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Fillings with Toby Donut

Fillings with Toby Donut

By Oluwatobi Balogun
Every week on Fillings with TobyDonut, I’ll talk about my Lagos millennial experience, share life lessons, candid takes on real-life issues, interviews with cool people, and everything else. Follow on social media @fillingswithTobyDonut and please subscribe. Use #FillingswithTobyDonut to contribute to the conversation

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Relish Life
After a brief hiatus, today’s upbeat episode highlighted God’s grace and his admonishment to us to enjoy life. I took cue from Ecclesiastes 9 vs 7-9 MSG. I hope you understand that God loves us in all seasons.
July 23, 2020
Managing Motivation
In this episode, I spoke briefly how to manage motivation and why self motivation is the best kind of motivation. As usual it’s unscripted, you might notice a glitch please bear with me. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think with #FillingswithDonut and if you like it, share with a friend. ❤️&💡
July 05, 2020
How are you in this lockdown?
Yay, this episode is my first, it’s unscripted and throughly rough; imperfect. After procrastinating for so long, I decided to launch this podcast no matter what! I delved a bit into mental health in the lockdown phase. Let me know your thoughts with #FillingswithTobyDonut and please subscribe. I gave a few shout outs and I forgot to mention Fireboy! I will have to dedicate an half episode to him lol. Thank you for listening
June 22, 2020