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My African Startup Story

My African Startup Story

By tonee ndungu
These are the first-hand stories of Startup founders in Africa, both African and international, and the unromanticized madness that goes into this amazing but demanding continent.
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Ep 17: Juliani Pt 1 - It took a certain kind of crazy to face the music.
Being one of Kenya's biggest musical acts is easily an accolade he owns on his shelf, but translating that into a livelihood while it lasts is the real show of success. Behind is all the glitz in the 4-minute music videos, there are 1436 minutes left in a day, most of which have a cost (think rent/mortgage). So how does it work? What did he learn? How did he learn it..and what does that look like right now? Facing the music is about looking at his wallet straight in the face. Music: Sun El Musician: Ntaba Ezikunde (feat. Simmy)
January 26, 2020