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The Tom Brown Audio Show

The Tom Brown Audio Show

By Tom W Brown
Tom Brown is the owner of the Shopify store Posted Protein, a seven-figure store obsessed with the health and wellbeing of its customers, and BRND Labs – a Shopify marketing agency. Tom is a guy a tad obsessed with hacking growth & reducing inefficiency in life. The slightly longer story? Tom went from being the son of an incredibly successful multi-millionaire to homeless living with his mother and 2 siblings in the single room of a B&B, to the proud owner of two brands; doing everything within his power to help others and ensure they never have to experience the same.
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A quick rant on Google Page Speed for Shopify Stores

The Tom Brown Audio Show

Turning customer service into a profit center with Gorgias
It's too easy to consider your customer service as a "cost". In 2019, it should be one of your greatest drivers of revenue.  In this episode, we're going to delve into how provided our store, Posted Protein, an incredible return on investment & continues to help us drive life-time value & build deeper relationships with our customers.  Got questions? Use the links below to connect with us & ask away. 👇 Apps mentioned: Gorgias – Use this link to get a 7-day free trial, plus your second month free, and free onboarding assistance. – Outsource your customer service with 24/7 agents based in the US  Connect with Tom: Twitter Facebook Group Instagram Email Tom
September 23, 2019
A quick rant on Google Page Speed for Shopify Stores
So many Shopify Merchants obsess over Google Page Speed scores; to their detriment. Find out what you should *really* be focusing on. By the way, remember that GymShark (a $100+ million a year Shopify store) has a score of "D(64)". Focus on what's important to grow your Shopify store, ditch what isn't. Tools mentioned: Pingdom Site Speed Optimisation by BRND Labs Connect with Tom: Twitter Facebook Group Instagram Email Tom Other Resources: Shopify Entrepreneurs Facebook Group Unofficial Shopify Podcast Insiders Facebook Group
September 19, 2019
My episode on The Unofficial Shopify Podcast with Kurt Elster
This episode original aired on The Unofficial Shopify Podcast in July 2018, but given it's relevance I'm sharing it again here on the Tom Brown Audio Show just in case you missed it! ----------- Official Show Notes: Today's guest did what some people will tell you is impossible. From his kitchen, he built an ecommerce business from 0 to £250K+ in 2 years in a saturated market without borrowing money. UK-based entrepreneur Tom Brown joins us to discuss the journey, mindset, and tactics that helped him build a successful business selling protein bars online. You'll Learn How Tom got his first customers with zero money on social media Which apps were most effective in scaling their business The mindset that's empowered his continued growth How he leverages the Shopify ecosystem The surprisingly simple way he raises cash on demand Tune in for more details! Resources Twitter :@SimplyTom Instagram: @TomWBrown Podcast: The Tom Brown Audio Show Site: Site: Share your thoughts Ask a question in The Unofficial Shopify Podcast Facebook Group Share this show on Twitter Never miss an episode Subscribe on iTunes Join Kurt's newsletter Help the show Leave an honest review on iTunes. Your ratings & reviews help, and I read each one. Subscribe on iTunes What's Kurt up to? See our recent work at Ethercycle Take a ride with Kurt on YouTube Grow Your Store in 2018 Apply to work with Kurt to grow your store. Prefer to DIY? Read a free sample chapter of Kurt's book Ecommerce Bootcamp, absolutely free. Tell me where to send your sample at Learn what's Shopify Plus got that regular Shopify doesn’t?” Sponsors Try Bold Product Upsell free for 90 days Save 20% on Turbo, a blazing fast Shopify theme Improve your shop’s search engine ranking with Venntov SEO Meta Manager
July 14, 2019
Restarting the Tom Brown Audio Show!
In this episode I talk about why I'm relaunching the podcast, what is all about, and touch on the history of Posted Protein. Ultimately my goal with this podcast is to help other Shopify Stores Owners build & grow sustainable businesses, without all the fluff. As a merchant myself, I know first & foremost a lot of the pain-points and what it takes to build a successful Shopify store (and now a growing Shopify consulting business and agency). I want to help you get to your goals & fall in love with the process. That's it. Where running a Shopify business is a choice and a pleasure. Mentioned in this episode: Instagram Growth Service Instagram 101 Course Speed Boosting Rich Snippets  eCommerce Advisory Retainer Email Automation Klaviyo Omnisend Theme Setup Services Posted Protein discount on Battle Snacks: "PODCASTBATTLE" Never miss an episode: Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts Subscribe to Tom's newsletter Help us with the show: Ask a question on Twitter (Use #Podcast) Leave an honest review on iTunes. This helps way more than you can imagine for us to reach a new individuals & constantly improve the podcast. I read every single review. Connect with Tom: Twitter: @SimplyTom Instagram: @TomWBrown
July 14, 2019
An Intro To The Podcast
A quick run down by me (Tom Brown) & intro into the podcast. Discussing topics such as how I built & continue to build my Shopify store Posted Protein, how I handle the day-day struggles of running a small business here in the UK & doing my best to help you guys build your own businesses & accomplish your own goals. Any questions? I'm on Twitter @SimplyTom (
May 28, 2018