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Free Advice You Didn't Ask For

Free Advice You Didn't Ask For

By Tobyvanjohnson
Free Advice You Didn't Ask For is a podcast on life lessons and things that are good for you, because they were either good for me or someone I know or heard about. You didn't ask for them, you don't have to take them, and you might not even like them, but I'm going to continue to give them either way ("hopefully"). Hi, I'm Toby.
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EP5: The End Credit Syndrome

Free Advice You Didn't Ask For

EP9: Keep Records
I know it sounds boring, but just listen. Personal records give you hindsight, and hindsight keeps you moving forward. True words.
December 05, 2020
EP8: Remember The Basics
Simple things like sorry, please, excuse... Those are basic. Remember to use them.
November 21, 2020
EP7: Friends, Good
I realize that I am an introvert, and as one I find it easy to operate in isolation, but I'm coming to realize that by doing that I am depriving myself of the greatest resource known to man - other people. I might sound a tad bit romantic, but I really think we, well I, need to put in more effort into making connections and appreciating those connections. Help me out, you can remind me I said this in a few years. 
November 07, 2020
EP6: Nigeria Will Be Home, #EndSARS
If you don't know what #EndSARS is please just google it. It'll give some context. 
October 19, 2020
EP5: The End Credit Syndrome
It might be something I just made up but I think it's real and being aware of it is the first step to overpowering it. I'm sure there's a more agreed-upon name for this phenomenon I'm describing - the end credits syndrome - if not let it be known that I coined it first.
September 26, 2020
EP4: On Relationships
Here's the thing about relationships that I've noticed. In all kinds of relationships, a lot of the times the individual is neglected. I think if people remember that relationships comprise of individuals with their own unique life experiences, a lot of issues would be solved. I really think that that should be the starting point of every relationship.
May 16, 2020
EP3: You're Wrong. It's Alright.
If an entire generation of people were wrong about something so fundamental not too long ago, what makes us think that everything we're doing right now is so right? We are potentially wrong about more things than we are right about other things and we need to stop fooling ourselves otherwise. We need to be able to be content with being wrong, and humble enough to say that the only thing we know is that we don't know.
May 09, 2020
EP2: Don't Lose Your Wonder
It gets easier and easier to sink into despair as we grow older. It gets even easier to accept it as the norm and anything else to be the anomaly. This should not be so, we should never lose our wonder.
May 02, 2020
EP1: Go Offline
We are, now more than ever, being bombarded with so much content and it's getting harder and harder to tell your own thoughts from a tweet you came across while scrolling. We have only so much space in our minds so it is important that we select what we take in. The solution? GO OFFLINE!
April 25, 2020
EP0: Trailer
The best things in life seldom happen in what looks like the best of conditions. So embrace discomfort and get acquainted with not knowing what you're doing all the time because the best things in life seldom happen in what looks like the best of conditions. - Toby
April 13, 2020