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A DJ Speaks

A DJ Speaks

By Tony Simmons
Life topics, Interviews and Music
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Pastor Mike Todd of Transformation Church
DJ Tony Tone shares a Zoom Interview with Transformation Church, Pastor Mike Todd to discuss Music, his Relationship Goals Book, and more...
January 03, 2021
Pop Up Interview with Veteran CHH Artist Mouthpi3ce. .....
After seeing Mouthpi3ce live on IG @mouthpi3ce and him answering a question, I decided to give him a call through Zoom. This is what we talked about. If you ever wanted to know a little bit more about GOD, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.....this conversation is for you. 
December 17, 2020
What does maturity look like ? How old are you when it happens ? Tone shares his thoughts about it. Plus THE MIX......
November 10, 2020
Bible Trivia with Meta Washington
DJ Tony Tone talks with 2020 Stellar Award Radio Announcer Meta Washington to discuss her new book "Bible Trivia" plus THE MIX....
October 20, 2020
Have You ever asked yourself the question WHY ? So have I, in this episode I give a little insight how to approach your why the next time it happen to You. Plus THE MIX.......
October 13, 2020
HE Cares........
DJ Tony Tone shares a familiar story about how GOD can respond to a situation in persons life, when it seems all is lost. Take a listen and see if this meets you where you are....Plus THE MIX......
September 15, 2020
When is it a good time to change ? What can be the results if you don't. DJ Tony Tone shares his thoughts on the topic of Change, plus THE MIX...
September 08, 2020
After the passing of Chadwick Boseman and Legendary College coach John Thompson, DJ Tony Tone takes a look at what does a life of Legacy look like. 
September 01, 2020
Don't Be Greedy.....
What are the possible outcomes when we look to get something the wrong way ? DJ Tony Tone shares how one man's greed can have a lasting affect. 
August 24, 2020
Where R U ?
Life has a way of getting us to think where are we. In this episode DJ Tony Tone talks about being part of the book "Suited for Success" and how to examine what is "Success" plus THE MIX.......
August 18, 2020
Can I Use Your..........
In this Episode DJ Tony Tone shares how he was called in the Ministry and what it takes to remain. Plus THE MIX.....
August 11, 2020
DJ Tony Tone talks about forgiveness, from the story of Joseph in the Bible, plus THE MIX..........
August 04, 2020
CHH Veteran KNINE is BACK!!!!!
DJ Tony Tone sits down with CHH Vet KNINE and talk about his new project 45, and what makes his style of rap stand out from the rest. Don't forget the MIX...............
July 28, 2020
John Lewis, Stevie Rizo Interview and the MIX.......
DJ Tony Tone shares his thoughts about Congressman John Lewis, and talks with Gospel R&B rising star Stevie Rizo, plus the MIX, featuring music by Stevie Rizo.
July 21, 2020
Lecrae talks about Restoration and more....
DJ Tony Tone shares a Zoom call with Reach Records CEO Lecrae to discuss his New Album, Book and how he feels about some things in the music business.  
July 14, 2020
Let's Grow TOGETHER!!!!
In these trying times, the best thing we can do is to look ahead. In doing that we must also examine how we see our past and how we think. Lets take a look and listen to see where we are, and begin to move FORWARD!!
July 09, 2020
A DJ Speaks Intro
A DJ Speaks Podcast is a journey through the lens of Music, Faith and Humanity. Here we will have interviews, and discuss topics that relate to the Human experience....... OH! and don't forget the Music....... Tell a friend and let's Love, Learn and Dance TOGETHER! You can also follow me on my social media @djt2bks or website
July 04, 2020