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Wisdom for a Crazy World

Wisdom for a Crazy World

By Tom McQueen
Tom "Steve" McQueen, M.Div. has devoted his life and vocation to guiding children, couples, executives, and organizations on a path to personal fulfillment and professional success.

An award-winning, best-selling author, hospice chaplain, and retired licensed marriage and family therapist, Tom's advice has been sought by those wanting concrete and practical answers to problems, challenges, and obstacles in their lives.

Tune-in to Wisdom for a Crazy World and you will be rewarded with insights and information that will enrich you, your family, your community, and your business.

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Christ Lessons: July Edition
The life of Jesus Christ is the most powerful story that we can study in our lives as Christians. For each of us, recognizing the lessons that Jesus taught us and applying those lessons in our personal and family journeys is our greatest challenge. Join out host, Tom McQueen for a look at some of the Christ lessons he has learned throughout his life and career. 
July 09, 2021
Understanding Your Life's Mission: Language Matters.
With all of the turmoil in our world today, it's a daily challenge to focus on what really matters in life. Join our host, Tom McQueen, as he takes a close look at the mission we have as Christians, the obstacles we face in accomplishing that mission, and what we need to do make our world a better place.
May 16, 2021
Dying Hospice Patients Questions About Easter
During his ministry to hospice patients in the Tampa Bay area, our host, Tom McQueen, listened to many questions about life and death. Join us for this powerful Easter podcast and discover how his answers to those patients can change your life today. And enjoy a special performance by Christian recording artist, Lauren Daigle.
April 04, 2021
God Save The Children
What's happening to our children in our homes, in our streets, and in our schools is unconscionable. Child abuse of every kind, human trafficking, and religious persecution are just a few of the major crises that our young people encounter on a daily basis. Join our host, Tom McQueen, for a look at this scourge on our society as he offers us some hope for the future. Don't miss this episode!
February 28, 2021
The Identified Patient Syndrome in Dysfunctional Families
Our host, Tom McQueen, is a retired licensed marriage and family therapist. In the course of his career, he counseled hundreds of families, many of which were poisoned by what is known as the "Identified Patient" syndrome. When children suffer because they bear the burden of the identified patient label, the tragedy is even more catastrophic long-term. Tune-in to our podcast this week and find out what you can do to escape the trap of the "Identified Patient" syndrome in your family.
February 10, 2021
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night... 7 Goals for Guiding A New Generation.
What Dylan Thomas wrote, "Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage, against the dying of the light" is something that mirrors the thoughts and feelings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Tune in to this powerful episode and our host, Tom McQueen, will give you his take on what that phrase means in 2021 for parents and our nation's younger generation.
January 20, 2021
Traits of a Healthy Family in 2021
From his years of practice as a licensed marriage and family therapist, our host, Tom McQueen, has a collection of great tips for families as they begin the new year. Don't miss this first episode of 2021 and get your family off to an emotionally healthy start!
January 01, 2021
The Great Revival of 2021
We can complain all we want about a what terrible year we experienced in 2021. Our host, Tom McQueen, chooses to view it from a more uplifting perspective. Join us for a special end-of-the-year episode and find out how the year of the pandemic sets the stage for the Revival of 2021.
December 24, 2020
The Three Gifts of Christmas
While the magi brought the Christ-child gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, in our modern day we celebrate three  different gifts at Christmas. Join our host, Tom McQueen, for our special Christmas show and discover how powerful those three Christmas gifts can be to us, to our families, and to the world. Don't miss it!
December 18, 2020
Thanksgiving: What Are We Thankful For?
This is a special Thanksgiving episode on "Wisdom For A Crazy World." We have interviews with 20 homeless people and their thoughts on Thanksgiving that you don't want to miss. And our host, Tom McQueen, promised a special Thanksgiving song from one his favorite singers. Don't miss it and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
November 22, 2020
CoVid 19 - Five Lessons from God
Unquestionably, CoVid-19 is a burden of epic proportion on the world in which we live. But what can we learn from our journey through these difficult times? Join our host, Tom McQueen, as he shares with his listeners the five lessons that God seems to be trying to teach us in the midst of this horrific pandemic.
November 11, 2020
Firefighters: God's Special Saints
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
The vocation of a firefighter is a special calling. Join our host, Tom McQueen, as he shares his unique perspective on the fire service. This episode is dedicated to Sean Duff --- a Marine, firefighter/paramedic with extraordinary competence, courage, and compassion....may he rest comfortably in God's loving arms. 
November 02, 2020
Twenty-first Century Saints --- Where Are They?
With all of the hate, division, and unrest plaguing our country today, are there any "saints" left in this world? Our host, Tom McQueen, has an interesting take on the topic in this thought-provoking episode of Wisdom For A Crazy World. DON'T MISS IT!
October 22, 2020
Following Jesus Isn't a Part-time Job
People often ask, "What does it mean to live a Christian life?" Our host, Tom McQueen, has a few insights to share on the difference between "doing your faith" and "living your faith" and what that means practically for twenty-first century travelers. Tune-in for this intriguing and thought-provoking episode!
October 01, 2020
The Pandemic: What's God Telling Us About Our Future?
We're nine months into the pandemic and what's changed? More importantly, what's God telling us about our world, our country, our families and ourselves? Our host, Tom McQueen, has some insights that will cause you to stop, think, feel, and maybe make a personal course correction or two in your own life. Don't miss one of the most important episodes ever on Wisdom for a Crazy World!
September 06, 2020
Jesus Stood For The First Amendment
One of life's fundamental questions is: "What Would Jesus Do?" in any given situation Join our host Tom McQueen, as he gives us a glimpse of the public ministry of Jesus Christ with some very powerful advice. Special guest appearance by Tim McGraw and he has a little advice of his own. Don't miss this episode!
August 19, 2020
God Is The Only Answer!
Exciting news from our host, Tom McQueen, on his latest project as well as a hard look at the current cultural climate in the United States. Can politics solve people problems? Can masks solve the Chinese virus? Does destroying our statues and communities  put and end to hate? Tune-in for this important episode.
July 25, 2020
Independence Day 2020 --- With a Gift From Lee Greenwood
Our host, Tom McQueen, requested that we do a special podcast celebrating Independence Day, 2020. Enjoy Tom's take on what it means to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.
July 03, 2020
America Gone Crazy! The Path Back To Sanity!
It would be an understatement to say that we're living in troubled times in the United States of America. Our host, Tom McQueen, will tell you that politics isn't the solution. But he does have a sure-fire way to stem the tide of hate and violence that characterizes our current culture. Tune in to this week's podcast and discover a path back to sanity.
June 27, 2020
"Let's Defund the Police!" Say WHAT???
The city of Minneapolis has begun taking steps to defund their police department. The cities of Los Angeles and New York have already cut their budgets and directed funds elsewhere. Our host, Tom McQueen, has a few ideas of his own on policing in our country. Tune-in to this week's episode and share your opinion on this emotionally charged topic.
June 09, 2020
Grandparents: One of God's Most Important Instruments
We all celebrate the major holidays in our country ---- Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day --- and so on. But if you asked people to let you know what day is set aside each year in our country to celebrate Grandparents Day, the overwhelming majority wouldn't be able to let you know. Tune in this week and listen to our host and grandfather, Tom McQueen, as he shares with his listeners the importance of embracing the vocation of being a grandparent.
May 27, 2020
Why Do Our Children Matter?
Today we're witnessing "Matters" movements throughout our nation......Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter.....Women's Lives Matter.....and the list goes on. According to our host, Tom McQueen, everyone's life matters. During today's episode, though, Tom takes a special look at what we as adults can learn from our children that will help make the world a better place. Don't miss this touching episode with two special guests.....11yo Ethan McQueen, and a repeat performance by 13yo Maya Grace Fischbein.
May 21, 2020
Yelling At Your Kids: The Long-term Catastrophic Damage
Yelling at your kids is never an effective long-term strategy for healthy emotional development. As a retired licensed marriage and family therapist, our host, Tom McQueen, counseled his share of parents for whom yelling was a parental tool for effective discipline. Tune-in to our episode this week and 1) discover the unfortunate consequences of being a "yelling parent," and  2) learn tools that will make your life quieter, calmer, and much more parentally effective.
May 15, 2020
5 Things Parents Need to Give Their Children to Foster Emotional Health
Our host, Tom McQueen, counseled countless children and their parents in his practice as a licensed marriage and family therapist. Over the years, he concluded that when parents give their children five things throughout the course of their development, they will be blessed with emotionally healthy young men and women. Tune in to this captivating episode on child development and your children and grandchildren will be richly blessed. Special guest: 13yo recording artist, Maya Fischbein!
May 05, 2020
MERCY: The 21st Century Path to a Better Life
The producers at Wisdom for a Crazy World receive literally hundreds of suggestions for show topics from around the world. Our host, Tom McQueen, stumbled upon this week's topic, however, when he heard his pastor talking about MERCY. Join Tom this week for an enlightening look at just how MERCY can transfer our world for the better. Don't miss this episode!
April 27, 2020
CoVid-19- Surviving Emotionally During and Post-Pandemic
People are struggling emotionally during the pandemic....adults....children....old....young. What's happening now and what will happen when the pandemic subsides? Wisdom for a Crazy World is honored to welcome as a special guest this week, Dr. Steve Lansing, CEO and Clinical Director of EmpowerCTC in Rochester, Minnesota. Don't miss this highly informative episode and visit Dr. Steve at And don't miss a special treat from Lauren Daigle at the end of the show....
April 22, 2020
CoVid-19 - What Is God REALLY Telling Us?
Our host, Tom McQueen, has listened to some profound, nonsensical, and outrageous explanations as to why our world is being held hostage by the coronavirus. During our show this week Tom will rely upon his study of philosophy and theology and his hands-on work as a chaplain to answer one fundamental question: What is God REALLY telling us about CoVid-19? Don't miss this episode!
April 16, 2020
Captain Brett Crozier: I Salute You!
Captain Brett Crozier was relieved of his command of the USS Theodore Roosevelt last week by the Navy. Our host, Tom McQueen, has some definite opinions on this topic, so be sure to tune-in and listen to this controversial episode. Meanwhile, pray for Captain Crozier and all those sailors aboard the Roosevelt that contracted CoVid-19. And while you're waiting for the show, here's what his crew thought of Captain Crozier as he left his command:
April 07, 2020
What Admiral Stockdale Taught Us About Surviving CoVid-19.
When President Trump extended the stay-at-home guidelines until at least April 30th to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus, there was a collective gasp heard throughout the land.  "What are we going to do now?" "How will we ever survive?" "What if he has to extend the quarantine even longer?" An esteemed Medal of Honor military hero and a POW for over seven years at the "Hanoi Hilton"  during the Viet Nam war, Admiral James Stockdale left us one priceless piece of advice for managing ourselves during these stressful and uncertain times. Tune-in to our podcast this Thursday, April 2nd, as our host, Tom McQueen, shares Admiral Stockdale's wisdom and counsel.
March 31, 2020
Six Behaviors That Will Enrich Your Life During CoVid-19! Special Guest: Ethan McQueen.
People are always looking for things to do that will make them happier, healthier, and more productive. Often they waste a lot of time and energy focusing their attention on "doing something" rather than "being someone." Join our host Tom McQueen for a refreshing look at his 6-step approach to getting the most out of life using gifts that are already in our possession.
March 27, 2020
America Shut Down! Now What Do We Do?
"OMG! I have to stay home and do nothing? How are we going to survive?" Our host, Tom McQueen, heard that question more than once during the past couple of days. Tune in to Wisdom for a Crazy World this week for some insightful tips on how you can turn the challenge of CoVid 19 into a victory for you and your family.
March 19, 2020
Managing CoVid 19 Mania: One Powerful Solution Seldom Discussed
The coronavirus has a grip on our nation as well as the entire world. People are sick, People are dying. People are panicking. With all of the solutions and strategic plans offered for managing and hopefully eradicating the pandemic, there is one powerful solution seldom discussed by the media. Join our host, Tom McQueen, for this episode because he's not afraid to talk about it.
March 14, 2020
Does Every Child Have A Right To Life?
This isn't an episode for the faint of heart. Join our host, Tom McQueen, as he reviews the abortion crisis in America. "Does every child have a right to life?" Tune in to this week's episode for Tom's insights and answers. 
March 05, 2020
The Politics of Personal Destruction
All we need to do is turn on our local news channel and listen to politicians, business people, and regular citizens engaging in the cruelest of all human behavior --- the politics of personal destruction. Join our host, Tom McQueen, on  Wisdom for a Crazy World this week for a crash course on how to survive those desperate and diabolical characters who have nothing better to do than to make your life miserable.
February 28, 2020
Five Questions God Might Ask Us When We Die
Life passes pretty quickly. In the course of human existence, we have such little time to make a difference in our world. Join our host, Tom McQueen, for a reflective look at. the five questions God might ask us when we die. And as we think about our future answers, it may help create a positive direction for our path in life..
February 21, 2020
Is There Hope For The United States of America?
When the politics of personal destruction and hate occupy the majority of the media's attention, the very life of that nation's culture is in perilous jeopardy. Join our host, Tom McQueen, as he offers his insights on what we need to do and where need to turn in order to preserve a prosperous future for our children and grandchildren.
February 06, 2020
Shannon's Legacy: We Can All Make A Difference!
Shannon was a 28yo homeless woman who lived in the woods on the west coast of Florida. Join our host, Tom McQueen, and learn how Shannon transformed the lives of those who knew her and how, in our own lives, we can do the same.
January 31, 2020
Questions God Wants Us To Ask Ourselves
Life is hectic. We have families, jobs, and responsibilities. We're born and before you know it, we're old and then we die. Did we experience life the way God would like us to? Maybe if we routinely asked ourselves certain fundamental questions, our earthly existence might be more meaningful and rewarding. Join our host, Tom McQueen, and he'll give us some insight on how we might experience life in a manner that will fulfill our destiny as human beings while being a hope and a help to one another.
January 24, 2020
What Parents Need To Know About Bullying!
While the kidnapping of a child was once a parent's greatest fear, research shows that bullying is now the #1 concern of parents of children in elementary, middle, and high school. Join our host, Tom McQueen, for a frank discussion about what parents need to know and what they can do to address this ever-present danger in our schools and communities.
January 16, 2020
8 Signs You're Dealing With An Inauthentic Person
In order to make a positive contribution in today's world, it's helpful to be able to detect and manage your interactions with inauthentic people. Sincerity and genuineness are traits that build meaningful personal and business relationships. Inauthentic people choose a different path for managing life. Join our host, Tom McQueen, as he helps us to understand the motivations and behaviors of those that embrace disingenuousness and deceit as a way of life.
January 10, 2020
Why YOUR Life Matters!
As we embark upon a new year and another decade, it's time to take a look at our place and our purpose in this world. Join our host, Tom McQueen, as he shares some valuable insights on what we can do to make this the best year and the best decade ever!
January 02, 2020
New Year's Resolutions? Here's a Different Idea!
New Year's Resolutions? How many have you made and broken in your lifetime? Join our host, Tom McQueen,  for this episode and consider his suggestion for a different type of resolution that will enrich your life while positively impacting the people in your world. Don't miss our last show in season #1 of "Wisdom For A Crazy World."
December 28, 2019
10 Things You Want To Teach Your Children
Parents are the first teachers of their children. And there are ten things that you want to instill in their minds and hearts that will help them journey through life with passion and purpose. Join our host, Tom McQueen, for a quick study on how you can enrich your children's lives immeasurably. Don't miss it!
December 19, 2019
5 Gifts You Can Give To God This Christmas!
Want to enjoy a miraculous Christmas? Join our host, Tom McQueen, and he'll share with you five gifts we can give to God that will enrich our lives a hundredfold throughout the year!
December 14, 2019
Christmas Presence or Presents? What Are You Giving This Year?
As we embrace another welcomed Christmas season, individuals and families think about giving the gifts that will mean the most to their loved ones. Join our host, Tom McQueen as he shares his perspective about which type of gift matters the most, presents or presence. 
December 07, 2019
Celebrating the 3 P's on Thanksgiving!
While Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays at "Wisdom For A Crazy World," in addition to all of the things for which we express our gratitude and thankfulness, it's also a time to remember the three gifts that comprise a life worth living: Purpose, Principles, and Passion. Join our host, Tom McQueen, for this week's very special broadcast worldwide on Thanksgiving Day!
November 28, 2019
I AM G.R.E.A.T! : How To Make The World A Better Place
Tom McQueen's "I Am G.R.E.A.T" program for elementary school children has been receiving rave reviews in the Florida area. Tom has received hundreds of requests to talk about the program on one of his podcasts and explain how it helps kids to develop a positive emotional outlook on life and then use what they learned to make the world a better place. Tune in! You don't want to miss this special show!
November 21, 2019
Six Ways to Communicate with God!
Communicating with God is one of the greatest gifts we have in this world! The question is --- how may people and how often do people really communicate with Him? Our host, Tom McQueen,  shares six ways we can speak with our Creator in the daily course of our lives as well as how important it is to strengthen our relationship with God as we journey through life. Don't miss this podcast!
November 14, 2019
Politicians vs. Public Servants: What Does God Think?
When it comes to elected officials, there's a great chasm between a politician and a public servant --- and it's getting deeper and wider by the day. What would God have to say about the dismal state of the political climate in the United States today? Your host, Tom McQueen, is a Chaplain as well as an elected Fire Commissioner in Florida. Tune=in for his take on how God might view the difference between a politician and a public servant.
November 07, 2019
Are We Going To Heaven When We Die?
As a hospice Chaplain, our host Tom McQueen heard that question on many occasions during his ministry. He also listened to that question from the men, women, and children he counseled throughout his career as a therapist as a coach,. "Are we going to Heaven when we die?" Tune in to our podcast and you may be surprised to hear Tom's answer.
October 31, 2019
Emotionally Healthy People: Their Six Behavioral Traits
Did you ever meet a person that really had their act together? They live life with purpose, passion, and create productive outcomes for themselves and others.  They're really cool people to be around, and in our show today, we'll talk about the six behavioral traits that they all have in common. Join our host, Tom McQueen, for an exciting look at what makes emotionally healthy people successful both personally and professionally.
October 24, 2019
Guardian Angels: WHO are they? WHERE are they? WHY are they?
Unless someone is describing an incredible act of kindness or remembering a loved one that has recently died, "guardian angel" isn't a concept that's talked about or understood in our 21st century way of life. Join our host, Tom McQueen, for a fascinating look at guardian angels and their role in the lives of believers today.
October 17, 2019
Here's Your Communication Style Assessment: It Can Make or Break You!
Communication is to life what blood is to the body. Understanding your communication style using a simple straightforward assessment is the first step toward enriching your relationships at home, at work, and in the community. Our host, Tom McQueen, will demonstrate a long-standing tool that measures how well you engage when you communicate with others. DON'T MISS THIS EPISODE!
October 10, 2019
Grieving Your Losses With Grace
It's not easy when we lose someone we love under any circumstances, some more tragic than others. When death happens we have two choices ---- we can choose to be paralyzed by sadness and grief, or we can experience the grace and dignity of our loved one's death in a very powerful and life-enriching way. Join our host, Tom McQueen, and learn the insights he acquired as a chaplain in a children's cancer unit early in his career, and most recently as a hospice chaplain. 
October 03, 2019
What Did Jesus Mean When He Said...?
Jesus lived among us and during his public ministry shared insights and parables that, if applied to resolving 21st century problems and challenges, would revolutionize the world in which we live. Periodically, an episode of our show will closely examine the teachings of Jesus and how we can use his wisdom to make our families, workplaces, and organizations more meaningful and enriching places in which to live and work. Please join us for this highly impactful episode. 
September 26, 2019
How the "Drama Triangle" Can Ruin Your Family, Business, and Organization and What You Can Do About It
The "Drama Triangle" is a toxic tool for scapegoating an individual in your family, workplace, or organization for the purpose of explaining and/or blaming the dysfunctional behavior of the group. Join Tom McQueen as he tackles this catastrophic cop-out while offering some concrete suggestions for getting your family , business, and organization back on an emotionally healthy track.
September 19, 2019
If Jesus Christ Delivered the State of the Union, What Would He Say?
Let's imagine that the President of the United States takes second chair to Jesus Christ at the next State of the Union address to Congress and to the nation. What would Jesus say? You might be surprised. Tune-in and get an idea on a few insights that Jesus might share with all of us.
September 12, 2019
When Teenagers Want To Kill Themselves
The suicide rate among young people in the United States is rising at an alarming rate. Why? What can parents, schools, and communities do to address this senseless epidemic? Join our host Tom McQueen for a frank and informative presentation with tips and suggestions provided by Dr. Steve Lansing, one of American's most prominent licensed clinical social workers, Clinical Director, and CEO of EmPower CTC in Rochester, MN.
September 05, 2019
Is Your Boss a Blessing or a Curse?
Most of us spend at least one-third of our lives at work. It would be great to have bosses who understand how to inspire and to engage their teams of co-workers. The fact is that only about one-third of 21st century American workers are "fully engaged" in the workplace. And that's because corporate American is populated with an overabundance of "mangers" while experiencing a critical shortage of true "leaders."  In addition, companies spend in excess of $500 billion on training each year with little to show for their expenditures. Because of Tom McQueen's vast experience as a corporate coach, he has some insights and suggestions we think you'll find valuable. Tune-in!
August 29, 2019
The 3-6 System For Making Your Marriage Miraculous!
So you've been married for a year, five, ten, twenty, forty years. Do you have a real marriage? As a licensed marriage and family therapist, Tom McQueen saw countless couples whose marriages were broken and in need of help. When both husband and wife were serious about wanting to rebuild their dreams, Tom shared with them the six tools that are essential for a happy, healthy, and vibrant marital relationship. If you're married now, or thinking about getting married, don't miss this episode of Wisdom For A Crazy World and Tom will share with you how to put those six tools to work for you, your marriage, and your family. DON'T MISS IT!
August 22, 2019
Vickie's Cure for Hate and Violence
Living in a world torn by hate and violence isn't the way it's supposed to be. Our host, Tom McQueen, learned a long time ago the solution to the sadnesses that is strangling our communities today. And he was taught that lesson by a 4th grade student in a religious education program in Buffalo, New York. Tune-in and find out how Vickie's priceless wisdom can transform  our families and our cities in a way that celebrates the uniqueness and importance of every human being.
August 15, 2019
Three Tools for Raising Happy, Successful, Well-adjusted Kids!
In Tom McQueen's Teach Your Children Well seminars throughout the United States and Canada, the one question that always gets asked is: "What do I need to do to raise a happy successful, well-adjusted child?" Tune-in to Tom's podcast this week and you'll find out the answer to that question and much, much more!
August 08, 2019
Welcome! Let's Talk EMOTIONS!
Welcome! And PLEASE join us for our weekly podcast of "Wisdom for a Crazy World." There will be plenty of opportunities for you to be involved and engaged in our topic selections, and to give your input and opinions as well. I have a ton of useful information to share with you.  My prayer is that our program will be a place where you can find just a little bit of wisdom for navigating the exciting and sometimes crazy world in which we live.
August 02, 2019