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Saturday Morning Chats

Saturday Morning Chats

By Tonya Lampley
An exploration of all that it means to be human!

The Journey: Foundational principles to master your life
Uncut Series: Raw, gritty discussions of today's hottest topics from the male and female perspective

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The Journey: Happy Mother's Day
Wanted to take a moment to wish Moms a Happy Mother's Day.  Enjoy your day!
May 7, 2021
The Journey: You're a Mystic? Well what is that?
Today's chat is a brief overview of mysticism...a bare bones description of what it means to be a mystic. The book I referenced in the chat is The Science of Mind by Earnest Holmes Enjoy!
May 1, 2021
Uncut: Side Chicks...Should They Be Sued For Breaking Up A Marriage?
In this episode my PIC and I discuss the modern day Side Chick and whether or not they should be sued for breaking up a marriage. Alienation of affection is law in 6 states currently: North Carolina, Hawaii, Mississippi, New Mexico, South Dakota and Utah. What are your thoughts? Should it be a law in all states? We'll tell you what we think. To your journey, Tonya ♥ 
April 24, 2021
The Journey: Are you your own dream killer? The Saga of Self Sabotage
Trouble reaching your goals? Believe it or not you just might be doing it to yourself 😉. Join me as I discuss the concept of Self Sabotage, how to snatch it's wig off and see where you're doing it and what it takes to move beyond it. To your journey, Tonya ♥
April 17, 2021
Uncut: Sex and Power--The Dysfunction of the Male Mind Rated PG
This podcast was previously recorded. At the time the details of the allegation were unknown and are still forthcoming. These are our opinions on the subject with the details known at the time. It is never our intent to disparage anyone. We are discussing this issue as it relates to the broader prospective of all that it means to be human. My sincerest wish is for the highest and best for all parties involved in this situation. ♥
April 10, 2021
Uncut: Racism, Colorism and Everything in Between
In this episode my PIC and I discuss racism from a humanitarian perspective and the social and psychological aspects of color and race. Some topics we touch on are: Beauty Standards and the Black Woman Colorism and Inter-racial Relationships Celebrating Diversity "As a black woman you have to do your own work…you have to get to a place where you understand and know your own worth and value and you are not triggered by what’s outside and around you.' And I’ve had to do my own work…" ~Tonya Lampley I celebrate matter your hue. Keep shinin.' 😉 ♥ Tonya
April 3, 2021
The Journey: What is the holy grail of finding peace?
Get on the journey to finding your happy place! In this podcast I discuss one of the cornerstones of finding peace in your life.  🙂
March 27, 2021
Uncut: To Vaccine or Not To Vaccine
On today’s episode my partner in crime and I discuss the topic of To Vaccine or Not to Vaccine. Lots to consider. We share our thoughts on the matter. Thanks for listening!!
March 20, 2021
The Journey: Affinity...What it is and Why Your Life Sucks Without it
An exploration of the concept of affinity. It is one of THE KEYS to a happy life. 😊
March 13, 2021
The Journey: Resilience...You're ticket to The Snap Back!
In this podcast I talk about the beneficial trait of Resilience and how, with a shift in perspective, we can add more of this beautiful quality to our lives. To your journey, Tonya  Links: Twitter: @TonyaLampley Facebook: @TonyaLampleyAuthor Instagram: Tonya.Lampley
March 6, 2021
Uncut: Kimye, Why Relationships Fail and The Value of Perspective And Choice in Ensuring Relationship Success
In this episode we discuss keys to finding the right partner, maintaining a satisfying relationship and the affect of social conditioning on marriage outcomes. Note: We've been together for 29 years 😌🙄🤨😉🙂. Links: Twitter: @TonyaLampley Facebook: @TonyaLampleyAuthor Instagram: Tonya.Lampley
February 27, 2021
The Journey: Cutting The Chord and Casting Off What No Longer Serves You
On the path to power and potential it's important to identify and eliminate anything that hinders. Here we discuss the importance of shedding barriers to your successful life. TL Facebook: Tonya Lampley Author Twitter: @TonyaLampley Instagram: Tonya.Lampley
February 20, 2021
The Journey: Managing the Gap...The Power of Visualization and Framing Your 'What's next'
The growth process can be hard on the soul! In this podcast I talk about The Gap...that place between where you are and where you want to be and what to do when you find yourself there. TL
February 13, 2021
The Journey: Peak Performance...The Art of Finding Flow
In this episode I discuss the peak performance concept of Flow...What is it? How do you find and maintain it? Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi ( I misspelled his name in the talk) is a highly respected psychologist and researcher who has written several books on Flow. I just added one to my reading list for this year! Here's to you finding and maintaining Flow in 2021! TL
February 6, 2021
Welcome to the Make Over Factory
Welcome to the Makeover Factory! A place where you will find all the things you need to make your life great! Your journey starts here!
February 4, 2021
The Journey: On the Path to Your New Identity, Why Shedding Labels Is An Imperative
In this episode I'll be discussing the value and benefits of recognizing and shedding labels. My sincerest apology for poor audio quality. Mic has been upgraded 🙂. Enjoy
February 2, 2021
The Journey: The Surprising Key to Your Health
Join me as I go deeper into my own health journey and reveal the surprising secret to your health!
January 30, 2021
Uncut: Rolex Flex...America's Twisted Relationship with Wealth
President Biden's Rolex sparked a controversy this week surrounding the Have and the Have Nots and the growing divide in the United States. Here's our take on the wealth and the spiritual aspect of abundance.
January 23, 2021
The Journey: Part 2 Karma_Bonus Episode
Part 2 of 2 If you haven't listened to part 1, please consider enjoying that episode first. In this episode, my partner in crime and I go deeper into the concepts of Karma, provide examples and discuss how it's affected our own lives. Peace 🙂
January 16, 2021
The Journey: : Karma...Exercising Our Power to Choose_ Part 1
A brief overview of Karma, how it negatively impacts our lives and what we can do about it? Don't forget to enjoy the bonus episode, part 2 OF 2! 🙂
January 16, 2021
Uncut: The Making of a Cult...Donald Trump and Insurgency in America
Bonus Episode: In light of the recent tragic events that just happened we decided to discuss the Why's of a cult and how people fall victims to charismatic leaders.
January 10, 2021
Uncut: James Baldwin, Piety and Spirituality
My partner in crime and I discuss our perspectives on spirituality and religion. Links: Twitter: @TonyaLampley Facebook: @TonyaLampleyAuthor Instagram: Tonya.Lampley
January 9, 2021
Happy 2021: Setting a new Intention
Reflecting over the past year and my intention for the New Year.
January 2, 2021
The Right Path To Relationship Success?
In this episode my partner in crime and I discuss the pathways to relationship success and give some of the reasons we've been able to maintain a 30 year partnership. Links: Twitter: @TonyaLampley Facebook: @TonyaLampleyAuthor Instagram: Tonya.Lampley
December 26, 2020
Covid19: Is there such a thing as natural protection?
On this episode I discuss the benefits of natural alternatives...supplements that can help bolster your immunity. I also give recommendations on creating a Covid Kit so you're prepared should you are a loved one come down with the virus. Here's a link to the articles I referenced: Stay Safe Everyone!
December 19, 2020
Changing The Narrative: Lies We Tell Ourselves
In this episode I discuss the creative power of the mind and the benefits of changing the narrative. Often we limit ourselves simply by the stories we tell. 
December 16, 2020
Transgender and Transitioning Times
A discussion on the issue of being a Transgender athlete, the larger implications of acceptance, issues surrounding adaptation to a changing world and a controversial move by Tulsi Gabbard.
December 13, 2020
Pastors, priests and gurus...the seductive power of leadership
In this episode I discuss with my partner in crime the seductive power of charismatic leaders and the trouble it can often lead to. Namaste
December 3, 2020
So What's this podcast about?
Welcome to Saturday Morning Chats! Here's a little preview of what you'll find here. Hope you'll stick around!
December 2, 2020