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Equipping for Life Podcast with Tony Palow

Equipping for Life Podcast with Tony Palow

By Tony Palow
This podcast contains weekly teachings & coaching episodes from a husband, father of 5, pastor, military veteran, life and marriage coach, consultant, public speaker, mediator, military veteran, organizational leader and systems thinker - Teaching tactical tools to overcome obstacles #EquippingForLife
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We Need To Talk About Money (Luke 16:11)
We've heard about recession. We've heard about inflation. BUT - Let's talk about the deep promises and principles of God's Word. Get ready for a supernatural paradigm shift!
June 23, 2022
How To Handle Criticism
Are you making things happen? Expect criticism - but not all critics are against you. Tony discusses how to discern the difference between critics who want you to fail and those who want you to succeed. #TeachingTacticalTools
May 19, 2022
The Life of Joseph - Part 7: Living Like Your Breakthrough (Gen. 40:1-23)
Darkness serves a purpose. Some things grow in darkness that would never grow in the light. #DontWasteACrisis #CriticalSeasons
April 21, 2022
The Life of Joseph - Part 5: The Temptation (Genesis 39:7-20)
Our appetite is the very thing that the enemy will use to tailor our temptation.  Tony teaches us two skills to overcome temptation. #TeachingTacticalToolsToOvercome
April 08, 2022
The Life of Joseph - Part 4: Favor: Help In Time of Need (Genesis 39:1-23)
Favor isn't for status, it's for function. Is your life a platform for the purposes of heaven?    #InfusedWithPromise
March 29, 2022
The Life of Joseph - Part 3: "When Your Robe is Shredded" (Gen. 37: 25-36)
Don't allow yourself to find common ground with the enemy when you are vulnerable & going through dark times. A betrayal can bring a blessing. That's the saving grace of God at work. #DivinePerspective
March 26, 2022
The Life of Joseph - Part 2: The Darkness After The Dream (Genesis 37:1-24)
Every dream needs a season of incubation - of submission and obedience. Be careful if you're yearning for a position that you're still in preparation for. #InfusedWithPromise
March 17, 2022
The Life of Joseph - Part 1: Truth Speaks (Genesis 37)
If we allowed our character to truly be restored and changed by the Word of God . . . maybe we wouldn't need to be rescued so often. In "Truth Speaks", Tony talks about 3 things that Joseph needed to learn.   #GodsFavor #EquippingForLifeNetwork
March 08, 2022
Finding Your Gifting (1 Peter 4:10 )
Too many Christians have been in a church building for so long that they've become domesticated.  We're not called to stay safe - we're called to take risks; we don't engage the world on its own terms - we engage the world on Jesus' terms.  #TeachingTacticalToolToOvercome
February 24, 2022
Major Shift (1 Samuel 16:1-13)
Don't park and build equity in a place that God wants to move you through.  When He stamps His promises on your life and brings you healing, your past becomes your testimony.  #ElevateGodsPromises #FavoredByGod #YourFutureIsBright #TeachingTacticalToolsToOvercome
February 02, 2022
I'm Stuck And I Need Help (Deuteronomy 1:6-8)
When was the last time you did something for the first time? God's promises are so powerful that He can handle our mess ups.  #EverythingsABlessing #YourFutureIsBright #TeachingTacticalToolsToOvercome
January 29, 2022
A New Season (Isaiah 54:1-2)
We pray for the miracle - but does our faith have the infrastructure to hold that miracle? Listen in as Tony talks about our need for a "large tent perspective". #YourFutureIsBright
January 25, 2022
The Goal of Favor With God (Levitcus 2:9-12)
When was the last time you did something for the first time? Tony talks about how God's promises are so powerful that He can handle our mess ups.  #God'sFavor #TeachingTacticalToolToOvercome
January 12, 2022
I Am Favored (Luke 1:26-38)
For 400 years, God was silent until a redemptive ready young girl lived in such a way as to capture heaven's attention and God's silence broke when His favor found a place to rest. #OurFutureIsBright
December 30, 2021
SHALOM: How To Absolutely Live In Peace (Isaiah 9:6)
The world won't set you up for peace - peace doesn't sell. True Peace is the power of covenant upon your life - Peace is a Person. #PrinceOfPeace #GodDoesntWorry 
December 24, 2021
When Joseph Named Jesus (Matthew 1:18-25)
How many times do we try to rebuke or put away a process in our lives and God is saying, "Don't! That's Me." Listen in as Tony Palow talks about what it really meant "When Joseph Named Jesus". #YourFutureIsBright TeachingTacticalTools
December 17, 2021
Trust (Matthew 6:33)
In this episode, Tony Palow talks about how stress isn't an emotion; it's a perception. What do you need to stop worrying about? And what do you need to trust God with?   #WorryVsTrust #YourFutureIsBright
December 05, 2021
How To Be "Happy" (Philippians 4:13)
Contentment = A No Matter What Trust.  In this episode, Tony Palow talks about the illusion that our circumstances have to line up perfectly in our lives in order for us to be content. #TeachingTacticalTools
November 23, 2021
JIREH: When God Comes Through (Genesis 22:1-14)
Listen in as Tony Palow shares a revelation of Jehovah Jireh by way of a supernatural story that will change your process of Gods provision. #OurProvider #SupernaturalProvision
November 20, 2021
The Gospel (Acts 24:24-25)
You’ve been charged with Heaven's task of representing, living, and preaching the Gospel. Now is the critical moment. You were born for this moment. Make it count - Preach! #MakeAnImpact #PreachTheGospel
October 19, 2021
STRESS: Perspectives
Reality is what we see. Perspective is how we see it. Tony Teaches Tactical Tools for Navigating Through Life's Toughest Moments. Find out how your pace can be driven by your peace.
October 08, 2021
Don't Do Life Alone - Small Groups
Discipleship is better at tables than in rows.  This is third in the series, "What Does An Equipping Church Look Like?" #JesusWasInASmallGroup #UnityDiscipleship #YourFutureIsBright 
September 28, 2021
The Core Values of An Equipping Church
Whatever you've been delivered from has equipped you to impact your world. Nothing can make you more whole than doing what you're supposed to do. You've tuned-in for the second episode of "What Does An Equipping Church Look Like?"  #OpportunitiesVsAmenities  #Equipped #YourFutureIsBright
September 15, 2021
Equipped = Healed
It's time to move out as an army!  Get ready for a new understanding of what it means to be equipped! This is the first episode of the teaching series: "What Does An Equipping Church Look Like?"    #EquippedEqualsHealed  #YourFutureIsBright
September 08, 2021
The American Church: DISTRACTED
You've been given a world changing mission - it's time to put distractions to the side.  Get ready for the most uncomfortable yet comforting message you'll hear by Tony Palow.   #TheAmericanChurch #SimpleLifeTrustGod #YourFutureIsBright
September 01, 2021
The 7 Churches of Revelation: Laodicea - Lukewarm Christianity (Rev. 3:14-22)
Passion leads to focus. What do you need to do to keep (or rediscover) your passion and zeal for Christ? This is the 7th church. It was Spiritually Bankrupt, Prideful & Ignorant , and a Representative of the “End Times” Church. According to commentators it is the typical church before Christ comes back. #ZealForChrist #YourFutureIsBright
August 24, 2021
Five Lessons for the American Church Re: Afghanistan
Get perspective and understand what's happening to the Christians & people in Afghanistan.     Let's attempt to take ourselves from the comfort of our own lives and process what's happening in the world.     #prayforthepeopleofafghanistan #toughlessonstoembrace #Jesusiscoming
August 18, 2021
The 7 Churches of Revelation: Philadelphia - When Jesus Smiles (Revelation 3:7-11)
When you refuse to give up, your refusal is an advertisement of the promises of God and your faithfulness attracts the attention of Jesus.  #StandingIsFighting #WhenJesusSmiles #PromisesOfGod   #YourFutureIsBright 
August 17, 2021
The 7 Churches of Revelation: Sardis - Are You Dead or Alive? (Rev. 3:1-6)
Jesus didn't come to make bad people good - He came to make dead people alive.   #SpiritualRevival #Repentance
July 28, 2021
The 7 Churches of Revelation: Thyatira - Tolerance (Rev. 2:18-26)
Jesus loves & because He loves He speaks up. To the smallest church He gave the biggest rebuke - their hearts were full of love, but their minds were void of doctrine. #TruthIsJesus #YourFutureIsBright
July 23, 2021
The Overcomer: The White Stone (Rev. 2:17)
Discover and become enriched by a powerful revelation as Tony visits the White Stone in Revelation 2:17. #TheOvercomer
July 20, 2021
The 7 Churches of Revelation: Pergamum - The Compromising Church (Rev. 2:12-17)
The culture of the world and the culture of the church should never look the same.  Tolerance does not equate the love of Christ. When we are more concerned about someone's feelings than their soul, we are compromised.
July 20, 2021
The 7 Churches of Revelation: Smyrna - The Overcoming Church (Rev. 2:8-11)
Never define your current living conditions through the eyes of fear. Always define your living conditions through the eyes of faith. #BeFearless #BeFaithful #YourFutureIsBright
July 14, 2021
The 7 Churches of Revelation: Ephesus - You've Lost Your Love (Rev. 2:1-7)
What do we do when our love for God grows cold?  The results we need don’t come from prayer. The results we need will come from repentance.  #RepentanceIsLogical #ReignitePassion #RememberRepentRepeat #YourFutureIsBright
June 24, 2021
Holy Spirit (John 14:15-17)
What's more important than the Gifts of the Spirit? - The Fruit of the Spirit. Character is always more important then power. We may be able to raise someone from the dead...but can we be kind? #HolySpirit #LiveInHisFruit #WalkInHisPower
June 17, 2021
How To Walk In Confidence: When God Orders Your Steps (Psalms 37:23-24)
Don’t be consumed with the not yet and miss out on the right now - God's got real estate in your life - when you commit it to Him, you can leave all the results to Him.
May 26, 2021
The Top Five Excuses For Procrastinating
Fear is believing what hasn’t happened will come true. Faith is believing what hasn’t happened will come true. Make sure your reasons aren’t excuses.   #nomoredelays #getajumpstart #nomorefear #makeaplanandstart
May 22, 2021
STRENGTH - Empowered (John 4:32,34)
The will of God is not something you find, it's a lifestyle.     In "Empowered", Tony talks about what it means to live out the resources of Heaven.    #BeingPowered #LivingOutTheWillOfGod #TheExpressionOfHeaven
May 20, 2021
STRENGTH - The Power of God (Ephesians 1:17-20)
God doesn't lend you His power - it is part of who you are. Tony Palow talks about what it means to operate in "The Power of God" in this part of the teaching series, "STRENGTH".   #RevelationofChrist #ThePowerOfGod #YourFutureIsBright
May 02, 2021
STRENGTH - What YOU Need To Leave Behind (Ephesians 1:17-20)
The Illusion of Control: We see giving up control as a risk. But in the eyes of God the risk is when we are the ones maintaining control. The more we trust God, the less we are under the unnecessary burden of needing to be in control.    #StrengthEqualsSurrender #MindfulNotFearful #YourFutureIsBright
May 02, 2021
STRENGTH: Jesus Left His Wallet Behind (Philippians 2:5-7)
God’s power is at its best when I am weak.  What Christ accomplished wasn't by accessing His divine powers - He had became human. He accomplished what He did because He was completely surrendered, humble, and reliant upon the Holy Spirit.   #HolySpirit​ #LetHimWin​ #YourFutureIsBright​
May 01, 2021
For the world's greatest problems - our darkness, brokenness & sin - God provides an answer in the blood of Jesus. God made Jesus, who had no sin, became sin for us and His blood alone has the power to search and destroy the antigen of sin and make us whole.  #BloodOfJesus #Antibodies #WholenessInJesus #YourFutureIsBright
April 20, 2021
Can't You See What's Happening? (Daniel 3:1-18)
Gain insight as Pastor Tony talks about the pressure that we are currently under. #GodTurnsEvilForGood​ #YourFutureIsBright
April 15, 2021
You Have What It Takes (Exodus 14:15,16)
When you came to Christ, He programed you to be an overcomer.    Listen in as Tony Palow talks about how no matter what obstacle is in front of you, because of Heaven's investment in you, "You Have What It Takes" to overcome it.
April 14, 2021
LED: Dynamite (Luke 24:49)
The real evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit is having the ability to control your tongue. There's something explosive that God wants to do in your life - an explosion of the supernatural, not the explosion of crisis. It's the written word becoming the Living Word and transforming your heart.
March 05, 2021
LED - What A Gift! (Hebrews 6:4-5)
All of heaven is housed in a vessel called, "You" - you've been #HeavenCashapped. The same strength that God used to raise Jesus from the dead - is inside of you.     #YouAreMarked  #YourFutureIsBright  #ExperienceLife
February 18, 2021
LED: Access To Mysteries (1 Corinthians 2:6-16)
"Faith is the logic of the Spirit." (Bill Johnson) Don't let indecision be your decision. Faith means you surrender all your rights to know the details.
February 10, 2021
LED - The Declaration of Peace (John 14:27)
What Jesus had, He has given to us. He left behind an inheritance for us to make use of - an inheritance of peace.   In "LED - The Declaration of Peace", Pastor Tony talks about the world's peace as just a fragile illusion. The real peace is God's peace - a peace that stands as guard to our hearts.   #GuardedByPeace​   #RestInPeace​   #YourFutureIsBright
February 01, 2021
I Am Unphased (Daniel 6:10)
Is our heart moved by current events or are we unphased like Daniel - whose heart was reserved to only be led by the Spirit of God? #StayLed #YourFutureIsBright
January 28, 2021
LED - Shaking Off The World's Policies (John 14:26)
How much of our day contains things that are important to God?  With so many voices and vices - find out how to grasp the art of being LED by the Holy Spirit and discover (or re-discover) what Jesus values in this teaching series by Pastor Tony Palow. #StayLed #YourFutureIsBright
January 26, 2021
Restored: God's Plan, God's Way (2 Chronicles 12:9-11)
Have you lost your fight? Does the enemy meet with no resistance when he comes to take whatever he wants from you?   Restoration happens when we retrieve what's been taken from us during the dark times in our lives and it becomes our testimony - our God story. The enemy is threatened by it because our testimony indicates to others around us that God is alive. #Restored #OurGodStory #YourFutureIsBright
January 01, 2021
The Strength Of God's Plan (Matthew 2:1-16)
God's prophesies spoken over you are more powerful than the tactics of the enemy. Anytime God comes up with a plan - He needs a person. And when His plan is to do something through your life, it will be challenged by the enemy because the devil knows that you are dangerous when you believe what God has spoken.   #YourFutureIsBright #ThePowerOfObedience
December 23, 2020
Joy (Luke 2:10)
The temperament of the world is instability. Sometimes we have to temporarily ignore what is going on around us and look instead at what God wants to's always something greater than what we are going through. In "JOY" Tony brings light to this unmistakable perspective of heaven that Joy is really a Person who is looking to bring transformation to the world (your world). #YourFutureIsBright #Joy
December 22, 2020
Regaining Your Awe of God (Matthew 2:7-13)
If you've lost your ability to be impressed by God chances are you've lost the ability to experience miracles. Pastor Tony shares how the supernatural can be a natural part of your daily life in "Regaining Your Awe of God". #ATransformedHeart #WonderOfGod
December 22, 2020
"The Day Of The Great Adoption"
Worry will not accelerate the promise. If anything, it's going to sabotage it. God doesn't need a whole lot, He just needs your "Yes". #PrinceOfPeace #DivineIntervention #YourFutureIsBright
December 12, 2020
The Prince of Peace (Philippians 4:7; Isaiah 9:6)
God's peace is the bodyguard of our hearts. The world is against anything that God celebrates; but it can't take away something that it didn't give you. In "Overcoming Anxious Thoughts: The Prince of Peace" Pastor Tony reveals that what will rob us of peace is focusing on things that are not important to Jesus. #PrinceOfPeace #YourFutureIsBright
December 10, 2020
What To Do When You're Not Doing Good (Isaiah 53:4,5)
Do you want to know where God is? He is right where you're at.   #SetUpByPromise #YourFutureIsBright
December 04, 2020
Under Pressure (2 Corinthians 1:8)
How is it that some Christians crumble under pressure while other Christians thrive under pressure?  - Their trust is not in themselves, but in the God who raises the dead. #TheirFutureIsBright
November 24, 2020
Is Your Heart Ready? (Joshua 3:5)
We are moving into new territory and God is looking for hearts that are set apart for the purposes of Heaven.    God is ready. Are we?  Pastor Tony uncovers what it means to have a consecrated heart.
November 17, 2020
It's Time To Wake Up (Matthew 26:40-41)
Some people are so afraid of dying that they stop living.  But when God puts a call on your life, you get up, you become present and show up afraid to be a prophetic voice into the darkness - to be a bridge builder between darkness and light.   Pastor Tony encourages us to be a voice for what matters in, "It's Time To Wake Up"
November 03, 2020
The Politics of the Cross (Ephesians 12:4)
Don't idolize your political affiliation over the Kingdom's aspirations.   No other movement, special interest group, political affiliation or cause will ever accomplish what Christ accomplished on the Cross.   Find out what it means to be under the influence, mindset and banner of Christ in "The Politics of the Cross" by Pastor Tony Palow.
November 03, 2020
So far He's brought Me This Far (1 Chronicles 17:16-17)
What consumes you when you try to sleep at night?  Let it be God's mercy, grace, and the overwhelming knowledge of His goodness. 
October 20, 2020
Break From To Break Through (Romans 12:1-2)
When we live our life according to what we want, we get our results. When we live life according to what Christ wants, we get His results. Listen in and discover the power of developing new patterns and habits.
October 15, 2020
The Revelation of Seeking God (Jeremiah 29:13,14)
Even before God makes His miracles known, He makes Himself known. Pastor Tony brings insight into "The Revelation of Seeking God".   #DiscerningTheTimes #YourFutureIsBright
October 09, 2020
Temporary Conflict vs Eternal Conflict
Pastor Tony discusses the need to stop fighting for things that have no eternal values and how to understand the difference between temporary conflicts and those that are eternal.
October 08, 2020
Embracing Your Season
Having trouble discerning what God is trying to accomplish in your life right now? Listen in as Pastor Tony discusses the topic of "Embracing Your Season".  #YourFutureIsBright
September 18, 2020
Walking In God's Will (Joshua 1:3, Isaiah 30:21)
Imagine being in a place in your relationship with God in which heaven applauded every decision you made...
September 10, 2020
Refuge (Psalm 34:8)
Are we so overly resourced that we've blocked God out of the picture and lost the ability to live in wonder?  #TasteAndSee #YourFutureIsBright
July 29, 2020
The Necessity Of Trusting In God (Jeremiah 17:5-8)
God has an arsenal of promises for those who trusts in Him and His Faithfulness is our weapon. Pastor Tony delivers a poignant message that speaks against the developed principles of the self-reliant person. #TrustingGod #YourFutureIsBright
July 24, 2020
Do We Want To Be Right or Do We Want To Be Healed?
There is an art to being able to have a conversation - Listening, and our current culture is loosing it.  Pastor Tony discusses how we can be "healed broken". Everything is good until someone brushes against us the wrong way and unleashes whatever is hidden in our heart.   Jesus came to reset emotional bones that haven't healed correctly. #SeekWholenessAndHealing #YourFutureIsBright #LunchtimeWithPastorTony
July 24, 2020
God's Faithfulness is My Shield
The cross has dismantled the power of the enemy. The only weapon he has left is to get us to believe his lies.  But if we don't believe him and instead believe the truth of God's Word, he is powerless over us.    #GodsFaithfulnessIsMyShield #EverythingYouNeedHeIs
July 24, 2020
The Only Movement That Matters (Luke 17:21; John 18:36)
Living Life according to the Principles of God in the Word of God releases the Promises of God. Pastor Tony sets the record straight on the power and message of the Kingdom of God. It's not a physical kingdom - but a spiritual kingdom that resides in our hearts and celebrates what God values. It's  "The Only Movement That Matters". 
July 02, 2020
I Understand Now: Making Decisions Through Turmoil (1 Chronicles 12:32)
"We often pray for foresight, but what we really need is insight." - Pastor Tony Palow Life is a succession of moments in which we need to be able to discern what God is doing in our time. Listen in on how to determine the signs of the times in "I Understand Now: Making Decisions Through Turmoil".
June 30, 2020
God Is Kind (Galatians 5:22-23; Romans 2:4)
"The true fountain of youth is Kindness" - Tony Palow  When the world sees your kindness, you are advertising the purposes of heaven. The question is, How can we emulate the simple love of God?   #MakeJesusKnown #YourFutureIsBright
June 17, 2020
You Need To Do These 5 Things Now (Ecclesiastes 3)
God works in moments called seasons.  Right now we have been given a window of opportunity – a season to address long overdue projects and start fresh.
June 06, 2020
Our Nation Needs Healing (2 Corinthians 5:16-21)
Our problem isn't so much what the Church can do - it's what the Church is not doing. The agent of change isn’t the government or our society; the agent of change is the church. In “Our Nation Needs Healing”, Pastor Tony discusses what our role is and how we can begin making changes.
June 02, 2020
Preparing The Stage (2 Chronicles 16:9)
All of our internal battles are a result of the decisions we've made that are not celebrated by God. But when we put our trust in God, we are able to overcome anything that comes our way. Trust cancels worry.
June 02, 2020
How To Get It Done With Little Resources (Judges 7:1-9)
When things aren't what they seem and you feel like you're under-resourced; never underestimate the little things. You might be panicking...but God's not.  
May 20, 2020
Why Is Life So Complicated? (Mark 11:1-10)
Even though it seems like our story line has gone rogue - we can still see the weaving of God’s ways in this season. Everything is designed to accomplish something that ultimately points to Jesus. 
May 14, 2020
I'm Tired (Galatians 6:9)
There is a promise from God attached to every situation in your life.  Don't let discouragement poison your ability to see the beauty in whatever He is doing. 
May 05, 2020
Committed To Overcoming (1 Chronicles 14:8-17)
When we walk in the goodness of God, like David, we become a threat to the plan of the enemy. But when we know that God is with us, we are able to take faith risks and stand in the face of adversity. 
April 26, 2020
Tougher Than What You Are Facing
Discover the process for developing a tough spirit centered on the Promises of God.  One of the many paradoxes of the Christian life is that the grace and strength of God is often most sharply experienced not in the best of times, but in what seems to be the worst of times.   #YourFutureIsBright
April 14, 2020
Jesus: Staying True To Mission (John 13:21-30; Luke 22:31-34)
This is the week that Jesus stood His ground - His goal was to demonstrate His love for us and we are reminded of the unconditional, all-encompassing love of God.
April 14, 2020
Six Strategies For Stress Management
Pastor Tony and his guest, Dr. Michael Caparrelli, PhD, the author of Pen Your Pain Into Parables, a therapeutic tool for those recovering from trauma, discuss strategies for dealing with stress.
March 28, 2020
Where'd The Church Go? Making Use of the Time (Colossians 4:2-5)
When you’re kingdom-minded, tomorrow is not about security; it’s about opportunity.   In "Where'd The Church Go?", Pastor Tony challenges the church to continue to look for opportunities to serve the community - even though you are unable to GO to church, you can continue to BE the church.   "Church doesn't begin with worship begins your service as worship." - Reggie McNeal   #CovenantCalm #FromTheSeatsToTheStreets #YourFutureIsBright 
March 23, 2020
The Church's Response To A Crisis
Research confirms that our brains are wired towards doom and gloom. But  we have been given access to the mind of Christ which overrules those natural tendencies.    In this panel discussion, Pastor Tony Palow, Pastor Mike Krawczyk, and  Mental Health Professional, Nicole Interlini,  highlight the church's practical and  kingdom role during nationwide chaos with rich insight into the  church's response towards crisis, both corporately and as individuals. #EquippingPeople #YourFutureIsBright
March 19, 2020
How Jesus Views Brokenness: God's Process vs Our Perspective (1 Kings 11:7; Matthew 1:5)
What we consider brokenness, God sees as a stage for heaven to perform.   Some heroes of the Bible would be considered “broken” in man's eyes; yet  God looked past their dysfunction and included them in His powerful  plan.  God also includes us.   Watch, "God's Process vs. Our Perspective" the continuation of "How  Jesus Views Brokenness" by Pastor Tony Palow.   #YourFutureIsBright #BrokenCrayonsStillColor
March 10, 2020
The Book of James: Download The App (James 1:22-24)
A Bible is just a book with words in it. What gives it its power is when someone opens it, reads it, starts to believe it, and begins to live it out. That is when the Bible becomes not only effective; but also dangerous. Pastor Tony continues the teaching on The Book of James showing how the ideas and promises in the Bible become alive when we practice its principles.   #EquippingPeople #YourFutureIsBright
March 04, 2020
How Jesus Views Brokenness (John 1:40-42)
Pastor Tony gives a clear picture of the power of God's grace in, "How  Jesus Views Brokenness". Jesus pursues us even in the midst of our  brokenness and sin. He loves us right where we are because He sees us  according to our new nature - what we will become in covenant with Him. #EquippingPeople
February 27, 2020
The Book of James: Listen More Than You Speak (James 1:19-21)
When we listen, are we listening so that we can prove a point, or are we  listening to gain insight into the other person?  Pastor Tony gives us  practical insight so that our triggers don't become our traps in "Listen  More Than You Speak" from the teaching on The Book of James. #EquippingPeople
February 25, 2020
The Book of James - The Roots of Temptation (James 1:9-15; 16-18)
Satan will test you to bring the worst out of you. But God will test you to bring out the best in you. Live your life in a way that you get the attention of heaven and you become a threat to hell. #EquippingPeople
February 18, 2020
"Purpose" (Acts 13:36)
Though our life is like a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes, God has a plan for it.  The problem comes when we center this plan around our importance - rather than God’s greatness.    #EquippingPeople
February 13, 2020
The Book of James: "Wisdom" (James 1:5-8)
God’s wisdom is His generous grace during  the time when you need it most. Discover the often overlooked yet powerful  gift of wisdom as Pastor Tony continues to dig deeper into the book of  James.   #EquippingPeople
February 04, 2020
The Book of James: "Trials = Joy" (James 1:2-4, 12)
Joy and Trials are equivalent.  In part one of his study series on the book of James, Pastor Tony illustrates how God has a purpose for every trial we experience.  There are somethings in us that God can only accomplish as a result of our perseverance. #EquippingPeople
January 29, 2020
The Church: Perfect and Full of Purpose (Ephesians 4:16)
Pastor Tony Palow continues his focused preaching on the Church with, "The Church: Perfect and Full of Purpose".  Restoration comes from equipping. When you're doing what God has called you to do, you live in Divine favor. He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. #BeingAPartOfSomethingReal
January 24, 2020
The Church: Being A Part Of Something Real (Ephesians 2:16)
There are so many perspectives of what church should look like; some need it, for others it has become irrelevant.  In "The Church: Being Apart of Something Real", Pastor Tony delivers the first of a timely and poignant two week series on the role of the church.  Whatever your perspective is - this involves you.  If you consider yourself a follower of Jesus - get ready to be a part of something that will leave a powerful and lasting impact.     #EquippingPeople   #YourFutureIsBright
January 23, 2020
Holding Nothing Back (Mark 14:3-9)
Jesus created a scene when He died for us, so we should respond by  creating a scene by living for Him. In "Holding Nothing Back"   Pastor Tony explains how true selfless worship puts the purposes of God on display.    #YourFutureIsBright 
January 16, 2020
Spirit Led vs Agenda Driven (Daniel 3:1-30)
In this riveting message, Pastor Tony Palow discusses how too many followers of Jesus have bowed to the systems and desires of the world instead of remaining true to the principles of God's Word.
January 04, 2020
Motivated by Love (Romans 8:38,39)
Pastor Tony shares how nothing can distance us from the passionate love of God - not even our daily life battles. #YourFutureIsBright #MerryChristmas
December 24, 2019
God's Promises: YES & YES (2 Corinthians 1:20)
The Cross is God's YES and Obedience is our YES. Learn what it means to be in supernatural partnership with the Father through Christ. #ASeasonOfMiracles   #YourFutureIsBright
December 18, 2019
Peace: The Righteousness Of Christ (Luke 2:14; 2 Corinthians 5:21)
The world is competing for your attention and can easily occupy your  mind and heart with anxious thoughts.  Learn what it means to walk in  the POWER of the promises of God - watch "The Righteousness Of Christ" -  part 3 of "Peace: Overcoming Anxious Thoughts" by Pastor Tony Palow.   #YourFutureIsBright
December 17, 2019
Peace: The Prince of Peace (Philippians 4:7; Isaiah 9:6)
Pastor Tony continues the series, "Peace: Overcoming Anxious Thoughts" with "The Prince of Peace".  God gives us the ability to be kept in perfect peace through the residence of the Prince of Peace inside of us. Peace is not something we have to fight for because the blood of Jesus has already fought and paid for our peace - and every other promise and benefit that is found in His Word. Jesus' offer to us is to simply join our lives with His and take up His yoke and His burden which is light.
December 09, 2019
Peace: Overcoming Anxious Thoughts (Isaiah 26:3-4)
What robs us of the feeling of peace is focusing on things that Jesus wouldn’t focus on.  Find out what it means to be whole, complete, and secure through this message by Pastor Tony Palow. -Shalom #YourFutureIsBright #PeaceDeterminesMyPace
December 05, 2019
Complaining Restraining (1 Thessalonians 5:18)
Have you ever found yourself unsettled, discontented and "yearning" for a better life?   Pastor Tony takes a look at the negative effects of the spirit of complaining, and how it causes us to exude a disposition of a lack of trust in God in our current season. #YourFutureIsBright
November 27, 2019
Joy: Overcoming the Struggle - Part Two: "No Matter What Happens" (Philippians 4:4)
Pastor Tony Palow speaks on how Joy is a perspective that is connected to the cross.  Hebrews 12:2 - "...fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.  Who for the JOY set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God." #YourFutureIsBright #JoyOvercomingTheStruggle
November 20, 2019
Joy: Overcoming the Struggle - Part One: "It's Your Inheritance"
Get ready for a new season of understanding God's ways by living out a new level of JOY as Pastor Tony Palow shares out of Galatians 5:22-23/Ephesians 1:13-14.    #YourFutureIsBright #JoyOvercomingTheStruggle
November 13, 2019
Overcoming Fear (1 Chronicles 11:22-24)
Tony shares on how to overcome challenges while pursuing God's ordained path for your life. It's time to stop being afraid, stop making excuses, and live life with reflections instead of regrets. #Overcoming #NoRegrets #YourFutureIsBright 
November 06, 2019
One Day You'll Understand (John 13:7)
When you are acquainted with the ways of God, you will know the will of God. Pastor Tony gives insight on how to to trust God during your darkest moments.
October 31, 2019
God's Plans - God's Results (Genesis 2:8-9, 16-18)
Pastor Tony takes us on a powerful journey through the Garden of Eden. The Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil are a dynamic reminder of the types of choices we make today.
October 24, 2019
The Power of the Gospel (Colossians 1:19-22)
Pastor Tony Palow elaborates on how it is your life that is your true presentation of the Gospel; it will either confirm or disqualify what you say.  "It is no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching." -St. Francis of Assisi
October 15, 2019
I Can Overcome . . . Anything? (Romans 8:37)
Are you in the middle of a struggle? Then be sure to listen  to, "I Can Overcome...Anything?" Pastor Tony Palow releases a revelation based on the TRUTH that whatever is in your way right now ---YOU have the ability to overcome it.
October 09, 2019
Grace: You Can't Earn It - You Can't Live Without It.
Pastor Tony leads us through an understanding of God's grace. Experience God in a new way by grasping this most misunderstood truth. We don't deserve it, but He considers us absolutely, 100% worth it.  #EquippingPeople
October 04, 2019
The Dash - Are You Living Out God's Purpose? (Acts 20:24)
Consider how much time God has given you to live this life.  Are you being a good steward of your moments? Pastor Tony will inspire and empower you to live out your days with kingdom purpose as he asks this question, "What are you doing with the "Dash" you've been given?" 
September 27, 2019
I'm Offended (Matthew 24:10-13)
In this episode, Pastor Tony Palow gives five steps you can take to be and remain offended.  Offense is emotion without guard rails that will cause you to sacrifice your character for the sake of  your feelings.
September 19, 2019