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To Be Single or Not to Be

To Be Single or Not to Be

By Shaanah Montanna
A podcast where we discuss navigating life with or without a partner and the cause and effects that come along with it. Are either all they’re really cracked up to be? Each episode will leave you with new info to decide if you’re to be single or not to be!
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Fantasy vs. Reality of Love - Ep. 90
On this episode, we take a deep dive into the fantasy of love verses the reality of it. Are we creating our own illusions of love or are they being painted for us? Are we really up for the fight of what true love is or not really? Are we really taking a holistic look at potential partners and all that they come with before making an informed decision on partnership? There are so many questions that need answers and this episode is here to give answers to them all! Tune in as we conclude Season is a helluva an informative and entertaining ride! Special guests: Ms. Carter, Nikki H., Joy B., and Tiff from the Sipp!
June 18, 2021
Imposter Syndrome - Ep. 89
On this episode we take a deep dive into what imposter syndrome really looks like, how it shows up in our lives, how we understand it, and how we navigate it to move around it and not let it stop us from greatness! The thought of feeling like we don't belong in places and spaces where we are meant to grow, thrive, and excel is no longer acceptable and is something we are no longer standing for. So, get into this episode and learn why we are out with the "old" imposter syndrome and in with the "new" of us women standing tall in rooms and positions that we have earned and deserve! Special guests Obrenka, Kandice A., Bulli C., Nikita H.
May 3, 2021
Relationship Attachment Styles - Ep. 88
On this episode we take a deep dive into what may be new territory for some and that is relationship attachment styles! Many times, they way we move in adult relationships is rooted in our childhood and relationships that existed there. So, this episode is here to give you insight on how growing up may have affected the way you move in your love life, why you are connected to the attachment style that you are currently in your life, and how to navigate it the best you can by using what you got to get the love that you want! HELLO SOMEBODY! Tune in and learn all about which attachment style best suits you and how this info can truly aid and guide you getting to the relationship you honestly desire. Special guests: Mikey of 4th & Well & L'Kenya
April 26, 2021
Comparison is the Thief of All Joy - Ep. 87
On this episode we take a deep dive into what truly creating the relationship you desire looks like without allowing the outside world to have a say so in that. In this conversation, we uncover how social comparison is more common than people think or allow and how the fact remains that when you are looking at someone else's relationship with envy or in awe, you are truly just an outsider looking in and don't know what goes on behind THEIR closed doors. So, is it still such a good idea? Comparison may give you some inspiration when it comes to relationships, but isn't the idea of creating your own the most desirable? Tune in to find out! Special guests: Brittney R., Obrenka, & Nikita H.
April 19, 2021
Secrecy vs. Privacy - Ep. 86
On this episode we take a deep, yet necessary, dive into the difference between secrecy verses privacy. In this day and age, we know that it is hard to not want to declare your love ALOUD via various internet or social media outlets. However, some people still desire privacy. So, this episode will give you the tools and knowledge to understand how to navigate your privacy without being somebody's little secret. Special guests: Nikki H., Tori B., & Controversial Cass 
April 5, 2021
Where The Money Reside! - Ep. 85
On this episode we take a deep dive and a revisit to previous episodes we've had around money and relationships! Money is a funny thing and it's even funnier if you and your partner or potential partner aren't on the same page about it! So, all of that said, we dive into what the conversations should look like around money, releasing shame attached to money, and how you and your partner should BOFF stay tryna get this money! So, pull up, grab your partner, and get this tea on how to handle making sure you know where the money reside, where the money reside...and how to make sure you always know (in your relationship) where the money reside! Special guests: Mia X., Shemika B., & Controversial Cass
March 29, 2021
Do Opposites Really Attract? - Ep. 84
On this episode we take a deep dive into the age old, and OUTDATED notion of opposites attracting! Yeah, dating your opposite may be fun for a moment or in some capacity. However, when it comes to long term love, compatibility and complementary partnership are way more ideal! So, pull up for this informative and enlightening conversation with some special guests as we dissect that in 2021 being with your complete opposite just may not be the move! Special guests: Keshia Kesh, Reese, & BBW Quoya
March 22, 2021
It's the Phone For Me! - Ep. 83
On this episode we dive into a very necessary, yet sometimes controversial topic, on social media and those dam cell phones! We live in a world where social media is a permanent fixture in it. So, this means that we must start having real conversations about it with our partners so that we can all be sure we are keeping it real with each other. In this case, ignorance truly is NOT bliss. So, pull up a chair, grab your cell phone, and feel free to listen to this episode with your partner to get the convo going if you need that extra nudge! Don't worry, we got ya back! Special guests: Shemika B. & Obrenka of the podcast The Sit Down With Brenks.
March 16, 2021
Your Partner Will Not Complete You - Ep. 82
On this episode we take a deep and necessary dive into what wholeness and feeling complete looks like with or without a partner. We tackle what being “complete” really means, what the self work looks like to get to self worth, and how to navigate these relationship waters to feel complete no matter what your status may be. Special guests: Kandice M., L’Kenya D., Heather C., Brittney R., & Nikita H.
March 8, 2021
Relationships, Communication, & Conflict - Ep. 81
On this episode, we had the opportunity to get the real from a man's perspective when it comes to what they really want from women, what communication they really need from women, and how to handle conflict with them because SURPRISE... they do know how to communicate!! Men are a special species. However, most are very simple. More simple than we tend to think or give them credit for (in a good way). So, pull up on us and listen to this informative, yet hilarious conversation, with the men and of The Doneson Podcast (that I also co host as well) as we get into a much needed and overdue conversation around WHAT MEN REALLY WANT! Special guests: Rod & Uncle Rico
March 1, 2021
Boundaries, Dealbreakers, & Triggers - Ep. 80
On this episode we take a a closer, and necessary, look back into boundaries, dealbreakers, and triggers. We dive into how to identify these areas, how to ensure that you have the right tools in your kit to push through or get out of certain situations with these items, and knowing when you truly have these areas under control because only the strong & PREPARED will survive. So, pull up and let's get into this REAL, RAW, & HONEST conversation. Special guests: The one & only Bulli Carter & Samantha Jean
February 22, 2021
Uncertainties & Insecurities - Ep. 79
On this episode, we take a deep and necessary dive into the effects that uncertainties and insecurities can have on relationships. We discuss what these items show up as and how to navigate these waters with a partner or just within if without one. There is truly a difference between uncertainty and insecurity and this episode will give you all the tools you need to decipher the difference between the two, understanding what to do with this info, and how to proceed moving forward and doing so with caution where applicable! Pull up for this tea with our special guests: In house wife Tori Brianna & Therapist Chemyeeka Tumblin
February 15, 2021
Surrendering to Happiness - Ep. 78
On this episode we have a very awakening and eye opening discussion about HAPPINESS! We dive into the definition of what happiness truly is, what it should actually look like for you personally, and how we navigate this life keeping it in the forefront of your minds and our lives! If we are not happy with ourselves, how can we be happy in a relationship? Pull up a chair, sit back, and take notes as we dive into this much needed conversation about surrendering to happiness and why we deserve it oh so much! Special guests: Morgan Bullock from the "Around and Within" podcast and Nikki H.
February 9, 2021
It Just Might Not Be the Right Fit: Part II - Ep 77
On this episode, we take a deeper diver into what it means to be the right fit in Part II of this conversation! We discuss why you need to spend time getting to know a partner before they become a partner, where your loyalties should lie before a person becomes a partner, what it looks like from the MALE perspective when choosing the "right fit" in a partner, and so much more! Join us for this informative, yet hilarious conversation with special guests: Therapist James Bush of the Mind of a Man Podcast, Nikki H., and Cara Freeman
February 1, 2021
It Just Might Not Be the Right Fit! Part 1 - Ep. 76
On this episode, we take a very necessary and overdue deep dive into determining if you’re just bad at love OR if you are just choosing people that are not the right fit! Join us for this honesty hour as we give it to you straight, no chaser, and begin that conversation with yourself to see if YOU need to do better! Special guests: Nikita H. of the Straight 2 It podcast, KiKi B., and Kirsten D.
January 25, 2021
On this episode we dive into why ALL LABELS MATTER! We discuss why labels are important whether you are boo'd up or not, how labels allow you to remain in control of your relationships and the boundaries set within them, and why you need to label whatever you are doing with whomever you are doing it with TODAY! Join us in this hilarious and fun, yet informative, convo today! Special guests: Amani M. & Nikki H.
January 18, 2021
STOP SETTLING! Give These People Back to the Streets! Ep. 74
On this episode, we take a much needed and overdue examination of why we must stop settling for less than we deserve and start giving these people back to the streets IMMEJETLEE when we find that they are not our cup of tea! It comes down to things like knowing our own worth, making sure that your person is honestly the "RIGHT FIT", unleashing the fear of singleness or loneliness, and so much more! Grab some wine and popcorn and snuggle up to your device so you can cackle along with us (and learn some new gems) with our good girlfriends and we dive into this intriguing conversation with our extra special guests Brooke Breezy, Mrs. Brooks, K.D, Pam Jones, and "E"!
January 11, 2021
Throw The Whole Timeline Away - Ep 73
On the episode we revisit a topic from Season 1 as we dive into a conversation around relationship timelines and why we need to just throw the whole timeline away! We discuss creating your own relationships goals, doing what works best for YOU, and recognizing that a timeline won’t make a person stay anyway because it is what it is mane! Special guests: In House therapist Chemyeeka Tumblin & Kari of the podcast Conversing With Kariscene
January 5, 2021
Narcissist, Gaslighting, & Manipulation in Relationships - Ep. 72
On this episode we take a deeper dive into narcissism, gaslighting, and manipulation to discuss what it looks like in these relationships and why they are NOT just buzz words of 2020! We discuss how finding the language to identify these issues is empowering in your relationships and how they extend beyond the spousal world to show up in other familial, professional, and friend based relationships. Dive into the conversation with us so you can determine if you need to learn how to drive in the lane with these people or get off of the next exit now! Special guests: Alyson of the Shades of Brown Podcast and the one & only Bulli Experience aka Bulli Carter
December 28, 2020
Whatever You Do, You May Need to Say NO to the Pandemic Boo - Ep. 71
On this Season 3 opening episode we talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of dating while in a pandemic! YIKES! It may sound good to the naked ear or look good on the outside looking in, but once you get close up on it, we aren't so sure if it is all it's cracked up to be or worth the entanglement of it all! Tune in to this informative, yet hilarious conversation and help us to decide! Special guests: In house wife Tori Brianna & Our fave therapist Chemyeeka Tumblin 
December 21, 2020
Back Into Time - Ep. 70
It’s our SEASON 2 finale and we take a look back into time over some of our favorite and most interesting episodes of the season! Tune in to hear our candid thoughts on the episodes then, where we stand now, and what direction we are going on for the future! Special surprise... this episode stars only yours truly, Shaanah Montanna
September 10, 2020
Part II: Protect the Black Woman - Ep. 69
On this episode we go deeper into the conversation of protecting the Black woman and what that truly looks like. How do we protect ourselves in times of crisis? How do we pick up the pieces when our Black men are not protected and still be there for ourselves and those around us? How do we make sure that the outcry for the protection of Black women is the same as Black men? So many questions that need answers and we give them to you on this episode!
August 11, 2020
Real Romance, Real Relationships, Real Issues - Ep. 68
On this episode we take an interesting look into romance, relationship mantras, society’s role in it all, and why prioritizing your mental health over it all is most important! Don’t let these relationships run YOU, YOU run them! Special guest: R&B recording artist Mallory
August 4, 2020
Part I: Protect the Black Woman - Ep.67
On this episode we dive into the layered topic of protecting the Black woman and what that truly looks like in our communities, our culture, and beyond! Join the conversation with our special guests: KiKi B., In House Wife Tori, & Chemyeeka Tumblin @positivelymyeek
July 28, 2020
Are Men Still on the DL in 2020? Ep.66
On this episode we have an interesting conversation around down low brothers and discuss if this is really still necessary in 2020?! We uncover that the ego is a powerful drug and one that has more power than some may think! Tune in for the full low down with special guest: Bulli Carter as she gives the real spill and so much more!
July 21, 2020
Entanglements- Ep.65
On this episode we talk about the infamous Red Table Talk where Jada “tells all” about her entanglement with Singer August Alsina. However, we take it a step further to really discuss how these entanglements happen, the role mental health plays in it all, was Jada’s behavior predatory, and so much more! Special guests: @positivelymyeek & In House Wife Tori Brianna
July 13, 2020
Are You Single Until You’re Married? Ep. 64
On this episode we have an interesting conversation around the concept of one being single until they are married. Is this true, it this valid, is this accurate info? Join the convo to find out if this the wave in 2020 or nah! Special guests: Ladies of the Nashville New podcast Aigner & Miranda J.
July 6, 2020
The WAIT - Ep.63
On this episode we take a deep dive into what “THE WAIT” of being single looks like while you patiently wait on who you know God has designed for you. We talk about the good, the bad, and the sometimes very ugly parts of it and how you can successfully navigate it all! Special guests: Nikita Haynie of the Straight 2 It Podcast & Ms. T’Erica
June 30, 2020
Lose My Breath: Mental Health & Anxiety - Revisited Ep. 62
On this episode, we revisit a recording on mental health and anxiety from Season 1 that we all can benefit from during the current climate in the world right now! Let’s relax, relate, and release!WOOSAH....
June 22, 2020
Dating in the Workplace - Ep.61
On this episode we take a deep dive into work husbands/work wives and if dating a coworker is a good idea or the worst idea ever! Tune in to hear the run down and why some of us have a dated a coworker but would possibly never do it again! Special guests In House Wife Tori & Therapist Chemyeeka Tumblin of @positivelymyeek
June 15, 2020
Should One Partner Love One More Than the Other? Ep. 60
On this episode, we take a deep dive into the age old notion that your man should love you more than you love him and why that might be outdated info! Join the conversation as we discuss the levels to it, the importance that self love plays in it, and why you have to be able to maneuver it if you find yourself on one side of this coin! Special guests: Morgan B. of the Around and Within Podcast & Shana Shaee
June 1, 2020
Love After Lockup... We Mean Divorce! Ep.59
On this episode, we take an insightful look into love and life after divorce and what navigating those waters looks like! Whether you’ve been married or not, this episode is one you can benefit from immensely before, during, and after the vows so get ready! Special guests: Aigner G. & Miranda J. of the New Nashville podcast
May 27, 2020
No More Boyfriends - Ep.58
On this episode we take a deep dive into the notion that women should stop settling for boyfriends when they truly want a HUSBAND! Tune in for some life experiences and wisdom being dropped to find out if a boyfriend or a husband is really for you! Special guests: Angie Woo & Q
May 18, 2020
Is Love Best When It’s Fresh? Ep.57
On this episode we take a deep and insightful look into the many phases of love and relationships to determine is love best when it’s fresh during the honeymoon phase or can it truly be amazing at any time? Special guests @positivelymyeek & @kariscene
May 11, 2020
You Have to be “THIS” Tall to Ride “THIS” Ride! Ep. 56
On this episode the TALL GANG dishes on what it’s really like to live the life of a taller woman, what the pros and cons are to this y’all life, SHORT guys, and having confidence through it all!
April 27, 2020
Does Your “Market Value” Decrease as Your Age Increases? Ep. 55
On this episode we take an interesting look at the notion that a woman’s value decreases as her age increases! HMMMM... tune in so you just hear all that we had to say! Special guest: The One & Only Bulli Carter
April 20, 2020
Whew Chile... The Toxicity! Ep. 54
On this episode we take a deep & interesting dive into toxicity and what it looks like in ALL relationships and all forms! We discuss why we are still tolerating it, if some people just LIVE for toxicity, how to identify it, and how to move away from it! Tune in to be fully educated on it all and to learn how & why family and friends can get this business too! Special guests: @positivelymyeek, Dr, Grant, They call her Nikki but her name ain’t Nicole, Ms. Nicole, & Mrs. Freeman
April 13, 2020
Quarantined.... How We Handle This & Maintain Relationships & Sanity Ep. 53
On this episode we take a deep dive into these quarantined times we are living in right now! We discuss how we navigate working from home, spending more time with bae or any family at home, and now we stay sane because all we can do is be at home! Special guests: Ms. Emerald & Ms. Quoya
April 6, 2020
It’s Our Anniversary!
The podcast had its first birthday on March 28, 2020 and this is an announcement to say THANK YOU because we cannot say it enough!
March 29, 2020
RED FLAGS!! Ep. 52
On this episode we take a deep dive into the obvious... RED FLAGS! So many times the hopeless romantic in us all decides to ignore all of the Red flags and then we wonder why we’re left with a Red bleeding heart! However, today’s special guests were to the rescue with what, who, now, and why you can stop letting Red flags ruin your love life and tap into the romance you desire today! Special guests: In house wife Tori, Kyla C., Reese of PHRIENDS, & @positivelymyeek
March 23, 2020
Is it Family Over Everything in Your Relationship? Ep. 51
On this episode we take a deep dive into what role your family of origin actually plays in your relationship of marriage, if any at all! Is it family over everything or you and yours against the world? Special guests: Nikki H, Dr, Grant, Mrs. Freeman, Ms.Nicole, & @positivelymyeek
March 16, 2020
Love is Blind - Ep. 50
On this episode we take a deep dive into the new, Netflix reality show Love is Blind! We discuss the good, the bad, the ugly, the Jessica *insert rolling eyes emoji*, and so much more! Tune in and decide for yourself if love is really blind or if someone may be a dam fool to think so! Special guests: Courtney N & Nikki H.
March 9, 2020
BEFORE the Commitment- Ep. 49
On this episode we take a deep dive and explore all the stuff we forget to talk about BEFORE we commit to a partner! From spirituality, to kids, to finances, to travel, to holidays, to the temperature on the thermostat! We must get back to talking about things NOW before we get into a relationships and issues arise that cause the relationship to go to hell LATER! Special guests: @positivelymyeek, In House Wife Tori, Reese of PHRIENDS, & Ms. Kyla C.
March 2, 2020
Relationship Problems! How Many of Us Have Them? Ep.48
On this episode we take a deep dive into conflict resolution in relationships! We get to the bottom of why some people fight so much, how and why you should fight fair, and IF you and your partner should be partners if the fighting gets to be too much! Special guests: B.Hopkins, Miss Leona, Mrs. Jordan, & Jacquita Parks
February 24, 2020
Marry For Love or Money? - Ep.47
On this episode we take a deep dive into the good, the bad, and the ugly of marriage and ask the question, “Would you marry for love or money?” Our special guests Dawn of @shemakesmore , Ms. Amani, & Ms. Loreal make for an interesting panel with their answers and leave you wanting more! I think a PART II is absolutely in store!
February 17, 2020
Open Relationships: How Many of Us Could Have Them? Ep.46
On this episode we take a deep dive into the entertaining and sensational world of open relationships to discuss if they’re a real possibility for anyone, are they right or wrong for some, or if any of us would really are about that open relationship, non monogamous life! Tune in and you won’t regret it! Special guests: The Core Four Podcast & socialmedialess Janae
February 10, 2020
Let’s Talk About Sex - Part II Ep.45
The ladies of The Den Podcast & the one & only Bulli Carter are BIZACKKKK with Part II of this episode on all elements of sex, the R word, and so much more! Just buckle your seatbelts and get ready for the ride of a lifetime! You won’t regret it!
February 4, 2020
Celebrating Being Single - Ep.44
On this episode, we take a colorful deep dive into the beauty and beasts of being single, why it’s actually not a disease or something you need to “escape” from, the inexplicable freedom that comes with it, and why it may not be for everybody! To sum it all up in the words of the great philosopher Megan Thee Stallion, “Got a ex that miss me so bad, probably praying for me now” let’s you know that being single really IS all it’s cracked up to be! EXTRA special guests: @itstwoelles, Mister Wilson, Cass, & @positivelymyeek
January 20, 2020
Gender Roles - WTF does that mean?! Ep. 43
On this episode we take a deeeeep, interesting, and EXPLICIT dive into gender roles and I loved every minute of it! Tune in if you want to know what gender roles are, if and when they should be applicable to your relationship, OR if you should just throw them out the window! Special & AMAZING guests: @thedenpodcast & the one & only Bulli Carter
January 6, 2020
Is Long Distance Love Possible? Ep. 42
On this episode we take a deep dive into the world of our special guest who has experienced the highs and lows of long distance love, what the journey is truly like, and uncovering that it AIN’T FOR EVERYBODY! Tune in to find out if it may be for you! Special guest: Obrenka Thompson of @thesitdownwbrenks
December 30, 2019
Knowing When it’s Time to Let Go Ep.41
On this episode, we dive into a serious conversation around knowing when it’s time to let go of a relationship that has worn out its welcome and is wearing you down as a person! Tune in to find out how to identify if it’s time to let go, how to know if you’re on either side of the coin, and how to move on if you so desire! Special guests: In House Wife Tori, Cass, & @positivelymyeek
December 24, 2019
No Matter What, You Will Be Okay Ep.40
On this episode we dive into some deep conversation around when LIFE happens, how you PUSH through, how you GROW from it, and how you LIVE to see another day because you will always be OKAY! #RIPPops Special guests: Krystal M., Krystal J., & Magical Dr. Grant
December 16, 2019
Love Languages - Ep.39
On this episode we take a deep dive into what love languages are, how they can help your relationship to flourish, and the importance of having a partner who understands them and vice versa! Special guests: Brandie J., reoccurring star @positivelymyeek, and the one & only Bulli Carter
December 10, 2019
Part II: Creating a Thriving Relationship Ep.38
We dive head first into PART II of how you can create a thriving relationship if you’re willing to do the WORK and if you have a partner that is willing to as well! In truly takes two to tango and without a partner willing to dance with you, you may go nowhere fast! Special guests: @positivelymyeek, In House Wife Tori, & reoccurring star Cass
December 2, 2019
Part I: Creating a Thriving Relationship Ep. 37
HOV might’ve made one of the greatest blueprints ever, but I promise he nor any other man on this earth has the blueprint for a thriving relationship and we dish on it here! Tune in as we dive into what healthy and happy looks and feels like, what angles you should honestly view your relationship from, and we call YOU to the carpet to ask yourself is your relationship thriving or is it just surviving and how to navigate with your answer! Special guest: @positivelymyeek, in house wife Tori, & reoccurring star Miss Cass
November 25, 2019
Is Your Partner Responsible for Fulfilling All of Your Needs? Ep. 36
On this episode we open up SEASON 2 by giving a microscopic examination over the age old question of partner fulfillment! Is it possible for your partner to truly fulfill ALL of your needs and theirs or is it even realistic to desire such a thing? Tune in as we put a magical perspective on it all with our special guests, Dr. Grant & our in house wife, Ms. Tori!
November 18, 2019
Does Being a Boss Hurt You or Help You in Relationships Ep.35
On this episode we take a deep dive into exploring if being a BOSS hurts you or helps you when it comes to romantic relationships and how to handle the dating field or being partnered in the midst of it all! Guests: Kay of @justkayelle & Mykia of @comfort.togo_
November 11, 2019
Manifesting the Love You Desire Ep.34
On this episode we take a deep dive into understanding why we love love and are so driven by love! We then examine if it’s possibly to manifest the exact love you desire, what it takes if is possible, and why sometimes you just have to let the chips fall where they may when it comes to real love. Special guests: Kesh Kesh, H, & Mrs. Brooks
November 4, 2019
Are Women Making it Too Easy for Men to Show Up & Ask For the Most While Doing the Least? Ep. 33
The great philosopher Tupac once said, ”Hate to sound sleazy, but tease me, I don't want it if it's that easy“ and he must’ve been referring to present day 2019 and state of relationships! For this reason, we take a deep dive into a conversation around why some women make it so easy for men to be in their lives without giving them what they desire, what role fear plays in all of this, and why we have to unite and stand as one to move past this epidemic immediately! Special guests: Nikki, Kyla C., & TT
October 28, 2019
EXES...Where Do They Belong? Ep. 32
On this episode we dive into all aspects of EXES! Why some people still communicate with them, why some people hate them, and why some people may still love them! Tune in so you can know how to navigate in the future! Special guests: Cara, Nikki, & Kirbie
October 14, 2019
Let’s talk about SEX, baby! Ep. 31
WARNING! We don’t go too far, but we do take a peek over the edge with the conversation on this episode as we take a deep dive into sex, sexuality, why we have to OWN our sexuality, why it’s nothing wrong with having multiple partners, and so much more! Special guests: Candace, Ashley, & Kelsi
October 7, 2019
What’s My Type?! Ep. 30
On this episode we take a DEEP dive into types, preferences, chemistry, attractions, and much more to let you know if your decisions in these areas are helping or hurting your relationship chances. We all have a type, but are we choosing the right one? Special guests: @positivelymyeek, Crystal Denae, Mrs. Jordan, & Mardae
September 30, 2019
Are You Really Ready for a Relationship or Marriage? Ep. 29
On this episode we give relationships and marriage a deep examination to determine if people are really ready for what they think are ready for, what it may look and feel like if you are ready, and what you may need to do if you can’t decide where you stand either way. Special guests: @positivelymyeek, Tori Brianna, & Ms. Crystal
September 23, 2019
Potential... What Are We Supposed To Do With That? Ep.28
On this episode we examine what potential is, why some people choose to risk it all and date people based on it, and what to do with it, if anything! Guest Co Host: Miss Cassanora L.
September 16, 2019
How Do You Know They Are The One? Ep.27
On this episode, we speak from the single and married perspective of how you may be able to determine if your partner is “THE ONE”! We dissect what this means, what it looks and feels like, and if they aren’t “THE ONE”, how you can determine that too! Special guests: T- Baby, @positivelymyeek, & Crystal Denae
September 10, 2019
Sisterhood & Relationships Ep.26
On this episode I had the pleasure of having a conversation on sisterhood with two of the closest sisters I’ve had in my life the past 15 years. We dish on the importance of having the support of a sisterhood, how to sustain it while dating, and why sisterhoods are the backbones of our lives whether in relationships or not. Special guests: Danny Sims & Brooke Breezy
September 2, 2019
Miss Independent... Is She Doing Too Much? Ep.25
On this episode we take a closer look at independence to determine if there’s a such a thing as being too independent! We dive into what this really looks from a woman’s perspective, why it’s a conversation we must have, and how to maneuver it in relationships! Co starring Miss Quanda, Janae J., Tori Brianna, & Mrs. Jordan
August 26, 2019
Self Care... Don’t Lose Yourself Ep.24
On this episode we take a deep dive into what self care really looks like in a relationship, how to prioritize it, and why you can’t lose yourself just because you have a new partner in crime! Special guests: Jenn Benn & Cordell S.
August 20, 2019
Dating in 2019...Is it a War Zone? Part II: Ep. 23
On this episode, we complete the conversation on why dating in 2019 can be a hard task, if you should get on or off a dating app, and being CLEAR on your intentions! Special guests: Courtney N, Crystal E., & Ernest aka Mr. Oblivious
August 12, 2019
Dating in 2019...Is it a War Zone? Part I - Ep.22
On this episode, a few brave girls and guys dive into conversation about this war like dating zone in 2019. We deep dive into personal experiences, what the hell does no expectations mean, why it’s so different for girls and guys, and how to navigate it if you want to eventually find love after fighting the good fight! Special guests: Courtney N, Crystal E., & Ernest aka Mr. Oblivious
August 5, 2019
Toxic Masculinity - Ep. 21
An episode all men need to hear! We discuss toxic masculinity, men’s mommy & daddy issues, and how we combat this epidemic today! Special guests: Lizzy Liz, Miss Cassanora, & the one & only Krystal Jordan.
July 29, 2019
They Cheated...Now What? - Ep. 20
On this episode we discuss cheating and cheaters and the low downNESS of it all! Special guest: @positivelymyeek, Nikki H., Kyla C., & Mrs. Freeman
July 22, 2019
Settling & Why You Really Don’t Have To - Ep. 19
On this episode, we dish about the reasons why we settle, why society has made us think it’s the norm, and why we should no longer make settling an option when the life we desire can be manifested and is truly available! Special Guests: Chemyeeka Tumblin, Nikki, Kyla C., & Mrs. Freeman
July 9, 2019
Timelines in Dating & Relationships- Part II - Ep. 18
This is Part 2 of our previous episode on the four stages of dating and relationships and why we should all possibly invest in having dating timelines to prevent the preventable in the future! Special Guests: @PositivelyMyeek, Nikki, & Nicole
July 1, 2019
Timelines in Dating & Relationships & Why You Might Need Them - Part I - Ep.17
This is Part 1 of a 2 part episode on the four stages of dating and relationships and why we should all possibly invest in having dating timelines to prevent the preventable in the future! Special Guests: @PositivelyMyeek, Nikki, & Nicole
June 24, 2019
Lose My Breath - Dealing with Mental Health & Anxiety - Ep.16
An educational episode where we discuss mental health and anxiety, what it looks and feels like, how we help each other deal with it, and so much more! Co starring special guests!
June 17, 2019
Breaking Generational Curses, Setting Boundaries, and Healing YOU before the relationship! - Ep.15
On this episode we take a deep dive into the conversation on how we can break generational curses, set boundaries with family, and how we must heal ourselves before we bring a partner into the fold! Co starring special guests Danny Sims and K. Watkins
June 10, 2019
Married Millennials: What Does Marriage Look Like in 2019? - Ep. 14
An episode where we dish with 3 millennial married couples to talk about the highs, lows, compromises, and so much more on what marriage is really about! Co Starring The Brooks, The Dewalts, and The Jordan’s.
June 3, 2019
R&B Divas Series: Toni Braxton - Let It Flow: Triggers: Stop, Drop, & Address Them - Ep. 13
On this episode we discuss how to identify triggers, how to handle them in relationships, and how to not allow them to WIN when it’s you against the mind! Co starring special guest!
May 27, 2019
R&B Divas Series: Toni Braxton - Breathe Again: Breakups & How You Deal - Ep.12
On this episode we dish on how you do the breaking up, how you push through one to heal, and how you handle them when you’re in the midst of it all! Featuring special guests!
May 20, 2019
R & B Divas Series: Toni Braxton - Just Be a Man About It - Ep.11
On this episode we dish about Accountability, Ownership, & Submission in all forms, shapes, and sizes! Do men need to step up or do us women have work to do to? Special guests: Danny Sims & K.Watkins
May 13, 2019
Emotionally Unavailable & Narcissist Men aka Fvck Boys - Ep. 10
We discuss how to identify, understand, and get the hell away from the creatures known as fvck boys and why they make second chances null and void. Guest: LaJanee Miseducation of the Stereotype
May 6, 2019
Non Negotiables.... How Many of Us Have Them? - Ep. 9
An episode that dives into the relationship necessity of the list of non negotiables and why everyone should have one! Guests: Tori Brianna & Founders of PHRIENDS
April 29, 2019
Part 2: Why Are So Many Sistas So Single? - Ep.8
We continue and close the discussion on why so many sistas are single, the work that needs to be done, and how we overcome this epidemic once and for all!
April 22, 2019
Part 1: Why Are So Many Sistas So Single? - Ep.7
An episode around the single epidemic that many sistas face today. We discuss what this looks like for us, the work that must be done to navigate through it, and how we come out on the other side of it if that’s what we desire. Featuring various special guests!
April 15, 2019
I Ain’t Going Half on Sh*t! - Ep.6
We get into a round table talk about finances in relationships and marriages, gender roles within them, and how we have arrived at these conclusions! Guest appearances: Ms. Cara, Ms. Krissy, & Ms. Janae
April 9, 2019
We Cookin’ or Nah? - Bonus Ep. 5
Here we briefly explore gender roles in relationships and if cooking will keep your man in the streets or the sheets!
April 4, 2019
An episode that explores the ins and out of why people want to get married... is it for the gram or nah! Guest: Miss Amani
April 2, 2019
Dead Weight! How to Identify it, Address it, and Move on! - Ep.3
Bonus Episode! This episode discusses all things dealing with dead weight in a relationship, how to handle it as a single person, and how to avoid it in the future! After this episode decide, To Be Single or Not To Be? Guest: Danny Sims
March 29, 2019
Why Are so Many Sistas so Single? - Ep. 2
This is a snippet and preview episode where we dive into why we think so many sistas are single? Is it Us or is it Them?
March 28, 2019
We Welcome You! - Ep. 1
On this episode, you get a briefing on what to expect from this podcast, why I decided to do it, and how often you will hear from me. Pretty much, setting the mood!
March 28, 2019