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You Thought Moments with Tony Lizard

You Thought Moments with Tony Lizard

By Tony Lizard
Fun and simplified talks about everyday life, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Finding that "Big Idea".

Wisdom is a combination of various learning and experiences when curiosity strikes.....

Brainstoked by diversity.
Everything is related.

YTM talks about many points of interest that are intertwined with complementary topics. This helps in understanding the full concept and is a spin off to another idea.

Bottomline, any business theory should start with concept connectivity.

Should you have a topic in mind for me to talk about, feel free to drop me a message.

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Down with Podcast (Brazillian Wax and a $6 XLR2USB Cable)

You Thought Moments with Tony Lizard

Down with Podcast (Two Tone Rocka and then the Sound Goes Where?)
Having that pristine sound starts with the gears you have.  And an audio interface is a must gear for the intermediate and professional alike. And what you’ll choose  is dependent on the purpose  and how you’ll use it and set it up. Lets go for that great sounding podcast.
May 15, 2021
Down with Podcast (Talking Pause and Push that Feeling on)
That moment when you don’t know where to start. Such stage-fright can be easily be overcome by having a conversational mindset and constant practice.  Sometimes talking to yourself is handy here. A lowkey fit. Voice recording in session.........
May 11, 2021
Down with Podcast (Brazillian Wax and a $6 XLR2USB Cable)
Okay, so we have an ordinary microphone on hand, and we say to ourselves that it may be a good idea to podcast on the go if we can somehow connect the mic on our laptop by an xlr to usb cable.  But to our surprise , we get this gruesome artifact that irritates even our patience…  Don’t fret and before you throw that cable to the dumpsters, we can somehow salvage that audio to perform decent and on the go.. For this podcast, we will be discussing about how to sound better using an xlr to usb cable. Cheers!
April 29, 2021
Down with Podcast (Of Bootlegs, Secret Sauce and a Butt)
Okay so you’ll start a podcast. You join groups and podcast communities to ask recommendations on key important equipment in order to start a podcast. And you find yourself bombarded with lots of information all boiling down to buying expensive gears. But let me tell you something. Although having expensive gears will give you clean audio and boost some confidence. You can actually make do with a simple frugal setup. --->I've used a bootleg mic, directly connected to the desktop (no audio interface) just to demonstrate my point. Hope you guys can lean from this post. Cheers!
April 27, 2021
Down with Podcast (Lips Like Sugar and a Shotgun)
So I have been talking to some of my jock colleagues in the radio industry  on how to have that perfect broadcast voice.  We will be talking about on how to get your great personal podcast voice. What the f*** Tony! …. We all have our own voice. Of course, we all have our own voice to speak on. But even if we can speak podcast.  We just have to fine tune it a bit to for our audience to have a pleasant time in listening to our podcast.
April 25, 2021
Down with Podcast (Ballers and Botched Photoshop)
A podcaster is an ideal influencer. But. Our notion of one’s worth is somehow defined by social media. I mean, come-on… most of us long for that real time ratings in our daily feed… right. And as the star of our own social content, most of us have the tendency of photoshopping our daily lives. Who would not want to present an awesome day, even at the cafeteria… hahahaha
April 21, 2021
Down With Podcast (Instant Gratification Skillsets and The Hyper Nonsensibles)
If its that simple, we are all now millionaires.  But we aren’t….. For most beginners, and the juniors included. They are clamoring for a concrete answer to this financially viable social media platform. And the general answer to the question of instant monetization is not as simple as it seems. But yeah its doable.
April 17, 2021
The DAP Speaks of Good Audio and a $20 Mic
Its all about listening in comfort. Trash in.... Garbage disposed in a snap. Pranked the editor, as audio is recorded using an ordinary mic,  but it backfired on me.  Howdyadodat...hahaha Kudos to my editor for maintaining my preferred tonality! Cheers!
April 14, 2021
Foodtrippin: The Lost Orgin of Adobo
We are on a food trip. Considering how Filipinos have very tasteful buds,. They have so many mouth-watering dishes you cannot simply ignore. With each, as delectable as all the others, including Tony Lizard.  Its really hard to come up with just one prime dish.  We will be talking about the classic adobo and its orgin.
April 11, 2021
(Down With Podcast) The Relevant Sponsor, and then some....
Relevance by definition is the concept of one topic being connected to another topic in a way that makes it useful to consider the second topic when considering the first.  A casual pitch that turned into something worth doing. Podcasting that is. And some thoughts to help you get into track! Sharing my experience on how I got my first sponsor by accident. CHEERS!
April 4, 2021
Down with Podcast 10 (Hoarding Back the Years, and I'll Keep Going On....)
We should be offering clients, our listeners/patrons as potential customers. And this is where the importance of our pure loyal audience comes to be. Sponsors  product movement  is expected, and our podcast should genuinely push our promise.
April 2, 2021
Down With Podcast (League of Legendary Pod Empire)
It all starts with a blueprint. From Zero to Mainstream.
March 30, 2021
So you want to record better dialogue. Butter it up! (BTS)
So you have an ordinary mic and you want to sound way better. Theres a workaround to it. All you need is a BUTT! Check it out! Mix recorded via BUTT
March 27, 2021
(Know What You Eat) Pizza in the Stomach
Pizza is Pizza is Pizza. Then there's the story of Pizza.
March 25, 2021
Down with Podcast 8 (And You Think of Selling to Sponsors Pt2)
A podcast is a podcast is a podcast. Till you sell it properly.....
March 22, 2021
Down with Podcast 8 (And You Think of Selling to Sponsors Pt1)
Most of us are having difficulties in monetizing our podcast. In the podcasting business, everything is very competitive. From creating awareness to your podcast, getting audience, maintaining listenership to building relationship to your loyal fanbase. It is such a cumbersome task for a startup. But with $500M projected adspend on Podcasting this 2021, who could not resist to eat the cake. So........ We are going to virtually peddle. YES! Peddle our product.\ Boom!
March 21, 2021
(Down With Podcast 7) Marketing Your Podcast to Sponsors
This podcast talks about how to sell your podcast to potential sponsors. music credits:  Joakim Karud
March 1, 2021
(Down With Podcast 6) Frenchie Time to Upload a Podcast
When is the optimal time to upload your podcast to gain more listenership.
February 25, 2021
(Down With Podcast 5) Kimchi, Fishcakes and Guidescript Essentials
A podcast should have a tight content. Why? How? Read between the lines to understand.
February 19, 2021
(Down with Podcast 4) Grilled Sardines and Good Audio sauce
Its hard to do a good recording while somehow smelling a lingering charcoal grilled sardine. Let it be and give in. Yum Yum.
February 17, 2021
(Down with Podcast 3) Have you heard about PODAPHOBIA
Being confident at the mic Why procrastinate just because fear is lingering. Don't be afraid, and just speak on. Develop an empowering trust in yourself.  In that way, you can express yourself more freely. If Joe Rogan can do it, we can too....
February 9, 2021
Down with Podcast Part 1 (A Marketer`s perspective)
A follow up on the previous episode about podcast. The topic concentrates on the marketers perspective, and is simplified.  Keypoints are; Listeners, Target Audience, Relationship Building, Lead Generation, and Decisive Actions Happy listening. Cheers!
November 27, 2020
Of Coffee, Elephants and Zombies
Would you drink a $1,000 coffee?
November 14, 2020
Steak Your Claim to Fame
What does steak got to do with Zac Efron?
November 4, 2020
Down With PODCAST (Of Sirens and Coffee shop)
Some unspoken podcast mandates, tips and hacks. I wonder why people still go on desperate means when in fact the basics are obviously stated in the playbook.
October 28, 2020
Spaghetti and Clint Eastwood
Speghetti Trends and Clint Eastwood with special participation by Charles Bronson
October 15, 2020
Influence and Ramen
Orgins and influence in the creation of the  Ramen legacy
October 9, 2020
Behind The Speakers (BTS) Choosing a Podcast Mic
Things to consider when choosing a good mic for podcasting. And then some......
October 7, 2020
Behind The Speakers (BTS) Headphone Talk
Headphone info talk with subtle  endorsement
October 1, 2020