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To Love the Life We Live

To Love the Life We Live

By Heidi Altree
We scour the internet to bring you the most relevant, thought-provoking and powerful articles about sustainable living from news and blogs around the world to help you to love your life, our planet, and each other.
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Episode 32: What is Organic Cotton
In this episode we explore the difference between conventional and organic cotton, and why it's so important to choose organic, or at minimum, cotton from certified producers.   Article: "What is Organic Cotton, How It's Made, & Why It's Better"   Blog: Ethical Unicorn Instagram: @ethicalunicorn Host: Heidi Altree Instagram: @heidialtree or @tolovethelifewelive
February 24, 2020
Episode 31: Snuggle Coats and 4 other Friday High Five Stories!
This week we high-five these ethical heros: Chase Nyeland-Square, Prince Charles, Arizona Public Service, Snuggle Coats and Mattel! Article from: References: School Closet Started by Eight-Grader to Give Clothes to Classmates in Need Prince Charles Launches Sustainability Initiative at Davos Arizona's Biggest Utility Now Wants to go Carbon-Free Snuggle Coats brings Furs back to the Animals! Mattel Unveils Toys Made From Bio-Plastics
January 31, 2020
Episode 30: Ask Everlane to Stop Union Busting
Sign the petition here!
January 27, 2020
Episode 29: Friday High-Fives for week of January 20th.
This week is we high-five for companies making bold moves to fight climate change, as well as, a vegan ice cream promoting plant-based alternatives and date nights at home.  Enjoy! Microsoft President Says This is the Next 'Tidal Wave' Among Companies in 2020. Patagonia’s CEO is donating company’s entire $10M Trump tax cut to fight climate change. Single-use Plastic: China to Ban Bags and Other Items Starbucks Sets New Sustainability Goal for Decade Ben and Jerry's Just Announced a Netflix & Chill'd Vegan Icecream Flavor Host: Heidi Altree Instagram: @heidialtree or @tolovethelifewelive
January 24, 2020
Episode 28: Why Are Bees Important
We've all heard the quote, “If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have 4 years left to live”, but why?  Do we even know why honey bees are so important and what we can do to protect bee populations?  Joanna from the blog explains.  Article: Living in Symbiosis with Nature - A Case for Bee Conservation and Why it is so Important  Blog: Instagram: @planetbanana_ Host: Heidi Altree Instagram: @heidialtree and @tolovethelifewelive
January 20, 2020
Episode 27: How Ethical & Sustainable is H&M Home
Today we welcome back Jill from Ethical Home Edit, and today we are going to learn just how sustainable H&M Home is. H&M is tricky, and you’ll hear later that Jill struggles with H&M as well. Here’s the issue, H&M is becoming more transparent about their supply chain, labor, pay and are trying to use more sustainable textiles in their clothes, and now their home, lines. This is admirable and goes well beyond what we get from most retailers today.  However, H&M still produces too many clothes, too often and most of the time, poor- quality, which means the lifespan of those garments are very short, either because they go out of trend or fall apart. Either way ending up in a landfill far to early and again, far too often. Blog: Ethical Home Edit Article: Reviewed: How Ethical and Sustainable is H&M Home Host: Heidi Altree Instagram: @heidialtree or @tolovethelifewelive
January 14, 2020
Episode 26: A Realistic Guide to Starting Zero-Waste Living
Trying to go zero-waste or use less plastic this year?  Fantastic!  We got your back with another inspiring article from Izzy Mcleod, The Quirky Environmentalist.  Today's article, "A Realistic Guide to Starting Zero-Waste Living" provides tips to help you move closer to zero-waste living, as well as provides 10 easy zero-waste swaps you can make right away!!   Make sure you also visit the article for more great resources: A Realist Guide Starting to Zero-Waste Living Author: Izzy McLeod @muccycloud Blog: The Quirky Environmentalist  Host: Heidi Altree Instagram: @HeidiAltree or @tolovethelifewelive
January 13, 2020
Episode 25: First Friday High-Fives of 2020!
January 10, 2020
Episode 23: 11 Self-care Tips for a Happy and Effective Activist
This episode, we take a break being an activist to talk about self-care.  Being passionate about a topic and working diligently to advocate on the matter can take its toll on the mind and body.  That's why it's so important to check out, decompress and practice self-care.   Article: 11 Self-care Tips For A Happy & Effective Activist Blog: Hazaar the Bazaar Instagram: @hazaarthebazaar Host: Heidi Altree Instagram: @heidialtree or @tolovethelifewelive
January 8, 2020
Episode 22: How to Raise an Eco Conscious Child
Eco-conscious parents, this episode is for you.  Today I am sharing a lovely article written by Emma Gibbs.  Emma is a journalist and founder of A Life Lived Lightly.   Emma started taking a broader look a the world around her after she had her first child.  Now, she shares her journey, wisdom, and advice on her blog.  I think you will really love this episode.  It is short, but it is full of thoughtful ideas on how to raise an eco-conscious child in a not-so-eco-friendly world.  Enjoy Article: How to Raise An Eco-Conscious Child Written by: Emma Gibbs from her website: A Life Lived Lightly Instagram: Host: Heidi Altree Instagram: @heidialtree Podcast: @tolovethelifewelive
January 7, 2020
Episode 21: My Top Tips for New Vegetarians and Vegans
Happy New Year listeners!  A new year usually means new resolutions.  If yours includes adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet, or maybe something in the middle, this episode is for you.  Written by the talented vegan blogger Sarah Dean, I'm reading her article "My Top Tips for New Vegetarians and Vegans" from her blog More Than Greens.   Article: My Top Tips for New Vegetarians and Vegans  Author: Sarah Dean @morethangreens Blog: More Than Greens Host: Heidi Altree Instagram: @heidialtree or @tolovethelifewelive
January 6, 2020
Christmas Special: Why There Won't Be Gift Under My Tree this Year
Happy Holidays Everyone! Just stopping by to share my holiday post, "Why There Won't Be Gifts Under My Tree This Year." Written by Heidi Altree on Host: Heidi Altree Instagram: @heidialtree and @tolovethelifewelive Episode dedicated to The Hampton Family, #shinebrightforemily
December 24, 2019
Episode 20 - Why China's Emissions Are So High & How the Compare to Other Countries
Everyone wants to point their finger at China and blame them for everything that is wrong with the environment, yet the US is the country that pulled out of the Paris Agreement.  Today's article takes a fact-based look at China's emissions and objectively compares their emissions and progress to that of other countries.  This is an eye-opening article likely to change your perspective of China as the most polluting country in the world.  Article: Why China's Emissions Are So High & How They Actually Compare to Other Countries Author: Francesca Willow on Follow Francesca on Instagram: @ethicalunicorn Host: Heidi Altree IG: @heidialtree & @tolovethelifewelive
December 11, 2019
Episode 19: 20 Insanely Useful Vegan Travel Hacks (part 2 of 2)
Travel can be stressful.  Add any dietary restrictions and it can be downright frustrating.  And, if you live a vegan lifestyle it can begin to feel impossible.   But, Anna and Alex from compiled a list of 20 Insanely Useful Vegan Hacks to help you along the way.  The two have been traveling the world as vegans for over 30 years and know from experience how to ensure you have the perfect vegan vacation. Not vegan, don't worry!  So many of their tips can be used for anyone who travels with any sort of diety needs.  This is part 2 of 2 episodes covering vegan travel hacks 11-20!  Article:  Follow Anna for more insanely useful travel hacks! Instagram: @my_travel_scrapbook  Host: Heidi Altree  IG: @heidialtree & @tolovethelifewelive
December 10, 2019
Episode 18: 20 Insanely Useful Vegan Travel Hacks (part 1 of 2)
Travel can be stressful.  Add any dietary restrictions and it can be downright frustrating.  And, if you live a vegan lifestyle it can begin to feel impossible.   But, Anna and Alex from compiled a list of 20 Insanely Useful Vegan Hacks to help you along the way.  The two have been traveling the world as vegans for over 30 years and know from experience how to ensure you have the perfect vegan vacation.   Not vegan, don't worry!  So many of their tips can be used for anyone who travels with any sort of diety needs.   This is part 1 of 2 episodes covering vegan travel hacks 1 - 10. Article: Follow Anna for more insanely useful travel hacks! Instagram: @my_travel_scrapbook Host: Heidi Altree IG: @heidialtree & @tolovethelifewelive
December 9, 2019
Episode 17: 10 More Ways to Live a More Sustainable Life
Excited to share the article "10 More Ways to Live a Sustainable Life" by Whimsey In Her Wardrobe.  These are easy suggestions to start transforming your lifestyle to be more sustainable.   Be sure to visit the article for actual product suggestions!  They are good!  Article: 10 More Ways to Live a More Sustainable Life Blog: Whimsey In Her Wardrobe Instagram: @FairyPrincessJord Download to make your own podcast or visit the show page at  To Love the Life We Live Host: Heidi Altree IG: @HeidiAltree  or  @toLovetheLifeWeLive
December 3, 2019
Episode 16: Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Wrapping Paper
With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and now Cyber-Monday behind us we need to find eco-friendly alternatives to wrapping paper - News Flash - most wrapping paper is NOT recyclable.  Today we read an article from titled, "Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Wrapping Paper - #cutthewrap" #cutthewrap challenge by Eco Thrifty Living - sign up here!  Host: Heidi Altree Instagram: @heidialtree and @tolovethelifewelive
December 2, 2019
Episode 15: Friday High0-Fives - Week of Nov. 25th
Host: Heidi Altree Instagram: @heidialtree
November 29, 2019
Episode 14: Thanksgiving Special: m+a naturals
Happy Thanksgiving! In today’s Thanksgiving Day special I introduce you to small business owner Marisa Komper of m+a naturals and share her journey from kindergarten teacher to the owner of an organic skincare company. If you’re looking for a unique a special gift this holiday season, you will want m+a naturals.  Shop m+a naturals at  Instagram: @manaturalsco Host: Heidi Altree  Instagram: @HeidiAltree
November 28, 2019
Episode 13: Why Actions Speak Louder than Words When it Comes to Sustainability
In this episode, we discuss how brands communicate their goals and progress in creating a sustainable and ethically-made supply chain.  Jill with The Ethical Home Edit shares a story about one brand being upset she gave them a "below average" rating in regards to sustainability and explains why it's important to understand not only where and how a brand intends to become more sustainable and ethical, but also what progress has been made (or not).  It's short and sweet but a lot of good information here! Article: Why Actions Speak Louder Than Words When It Comes to Sustainability Follow The Ethical Home Edit on Instagram: @theethicalhomeedit Start your own podcast with Host: Heidi Altree Instagram: @heidialtree
November 27, 2019
Episode 12: The Eco Warrior Starter Kit
The hardest part about getting started is getting started!  That's why today I'm sharing a simple and easy way to get started by reading Joanna's article, "The Eco-Warrior Starter Kit" from her blog  Her list is simple and comprehensible, and her product suggestions are easy to find.  You don't want to miss this read!   Check out all these great products, ideas, and pictures here! Follow Joanna on Instagram @planetbananna_ Start your own podcast at Host: Heidi Altree Instagram: @heidialtree
November 26, 2019
Episode 11: Does Forever 21 Bankruptcy Signal The Death of Fast Fashion
Fast fashion giant, Forever 21 announced they are filing for bankruptcy.  Today we explore if this is the beginning of the end for fast fashion or just another retailer who can't keep up with the online shopping world?   Article: "Does Forever 21 Bankruptcy Signal the Death of Fast Fashion?"  Written by Izzy Mcloed, The Quirky Environmentalist   Izzy on Instagram: @muccycloud  References:  What is Greenwashing  Host: Heidi Altree  Instagram: @heidialtree
November 25, 2019
Episode 10: Friday Five High-Fives - Week of Nov. 11
Happy Friday!  Fridays have always been the best day of the week, maybe next to Saturday.  But I'm loving the Friday High Five Series on the podcast.  Each Friday we celebrate people and organizations doing eco-fabulous things and present them with virtual high-fives.  We have a lot to cover this week, including news about 2 major retailers and my new hero, Jane Fonda.  Let's get started. Host: Heidi Altree  IG: @HeidiAltree  Brought to you by References: Ikea to Use Mushroom Packaging That Will Decompose in Garden in Weeks  Collier County, The Facts On Styrofoam  Today: Brands Fighting Climate Change Dutch Meat Giant Vion Just Made It’s Beef Facility Vegan Dean Food's  America's Largest Milk Producer Files for Bankruptcy Costco to be First Major Retailer to Stop Selling Monsanto's Roundup Herbicide.  Wikipedia: Roundup  Forbes: The Fashion Industry Has A Huge Problem. Meet the Entrepreneur Who's Fixing It.  CNN: "Jane Fonda Got Arrested Four Friday's in Row" Harper Bazaar: "Jane Fonda's Signature Red Coat Is the "Last Piece of Clothing" She'll Ever Buy"
November 15, 2019
Episode 9: Why Yoga Changed My Life
Sustainable living is more than just taking care of the planet by making eco-conscious decisions, it's also about taking care of your mind, body, and soul to ensure you live a long, healthy life - one that can appreciate the planet we are trying to save.  Today we read an article written by Natalia, a sustainable fashion blogger, and yoga enthusiast.  Natalia shares how yoga has changed her life, AND where to find the best sustainable activewear.  One good deed for the planet and one for me! Shop Girlfriend Collective at Article originally published here. Follow Revari on IG: @shoprevari Follow Natalia from MarMag Creation @marmag.creation Host: Heidi Altree IG: @HeidiAltree
November 14, 2019
Episode 8: Erase Your Face
Today we continue exploring zero-waste products for the bathroom.  In today's episode, I read an article from where she reviews zero-waste facial wipes "Erase Your Face".  You don't want to miss this affordable and zero-waste face washing solution! Follow Ashley on Instagram: @smashinglyashley_ and on her website at Link to article: Erase Your Face Host: Heidi Altree IG: @HeidiAltree
November 13, 2019
Episode 7: Low-Waste Shower. By
The bathroom is full of plastic products, most of which will never be recycled. In today’s episode, we explore the best shower products to reduce plastic waste and get closer to a zero-waste shower. You will definitely want to hear what Luisa is using to get her hair so soft!  Originally published on  Read full article with links here.   Follow Luisa on Instagram @living_ananda  Host: Heidi Altree  IG: @HeidiAltree
November 12, 2019
Episode 6: Does the Sustainable Fashion Movement Hurt Garment Workers
Re/make is a nonprofit that is igniting a conscious consumer movement to turn fashion into a force for good.  They are on a mission to help 1 million people remake their closets with fashion that respects women and the planet by 2025.  Their motto, #wearyourvalues. There is something the fashion industry doesn't want you to know, and that is the dangerous and unethical working conditions of garment workers, especially those who work for fast-fashion brands.  Slow fashion, or sustainable fashion, advocates aim to educate people on how to buy less and/or buy better.  It a commendable mission and a way to vote with our pockets, but what does that mean for the garment workers whose livelihood depends on the wages coming from fast fashion?  Will those factories step up with better working conditions and pay, or will the garment workers suffer from less business.  Remake founder Ayesha Barenblat tackles this complex issue in her article: Does the Sustainable Fashion Movement Hurt Garment Workers? For more information on how to join the Re/make movement click here. Follow Re/make on Instagram @remakeourworld Follow Ayesha on Twitter @abarenblat Host: Heidi Altree IG: @HeidiAltree
November 11, 2019
Ep. 5: Friday High Fives (Nov. 8)
Friday High Fives! Each Friday we celebrate the close of the week with the best, most uplifting recent news.
November 8, 2019
Episode 4: 12 Shakes to Reduce Paper Towel Waste
Today we explore Joe Smith's genius method to washing your hands that will save 571 million pounds of paper towel waste per year.  It's so simple, yet has a huge impact on the environment.  You will never dry your hands the same way after learning this easy method.   Article approved by Heidi Altree.  Read the article and watch the TedTalk Video article here.  Ted Talk: Joe Smith, How to Use A Paper Towel Host: Heidi Altree IG: @HeidiAltree
November 7, 2019
Ep. 3: Keeping Fit And Living a Sustainable Lifestyle, by
Today we explore how you can incorporate sustainability into everyday activities, like keeping fit, with Anna from her blog AnnatheApple.   Anna is an avid runner and foodie.  She is passionate about sharing her long runs, sports advice, and food with her readers.   Article approved by Anna from  Originally published here. Follow Anna on Instagram @annatheappleblog, and if you love running, and apples, as much as Anna, check out her blog at Host: Heidi Altree IG: @HeidiAltree
November 6, 2019
Ep. 2: Plastic-Free Frozen Fruit, By The Zero-Waste Chef
Anne Marie is the author of the Zero-Waste Chef:  Anne Marie went plastic-free in 2011.  After realizing most of her waste was coming from the kitchen she turned to farmer's markets to try to reduce waste by shopping local.  She buys in bulk, avoids packaged foods, and aims to make most of her food from scratch.   Anne Marie works intentionally to achieve a zero-waste kitchen in her home and shares her best practices on the blog  Today we learn how Anne Marie avoids the plastic containers strawberries are sold in and how to freeze berries with zero-waste.   Article Approved by Anne Marie.  Originally published: The Guardian Article referenced: Host: Heidi Altree Instagram: @heidialtree Website:
November 5, 2019
Episode 1: “Buy Less. Buy Better. Are you Joining the Movement”
Welcome to the first episode of To Love the Life We Live. Laura Madden is a sustainable fashion influencer, model and advocate.  Laura is passionate about sustainable fashion.  She is a global ambassador and board member for Remake.World, a non-profit organization on a crusade to turn fashion into a force of good.  Laura walks the walk and talks the talk, typically in secondhand clothes.  Today's article: "Buy Less. Buy Better. Are you Joining the Movement?" She's kicking off a #NothingNewNovember Challenge to promote secondhand shopping.  Learn more about the challenge from today's episode by following Laura here: Instagram: @iamlauramadden Website: Learn more about here Get started with your own podcast at Article approved by Laura Madden and originally published here.  Host: Heidi Altree IG: @HeidiAltree
November 4, 2019
Coming soon: To Love The Life We Live
The sustainable living podcast that curates the most important content from news and blogs around the world and brings them to you each weekday!
October 19, 2019