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That One Couple's podcast

That One Couple's podcast

By Nelson Abalos Jr

A podcast about design, visual development, life and parenting from the point of view of Jessica Cruz-Abalos and Nelson Abalos Jr.
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Share your process
Share your process
The process you take to create something is more important than that thing you're creating. Don't be afraid to share it.
December 17, 2020
The importance of coaching and community
The importance of coaching and community
Jessica has had many huge changes in her career recently thanks to some coaches and new communities that she has joined. Jess's business coach, Sara Clark-Williams The 2-day conference for female entrepreneurs that Jess mentioned and is also speaking at this year. Jess's fitness coach, Vera Stepina and their Facebook Group Productivity coach:
January 26, 2020
Date Night
Date Night
For our first episode of That One Couples podcast, we decided to record from the bed of our AirBNB to talk about what we've experienced during the week of the No Code Conference. Follow us on twitter: @jesmes15 @thepixelgeek
November 18, 2019