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Timeout With Tony

Timeout With Tony

By Tony Price
Timeout is designed to encourage Men and those who care for them to overcome some of life's biggest obstacles.


The views expressed on this podcast and during the segment are personal opinions only and should not be construed as professional advice for your given situation. No person viewing or listening to the podcast should act or refrain from acting on the basis of the content without seeking appropriate professional advice and or counseling. The information is not a substitute for professional advice and or counseling.

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It's time to go where you are CALLED!

Timeout With Tony

It's time to go where you are CALLED!

Timeout With Tony

There were politicians in the Bible: Gareth Saunders, Former City of Boston Councilor
On Today's episode Tony interviews former Boston City Councilor Gareth Saunders on his journey from childhood to politics and beyond. Gareth shares God's purpose in his life and how the word of God encourages him during trials and tribulations. He has an undeniable passion to help others and uplift the community. 
August 7, 2021
Its Time to Get Out of the Boat: Now What?
On today's episode Tony shares a recent presentation he conducted for a Men's breakfast. As the guest speaker he was asked to prepare a message that would encourage those in attendance to "Get out of the Boat"  in reference to Matthew 14.  Tony shares the truth about what you can expect to experience once you have decided to leave the comfort of the boat or when God pushes you beyond your comfort zone. He also addresses the reason why it's important for you to leave the boat "End Game". You can view today's show at 
June 12, 2021
From the Badge to the Bible: A conversation with Dr. Willie Bradley
On today's episode Tony sits down with Dr. Willie Bradley, Former Deputy Superintendent of the Boston Police. Dr. Bradley shares his perspective on policing, demilitarizing, and reform. He shares how he overcame the conflict of his Christian beliefs  and personal convictions with the performance of his duties. Dr. Bradley is a man on a mission for Christ and the community. 
May 22, 2021
Man Up - A conversation with Carl Cadet, Michael Williams, De' Shawn Washington
On today's show hear from three dynamic millennials as they share what it means to be a man and how they navigate the world as Black men. Each shares his personal insights on daily challenges, relationships, the impact of God and church and the importance of being a positive role model and giving back to the community. 
March 27, 2021
I'm comfortable walking in my shoes: A conversation with Pastor Kris James
On today's episode Tony speaks with Pastor Kris James of Bibleway II Christian Center in Brockton, MA.   Pastor Kris reflects and shares what is was like to grow up in the shadow of a larger than life father filled with the pressures and challenges of living up to lofty expectations. He discusses how he overcame some of the pitfalls that entrap many young men during childhood to adulthood.  
March 13, 2021
Forever Young: A conversation with Larry Young, personal trainer
On today's show Tony interviews Larry Young of Forever Young Wellness on the importance of fitness and being active, what to look for when choosing a personal trainer and the benefits of working with a professional to help you reach your wellness goals for 2021!
February 27, 2021
The small things are more than enough!
On this episode of a Timeout Tony gives a brief synopsis of the difference in having resources versus being resourceful. God answer prayers with a small list of ingredients. 
February 13, 2021
All things are possible: Write the vision and make it plain!
On this episode Tony shares the process  of creating a God inspired vision board for 2021.  He discusses how God has spoke to him about having a clear focus as he continues to walk in his purpose. 
January 23, 2021
A Mighty Man of Valor: Interview with Dr. Henry Davis
On today's edition of a "Timeout" Tony interviews Dr. Henry Davis the senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Highland Park, MD.  Dr. Davis shares his journey of answering the call to pastor, how to walk in faith, the importance of staying spiritually and physically active, and offers a word of hope during troubling times. 
January 2, 2021
Goliath Had Feelings Too!
On this episode Tony challenges the listeners to stop and think for a moment of what it's like to be a GIANT! He uses the story of David and Goliath as the backdrop for this perspective.  It's easy to root against the giant when you don't know them or consider their story. 
December 19, 2020
A Man's Heart Plans His Ways: A Conversation with Keith Ford
On this episode of a "Timeout" Tony speaks with Keith Ford to share his story of overcoming and dealing with the challenges of life through perseverance.  Despite the obstacles , bad decisions, and unexpected shortfalls , his faith in God never wavered.  You can also watch the interview at
November 14, 2020
Dear Mama: A Conversation with Mitch Hercule
On this episode Tony interviews Mitch Hercule an educator and coach in the city of Boston. Mitch is passionate and committed to helping the underserved youth and young adults in the community.  He shares his story and the people who helped shape him into the man he is today. Mitch is a man of faith and understands the biblical principal to whom much is given , much is required. 
October 17, 2020
When the Game is not a Game: A conversation with Derrek King
In this episode Tony interviews former City of Boston Basketball All-Star Derrek King on his his rise as a legendary ball player and how his dreams were derailed which led to his involvement in the drug game and eventually incarceration.  Today Derrek has turned his life around, he gives back to the community, continues to lean on faith and make the most of his second chance! 
October 10, 2020
Don't Write The Check!
In the fourth and final segment of the "Four Qualities of a Good Man" series. Tony shares the last quality every good man has. He challenges men to honor their commitments and cautions them on the damage to relationships when they do not follow through!
September 26, 2020
Real Men are Problem Solvers!
In the third installment of the Four Qualities of a "Good" Man series. Tony shares the third quality "Competence" He delivers an inspired message on the importance of being a "Problem Solver" and the Blessings that are attached.   You are a good man, you are a "Competent" Man!
September 10, 2020
The essence of a man's character
In part two of the four qualities of a "Good" man series. Tony discusses the value of being a man of good "Character" as an essential trait  and how to stand out from the rest. 
August 27, 2020
The 4 Qualities of a "Good" Man , (part one)
In his latest series Tony shares what he believes are the four fundamental qualities every good man possess.  He uses the biblical story of Mark 2 as the foundation for the qualities and to help redefine your definition of a "Good" man. 
August 20, 2020
Walking Tall - Interview with John "Boo" Rice
Tony interviews legendary basketball coach John " Boo" Rice on his journey as an athlete, coach , role-model and educator.  Coach Rice shares his passions for helping the next generation and the importance of proper nutrition. 
August 13, 2020
Boyz II Men - How one man is making a difference in his community!
On this episode of a "Time Out" Tony interviews Mr. Salih Rowe about his commitment to positively impact the lives of young black males to help direct them in becoming positive members of the community. 
August 6, 2020
It's time to go where you are CALLED!
In the third and final segment of the "TPC " principles, Tony shares his definition on what it means to be called and the importance of being open to receive God's next assignment for your life. 
July 30, 2020
The complete definition of PASSION!
On this episode of a timeout. Tony defines the role passion plays in walking in your purpose.
July 23, 2020
Discover your Talent!
The first tier of the "TPC" principles is discovering and using your talents and gifts.
July 15, 2020
Introduction of Timeout with Tony
Tony introduces the launch of the podcast series.
July 9, 2020
July 9, 2020
July 9, 2020