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The ESi Environmental Podcast

The ESi Environmental Podcast

By Tony Hanson
Providing information and advice on environmental management, compliance, and sustainability for our clients across leisure, estates, and commercial property owners, occupiers and managers...
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Land management, environmental good and funding
Funding for woodland and habitat creation, the Environment Agency's Regulatory Position Statement on rainwater harvesting and The Fairways Foundation. Funding abundance for environmental land management...
March 01, 2022
Water resilience, flood resilience, enhancing the environment and improving water quality...
The consultation on the draft water resource plans are at the consultation stage, as the regional water groups try to identify demand reduction and alternative sources of supply to reduce the deficit of 3,425 million litres of water per day forecast by 2050. Climate is changing, population is growing, consumption is historically high and reductions in water consumption are unavoidable, with difficult choices at every stage. But, there is a solution and the leisure sector can help...
February 08, 2022
Environmental changes are coming...
The Environment Act 2021 is going to require every business in the UK to review their environmental management to ensure compliance, and changes to water availability will impact the leisure sector reliant on water for turf irrigation. The Water Resilience Project has worked with the leisure associations and developed the toolkit, infrastructure, assistance and potentially funding to help leisure operators develop water resilience and protect their future. 
December 31, 2021
Water awareness podcast 1 year on...
This podcast provides a re-run of sections of the water awareness podcast from July 2020, with an update on the water resilience project and the July 2021 launch of the water industry backed Leisure Association and Leisure Operator Water Charters. Working with the water sector has never been so important for the leisure sector, and there has never been more help available for the leisure sector from the water sector...
July 30, 2021
Energy is liberated matter, matter is energy waiting to happen
In this edition we tour the headlines, review UK Government reports, and focus on electric vehicles - great for UK urban air quality, maybe not so good for the environment...  
June 28, 2021
Gone water does not mill anymore...
In this edition we look at consultations and policy papers about water company drought management plans, abstraction licenses and river basin management as the National Framework for Water Resource milestones are coming thick and fast. News about the proposed Fawley Desalination plant and Wheatley Water Source abstraction trading platform and an update on the Water Use and Resilience Project as we enter the report writing phase.  
May 14, 2021
It's a (green) gas
In this edition we look at consultation, news, biomethane as a replacement for fossil fuel and the latest news on the water resilience project...
April 07, 2021
The Fugitive
Welcome to the March edition of the ESi Environmental Podcast, in this edition we have news about consultations on drought and areas of water stress, an update on the water resilience project and Pollution Incident Response Plans...
March 05, 2021
Can't see the wood or the trees...
The February edition includes an update on the leisure sector water project, biomass boilers and what you should be asking about fuel sources and  Fatberg dead ahead, what your business has to do to prevent adding to the blockages on our sewers...
February 04, 2021
Save your energy...
In the January edition we look at resource efficiency in buildings, the financial and reputational benefits of Environmental Management Systems and a progress update on the Water industry funded ESi water resilience project. 
January 04, 2021
What a year that was!
In the December edition we look at the impacts of lockdown on emissions, air quality and ecology balance against the economic hardship - have working practices and travel changed forever? Plus features from Wheatley Solutions abstraction water trading platform and The Planet Mark environmental Certification
December 03, 2020
Seeds of climate change...
Welcome to the November 2020 ESi Environmental Podcast. In this edition we have combined our newsletters with features and content from  The R&A, giving an update on Golf Course 2030,  Barenbrug outlining their environmental ambitions, and seed developments to increase drought resilience, disease resistance and fertiliser requirements Magnation Water Technologies - The wonderful world of physics improving water quality, reducing the energy required to pump your water and reducing the amount of water you need to achieve moisture levels by 25%! Definitely one not to miss
October 30, 2020
Water, water anywhere?
Recorded in Autumn 2019, this episode provides background to water availability in the UK, with content from Thames Water and Waterwise
October 02, 2020
Water use and resilience in the golf sector
Recorded for water awareness week in golf, coinciding with what would have been The Open in July 2020.  Highlighting the issues of irrigation water availability facing golf and leisure sector and climate change and growing population create demand exceeding supply across large areas or England.
October 01, 2020