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Tools & Craft Podcast

Tools & Craft Podcast

By Notion
Conversations with the engineers, inventors, and designers who shaped computing as we know it. For more information, visit:
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Interview with Ted Nelson

Tools & Craft Podcast

Interview with Omar Rizwan
Omar Rizwan is a researcher and developer​​ interested in new computer interfaces and new ways of programming. He previously worked at Stripe, Khan Academy, and Dynamicland, where he worked on projects such as Geokit. He’s also a prolific creator of paradigm-challenging projects such as Screenotate, Horrifying PDF experiments, Hijack Your Feed, and many others.
November 11, 2021
Interview with Howard Rheingold
Howard Rheingold is a writer known for his specialty covering the development of virtual communities. He was one of the first authors, critics, and teachers to treat the internet as a social and cultural environment and pioneered new ways of talking about social media in his book The Virtual Community: Homesteading on the Electronic Frontier. He went on to write numerous books about the power of the human mind and social media that pulled from his experiences being involved in one of the first virtual communities called the WELL, being the executive editor of Wired Magazine’s HotWired, and founding Electric Minds, another prominent early virtual community. He's also known for his spectacular painted shoes.
October 14, 2021
Interview with Alan Kay
Alan Kay is a prolific computer scientist known by many as the “father of personal computers." He's best known for his work on object-oriented programming languages, windowing graphical user interface design (also known as GUIs) and for leading the team that developed Smalltalk.
September 16, 2021
Interview with Jonathan Blow
Jonathan Blow is an independent video game designer and programmer. He created Braid (2008) and The Witness (2016) — two puzzle games that, when released, received widespread acclaim. Jonathan also created a new programming language called Jai, intended specifically for game development.
August 3, 2021
Interview with May-Li Khoe
May-Li Khoe is a designer, dancer, engineer, and DJ — an interdisciplinary artist-designer who’s spent her career at Apple, Khan Academy, and more. She invents new ways for to humans to interact with machines by blending prototyping with cultural practices, bright colors, and glitter.
May 20, 2021
A Roundtable on Richard Hamming
A mathematician by training, Richard Hamming contributed significantly to the computer science and telecommunications industries. Of his work in information theory, digital filters and numerical methods, the most widely known is the Hamming codes — a family of formulas that allowed computers to detect and correct their own errors. This work would go on to be foundational for computers and communications, being used in modems, embedded processors, satellites, and more.   For more episodes of Pioneers, including photos and transcripts, please visit:​  Produced by Notion:​ Hosted by Devon Zuegel:​ Audio by This Land Films:
March 18, 2021
Interview with Pamela Hardt-English
Pamela Hardt-English was the driving force behind Resource One — the first computerized bulletin board system that linked centers of counterculture across the Bay Area in the 1970s. She strived to provide people who didn’t consider themselves computer users (like social workers and hippies) with a resource network for anything they needed. Pam’s work was part of the earliest vanguard of personal computing, which anticipated the rise of the Internet decades later. --- You can find the full video interview, photos, transcripts, and more info about Pioneers here: Pamela: Notion: Devon:
August 25, 2020
Interview with Louis Pouzin
Louis Pouzin is one of the titans of internet communication. In the early 1970s, he invented the datagram, paving the way for packet communications networks and the internet as a revolutionary tool for distributing information. Vint Cerf and Robert Kahn both cite Pouzin as a major influence in the development of the TCP/IP protocols that make up the heart of our modern-day internet. He was also foundational to France's version of ARPANET, CYCLADES. We talked to Pouzin, who now lives in France, about the current shape of the internet, its influence on mass culture, and how to prepare for what it will become in both the near and distant future. --- You can find the full video interview, photos, transcripts, and more info about Pioneers here: Louis: Notion: Devon:
September 5, 2019
Interview with Ted Nelson
Ted Nelson is the founding designer of Xanadu, the world's first hypertext project. Xanadu's influence on the Internet as we know it today is unmistakable. Ted coined the word "hypertext" to describe non-sequential writing — but clickable links are only the start of his expansive vision for digital technology. His ideas have influenced projects ranging from Objective-C to the original WWW to entire political philosophies about the role computing tools should play in our lives. --- You can find the full video interview, photos, transcripts, and more info about Pioneers here: Ted: Notion: Devon:
February 1, 2019
Interview with Stu Card
Stu Card began work in Human Computer Interaction before it even had a name. His was the first PhD in the discipline, and Stu has made fundamental contributions to HCI including the design of Englebart's mouse and Information Foraging theory. In his work at Xerox PARC and beyond, Stu has always emphasized "theories with a purpose", the idea that academic HCI theories should have practical value and be incorporated into practice. --- You can find the full video interview, photos, transcripts, and more info about Pioneers here:  Stu: Notion: Devon:
August 8, 2018
Interview with Andy Hertzfeld
Welcome to the first episode of Tools & Craft! We spoke with Andy Hertzfeld, a member of the team that built the original Macintosh. We’ve all seen the legendary Apple keynotes and how personal computing has transformed the way we live and work, but what I was really interested to learn from Andy was what it was like to shape that vision from scratch. --- You can find the full video interview, photos, transcripts, and more info about Pioneers here: Notion: Andy: Devon:
August 3, 2018