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Todd Collins

Todd Collins

By Todd Collins
Welcome to Todd Collins Official, where amazing things happen. Secrets of Online Reputation Management, Social Media hacks, and updates including information that will keep you ahead of the DIgital Marketing game.
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Bad Reputation- Episode 1

Todd Collins

Bad Reputation- Episode 1

Todd Collins

The Angelo Pizza ( A Family Business )
" His name is actually fucking Angelo Pizza "... - Dave Portnoy These words are all it took for Angelo to relaunch a family business with roots in my hometown of Baltimore Maryland. As many of you may know Angelo's Pizza used to be a staple in Hampden Maryland. After 28 years the family closed up shop...When the pandemic hit Angelo decided to take a chance and send a letter to Dave Portnoy....That 8.1 rating created an entrepreneurial ripple that now has Angelo in the same seat his father once sat in... Listen to this amazing story of trials, tribulations, marketing, pizza, and family.... Be sure to follow The Angelo Pizza on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok
July 26, 2021
The Idea Man Zachary Foust Let's Talk Tiktok and Real Estate
We had the honor to interview Zachary Foust of Loft Realty and Loft Level Marketing! If you're in real estate you know who Zach is....If you don't, that's a problem... From Prison to the Army, To Realtor, To 1 million followers STRONG! We discuss what's new in TikTok, how he grew to his level in such a short period of time, tips on how you can do the same, and so much more... Follow Zach on Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Facebook etc @zacharyloft or
July 18, 2021
The Giving Mentality with Samina Chowdhury ( Lucido Group )
Samina is one of the most successful real estate agents in Maryland, as well as on the Bob Lucido Team of Keller Williams.  Her mentality and work ethic however is what sets her apart, which we cover in this episode.  From watching her Father at UN meetings and seeing the giving nature he provided to others, she has done the same in the real estate world. A few takeaways with Samina are amazing tips she gives to her success. The planning day prior, the follow-up, follow-through, follow back strategy, just so many amazing tidbits for business owners in this episode.  Follow Samina on Instagram- @schowdhury or on FACEBOOK AND LINKEDIN
June 25, 2021
Talking Tiktok with Sally Slices ( Salvatore Mandreucci )
Salvatore is not only the owner of Corleone Pizza in Bustleton Pa. But is also the creator behind the character " Sally Slices " which has exploded on Tiktok in the last 6 or so months. Sal along with two of his high school friends have gone even further with some amazing and entertaining skits  Video Credits: @Dominickguido on Instagram and @Patrickvirgie In a short period of time, Sal has racked up a total of over 250,000 followers and over 4.5 million likes! When asking if this has had a positive effect on his business Sal replied. " Absolutely revenue is up, word of mouth is up, and customer traffic is up all from this venture ". Follow Sal on TikTok @sallyslices or on Instagram at @sal_mandreucci
June 20, 2021
Taking It Back To 1985 with Jaret Reddick from Bowling For Soup
What a great episode talking to Jaret Reddick lead singer of Bowling for Soup! Jaret's entrepreneurial journey started young...really young. From toy stores to building houses, to grammy nominated songs he has seen it all. Join us as we discuss marketing, personal branding, '80s-'90s toys, and more in this awesome episode... Follow Jaret everywhere on Instagram, TikTok, and more
May 13, 2021
Talking Team Gary Vee Part 2 - With Jason Morena
Another great episode with Jason... We get way more into the content side of things this time.. Have a listen
October 1, 2020
Talking Team Gary Vee Part 1 - With Jason Morena
Jason Morena started out like many inspiring creators...A camera, a computer, and an imagination. Pre-Covid Jason was traveling all over the world with Gary Vaynerchuk  and D-Rock among others filming, editing, and documenting.  " Things are still the same minus the traveling " said Jason. He has begun his own projects called 123, as well as created the most recent Gary-Vee short films which have become highly successful pieces of content for GV. On top of that he has taken a larger role in GV's Instagram as well as his involvement on Team Gary Vee. This first part of a two part podcast we get into the origin story of Jason as well as some helpful content strategies that may even help some of you. Good news though...We will be back for a Part Two and hell even a Part Three....Ya never know... Please enjoy. Follow Jason on Instagram @jason.morena Twitter- @jasonmorena_
September 8, 2020
The Current Status of Baltimore County Restaurants (Covid19) Special
What an unprecedented time for restaurants. Nowhere hits harder for me than in my own backyard of Baltimore County. Listen to three restaurant owners Steve Dellis, Nick Liberatore, and Erica Russo share how they are handling this crisis. 
May 23, 2020
Experience Is A Gift with Chris Drewer
Chris Drewer has been in the real estate industry for almost 20 years. He has seen the ups and downs of the market. From the bubble burst of 2007-2008 to the current environment we are navigating.  We discussed quite a bit during this episode, from marketing, How the industry might change after this and moving forward...As well as his Cross Fit addiction and more lol. Be sure to follow Chris on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter....
May 18, 2020
Branding 101 in 2020
We had a great webinar during this pandemic and I believe we covered quite a bit during the hour or so we spent together. I hope this information helps you :-)
April 30, 2020
How to Manage Personal Branding with TIKTOK
This was a great episode....Long for sure! I also threw some good apps in there as well.
April 18, 2020
Tiktok Training A-Z 2020
I recently did a webinar on Tiktok. I limited this to 30 people, but I decided to release it to all of you so you can all learn during this downtime. I really hope this helps you!
April 15, 2020
Opportunity is Right In Front Of You
Hey Guys, A bit of a new look, some new intro and outros, and a topic that I believe is being overlooked during this time. We have an opportunity while all being at home right now to create relatable content. We also have the opportunity to test the strength of current business models, and see how we can improve upon them when we come out of this I want you for a moment to step out of what you do for a living and look at how you could evolve what you do. Find opportunities around you where you can thrive. You will be amazed how many people need assistance. 
April 9, 2020
TikToking with That Mortgage Guy Scott Betley
If you TikTok or are in the Mortgage or Real Estate Industry you know " That Mortgage Guy ". If you don't know him you need to. Scott is a young go-getter who truly has taken on the personal branding sector for the mortgage industry. Putting in hours a day to help his clients, be a Dad, be a Husband, and a content creator.  Skyrocketing on an early platform like TikTok to grow his business and his brand in less than 6 months. Scott is truly an example of what putting hard work and effort into your personal brand can do to grow yourself and your wealth. Listen to this episode as we discuss motivation, social media, TikTok hacks, and the current state of the mortgage and real estate industry. Follow Scot on TikTok or Instagram @ThatMortgageGuy
March 19, 2020
Getting Jacked on Social Media with Marley Jaxx
Marley Jaxx has splashed on the scene over the last few years with her entertaining way of social media coaching. From a dental hygienist doing social media side-work to a full-on digital agency operator in Canada.   Marley recently headlined the well known Funnel Hacking Live event and absolutely killed it! Her strategies of utilizing funnels for lead generation and brand growth has helped so many. Not only that her wit, charm, and humorous education of social media has had a huge impact on the culture. If you don't know who Marley Jaxx is....You will now! Be sure to Follow Marley at the following. Facebook- Instagram- @marleyjaxx Youtube-
February 15, 2020
Quick 2020 Tips and Mobile Apps
This week I am quickly giving you some mobile apps I currently really like. A fast way to hack Linkedin to patter disrupt. The secrets behind dominating Google My Business that I know you are not doing, as well as my own opinion of patience when running digital ads.
February 11, 2020
(A Cinderella Story) with Jeannette Hitchcock
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Jeannette... Enjoy this awesome episode about overcoming obstacles at all costs to get where you need to be. Jeannette Hitchcock is one of the most successful real estate agents in Carroll County, maybe even the state. Learn what has worked for her. Listen to how she balances being a Mom, Wife, and all-around real estate badass! " I am one of the lucky few that discovered their true calling early in life. Real estate and helping people is my passion.  Listening to my clients is my #1 priority.  I want to know what is most important to you, my client, whether you are buying, selling or both.  I will never assume to know what's important to you". Be sure to follow Jeannette on Facebook and Instagram.
January 10, 2020
Opening Night With Chef Brian Duffy (Bar Rescue and The Food Network )
I had the honor of having my good buddy Chef Brian Duffy from not only Bar Rescue but his very own Food Network show " Opening NIght on the show today! Chef Brian Duffy has years of experience helping restaurants improve and succeed. Duffified Experience Group is equipped to help clients with every issue and concept, utilizing project schedules and workflow sheets. Each client’s project is customized and tailored to their needs and strengths. He is a Dad first, a Chef, a Restauranter, Consultant, Tv Personality the list goes on! More than anything Chef has a lot to say and it needs to be heard. Have a listen today about social media, branding, consulting, the restaurant business, and even more! Follow Chef-
December 16, 2019
Tips For Entrepreneurs Young and Old with Evan Shepard
This was a fun and educational interview that Evan Shepard did with me. He invited me on his podcast via Instagram. I rarely say no to Have a listen I really believe if you're in the sales game you will get a lot out of this one.
December 13, 2019
Crushing Content with Rebecca Butcher
Fitness, cooking, videography, video editing, content creation, fashion Rebecca Butcher does it all. While doing all of these things she keeps us hilariously entertained on Instagram with her daily antics and advice.  Currently working on major non-profit projects, Rebecca is bringing messages and stories to life, while transferring emotion to the community. We had a great time discussing strategies on editing, content creation, fitness, motivation, and lifestyle in this holiday episode. So loosen your belt, put your headphones in and sit back and relax. Follow Rebecca on
November 27, 2019
The Eff'ing Queen Jen Schiff ( How to " No When " )
Jen is about Alpha Female as you can get it...Take it from me. However, I get so excited for some reason when we are in the same room together.  She really can control a room, she knows what it's like to be a "Multipreneur". From building her Realeste Team, to developing a staging company, to creating passive income through rental properties. All of this plus being a Mom, a Wife, and a daughter... I promise you will all get something out of this episode. We discuss motivation, entrepreneurship, real estate when to say NO, and so much more. Check out Jen and her team here- Or Follow Jen on Social Media on Facebook and Instagram Facebook: Instagram:
November 20, 2019
The Young Hustler Mindset with (Jarrod Glandt)
Today I had on Jarrod Glandt,  is the VP Sales for Cardone Training Technologies Inc. Co-Host of “Young Hustlers” 1 pm EST on Whatever It Takes Nation Digital Network We spoke about Sales, Mindset, The Importance of money and why you don't need to love what you do. We touch on social media as well the success of the 10X Conference, and what is to come in this year's Las Vegas Event. "Over the 4 years, I have been with Grant I worked my way up from answering phones at the front desk to sitting at the right hand of Grant as his trusted soldier. I love my job and know that we are just getting started. Moral of the story chase your dreams, chase opportunity and work your freaking ass off to get what you want out of life"! Be sure to learn how you can attend 10X Con this year by clicking here: Follow Jarrod everywhere @jarrodglandt
November 15, 2019
The Thirsty One ( Tom Herb ) of Advance Business Systems
I had one of my oldest friends on the episode this week. He is not only a Carroll County boy but also the Vice President of Sales at Advance Business Systems. Advance as you all know has been around for over 50 years and Tom is part of their new generation.  (Note- there is a break down in audio that could not be cut from 51:20-54:32 if you would like to fast forward through that part. ) Tom and I talk about family, some of the great times we had as kids, his origin story on what set him on his path, as well as how he is using his social media to change things within Advance Business Systems culture.  We also get into the launch of his new coffee brand Hoffa Beans which is inspired by his recently lost brother to help others bring awareness to addiction. This is a really special episode for me and I really hope you all enjoy it.  You can follow Tom on Linkedin here:
November 1, 2019
"The Zack Attack" with Zack Bryant
Previously the #1 Sales Agent on Creig Northrop’s Team (#1 Team in the Nation out of every brokerage in 2017), Zack started the team with Kristian Kan in 2018 after the newly formed brokerage, Northrop Realty, changed their relationship with Long & Foster.  Zack and the team’s #1 focus is treating the customer like family, providing tools and media for marketing their homes, and an organized process to get to the finish line. This approach has allowed Zack to become a trusted advisor to friends, family, and clients in the Baltimore Metro Area. Zack covers a lot of what changed is perspective on Zillow Ads, his new approach to social media, and the importance of motivation in his daily life.  Tons of great tips that you haven't head before for sure! Follow Zack Here: Email: Facebook: Instagram : @zackbryant_re
October 23, 2019
Mastering The Ink with "Creepy Jason" Lynn
Jason and I have known each other for over 20 years. Not only that he is my personal tattoo artist. Jason was recently on the national TV show " Ink Master ". He made to the finals as the last guy standing. This episode we touch on starting your own business, entrepreneurship, building and the value of the personal brand, parenting as a business owner, as well as details from the show.  If you love CREEPY JASON, Tattoos, and Social Media you are in the right place! Follow Jason on Instagram- House Of Madness- Book an Appointment-
October 10, 2019
Understanding TikTok with Kerri Gerke (Not Stable In My Head)
Kerri currently has 30,000 plus TikTok followers and is 47 years old! Which would 100% defeat your argument that TikTok is for the kids only? She is putting out 4-6 pieces of content a day and is just utterly crushing it on the platform. She was nice enough to share a plethora of knowledge and tips that can help you navigate the app. Not only for your personal brand but for your business.   Be sure to listen to this episode if you have been trying to crack the code to TikTok!!! Don't forget to follow Kerri on TikTok and Instagram  @notstableinmyhead
September 30, 2019
Brandon Tomlinson Living The TYFG Life
Brandon Tomlinson is a musician from my hometown of Hamstead. He uploaded a video about a month ago that caught my eye. It actually highlighted the now-closed North Carroll High School that I graduated from.  However once I watched the video it was apparent to me that his family and message were amazing, and the story needed to be told. We discuss how to stay motivated when chasing your passion. How to utilize social media to build awareness around yourself. As well as how musicians really have a good take on personal branding. Follow Brandon Here:  Facebook: Instagram: @brandontomlinsonmusic Twitter: Youtube:
September 26, 2019
Fire Marketing Tips For Your Personal Brand
Hey, guys, I did about a 2-hour seminar last week. Some of the stuff I spewed out is shit I know for a fact you have never heard before. If you have missed any of my seminars take a listen. If you hear things that could possibly help you or your team/business be sure to click the link below to book me.  Some of the topics are How to upload a long-form video to Twitter, How to Distribute content faster, apps to cut through the bullshit to help you create, as well as the formula I use every day for our clients. Book Me Here-
September 18, 2019
New Mobile Applications for 2020
Hey guys this is a quick 12:00 minute episode of the current state of branding, and what you need to do to succeed. I recently spoke at a seminar that Freedmont Mortgage put on, where I discussed some great mobile apps to help make things easier for you to create content.  Wait until the very end of this episode for a super badass app you will love. Enjoy :-)
September 11, 2019
All Chopped Up with Jay Rohlfing
As a child, Chef Jay Rohlfing watched his grandfather make Angel Food cake and was immediately hooked by the culinary arts. He attended culinary school at the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts and after graduation went on to work at the Boca Raton Resort, Harbor Court Hotel, and Linwoods in Owings Mills. Working under Linwood Dame was the most influential experience of his career. Linwood pushed Dutch to reach great heights and to pay attention to all aspects of the kitchen. Chef’s favorite pastime is growing his and his wife’s small farm. The couple raises chicken, ducks, rabbits, and a bounty of vegetables each season. Chef Rohlfing joined the Cunningham’s in 2016. He describes his approach to cooking as “rustic American,” and enjoys creating approachable dishes and ensuring guests have a great experience. He is excited to have the ability to source products from Cunningham Farms – and believes that knowing where a product comes from only multiplies the respect culinary staff has for their craft. Follow Cunningham's online at: Or Book A Table and Have Jay Serve you Here:
September 6, 2019
LinkedIn PowerHousing with Kait LeDonne
Kait always had a passion for marketing and sales. As her college roommates were partying, she spent her spare time networking. She would go to events with a business card that read “Your future top employee.” lol Fast forward years later she is speaking all over the world, launched a Linkedin Course that I personally endorse, and just changing peoples lives on a daily basis. I highly recommend if you are struggling with Linkedin listen to this episode.  I want to also thank HitMBrand Clothing for dressing me- Also thanks to The Point In Towson for hosting this episode. If you are looking for catering, amazing food, or a place to hold an event in the Baltimore County area be sure to check it out. Website- Follow Kait Here- Linkedin- Facebook- Twitter- Instagram-
August 31, 2019
Darrah Brustein ( Creating A Life By Design )
Darrah Brustein 10-year entrepreneur with businesses in payment processing, networking events and children's financial literacy. She turned her attention in the last 18 months to becoming an educator to help others design their lives, build businesses to fund it, and networks to support it. She recently has partnered up with Deepak Chopra which you can watch here Watch Now- You can follow Darrah on Instagram @darrahb Or visit here site
August 16, 2019
Voting for The Underdog With Zachary Babcock
Today I had the honor of having the host of the Underdog Empowerment podcast. Turning underdogs into top dogs, he is the author of Prison To Promised Land Zachary Babcock! Zach's podcast is ranked in the TOP 200 in the world among all podcasts which is pretty fucking amazing! Zach has interviewed guys like Andy Frisella, Billy Gene, William Hung among many other very well known public figures. Now its time to hear the story of a true underdog. From being in prison, to selling t-shirts, to some of the most motivational shit you will ever hear! Ladies and Gentleman, THE UNDERDOG Zachary Babcock. Follow Zack on Facebook-
August 14, 2019
The Story Maker with Frankie Cerquetti ( Hacks and Tips to Telling A Story With Video )
Frankie Cerquett is a filmmaker at Storia Studio, creating content for brands to stand out online.  This mother and daughter team have broken on to the scene together with a bang. This episode is jam packed with insights, and tips on how to start using video on a budget, in social media, or to amplify it on the channels you are using. If you were looking for the tips & tricks video episode you found it! Be sure to Follow Frankie and Her Mom on Instagram      @baltimorefilmmakers   or
August 2, 2019
The Instagram Algorithm Do's & Dont's
June marks an update to the Instagram algorithm I wanted to spit on this real fast for some of you to help navigate you a bit. Its a short episode. Almost as short as my attention span lol. Enjoy and listen until the end I drop some little gems toward the close.
July 24, 2019
Creative Thinking with Micah Pringle
Creator and Brand Therapist Micah Pringle is the apidimi of what you would think a creative is. A  " rabble-rowser, and question asker lol. In this episode we discuss branding, creative thinking, motivation, social media strategy and more. Calling Nashville home now with his daughter, Micah is deep in the start up scene with a heavy influence in music and culture. If you like Dads, Social Media, MotorCycles, Fashion, and Branding this episode is for you!
July 23, 2019
How To Beat The Fear with Amanda Autry (Life Coach)
Amanda Autry is a native of Baltimore Maryland my hometown. Previously in the real estate industry, Amanda had a eye opening premonition.  She loved helping others, however the real estate industry just wasn't letting her fully explore that want. So a quick trip in a RV with her loving fiancé lead to them moving to Austin Texas. This is where Amanda began her true calling coaching others to find their best selves. I will tell you right now! If you have been struggling with fear of the unknown, or making a decision that scares you this is the episode for you.
July 19, 2019
"Stuck In A Paradise Hotel" with Jared Cooksey
Jared Cooksey was just a regular guy. Hard working, loves fitness and fashion, oh and FOOD! Until one day he made his way onto a television show aired on FOX called Paradise Hotel. The show is hosted by Kristin Cavallari who was known for her appearance on MTV'S The Hills.  Thrust into the spotlight and now back to " The Real World " Jared and I talked about how he got there, how he is trying to now set out on his own entrepreneurial journey, as well deal with what its like being on reality television. This is a dont miss, getting to know Jared Cooksey!
July 18, 2019
Michael Ruder and his " GOOD HUMOR "!
Mike Ruder has had a life like many of us.  There were up, downs, losses, and wins. Join me as we dive into the root of Mike and his journey to sobriety, being a successful entrepreneur, as well as some of the secrets on how to get your social media to go viral! Follow Mike on Instagram: Facebook:
July 12, 2019
The UnSelfish Real Estate Agent with Colin Cameron
Colin and his team at Small Town Agents based in Hanover Pa. Have taken the real estate industry by storm. With his teams creative, and unselfish way of creating content he has elevated his personal brand as well as his companies.  With viral videos like the " You know you're from Hanover If " and the " Learn to Do Karate " videos they have set the bar for real estate agents everywhere. This is your look inside the new generation of real estate agent, as well as how to get yourself there. Follow Colin and his team at-
July 10, 2019
Staying Bitchy with THE BITCHY WAITER!!!
Darron Cardosa is a actor, singer and the bitchiest waiter to ever walk God's green earth. However there is so much more to Darron than just his hilarious social media handle, and channels. Today we were able to tap into the real Darron, we talked about his book, his upcoming standup in Vegas, as well as howe he came up with the Bitchy Waiter persona. Buckle up because this episode is totally Bitchy babe!!!!
July 5, 2019
Honesty Is The Best Policy- 60 Minutes With The Honest Restaurant Manager
Philip Eagle has been in the restaurant industry for years. However thats not really what he is known for! Ladies and Gentleman I present to you the " Honest Restaurant Manager ". In the world of memes Phil is taking this to the next level with is amazing satire on both Instagram and Twitter. Phil experienced massive awareness the second he started having fun with his social media channels. If you guys want to get to know the real Phil, get some great motivation to start your own satire channel, or just want to laugh your ass off be sure not to miss this episode with The Honest Restaurant Manager! Instagram: Twitter:
July 4, 2019
Realestate and Social Media What You Need To Know!
I was a guest on Carl Delmont's show which is aired on 105.7. We discussed social media for realtors in their current landscape. We also touched on branding, reputation management among some other digital tips that will really anyone in business. 
July 1, 2019
Shift Drinks Comedy! Don't Be Scuuuuured
Todd Interviews Dominick Racano, Ken MacLaughlin, and Jason Kim the stars of Shift Drink Comedy. If you have seen any of their videos on Youtube you know who this gang is. Below are a few links to check out. Be sure to follow these guys everywhere @ShiftDrinkComedy is :-)
June 26, 2019
5 Tips for Handling Negative Restaurant or Bar Reviews
Hey guys this was an interview I did with Night Club and Bar Show. Lots of really good takeaways about handling negative reviews. What can you do to stop them? How to handle them, etc. 
May 16, 2019
Why Your Business Is Now A Media Company
Live Audio from the Performance FoodMood 2019. A lot of awesome information and education on how to manage data, social media and reputation management within the brick and mortar. Hope you guys enjoy. Remember to check out or refer someone that may need our help. 
May 8, 2019
Mobile App Hacks I Use Everyday For Social Media
Today I talk about three mobile applications I use daily to create my content. I hope you guys give them a shot, and use them in your daily content creation.
March 13, 2019
Conquer Local Interview with (Todd Collins) Episode 118
I joined my buddy George Leith before the end of 2018 to talk about where things are heading in 2019 with the marketing stack. As usual I drop a good bit of free knowledge, as well as some motivational tips for you guys. Enjoy the listen :-)
January 28, 2019
Episode 17- How To Up Your Instagram Game!
1 Billion Users and growing—the number of people on Instagram every single day. So why in the hell would you not be using this platform for your business? Take these up to date tips I use everyday to up your " Gram Game "
November 12, 2018
Episode 16- Remove Me!!! With Jake Lawson Personal Defamation Expert
Jake Lawson is the CEO of and a close personal friend of mine. Jake and I still work together on a daily basis helping people protect themselves online. Recently Jake started a clothing Brand for Pool Players called Lights Out. Even more recently he has partnered with NFL Superstar Shawne Merriman. This is a great episode for you to learn more about personal reputation management, entreprenuership and more!
September 28, 2018
Episode 15- Empowering Successful Students with Brooke Schnoor
Nick and I have been quietly Beta testing our Digital Agency Course to a few select people. These people have quit their jobs and started their own agencies. Listen to how Brooke took our course, joined our inner circle, and is now running a successful business from home.
September 8, 2018
Bad Reputation- Episode 14 Mickey and Todd do Impressions
The second Episode with Mickey and we discuss anxiety, kids, favorite comedians and even do some of our own impressions of your favorite actors. We really hope these episodes help lighten your day, and you enjoy the comedic side of our lives :-)
August 23, 2018
Bad Reputation- Episode 13 Dawn & Richie Huffman The King and Queen of Early Education
This was a really important episode for me. Richie has become a great guide and mentor in my life within spirituality. He does not like to talk about himself so we had Dawn help him with this lol. Richie, as he said is a " 20 Year Overnight Success " with their brand Celebree Learning Centers. There is a ton of entrepreneurial gold here so be sure to give it a listen.
August 22, 2018
Bad Reputation- Episode 12 7 Tips to Start Winning
I wanted to do a quick 20-minute atta-boy or gal for you guys for when you are feeling down. In this Episode, I give you 7 Tips to help rearrange that negative mindset you may currently have. Have a listen and be sure to save it, as you may need to listen to it again!
August 11, 2018
Episode 11- Bad Reputation Genna Gold from Yelp!
Genna Gold is Yelp's Manager of Business Outreach. She hosts informational sessions and events with local business owners across North America to educate them on best practices for navigating the world of online reviews. She manages Yelp's North American local trade show and conference program regularly presents at industry conferences and delivers constructive feedback from the business community to the different divisions within Yelp. She also hosts a series of webinars about Yelp's free online tools, and produces informative content for Yelp's 'Blog for Business Owners'. Be sure to listen to this episode as you will get a peek behind the curtain of YELP!
July 18, 2018
Bad Reputation- Episode 10 Mickey Cucchiella ( Prepare to Laugh )
Listen to the highs and lows of one of Baltimore Marylands biggest radio icons. Mickey touches on how he got started, his roads of entrepreneurship as well as made our entire office laugh! Mickey will be coming on quite often to the show as we want drive laughter back into our listeners. We all miss hearing his voice, and now he finally is BACK!
July 12, 2018
Justin Nabozna from Google and Waze- Episode 9 Bad Reputation
Justin has been with Google for a long time, Once Waze became acquired his job was to open it up to the masses. In this episode, we discuss Google Reviews, the advantages of advertising on Waze, and where Waze is headed for the future. If you were finally looking to hear from a real person at Google this is your chance :-)
June 29, 2018
Joey Yak EntrepreMusic - Episode 8 Bad Reputation
Joey drops some amazing knowledge in this new episode of Bad Reputation. Joey Yak Pieper Aka “Yak” Better known as “Yak Boy Fresh” gives Artist & Producers advice on the music industry. The grind is real, and you need someone that has fell face first in the industry to help guide you to the next step of your career! " I have fallen in love with Sales. One thing no one is doing is providing music for those in sales. When you think of sales and music I want to be the one you are thinking about. Be sure to Follow Joey Yak everywhere :-)
June 26, 2018
Joey Yak- Rock Bottom to A Rock-Star (Todd Collins Theme Song)
Recording Artist Joey Yak who has had National Tours across the United States with acts like Bone Thugs N Harmony and Stevie Stone. Joey reached out to me to write a theme song based on my voyage for FREE! Have a listen, this kid is amazing! Joey has done amazing songs for entrepreneurs like GaryVee, Grant Cardone, Billy Gene and More...Be sure to follow him everywhere.
June 18, 2018
Bad Reputation- Episode 7 ( The 20 Year Old Consumer )
I was honered and joined by our 20-year-old Interns Molly and Adrienne to talk about their trust of Online reviews, How they shop, How can a brand earn their loyalty now, and where they spend a majority of their digital time. Enjoy its very eye-opening!
June 12, 2018
Bad Reputation- Episode 6 Fitness and Business
A lot of you know I have worked very hard on my physical fitness. Quitting drinking, and working out daily has become my new focus. Operating with a clear mind 24/7 when others choose differently has been key. Want to know how I do it? Take a listen to this recent episode!
June 8, 2018
Conquering It All with Hope Seidl AKA HopeZilla. Hope is Co-Owner of the Food Network Award winning Restaurant SMOKE, Brainchild of Bmore Babes, and an all around conquering entrepreneur.
May 30, 2018
Why 40's and Pool's Dont Mix
I was asked to join my first guest on Bad Reputation Erik Shellenberger's Vlog/Podcast a few days ago. So I figured I would share the Chit-Chat with you guys! Enjoy!!!
May 29, 2018
Bad Reputation- Believe In YOU because no one else cares
Confidence is not bad, if you belive you can back up that action.
May 28, 2018
Bad Reputation: Episode 2 Nick Collins Shares Secrets of His Success
Nick Collins CEO of Platinum Reputations, Nick shares secrets of his success! Dont moss out the end has some serious gems! 🔥🤩
May 17, 2018
Bad Reputation- Episode 1
Expert Reputation Managers Todd Collins and Erik Shellenberger discuss the current digital landscape. Are Online Reviews an issue for you? Why hashtags on Facebook make no sense, and more...
May 11, 2018