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57Weeks pOdcast

57Weeks pOdcast

By Tom Truex
Life and times of the next 57 weeks, starting on May 8, 2022. History, philosophy, religion, books, movies. And possibly more.
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57Weeks pOdcast - Episode #001 - Prologue (Really Episode 00) - Intro to Podcast Series
Introduction to a new pOdcast, 57Weeks, hosted by Tom Truex Introduction to the human and robot co-hosts Includes This Week in History, and a review of Richard Nixon's early (possibly weird) morning shenanigans at the Lincoln Memorial on May 9, 1970 A mention of hacking (the good kind), and almost explaining what is an RSS Feed?? Why "AMA NESCIRI," (Love to be unknown) is almost the Host's Motto
May 08, 2022