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Netflix Movie Review: Fatherhood
Kevin Hart, straight man? Mostly. Superior child acting? Yes. Chris Weitz, secret weapon writer/director? Yes. Just in time to make you cry BEFORE fathers day. #fatherhood #kevinhart
June 19, 2021
Disney Plus Movie: Luca
IT's PIXAR. What else do you need to know? Oh, it's not Dinosaur bad but not Incredibles good. Like Little Mermaid meets Ratatouille for boys.  Go show your kids. You know, YOUR kids.  #luca #pixar
June 19, 2021
Netflix Movie Review: The Devil Below
Derivative B-grade monster in the ground movie? Check. One recognizable actor to give credence? Check. Lowered expectations making it worth it, probably. #thedevilbelow #netflix
June 14, 2021
Paramount Plus Movie: Infinite
I paid EXACTLY the right price to watch this: a FREE month subscription. Don't watch this. Maybe watch Old Guard on Netflix? Or wait for the Cavil Highlander reboot? Wahlberg should NEVER make another scifi flick ever. This was believable as him as an inventor in Transformers. To infinite, be yuck? #infinite #markwahlberg
June 13, 2021
Hulu Movie Review: Willy's Wonderland
The Cagiest of Cage movies. It is exactly what it looks like and then some. Best drinking game ever watching for and drinking when you spot nitpick mistakes (there are a LOT). Five Nights at Freddie's meets the indestructible Cage. #willyswonderland #niccage #cagiestmovies
June 13, 2021
The TODDcast Theme Song
Thanks to the makers of and the best beers ever donated for a GREAT logo comes... the HorribleJingle version of the TODDcast Theme Song! I hope you love it as much as I do... and get your gloves and boots on... look for the music video soon! 
June 12, 2021
HBO Max movie review: In the Heights
Better than Hamilton?  To me... More traditional, and maybe that's why.  Good production overall lends to a great adaptation.  Little long, but worth it.  #intheheights #linmanualmiranda
June 11, 2021
Netflix TV Review: Sweet Tooth
Virus storyline a little too close to home? Non-precocious child actor knocking it out of the park? Phenomenal production value? Killer ending to a season? Go watch. I'll hold your hankie.  #sweettooth #netflix 
June 6, 2021
Disney Plus Movie: Raya and the Last Dragon
Great voice work. Animation so good it looks photo real. The best Disney Animated movies since Tangled and Zootopia?  Sorry Moana and Frozen fans. #rayaandthelastdragon #tangledstillbetterthanfrozen
June 5, 2021
HBO Max movie review: The Conjuring- The Devil Made Me Do It
Has James Wan sold his soul to the devil?  At this point, maybe. Why else keep tapping this well? For fans of characters, worth checking.  It's the second direct, but myriad later sequel of one of the best horror movies in the last two decades. How do you think it's going to compare? #thedevilmademedoit #theconjuring #hbomax
June 4, 2021
Upcoming Features: June 2021
Let me know what features you are interested in hearing more about. Leave any comment here: #intheheights #willyswonderland #rayaandthelastdragon #loki #theiceroad #americathemotionpicture #thedevilbelow #netflix #hulu #hbomax #amazonprimevideo #disneyplus #upcomingfeatures #theTODDcast
May 31, 2021
Shudder movie review: One Cut of the Dead
Best zombie comedy since Shaun of the Dead? Probably. Surprisingly GREAT take on how to make movies. Heck Yeah!  A fresh take on film making and zombies films. #onecutofthedead #shudder
May 22, 2021
Netflix Movie Review: Army of the Dead
A return to form and genre for Zach Snyder  A welcome return. Yes, his standard beats do overwhelm a little, but still a worthy entry in the zombie-sphere. #ArmyoftheDead #bautista #zachsnyder
May 22, 2021
HBO Max movie review: Those Who Wish Me Dead
I loved this movie the first time I saw it: 1998's Firestorm with Howie Long. Yes, Howie Long. Terrible use of the people involved here.  If you like Taylor Sheridan, go watch Wind River or Sicario before this.  #thosethatwishmedead
May 15, 2021
Netflix Movie Review: The Woman in the Window
Skip. Skip. Skip. I love amy Adams, but dang. This much caliber and this was the best they could do? #thewomaninthewindow
May 15, 2021
Amazon Movie Review: Saint Maud
Don't be misled. Yes, it has horrific elements. But not a "horror" film. Atmospheric, hallucinogenic, with sound and sights designed to throw you off-balance. In a good, carnival kind of way. #saintmaud
May 14, 2021
Hulu Movie Review: Shadow in the Cloud
Chloe Moretz is Bugs Bunny. High praise? Seems like something Sam Raimi would have made.  Highly anti-misogyny. Is that why guys aren't liking?  Best female hero since Ripley? Maybe.  #shadowinthecloud
May 12, 2021
Upcoming Features: May 2021
Let me know what features you are interested in hearing more about. Leave any comment here: Saint Maud - Hulu - May 13 The Woman in the Window - Netflix - May 13 Those Who Wish Me Dead - HBO Max - May 14 (called it WANT, oops) Supernova - Hulu- May 18 Army of the Dead - Netflix - May 21 #armyofthedead #supernova #thosewhowishmedead #thewomaninthewindow #saintmaud #netflix #hulu #hbomax #amazonprimevideo #disneyplus #upcomingfeatures #theTODDcast
May 12, 2021
HBO Max series review: Doom Patrol (season 1)
Best comic adaptation EVER. It's not hyperbole.  May not be your cup of tea, but it rocks. #doompatrol
May 11, 2021
HBO Max movie review: Greenland
Avoid Greenland. The movie, not the country. Here are some better options:  TheWave, 2012, Knowing. Virtually any other disaster film in the last ten years.
May 9, 2021
Netflix Series Review: Jupiter's Legacy
Clearly troubled production?  Asylum level production values? Creator ripoff of comic material into televised ripoff? Yeah, you know where this is going. #jupiterslegacy
May 8, 2021
Taking Requests #1
If you found me because of the recent appearance on the Toddcast Podcast, thanks! You can watch the recent appearance on Youtube here: Or listen on your streamer of choice, check out the fun promo on their instagram: @thetoddcastpod I thought I would take request for reviews, but they could be literally anything YOU want to talk about too. Click the link below to send me request:
May 4, 2021
Hulu Documentary: Sasquatch
Is this about Bigfoot? Not really. Is it a story pretty well told? Mostly, but could have been trimmed down to 2 hours probably. If you like true crime docs, this is your jam. Give it shot! #sasquatch #hulu #documentary
May 2, 2021
HBO Max movie review: Tenet
What happens when a director finally has all the money in the world and no constraints? This. You might enjoy it, but you won't understand it. Makes Inception seem like a simple 007 film in comparison For a better version, go watch Memento. #tenet #nolan
May 2, 2021
Amazon Movie Review: Tom Clancy's Without Remorse
Want to see a better version of this character?  A. Wait for a possible sequel. B. Maybe check out Creed? C. Re-watch Black Panther for the billionth time because this is just a watered down version of the Killmonger character. Movies should not be prequels for better movies. #makebetterchoicesmichaelbjordan #withoutremorse
May 1, 2021
Netflix Movie Review: The Mitchells vs. The Machines
Dumb name? Yes. Great Movie. Yes Probably Oscar winning animated movie next year. Yes Get on Netflix now and watch with your kids, even if they're in their twenties. #themitchellsvsthemachines #netflix
April 30, 2021
Netflix Movie Review: Stowaway
Want a bad ending? Want an unbelievable space doctor? Want a movie BEGGING to be nitpicked to death? #Stowaway has got you covered This #netflix snoozer has #tonicollette and #danieldaekim slumming with a #annakendrick in space as they bore us to Mars.
April 25, 2021
HBO Max movie review: Mortal Kombat (2021)
Did you or do you play the game? Doesn't matter.  Video game movies like this are pretty much review proof.  Go watch vaguely familiar characters have gory kills because they finally made an R-rated MK movie. #mortalkombat #getoverhere #sub-zero
April 25, 2021
HBO Max movie review: The New Mutants
Yes, lower your expectations.  Anya Taylor Joy is good in everything. Lives up to the comics, but if you didn't know them, this will probably disappoint you alot #thenewmutants
April 14, 2021
HBO Max movie review: Godzilla v. Kong
If you like Skull Island at all and the King of the Monsters, this will probably work for you. Nothing earth shattering but the kaiju versus gorilla fight.  #hbomax #kong #godzilla #GodzillaVsKong  
April 1, 2021
HBO Max movie review: Zach Snyder's Justice League
Didn't hate the Whedon cut? You probably won't hate this one either, but as both will illustrate you have to have a good foundation to begin with and sadly, the whole enterprise never really did. Listen to learn what the big problem with both was. While this one has some things going for it, there was a reason Warner stopped this before it it was saved by the fans. #releasethesnydercut #zachsnyder #justiceleague
March 20, 2021
Disney Plus TV Review: Falcon and the Winter Soldier (premier episode)
What it finally took to get me to re-up Disney Plus. Marvel doesn't pull their punches in action or character work for this "show." Just go watch. #falcon #wintersoldier #sebastianstan #anthonymackie #falconandthewintersoldier
March 20, 2021
Disney Plus TV Review: WandaVision
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Yes, after raccoons in space, Marvel can officially do anything taking dead characters and secondardy Avengers to make a compelling TV show... about TV shows and more. #wandavision #paulbettany #elizabetholsen #avengers #disneyplus
March 20, 2021
Netflix Documentary Review: Murder Among the Mormons
A particularly good telling of a true-crime story that rocked the Mormon church in the 1980s dealing with a master forger, the ramifications of him fooling the church, and what he did to cover up his crimes. I enjoyed it because I read the in-depth story via a book called "A Gathering of Saints" and it was great to see it come to life. #murderamongthemormons #markhofman #truecrime
March 13, 2021
Hulu Movie Review: Boss Level
Do like time loop movies? Do you like shoot'em up video games? Yeah, you're gonna like this. Frank Grillo is excellent as the shooter in this live action video game that plays well with the rules of time loop movies. Best of its genre since "Edge of Tomorrow" or "Live Die Repeat". #bosslevel #frankgrillo
March 7, 2021
Amazon Movie Review: Coming 2 America
Did you ask for the nostalgic cash grab? Me neither. Murphy and company hit most of their marks, but it still doesn't et many laughs that weren't in the original.  #coming2america #eddiemurphy
March 6, 2021
Netflix Movie Review: I Care a Lot
A decidedly mixed tone makes this hard to recommend to most people. While going to a black comedy feel, it has more in common with a mobster flick. Performances by Pike, Dinklage, and Wiest make it worth a watch, but not everyone's cup of tea.  #icarealot #rosamondpike #peterdinklage
February 20, 2021
Hulu Movie Review: Nomadland
As a contender for Oscar, this meditative look at the camper/van lifestyle of retirees and people who want to live off the grid is anchored by an award-winning performance by Frances McDormand.  #nomadland #oscar #mcdormand #eternals
February 20, 2021
Netflix Movie Review: Space Sweepers
Take the movies of Neill Blomkamp like District 9 and Elysium and mix them with the gungho antics of Guardian of the Galaxy with South Korean production values and you get a decent action movie. 
February 14, 2021
Amazon Movie Review: Map of Tiny Perfect Things
Valentine's Day? Low-key young adult time loop movie? Sure, why not?  Me completely screwing up the name at least once in the review? #kathrynnewton #mapoftinyperfectthings #levgrossman
February 14, 2021
Netflix Review: Lupin
Did you like Ocean's Eleven? BBC's Sherlock? Then you will probably like this French series about a man who emulates his favorite REAL French gentleman thief character to get revenge. #Lupin #lupinnetflix #omarsy
January 23, 2021
Netflix Movie Review: Outside the Wire
A hodge podge of futuristic war ideas that plays like the cinematics of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare but with worse acting. Mackie needs to make better choices than this.  #outsidethewire #anthonymackie
January 17, 2021
Netflix Review: Cobra Kai
Your favorite chop socky boomers are back for season three of the nostalgia-thon. And it works. Like really well.  #cobrakai #karatekid
January 11, 2021
Netflix Review: Alice in Borderland
Engaging if violent nihilistic and dystopian take on "Alice in Wonderland." Comparisons to "Lost," "The Prisoner," and "Battle Royale" are very appropriate.  #aliceinborderland #chishiya #arisu #hatter
December 31, 2020
Movie Review: Wonder Woman 1984
What you have seen is pretty true. Mostly a missed opportunity. Suffered from superhero sequelitis. #wonderwoman #ww1984 #ww84 #dc  #dcuniverse #galgadot  #dceu  #ww #dianaprince 
December 26, 2020
Amazon Movie Review: Sound of Metal
Riz Ahmed gives a star turning performance as a drummer who goes deaf over night. It acts as mediation on being alone and directly dealing with problems head on. 
December 24, 2020
Netflix Movie Review: Ma Rainey's Black Bottom
Mixed emotions with the performances on this movie. It is great to see Chadwick Boseman's last performance be such a powerhouse. Definitely worth your time. 
December 24, 2020
Netflix Movie Review: Midnight Sky
Should you give George Clooney's sci-fi epic a chance? A derivative affair from a book, while the technical side and performances are worth looking at, it might be a bit too long  and overwrought for most people. 
December 24, 2020
Netflix Movie Review: Christmas Chronicles 2
Kurt Russell is back with the girl from the first one to save Christmas again from a rogue elf.  Nothing crazy, but a good solid story similar to the first on the importance of family.  #thechristmaschronicles #thechristmaschronicles2 #christmasmovies
December 6, 2020
Hulu Movie Review: Happiest Season (Christmas Movies)
Kicking off the Christmas movie season with a new one from Clea DuVall daughter of Robert... Standard rom-com set in Pittsburgh PA which has decent cast and fairly well done. Does rip from other in the genre but in a competent manner. Other than the gay part of the relationship, nothing staggeringly new here?  Worth a watch, but not going into my holiday rotation.  #happiestseason #harperstinks #abbyandriley
December 6, 2020
Netflix Review: Mosul
From the Russo Brothers (as producers) comes a similar production to their last Netflix movie, Extraction with Chris Hemsworth. Set in Iraq, where a special police force is trying to take down ISIS fighters in Mosul, a similar story to Blackhawk Down with some flavor for the region and the times. 
December 4, 2020
Amazon TV Review: Good Lord Bird
Ethan Hawke does double duty bringing a fictionalized account of the abolitionist to life through the eyes of youthful tagalong. Does a phenomenal job- listen to learn more!  #goodlordbird #ethanhawke #thegoodlordbird #johnbrown #joshuacalebjohnson
November 30, 2020
Amazon Movie Review: Uncle Frank
A fantastic coming of age/coming out story told by Alan Ball, the creator of Six Feet Under- filmed primarily in North Carolina. While slightly sugary, still does a phenomenal job. 
November 28, 2020
Netflix Review: Queen's Gambit
A Great depiction of #chess in #netflix #thequeensgambit.  Hard to believe that Anya Taylor Joy isn't going to have a great career and that the stunning cast was used so well.  The direction and writing by Scott Frank is on point. 
November 18, 2020
Online App Review: WaveApps
Been using this financial small business tool for years. Recommend it and use it frequently as alternative to Quickbooks. #quickbooks #waveapps #cashflow #smallbusiness
November 2, 2020
Halloween TV Review: Truthseekers
Truth Seekers, a half-hour comedy-horror series about a three-person paranormal investigation team. Learn more on IMDB:
October 31, 2020
Halloween Movie Review: Pontypool
While I say it WAS on Netflix, you can only find it on SHUDDER streaming now:
October 31, 2020