Team my Sophomore year. I joined a great team we were making an impact on our community and our school. After High school, some of us were part of "The Crew". Where we continued our mentoring and leadership in the community for a few years after we graduated, that was awesome. Step really shaped the future me, if you will. I knew back then what kind of human I wanted to become. I give credit to the Step Team for giving me that "something" I needed at that time to get through. I continued working with children I am the Site Director of the Express program at my site. I still teach "Yankee Doddle" and This Little Light of Mine" to my kiddos. I am the mother to two handsome boys. My oldest is Dominick, he is 15 yrs old. My second born and youngest is Lorenzo who is 5 yrs old. I am proud of what we accomplished. Diversity and Equity for life. Checkout her Magnetic Lashes with Tori Belle Cosmetics. Please inbox for details on Facebook. Follow her on social media Instagram: krismamiii83. Facebook: Kristina Leigh. Meet Derreck Pickard  I am a first-generation American, and I was born and raised in Spokane Washington until I moved to London England for a couple of years doing charity work. I went to high school at John R.Rogers High school in Spokane Washington. I graduated from Goldenwest Community College in Orange County and finally finished my Bachelors's degree in Communication with an emphasis in public relations and Crisis management P.R. Since then I have made a home for myself in Huntington Beach, which is not too far from Los Angeles. I am currently in the process of attending an internship at Edelman's PR firm in L.A., an international Public relations firm in multiple offices worldwide. I love anything related to music and the arts! I play piano, trumpet, grand harp and the baritone and I really enjoy singing, writing music as well as poetry as well. I am an avid reader, impartial to epic fantasy sagas, anything that encourages brief escapism in this crazy world we live in. I love to travel and often get bitten with the wanderlust bug. Presently, Due to COVID 19, I am currently refinding my love for cooking, gardening, dance and creating music. Follow Derreck at...
October 16, 2020
My Personal Story with Brittany Trambitas
Learn more at about The Learning Project: Audio Clip: About Brittnay  I am a 33-year-old mother of one, who has 14 years of experience in hairdressing, and even longer as an artist. Have question? Connect with Brittany on social media... @Btrambitas_artistry   @b.trambitas_hairdesign FB: Brittany Trambitas hair design
October 15, 2020
Focusing Toward Your Fertility with Monica Cox
Learn more at The Learning Project    Listen to the audio clips here: Monica Cox is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Infertility Expert.   She's a miscarriage survivor, IVF mom & got pregnant natural even though the doctors said there was nothing she could do to improve her situation. She's on a mission to make your journey a little less dramatic.   Author of the best-seller Baby & Me mindfulness journal and host of the highly popular podcast Finding Fertility, Monica inspires over 10,000 followers on Instagram @findingfertility & TikTok @findingfertility to look beyond their infertility diagnosis and take control of their health through clean eating and simplifying their lifestyle.  Discover her signature online programs Fertility Food, The Finding Fertility Formula & personal Fertility Focused Coaching which have helped woman discover their root cause of their infertility, improve their health, and get pregnant over at Connect with Monica on Social media  Website-  Instagram - Tiktok -
October 14, 2020
Programs That Building Strong Leaders: Spokane W.I.N. Club with Michael Moody
Learn more about us at Former college athlete that life took a turn for the worst. Started to work on himself. One of my best friends introduced me to Herbalife which changed my life. Went from 245 lbs to 170 lbs and built a healthy active lifestyle community. By doing this I started a business Spokane W.I.N Club. It stands for Wellness, Inspiration, Nutrition. That's our mission! Have question? Connect with Michael on social media... Website: Facebook:
October 13, 2020
Programs That Building Strong Leaders: Present Age Ministries
Learn more about The Learning Project at  Audio clips Youtube: Hannah Arrowood is the founder and Executive Director of Present Age Ministries, a nonprofit committed to combating the sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking of girls. She combines 10 years of experience in corporate America with eleven years of nonprofit leadership. Hannah’s education background is in Business Administration with an emphasis in Project Management through George Washington School of Business. Hannah utilizes her experience to spear-head program development across the United States as well as in international countries. She serves on National and State-wide initiatives to address human trafficking. Locally in NC, Hannah serves on the Charlotte Metropolitan HT Task Force, Cabarrus County Task Force and Regional Task Force, where she chairs the Education & Training Committee. Have question? Connect with Hannah on social media... Website: Facebook: Hannah Fitzsimmons Arrowood Instagram: Hannah Arrowood Facebook: Present Age Ministries Instagram: Present Age Ministries
October 09, 2020
Choose a You Career or a child...Can you have both?
Welcome to our new segment called “You're not pregnant yet.” This segment is going to explore the ways that many people have journeyed towards creating a family. We are going to be diving into infertility, miscarriages, adoption, surrogacy, and pregnancy. The reason why I wanted to focus this podcast series on this because  I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. I had no clue the journey that I would go on and wasn't sure who to speak to about this because of infertility with something that my family never spoke of. I want to give many people the opportunity to share their stories regardless of what perspective they come from to encourage someone's heart, mind, and soul. Joining the learning project for this amazing journey.
September 11, 2020
30 Day Podcast: Feeling Good and Teaching with Holly Cannard
Learn more at  I believe in the power of positive change and transformational growth that therapy can provide to individuals and their families. Throughout life, there are times when we need help and support. I am honored to work with you during these times of challenge. I have worked with victims of trauma, abuse, and neglect in out-patient and psychiatric hospital settings and crisis situations in Spokane. I am a nationally board-certified counselor, licensed in Washington, and a member of the American Counseling Association. I received a Master of Arts in Counseling from Gonzaga University and my undergraduate degree from Whitworth University. Connect with Holly at 
August 28, 2020
30 Day Podcast: Leadership and professionalism with Candace Bennett
Learn more at  Candace Bennett is known for her passion for spiritual and emotional care in personal and communal settings. She holds a Master's degree in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University, specializing in Life Coaching. She also is married to Daniel Bennett who is passionately pursuing youth & young adult ministry and a Christian hip hop career. It excites me to be able to use my life experiences to guide others on their personal journey towards maximizing their God-given potential. Learn more about Candance... website.
August 27, 2020
30 Day Podcast: Leadership and Professional with Doug McCoy
In 2010, while working in the automotive industry and desirous of becoming a teacher, I decided to get my Career and Technical Education (CTE) certification.  This certification allowed me to accept an automotive technology teaching position at a Skills Center. Skills Centers are CTE instruction centers for 11th & 12th graders. Further, this position was challenging as it was located in a low SES, high diversity, inner-city location in western WA.Upon starting my career at the Skills center, I completely revamped the entire course and classroom layout. I developed a new and updated curriculum, built an influential advisory committee, and started an internship and direct requiting program. These were all unique and innovative programs that moved it to a new and exciting place.During my time as a teacher, I continued my education.  I received my MA in Educational Leadership in 2017, and my CTE Directors certification in 2018 with the aspiration of going into administration. I wanted to make an impact on a larger scale. I'm proud to say that I graduated with honors for each of my advanced degrees.I was a master teacher for other persons pursuing their CTE certification in automotive technology. Additionally, I was appointed incoming/new teacher mentor and coach for the school. My specialty is classroom management, classroom inclusion, connection with students, and classroom culture development.I also held a team leadership position on the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) collaboration team for two years and was a KPI team member for six years. I was a member of the diversity awareness/instruction team for two years and participated in the Uni-Serve Union counsel for one year. Teaching is my calling, and I have a passion for working with those that want to learn. I want to focus my attention on teaching teachers how to do precisely what I did in the classroom.  I want to be an influencer in changing the face of education focused on young boys/men. That would include skilled trades awareness, motivational speaking, men's coaching, guidance, advocacy, and rights.   I have a strong desire to continue to work with people, and this where I excel. Even if it is not teaching, as long as it is working with, guiding, mentoring, counseling etc, I am happy, and am looking to again return to this type of work.
August 26, 2020
30 Day Podcast: Leadership and Professionalism with Mr.Chazz
Learn more at  His mission in life is to enjoy the process of becoming the best version of himself and help others do the same. He goes by, “Mr.Chazz” and he even has a song to prove it.  He is an Educational Specialist who, “teaches teachers to teach” in a chain of Child Development Centers. He closely works with 9 different schools, 100s of teachers and 1,000s of children.   He has trained thousands of teachers in person and virtually. He earned his Master’s in Executive Leadership at American University. He envisions a world where most people wake up every day, enjoying the process of becoming the best versions of themselves. He has over 65,000 followers on Tiktok (@Tickteachtok). He is a Featured Content Creator on GetVokl, where he does an Interactive Podcast every Monday at 7 PM Eastern.  Subscribe to  You can also find him on Instagram as “MrChazz.” He coaches over 200 people in his community through daily tips, answering questions, private coaching, group coaching, online courses and more. Go to Best way for artists and creators to get sustainable income and connect with fans | Patreon
August 25, 2020
30 Day podcast: Visuals in the Classroom: Multicultural Literature
Learn more here  Listen to the audio clips here: My name is Caitlin Wooley and I love literacy! I am currently in my last year of the education program at eastern Washington university, getting my bachelor's in literacy with a K-12 teaching endorsement! While managing school and motherhood, I also manage little scholars' multiple intelligence development centers as well! I am passionate in helping children who come from low socioeconomic backgrounds and plan on dedicating my time to educating in an elementary setting!
August 24, 2020
30 Day Podcast: Feeling Good and Teaching with Camille and Jameer Wilson
Learn more at Listen to the Audio Clips: Our family constantly suffers from dry skin. I have tried multiple products, which none seem to work the way we needed them! This made me create my own product, once we began to use Stevens Gold I realized the difference between those products and ours. This homemade natural product not made with any chemicals and made with love worked wonderfully. As I shared this body butter with family first I got a huge response and a lot of positive feedback and everyone wanted more! Now it’s time for the public to experience this product. I hope you enjoy what Steven’s Gold Body Butter has to offer! Contact us with any questions. Our Mission Stevens Gold LLC is a business that provides all-natural body butter. Our products are made with love and cater to all skincare needs. Stevens Gold is chemical-free, it helps with eczema, dry skin, and will leave you feeling better with our natural scents. Some of the scents include eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender, and peppermint. Natural essential oils are used. Our product is guaranteed and we are sure you will be pleased with your results after one use. We value customer satisfaction so reach out to us with any questions or concerns. Learn more here:
August 21, 2020
30 Day Podcast: Feeling and Teaching with Jaqueline Blacknall
Learn more at Listen to the audio clips here: I’m just a Jersey Girl who decided to turn passion into a community of EYEcons.Driven by the strong woman who raised me,my mother, I wanted to inspire others to love themselves. I've always had a passion for all things beauty and starting BeEYEconic is just the beginning of an amazing Sisterhood. The brand was inspired by 𝘰𝘣𝘴𝘦𝘴𝘴𝘪𝘰𝘯..𝘋𝘳𝘪𝘷𝘦𝘯 𝘣𝘺 passion.. 𝘉𝘪𝘳𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘉𝘦𝘌𝘺𝘦𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘪𝘤! BeEYEconic is 𝘦𝘧𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘵𝘭𝘦𝘴𝘴, 𝘧𝘶𝘯 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘣𝘰𝘭𝘥. 𝘌𝘢𝘤𝘩 𝘭𝘢𝘴𝘩 𝘸𝘢𝘴 𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘱𝘪𝘤𝘬𝘦𝘥 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘯𝘢𝘮𝘦𝘥 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩𝘴𝘰 𝘮𝘶𝘤𝘩 𝘮𝘦𝘢𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨. The intent behind this brand is to 𝘉𝘦𝘐𝘯𝘴𝘱𝘪𝘳𝘦𝘥.. 𝘉𝘦𝘌𝘧𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘵𝘭𝘦𝘴𝘴.. 𝘉𝘦𝘌YEconic! 𝘑acQue B#𝘉𝘌𝘺𝘦𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘪𝘤 Our website is: Our ig: beeyeconic_lashes
August 20, 2020
30 Day Podcast: Leadership and Professionalism with Janette Burke
Learn more at www.tlptraining  Listen to the audio clips here: Janette Burke is the Executive Producer of Janette Burke Productions, and Host/Creator of the award-winning Janette’s TV and Janette’s TV Podcast. An advocate for women’s rights & issues and champion to Women in Business and Leadership, she has interviewed countless A-list celebrities, thought-leaders, game-changers, influencers and experts. Janette knows what it takes to assume the spotlight and effectively spread your message. So she also provides Mentoring & Training to CEO’s, executives, entrepreneurs, professionals and sales agents who wish to garner more media attention and improve their presentation, performance and communication skills when appearing on-camera (media, pod & webcast interviews, videos or LIVES), on-stage (speaking virtually, solo or as part of a panel), preparing a TEDTalk or interacting with prospective clients, investors, sponsors, and staff. Learn more here: Janette Burke Productions Janette’s TV, Janette’s TV Podcast, Janette’s Trade Secrets Media/On-Camera Mentoring & Training Be Brilliant On-Camera, On-Stage and When Presenting Phone/Text: 416.802.0655 Email:
August 19, 2020
30 Day Podcast: Leadership and Professionalism with Anette Nance, MSWc
Learn more at  Listen to the audio Clips: Anette Nance is a dynamic professional who is a servant-minded leader. She is an Operation Enduring Freedom Marine veteran and served 8 years, honorably. She is currently a Masters of Social Work candidate at the University of Pittsburgh and received her undergraduate degree from Ashford University in Psychology. She has done advocacy work in the veteran space locally, regionally, and nationally. Through her work, she was one of 10 student veterans nominated for the 2020 Student Veteran of the Year finalist in the nation for Student Veterans of America, headquartered in Washington D.C. Her career coaching skills have been instrumental in many professionals' career path. Anette aspires to continue advocacy work and utilize her social work lens in various industries to focus on the importance of people. Learn more about her here:  Linkedin: Instagram: missnance_
August 18, 2020
30 Day Podcast: Visual Arts: How it can speak to your mind, body and soul with Justine Nicole
Learn more at  Hello! My name is Justine Nicole, mother of three boys, wife, Leo, adventure seeker, I’m a lover of all art mediums and storyteller.  I was born in a little desert called Yakima Washington. I now reside in the stunning city of Spokane Washington with my family.  My inspiration for my love of photography has come from a ling bloodline of family photographers.  It starts back with my great grandfather who was a wizard at photography and cinematography.  My style is what I would like to call…simple…no fun…uh, classic.  Ok, maybe all of the above. Simplefunclasictific? Yes, I just made up a new word.  It probably won’t stick around but I like it for now.  I specialize in portraits, seniors, couples, and personal brand photography.  As a storyteller, I thrive on capturing the true you and your special life moments that will turn into keepsakes to pass down through generations. That is just a little about me the lioness, master of creativity big-time love and storyteller.  I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you all soon. Blessings to you and yours, Justine Nicole
August 17, 2020
30 day Podcast: Leadership and Professionalism with LaToia Burkley, CADC
Learning more at  Listen to the audio clips here: LaToia Burkley helps women develop the behavioral traits they’ll need on their career journey and helps them harness their power with a polished resume, top-notch digital presence, and a strong personal brand. LaToia is a goal-oriented, certified diversity coach, as well as a highly-skilled, innovative, and energetic business professional. In her work with clients, she draws on her background identifying, prioritizing, maximizing opportunities, and orchestrating solutions in the Human Resources and Business Operations space. LaToia’s specialties include Diversity & Inclusion, Networking, Professional & Leadership Development. In a corporate environment, LaToia guides leaders as they put together engagement and coaching strategies designed for the call center world. She brings new ideas to customer experience education, turning customer service into a sale of products and helping employees hone their soft skills. When she’s not helping clients with professional development, LaToia dedicates her time volunteering in a faith-based foreign language ministry centered in Rhode Island. She’s called New England home since November 2019, having traded in her Georgia Peach status for the Ocean State. LaToia is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, is a travel pro and loves to take in new sites and cultures. She is known to devour books, is a self-proclaimed foodie, and enjoys having a good time with friends. LaToia’s professional memberships include: Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches Coach Diversity Institute Alum via Howard University School of Business Mentor Rhode Island Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT) Habitat for Humanity – Metro Atlanta
August 14, 2020
30 Day Podcast: My Family's Journey with Latrice Williams
Learn more at  lISTEN TO THE AUDIO CLIPS HERE: I sing to change the world I am a Spokane native and I've been singing since I was three years old in various churches, community centers, and anywhere that will give me a microphone. it’s safe to say that singing is my passion. I am formerly incarcerated. Due to coming up through the juvenile justice system into the adult justice system, I was haunted by a series of traumatic events that developed into rage and depression. While serving several years in prison I was able to grow in my walk with God which helped me develop skills that were already embedded in me to break the chains of addiction, depression, and unhealthy lifestyles. Present-day I am a successful business owner ( Real Estate Broker ). I also use the tool of music and therapeutic performing arts to continue to help others to a breakthrough in the same ways I was able to, and more. Currently, I share my story, faith, and music around Washington and the inland northwest. Contact her today Phone: (509) 319-4550 Music: 
August 13, 2020
30 Day Podcast: Leadership and Professionalism with Dr. Patrick Dicks
Learn more at  Listen to the audio clip here:  Dr. Patrick Dicks is a technology and automation subject matter expert from South Carolina, he has over 20 years of technology experience. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from South Carolina State University, a Master of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Information Technology Management from Webster University, and a Doctorate of Science in Information Systems and Communications from Robert Morris University. His dissertation was titled: The Automation of Manufacturing and the Potential Effects on Rural Communities in South Carolina. He has been an adjunct instructor for 6 years and he has taught over 3,000 students several computer science and technology courses. He also has several years of employment with the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy. Connect here:
August 11, 2020
30 Day Podcast: Feeling Good and Teaching with Kameishi Williams
Learn more about us at  Listen to the audio clip here: “Kameishi also known as MeMe is a Tacoma native now thriving in Spokane. MeMe is skilled in hair, make-up, nails, fashion styling and everything in between. When she isn’t working, she’s spending time creating art, bonding with family and enjoying being a mom. MeMe is passionate about the opportunity to share knowledge, love and positivity with everyone she meets and helping people look and feel their absolute best. “
August 11, 2020
30 day Podcast: Leadership and Professionalism with Stacy Roberts, MBA
Learn more about us at  Listen to the audio clips here: Stacy Roberts is the Founder of SMR Leadership Solutions, LLC. She earned her executive coaching certification from the International Coaching Federation approved, Academy of Creative Coaching. In addition to her certification, she has obtained her BA in Marketing from Augusta State University and MBA from Liberty University. She is currently pursuing her DBA in Human Resources at Liberty University. Stacy is an accomplished business leader whose focus is developing quality leaders in their personal and professional lives. As an executive coach with extensive HR, corporate, and community leadership experience, Stacy strives to help others reach their full potential in all areas of their lives. Her motto is: Allow Stacy to Support, Train, Assess, and Coach You to develop the dynamic leader that is within you. Stacy is also the author of the children’s books, Boomer Be Nice, Roscoe’s Rescue, and Donut Leads The Team. Her books teach key skills and valuable lessons to children that assist them in developing into whole and successful adults.
August 10, 2020
30 Day podcast: Leadership and Professionalism with James Gatewood
Learn more about us  Listen to the audio clips here:  Me? First and foremost, Dad, Golf Enthusiast, and Friend. I’m also a complicated tapestry of structure and emotion-driven to lead. I continue to learn and strive to be the business practitioner of choice, capable of forming and leading large teams to, through, and around change. My reputation as a people leader is not built on a foundation of successes, more of the’s because I’ve failed. The beauty of failing is the lesson. Taking a look in my past, I’ve discovered, like a lot of things, that being a great leader is a consistent push and pull based on development of self and others. Personal growth is a continuum, a journey and not a destination. And even though being vulnerable is hard, I’m not afraid to rumble to be a better person. Related to Business Operations, some of my past accomplishments include bringing a private practice past a $3 million threshold without altering staff or procedure but instead designing and implementing new processes. Rising over 25% growth in less than 18 months. I have a recognized reputation of excellence in leading high-performing teams and over ten years of experience in Retail Sales and Dental Industry Sales. Running a company is not a one-size-fits-all model, so I’ve had to scale my business approach to meet the needs of my teams. This has meant enhancing organizational structure from a large corporation down to a private dental practice, reviewing organizational effectiveness, and cutting out waste where appropriate to improve business performance. Those experiences helped me build a track record of strong operational, sales, and development skills on a national level. Other professional accomplishments include:- Winning a 1.2 million dollar account for my territory- As a Sales Manager leading my team to exceed goals 10 out of 12 months- As a mentor and trainer developing people to exceed their own expectations Linkedin:
August 09, 2020
30 Day Podcast: Leadership and Professionalism with Sylvia White
Learn more at Sylvia White is a 30-year veteran working in the field of Early Childhood Education. She got her beginning working at the local Headstart in her home town and it has been an exciting journey from there. She would go on to run her own in-home, full center, and after-school programs throughout the years. Sylvia served as Director of Christian and secular child care establishments throughout her later years. She believed that she has touched the lives of hundreds of children in her amazing childcare journey. Learn more about Sylvia:
August 07, 2020
30 Day Podcast: Leadership and Professionalism with Dr. Roberta Wilburn
Learn more about the Learning Project  Listen to the audio clips here: Dr. Roberta J. Wilburn is the founder and president of Wilburn & Associates, LLC a consulting business that focuses on training, coaching, cultural events, and advocacy related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. She is also the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies in Education and Diversity Initiatives at Whitworth University. She is a certified Civil Rights/Title IX Level II Investigator and also serves as a Deputy Title IX Coordinator. Dr. Wilburn was recently recognized for her diversity efforts when she was presented with 2017 INSIGHT Into Diversity Giving Back Award for Administrators, the 2016 YWCA Women of Achievement Carl Maxey Racial and Social Justice Award, as well as the Inland Northwest, Juneteenth Heartwood Award for Cultural Enrichment & Community Service. Dr. Wilburn’s major areas of research have focused on empowering women leaders of color, and various aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her research has led her to pursue and acquire two international grants spanning Africa, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic; two invitations to present her research on women of color at the Oxford Round Table in England; and other publications. She was also a featured author in the book Brown V. Board of Education Its Impact on Public Education 1954-2004, a Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund Publication (2005). For this publication, she wrote a chapter entitled “Leveling the Playing Field: The Challenge of Preparing Globally Competent African-American College Graduates.” Her most recent publication was a book chapter released in August (2017) entitled: Going to the Next Level: Opportunities and Challenges Facing African American Women Leaders in the Academy. She has also presented her research locally, nationally, and internationally. She is married to James Wilburn, Jr. and they have three adult children and two grandsons. Learn more
August 06, 2020
30 Day Podcast: Leadership and Professionalism with Dr. Shelly Myers
Learn more at  Listen to the audio clip: Dr. Shelly Meyers is currently the Dean of Accreditation and soon to be Dean of the School of Education and Behavioral Sciences as Limestone University in South Carolina. She has been in education for 20 years including public school teaching, contract homeschooling, tutoring, consulting, accreditation, and teacher preparation. She was a Deans for Impact Fellow, White House Innovator for Technology in Teacher Preparation under the Obama administration, and faculty leader for NASA Langley's Minority Serving Institution Pre-service Teacher Institute. She resides in South Carolina with her husband, two teenagers, and a chocolate lab. Dr. Meyers holds her degrees in Education from Missouri Valley College, Walden University, and Gardner-Webb University. She enjoys reading, travel, watching sports, and spending time with family and friends. Her current interests are in place-based learning and teaching young leaders the benefits of leadership as well as the importance of sabbath in leadership. Linkedin:
August 04, 2020
30 Day Podcast: Leadership and Professionalism with Kellie Ketchum-Umphrey
Learn more at  Kellie Ketchum-Umphrey Educational Consultant, Early Head Start Program Manager Kellie Ketchum-Umphrey has worked in the field of Education for 30 years. Her adoration for the teaching of children started in Elementary Education as a teacher of Third and Fourth Grade in Fairbanks, Alaska. After relocating to the Lower 48, Kellie began her career in Early Childhood Education. Kellie’s experience as a Preschool Teacher, Child Care Director, Regional Manager, Early Head Start Supervisor, and Program Manager have been the rungs she needed to climb the ladder of professionalism. Kellie has used her expertise, and organizational skills to assist floundering child care facilities to turn around their enrollment, enhance their educational programming and curriculum, and to develop staff into strong educational advocates not only for the children but for themselves. Kellie currently works for The Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center and oversees a significant Early Head Start grant in the Greater Philadelphia region that includes 192 children and 80 families. Learn more about Kellie... The website is My email is : Facebook: LinkedIn:
August 03, 2020
30 Day Podcast: My Family's Journey with Jaime Perkins-Stacy
SWAG (Strong Women Achieving Greatness)SWAG· Jaime is an educator, author, and creator of SWAG. Te mission of SWAG is to equip and empower girls and young women in their pursuit of achieving success. The three components of SWAG are: building relationships, identity, and pursuing greatness. SWAG is a mentoring community of girls and women of all ages coming together, a village; a bridge that connects women to their own path towards greatness. Through mentorship, SWAG helps women and young girls to establish a pattern of success that defies statistics and stereotypes. Mentors bring experience, perspective, and objectivity into the mentoring relationship while helping participants reach their goals and aspirations, which is inclusive of social, emotional, and academic learning. SWAG's empowering, engaging group meetings focus on three main components: identity, relationship, and pursuing success. Listen to this podcast to learn about her family's journey. Follow her on ... FaceBook:
July 31, 2020
30 Day Podcast: Our Family's Journey with Tamara Bush
Learn More: Audio Clips: Tamara (Tam) Bush Educator, Digital Creator, Writer, Researcher Tam is the founder of A Mixed Life. She researches and learns about interracial families, multiracial children, and the role of fathers. Her passion is to learn from other diverse families, like her own, providing a network of support in development in parenting, marriage, and fatherhood. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and three active children. She ghostwrites blogs and provides client-based online services as a digital creator. To learn more: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
July 30, 2020
30 Day Podcast: Feeling Good and Teaching with April Everett
Learn more at  April L. Everett is an in-demand public presenter on career success and black women and girl's issues. She has been involved with organizations helping girls and women in need throughout the Philadelphia region for more than 15 years. With over 20 years of experience in corporate America, April's rise to professional success has been nothing short of amazing, given the many obstacles she has had to overcome. Her path has been both educational and rewarding. She has been a manager in the healthcare industry for several years having worked for such companies as Cyberonics, Siemens, Independence Blue Cross and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey. Preparing other young women for success, by sharing information and her lessons learned, is April’s way of giving back. She hopes to build a "Village" that is proud of its youth. April believes in the abilities of our girls and accepts the charge to see them overcome all challenges as they exceed all expectations. April’s passion is to help young girls and women realize their visions and the manifestation of those visions. She currently holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Temple University, a Masters of Business Administration from Liberty University and a Masters of Jurisprudence from Widener University School of Law. She is the proud owner of Sassy N Classy Closet, an online boutique with a focus on the EVERYDAY WOMAN. She also is the owner of A L Everett Solutions, a business consulting firm dedicated to thrusting entrepreneurs into their destiny. Learn more at: Email:
July 29, 2020
30 Day Podcast: Feeling Good and Teaching with Whitney from Zola Zula Solutions, LLC
Learn more at  Listen to this short Clip: Zola Zula Solutions, LLC ABOUT US Zola Zula began her endeavors just by a mere thought.. She saw a continued lack of hairstyle alternative products, not only for women but for men also! She decided people of any gender or race should have other options that fit their hair needs. Whether it's lovely locs, braids, long luscious hair, or just a plain ole bad hair day, she wanted to be able to help. She started to create a fashionable hair accessory for both men and women. She also offers to help men and women wrap their hair up beautifully in what she likes to refer to as a "crown", also known as a head wrap. While finding a modern hairstyle alternative for her fellow neighbors, she then noticed another problem. Trash that plagues our city streets! She did her research on a resolution to this issue and organized a bi-annual cleanup, which just wasn't enough to see a lasting difference. She decided to take it to the streets and get her hands dirty in some trash. Now offering a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly trash pickup service; also assisting in organizing community trash pickups for your entire neighborhood to take part in, BUT SHE DIDN'T STOP THERE While we all love a clean neighborhood, we also love a clean and organized sacred space even better! She takes special time and effort to spiritually cleanse not only your neighborhood but your home as well. “Cleanliness is next to godliness” is her favorite saying of all time and it's also a very true statement. The peace she receives from a cleansed space is like no other. She wanted to share her experience with whoever else is looking for peace and spiritual/mental/emotional release! Her special concoction while cleaning, will leave you feeling rejuvenated for sure! SAVING PEOPLE'S VIBRANT SPIRIT... ONE PERSON. ONE NEIGHBORHOOD. ONE COMMUNITY AT A TIME.
July 28, 2020
30 Day Podcast: My Family's Journey with Amaya Kissinger-Beans
Learn more at  Listen to these clips to learn more about this podcast  Amaya is a 22-year-old mom, who simply adores her 6-year-old son. She is a high school graduate, who is now pursuing her B.S in science in Children Studies. She has worked in the childcare field for over 5 years and aspires to become an occupational therapist. her hobbies are calligraphy/journaling, cooking, baking and always looking for new movies to watch and new music to listen to. You can learn more on her Facebook  Facing Life With Amaya; A Teen Mom Story @flateenmom
July 27, 2020
30 Day Podcast Leadership and Professionalism with Kerra Bower
Learn more about the Learning Project at  Listen to the audio clips here: The owner of Little Scholars Development Center learn about the development center's mission. The mission of Little Scholars is to provide a family-centered holistic childcare experience. In doing so, we provide care that meets the hours needed of the working family. We also offer nutritious made on-site meals that can be altered to be vegan and vegetarian friendly. Our curriculum focus is to provide a stimulating early education experience that promotes each child’s social/emotional, physical, and cognitive development. We are well equipped to meet the needs of the children that are entrusted into our care, and commit to the families we serve to treasure their most valuable treasures. The owner of Little Scholars Development Center learn about the development center's mission. Learn more here:
July 24, 2020
30 day podcast: Feeling good and Teaching Oschuwa's
Learn more about us at Listen to these short clips of the podcast: Oschuwa's Story Express Your Individuality Growing up, I've always had an artistic eye for jewelry. One summer day I decided to design my own earrings and beaded bracelet. As the saying goes "The rest is history!" When you are wearing "Oschuwa" you will feel beautiful and bold! The jewelry is bound to start up a conversation! You can find Oschuwa here: Website: Email: Facebook: OschuwaPieces
July 22, 2020
30 day podcast: Rock your World Naturally With Rekishia McMillian
Listen to small clips of the podcast: Rekishia L. McMillan is an Air Force veteran, Author, MSW, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Wellness Ambassador, and Nutritionist. Her authored works are delivered with a blended biblical approach and tinged with scientific health research to assist readers with learning more about their bodies and the improvements required to achieve greater health. During her 20-year military career, she served as a fitness training leader and academic instructor, teaching college courses on stress management, fitness, health, and spiritual and mental fitness. In 2012, Rekishia started Rock Your World Naturally health coaching services where she offers life-changing strategies on nutrition, natural healing, stewardship of the earth, and healthy eating. A sought after speaker and presenter, Rekishia customizes deliverables to meet the needs of diverse audiences. Find Rekishia online at and follow her on Facebook and LinkedIn @RockYourWorldNaturally on Instagram @RockYourWorldNaturally, and on Twitter @RockYourWorld28 Get Rekishia’s latest books Rock Your World Naturally: 7 Divine Keys to Unlock Extraordinary Health & the companion Journal, 28-Days and Beyond Wellness Journal
July 21, 2020
30 Day podcast: Movement in the Classroom with Alicia Castrogiovanni
Join us for an amazing podcast focusing on movement in the classroom and how it can bring healing to the mind-body and soul.  Listen to the audio clips here: Alicia is a certified group fitness instructor through the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). She has an extensive technical dance background with over 25+ years of experience ranging from various forms of traditional dance (ballet, tap, jazz) and international dance. She began her fitness journey with Zumba and has been an active instructor for 10 years. She holds several licenses under the Zumba brand in addition to other dance formats, such as BollyX. Recently, she has found freedom in movement through the Nia Technique. Originally drawn to this format in 2009, she was intrigued by the healing, therapeutic, and holistic approach to movement and the combination of 9 different modalities in one class. The Nia Technique is founded on 3 disciplines: Dance (Modern, Jazz, Duncan), Martial Arts (Aikido, Taekwondo, Tai Chi), and the Healing Arts (Yoga, Feldenkrais Method, Alexander Technique). The combination of free dance, fitness elements, and light choreography innate to the body's natural way of moving created a new way of exploring expression and emotion through dance that she wishes to share with others. Her specialty focus in “Moving to Heal” provides an opportunity to teach movement from the perspective of healing not just for the body, but mind and spirit. Outside of fitness, Alicia dances on 2 performance dance teams - The Brazilian Arts Project student team, Equipe Faísca, and an Indian contemporary dance team, Aakrisht. With great honor, the Aakrisht team performed during the famous Durga Puja festival in 2017 for the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, and as guest performers at the U.S. Consulate in Kolkata. Alicia is passionate about sharing the healing, art, and expression of dance with others and believes that everybody and everybody is designed to move with dynamic ease to live a healthy sustainable life. "I don't dance because I am healthy. I am healthy because I dance." ~ Alicia ------------- Alicia Castrogiovanni
July 17, 2020
30 day podcast: Art and Diversity with Donell Barlow
Listen to our favorite audio clips here: We would like to welcome Donell author, artist, and wellness coach to The Learning Project. She studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is an amazing wellness coach. She will be sharing her children's book and her take on wellness. This book was inspired by stories from her grandmother, Lightning Bug goes into the forest in the hopes of meeting a Bigfoot. Benny becomes Lightning Bug's best friend and teaches her about protecting the forest and animals. Based on the stories she remembers from her own grandmother, author and illustrator Donell Barlow creates a colorful world that explores the legends of her Native American heritage (Yurok and Ottawa Tribes) and celebrates the ways friends and family teach us what's important. Learn more about her at
July 14, 2020
30 day podcast: Art and Diversity with Paula Liz and Francesca
Welcome to the 30-day podcast segment today we have two special guests, Paula Liz and Francesca the developer of an anti-racist teachers program. This podcast is packed with great conversation around art, teaching, and reframing the way we teach students in the classrooms. Join us for this amazing podcast. Listen to a piece of the podcast here... Learn more here about our guests.....  Paula Liz  Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Maryland, Paula Liz attended the Maryland Institute of Art where she received her BFA in Painting and MAT in Art Education. She has over 10 years of experience teaching art at public, private, and charter schools in New York City, Washington D.C., and Austin, Texas.  Paula Liz currently teaches Elementary art at a two-way immersion school in Silver Spring, Maryland. Anti-Racist Art Teachers Site: Ms. Paula Liz Contact Info: Instagram: @ms.paulaliz YouTube: TpT Store: Blog: Francesca Francesca Levy is a Cuban artist and art educator who currently teaches K-8 art in Miami, Florida. She has a B.A in Art Education from The University of Florida and an M.A in Art Education & Community Practice from New York University. Francesca is passionate about how arts education can be used to create social change. Teachers pay Teachers Instagram
July 13, 2020
Interview with Jennifere Reed: African American Picture Books for Children
Jennifer Reed, BA, MA, Ed.D (ABD), has 11 years of experience conducting Head Start/Early Head Start Reviews in CLASS™ and Early Childhood Development along with nine years of Professional Grant Reading for the Office of Head Start and other governmental agencies. She is an Early Childhood industry expert with more than 20 years of successful experience in full life cycle Training, Teaching, Monitoring, Consulting, Recruiting, and Business Development. Jennifer Reed has a proven ability to fostering relationships with Programs along with Child Care Centers and other State and Federal organizations with positive business opportunities. Jennifer is most fulfilled when helping programs to grow professionally. Her vision and ability to nurture relationships lead to long-term solutions and success. Jennifer began her career by being a Home Visitor and conducting training for child care centers. She grew into a lead teacher then a Center Director within four years. She has subsequently consulted with Head Starts in Region 2,3,4,5,6,8, and 10 in the areas of CLASS™, School Readiness, Educational Management, Strategic Plans, and Documentation preparation. Why work with JFK Consultant? Your company is seeking Head Stat Protocol guidance strategies that strengthen overall operations and result in accelerated      Program Management Systems. You are a passive Program, content in your current Program, and wanting to take your program to the next level. You want best practices to facilitate maximum outcomes JFK Consultant offers both programs and their staff exceptional professional service, absolute confidentiality, and the most ethical values in executive search. Contact information: Email: Website:
May 13, 2020
Interview with Ophelia Araujo: How do toxins affect child development?
Join us a thought-provoking conversation with Ophelia Araujo environmental and toxin specialists. Children are our world and we have to keep it safe for children. Listen and learn with us. Learn more with Ophelia on Facebook:
April 08, 2020
Interview with Jocelyn Dionne Jones: Why Does she Wear A Hijab? Why is Her Hair So Kinky?
The Learn Project Is please to interview the amazing Miss Jocelyn Jone M.Ed. She has over the years she had been passionate and dedicated to helping educators learn about Culture and diversity in the classroom. Listen here and grow and develop like never before. Be open to this load conversation.  If you would like more information on training, consultation, mentorship, coaching, classroom management services, and other services visit the Knowledge Giver website at
April 07, 2020
Interview with Stephaine Nobles-Beans: Big Problem, Little People ( Homelessness)
Join us for an amazing podcast that focuses on the struggles of trauma that children face. Today we will be diving into Homelessness. Expert Stephaine Noles-Beans will be joining us for a thought-provoking conversation that partners with families, educator and children.  The Learning Project is a training center for early learning educators who are looking for a different type of training. Our training focuses on social justice issues and inspiring educators to be change agents. Learn more at or find us on Facebook at tlpsupport.
January 19, 2020
Reading Your Way to a Culturally Responsive Classroom (Article)
This is an article called "Reading Your Way to a Culturally Responsive Classroom" Resources / Publications / Young Children / May 2016 / Reading Your Way to a Culturally Responsive Classroom By SHANNON B. WANLESS, PATRICIA A. CRAWFORD.  Students will listen to this article as a part of the Child Development Course designed by The Learning Project. For more information go to
November 29, 2019