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Settin The Tone

Settin The Tone

By Tone
Settin The Tone is me just shooting the breeze. Doing my best to help others with the daily struggles of anxiety and or depression. Overall just good conversation.
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A lot of times we forget ourselves or lose ourselves when trying to make others happy. I’m not a perfect person but I do what it feels like to put someone on a higher pedestal than yourself.
October 14, 2019
Be Mindful Of Your Vices
In this episode I open up about the way I deal with certain things. We all have our vices, but we need to realize the right and wrong way to deal with what happens to or with us. I hope it helps
September 21, 2019
Just a brief introduction to the podcast. Nothing too heavy, but feel free to leave feedback. And follow me on Instagram: @originaltone7 for updates and upcoming episodes. Be smooth everybody.
September 21, 2019
Communication, Dating and Relationships with Kiah
This episode I have my good friend Makiah... The remarkable Youtuber @kiah_thedoll is with me and we’re connecting one time for the people , letting everyone know what (communication, dating, and relationships) means to us. We dive in a little deep about or situations/experiences past and present to where we can improve.. Of course we hope something resonates with you all and that everyone enjoys it.
September 21, 2019
Don’t Stay Down
This episode I give you guys some insight on my personal life and go over the importance of self confidence/awareness to get through tough times and never give up.
September 21, 2019