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The Tomiwa Podcast

The Tomiwa Podcast

By Tomiwa Ademidun
The Tomiwa "Podcast".
That's not really a "podcast".

It's a: Collection of audio streams from different videos, talks and other stuff I've done, for people that prefer audio and podcasts.

But that's too long so I'm calling it a podcast.
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Atila Startup Pitch that Won $3,000

The Tomiwa Podcast

10 Tips to Pay for School and Secure the Bag 🤑 💰
☹️ A few weeks ago student loans was trending on Twitter because student loan funding was getting cut by the government.  🤔 A lot of people like me were trying to figure out how we would be able to pay for school.  🤑 I made a thread on twitter sharing some of the tips and tricks I use to pay for school and it went viral. 🧠 I decided to make a video and blog post to provide more information. 👍🏿 Like and share to help a student! Full video and slides: Here are the 10 tips: Apply for Scholarships: 2:50 I use #Math and a spreadsheet to show that you make more money per hour with scholarships than at a job 4:55 Create a calendar event for Scholarship deadline: 7:45 Save Scholarships in google docs and google drive 10:15 Look for offline scholarships: 11:20 Read applications of past winners and losers: 12:10 Apply for interest-free student loans 13:15 Apply for student lines of credits: 14:00 Find a job using programs specifically designed for students and recent grads without a lot of experience (e.g. Ontario Summer Start, TalentEgg, AngelList): 15:10 Be a brand/campus ambassador for a company you want to work for: 17:35 Ask stores if they have student deals or visit stores on days when they have student pricing (e.g. Metro, BulkBarn, GO Transit): 18:50
July 04, 2019
Atila Startup Pitch that Won $3,000
3 weeks ago I participated in a pitch competition for Atila hosted by Propel at Western University and LEAP at Fanshawe College.  Here is the pitch for Atila that won us $3,000. Huge shout out to the team for all their help: Aurorita, Jotham, Lea and Val , thank you so much. Full video:
May 14, 2019
How to Start Coding in 2019
One of the most valuable skills to learn in 2019 is learning how to code. Since the hardest part to any change you want to make in your life is usually starting, here is a very detailed step-by-step guide that teaches you exactly how to start learning how to code.  In this tutorial I will walk through the foundations of how to learn front end development, backend development and data science. Full article: Slides: Listen on Spotify: Listen on iTunes: Table of Contents: Introduction [0:29] Why Coding is Important [0:45] Understanding How You Learn and Why You Might Quit [2:55] What Tools Should You Use To Code [4:20] Types of Coding [5:20] What Languages Should You Learn [6:50] Front End Development [7:55] Back End Development [13:00] Data Science [18:30] Putting it All Together [23:50] General Advice [26:00] Conclusion [28:10]
March 02, 2019
How to Build Websites that work without Internet Using Angular, Service Workers and Firebase
Live Coding tutorial on building websites that work without internet using Angular, Firebase and Service Workers. The theory of how service workers work, a short tutorial to apply that theory to make the progressive web app that runs without the internet and finally, what this means for the you and future of the internet. Here is the blog: The Slide Deck: Podcast: Coding Starts at 7:45
October 10, 2018