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Top Model Rewind with Alex and Danielle

Top Model Rewind with Alex and Danielle

By Danielle and Alex
Two high school buds and ANTM addicts dive into the insanity of Tyra Banks’ long-running reality show, dissecting each episode from Cycle 1 to 24.
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Cycle 11, Episode 11: Marjorie's Drunken Loft Party
It's Cycle 11, Episode 11 — 11:11 — and Alex and Danielle are wishing for more episodes as fun as this one. Marjorie lets loose and enjoys a drunken night in the Amsterdam loft... even if her fellow contestants are spending more time watching over her than enjoying themselves. Plus, your hosts discuss this week's iconic windmill shoot! Follow the show on Instagram @topmodelrewind
September 29, 2022
Cycle 11, Episode 10: McKey's British Accent ft. Jesse Mccain
Go-sees are here! Alex and Danielle are prepared... but is Marjorie? (The answer is no.) Returning guest Jesse joins the pod to discuss all the ways the models react to go-sees. Marjorie freaks out, McKey is too calm, Elina is all about herself, and Sam is... Sam. Plus, McKey adopts a British accent and Tyra brings us another shoot to remember: this one featuring the models stripped down and glammed up.  Follow the show on Instagram @topmodelrewind.
September 22, 2022
Cycle 11, Episode 9: Elina and Sam's Red Light Rumble ft. Rich Spinosa
Top Model Rewind is back with an *on time* episode this week and a a new guest: Rich Spinosa! Together, Rich, Alex, and Danielle discuss Cycle 11's first episode in Amsterdam, which comes with an Amazing Race-like apartment finding challenge, a "vajayjay shaving party," a visit to the Red Light District, and a piraet-y ship shoot! Follow the show on Instagram @topmodelrewind.
September 15, 2022
Cycle 11, Episode 8: Lio's CoverGirl Commercial
We're back, albeit a little delayed with a spicy episode tackling some really bad takes from Sheena and Sam on immigration, atheism, and racist accents. Plus, Joslyn performs a strip tease during a greenscreen challenge and Lio saves the day with the best CoverGirl commercial of all time. 
September 10, 2022
[FIXED AUDIO] Cycle 11, Episode 6: Elina's Tears
Our deepest apologies for this delayed episode. FINALLY, we present to you our full recap of Cycle 11, Episode 6, in which we discuss signature poses and all the myriad of ways our mothers can mess us (and the Elinas of the world) up. In a Fiercee Awards-inspired photo shoot, her issues with   her emotions come to a head.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
September 05, 2022
Cycle 11, Episode 5: Marjorie's European Negativity ft. Cameron Davies
Alex and Danielle are joined by all-new guest and ANTM superfan Cameron for a particularly insightful episode of Top Model Rewind. Your hosts discuss Marjorie's negative nature and what it may (or may not) stem from. And they talk about Sam's pull up your boostraps/pick up your beans and keep moving reaction to Marjorie. Plus, it's one of the most delightful photo shoots of Cycle 11: Natural disasters! Follow the show on Instagram @topmodelrewind. 
August 25, 2022
Cycle 11, Episode 4: Sam's Runway Blunder
On this week's episode, Sam gets slut-shamed by Jeremy Scott for (possibly accidentally?) lifting up her dress during a runway challenge. Hannah's walk is similarly disastrous, albeit for different reasons. (Although, she picks up her beans and keeps on moving.) Plus, a smizing water shoot produces some fantastic photos. Follow the pod on Instagram @topmodelrewind
August 18, 2022
Cycle 11, Episode 3: Elina's Wild Wild Weave ft
Makeover's are here, so you know what that means... is joining us in the podcast "studio!" He gives his expert opinion on this year's makeovers, including Elina's fiery red weave. Plus, Tyra performs her version of a sick note, and Brittany and Elina fight over a mother's love.  Follow the show on Instagram @topmodelrewind.
August 11, 2022
Cycle 11, Episode 2: Sheena's Secret
The ignorance jumps out this episode. First, there's the hot tub incident. Then, Hannah decides to pivot to some good old fashioned racism. Plus, Sheena confesses to a breast augmentation and lands in hot water with a Kelly Osborne lookalike for her purse placement during a posing challenge. Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
August 04, 2022
Cycle 11, Episode 1: Sheena's Sparkle
TOP MODEL REWIND IS BACK! Your hosts Alex and Danielle kick off Cycle 11 with a packed premiere episode featuring futuristic gimmicks and cloning confusing. But it's not all fun, because this cycle also starts off with some pretty disturbing transphobia and ignorance. Thank goodness for Sheena... Follow the show on Instagram @topmodelrewind.
July 28, 2022
Cycle 10, Episode 13: Anya's Possessed Picture, aka, the finale
The dreaded moment is here: Whitney's win. Your hosts rehash the nightmare with their favorite finale guest, Jesse McCain. Plus, they discuss Fatima's trump phase. And... it's portfolio battle time!
July 14, 2022
Cycle 10, Episode 12: Anya's Pap Shot (FIXED AUDIO)
We're nearing the end of Cycle 10. All the models think they can win it and all the models (except Dominique) are sick of Dominique. Alex and Danielle discuss all this, plus a Paulina photo shoot challenge and a tough paparazzi photo shoot. Follow the show on Instagram @topmodelrewind
July 09, 2022
Cycle 10, Episode 11: Fatima's Gladiatrix Mania
The contestants graduate from modeling 101 to gladiator 101 during their challenge, then head to an Italian castle for a high fashion shoot with Tyra Banks. Alex and Danielle discuss. Follow the show on Instagram @topmodelrewind
June 30, 2022
Cycle 10, Episode 10: Dominique's Brasilliante Commercial
The models are in Italy so of course it's time for another CoverGirl commercial written almost entirely in a different language. Dominique's is hilarious, Whitney's is pompous, and Lauren's is painful. Alex and Danielle also discuss Katarzyna correcting Tyra on how to say her name. Follow the show on Instagram @topmodelrewind
June 23, 2022
Cycle 10, Episode 9: Fatima's Visa Trouble ft. Jesse Mccain
Was the Fatima visa drama real or fake? Alex and Danielle discuss with their returning guest, Jesse Mccain. Plus, Whitney's mean streak becomes more apparent, Stacy Anne is accused of being fake, and Anya poses for another nude shoot. But this time, the payoff is big.
June 16, 2022
Cycle 10, Episode 7: Claire's Fuerza Bruta Faceplant
Alex and Danielle investigate the case of Fatima's magically missing coffee and Lauren's anger issues. Plus, Dominique and Whitney pair up but still square off in a mini go-see challenge. And, Claire faceplants into the Fuerza Bruta fashion shoot.
June 09, 2022
Cycle 10, Episode 6: Dominique's Alarm Clock
It's Dominique vs the house... again. This time, the showdown is sparked over an alarm clock. Alex and Danielle also discuss a Very Cheesy music genre shoot and Anya's prize (?) of shooting nude with Nigel.
June 02, 2022
Cycle 10, Episode 5: Dominique's Racism Read (and Tiffany's Interview Recap!)
Alex and Danielle recap Dominique's cheer-worthy takedown of Whitney's racist microaggressions, the "swag tent," and a (surprisingly) editorial paint shoot. But, the real star of this podcast episode is Tiffany and her hilariously snarky Oliver interview, which A & D dive deep into. Follow the show on Instagram @topmodelrewind
May 26, 2022
Cycle 10, Episode 4: Whitney's Meat Undies
Before Lady Gaga's meat dress, there was the ANTM meat shoot. And before there was the meat shoot, there was shower drama with Aimee, an awkward runway teach in front of "sexy" firefighters and bad walks galore. Alex and Danielle discuss it all, plus what they were able to watch of Tiffany's interview with Oliver. (More to come on that next week.) Follow the show on Instagram @topmodelrewind.
May 19, 2022
Cycle 10, Episode 3: Marvita's Mane (ft.
Worst makeovers of all time? In Cycle 10, Tyra hides her haircut ideas from the Jays, and your hosts wonder if it's so she can get away with even more heinous ideas than usual. Makeover expert Oli joins Alex and Danielle (well, until Alex has to leave, and Oli is promoted to co-host!) Some highlights include: Marvita's mane (Tyra's "invention"), Stacy-Ann's hack job and Fatima's (surprisingly great) Naomi Campbell-style weave.  Your hosts also discuss Allison's racism toward Fatima, Apple Bottom jeans and Whitney's pornographic styling during the Elle Macpherson intimates shoot.
May 12, 2022
Cycle 10, Episode 2: Amis' New Name
TW: This episode contains discussions of suicide. There is much to talk about this episode: The real reason Kimberly left, Amy's (now Amis') new name, Fatima and Marvita's feud, the ethics of posing as a homeless person, Isis' first appearance on the show, as well as Paulina's... we could go on and and on and on. And we do! Follow the show on Instagram @topmodelrewind
May 05, 2022
Cycle 10, Episode 1: Tyra's Casting Prep School (FIXED AUDIO)
Cycle 10 is here, and if you don't like it, well you can just suck an egg. The models are admitted to Top Model Prep school, an academy without books, only two teachers and a crazed homecoming queen. Alex and Danielle have a jolly time meeting the contestants of Cycle 10, including short-lived but still memorable contestants like Shaya (goofy, sexy, everybody's fantasy) and Jenna (Impala fan girl). It may be a casting episode, but there are still plenty of iconic moments to discuss, such as Fatima calling Shaylanda a b*itch and Stacy Ann's lap dance. Follow the show on Instagram @topmodelrewind
April 28, 2022
Cycle 9, Episode 13: Chantal's Stilt Tripping Train, aka, The Finale
We've finally reached the end of our journey. And you know what that means? Jesse McCain is back as a guest! He talks with Alex and Danielle about why he's not a fan of Cycle 9. They discuss whether Saleisha was a pre-select, the models throwing Jenah under the bus at her final panel and whether Jenah actually had the best CoverGirl photo of the week. And, of course, there's the final runway breakdown and the PORTFOLIO BATTLE! You can catch Jesse on his own podcast, Viewpoints. Follow the show on Instagram @topmodelrewind
April 14, 2022
Cycle 9, Episode 12: Bianca's Bad Advice
We've reached the Great Wall of China shoot. But first, Alex and Danielle discuss Angelea's tell-all with Bustle, in which she reveals what really went down with the Cycle 17 winner switcheroo.  Follow the show on Instagram @topmodelrewind
April 07, 2022
Cycle 9, Episode 11: Bianca's Billboard
We've made it to go-see week, and it is a hot mess, and not just because of Chantal's hot pink and black underwear. Your hosts, Alex and Danielle, also puzzle over Bianca's Olympics billboard campaign, Nigel's fragile ego being hurt by models and how the contestants are getting on their nerves.  Follow the show on Instagram @topmodelrewind
March 31, 2022
Cycle 9, Episode 10: Chantal's Minion Outfit
The models make it to China but the long flight leads to a fight over a bed between Heather and Saleisha. Alex and Danielle take sides. Plus, Bianca can't do the flying martial arts challenge, and we don't blame her, and the models bring their own clothes to a CoverGirl shoot, and Chantal ends up looking like a minion.  Follow us @topmodelrewind
March 24, 2022
Cycle 9, Episode 9: Heather's Fire Sign
This episode, Heather gets heated. And not just because she's posing in a blazing hot desert. A bad piece of feedback sends her spiraling. Meanwhile, the rest of the contestants get assigned the very hard job of being a muse while someone else makes an entire dress for them in 24 hours.  Follow the show on Instagram @topmodelrewind
March 17, 2022
Cycle 9, Episode 8: Enrique Iglesias' Lost Music Video
This week, the models face a unique video task: Recording a version of Enrique Iglesias' "Tired of Being Sorry" music video. But, what happened to the ANTM version? It's certainly not available on YouTube. Alex and Danielle investigate. Plus, Bianca's been drinking the Heather Haterade. Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
March 10, 2022
Cycle 9, Episode 6: Ebony's Self-Ejection
This episode, Ebony decides she's through with modeling, and your hosts support her... Not Trya, though. We talk about her reaction. Plus, they discuss Bianca's and Heather's budding friendship and the models' random closet sleepover.  Listen on Instagram @topmodelrewind
March 03, 2022
Cycle 9, Episode 5: Ambreal's Theater Major Advantage
The fashion gargoyles are awakened, and Alex and Danielle are excited to discuss a fashion shoot that has almost no losers. This week also contains: The gang ganging up on Lisa, an emotional ice skating challenge (with a Dani cameo!), and a revelation about Ambreal's theater major background. Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
February 24, 2022
Cycle 9, Episode 4: Saleisha's Dora-Edna Mode-Beatles-Mushroom Makeover ft. Oli Tracey
A real-life hairstylist, returning guest Oli, joins Alex and Danielle to give his professional opinion on the Cycle 9 makeovers. And oh boy, these are doozies: Bianca gets a makeover switcheroo, Saleisha transforms into a mushroom and whoever gave Lisa her cut clearly doesn't know how to treat curly hair. Plus, it's a floral explosion at the photo shoot. Follow Oli on Instagram Follow the show on Instagram @topmodelrewind
February 17, 2022
Cycle 9, Episode 3: Victoria's Sea Nymph Fantasy
It's time to chat about what's possibly the best photo shoot in Cycle 9: The rock climbing shoot! Jenah stuns, Victoria dazzles and Heather pierces. Also, Bianca's sights turn from Lisa to Saleisha. Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
February 10, 2022
Cycle 9, Episode 2: Bianca's Smoker Smile
Alex and Danielle are anti-smoking and anti-bullying, so this episode has its ups and downs. The models participate in a gruesome anti-smoking photo shoot, and some cattiness is directed toward Lisa and Heather. Plus, we talk Sarah's pregnancy! Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
February 03, 2022
Cycle 9, Episode 1: Tyra's Casting Cruise
Hello and welcome back to another season of Cruise News... er, we mean, Top Model Rewind. The models attend casting on a ginormous cruise ship, and your hosts spend most of their time dogging the cruise business (sorry to those of you who enjoy 'em.) After they finish up with that nonsense, Alex and Danielle meet the models of Cycle 9! Listen to their first impressions of Heather, Bianca, Jenah and more!  Follow the show on Instagram @topmodelrewind
January 27, 2022
Cycle 8, Episode 12: The Finale ft. Jesse Mccain
Your hosts have reached the finale of Cycle 8 and, for the third season in a row, they're joined by Jesse Mccain to discuss it! Together, they discuss who should have won. And Jesse's pick might shock you... Plus, a deep-dive into Renee's post show legal troubles, and... a portfolio battle! Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
January 13, 2022
Cycle 8, Episode 11: Natasha's Silent Story
On the podcast this week, everybody hates Natasha. Well, except your two hosts that is. Our girl carries the episode: she nuzzles her phone, tells the world's quietest dance story, and has the best comeback when the other models come for her at judging.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
January 06, 2022
Cycle 8, Episode 9-10: Brittany's Go-See Meltdown
Alex and Danielle have arrived at one of the best moments of Cycle 8: Brittany's meltdown after she's late returning from go-sees. Oh, and Natasha's iconic response: "You know, some people have war in their countries." Plus, your hosts discuss one of the cycle's greatest photo shoots: the men's and women's magazine swimsuit campaign! Follow the show on Instagram @topmodelrewind
December 30, 2021
Cycle 8, Episode 8: Jael's Goodbye
The models head to Australia, and the show is determined to immerse the girls in Ozzy culture —  going so far as to have them adopt an Australian accent for their CoverGirl commercial. Which, besides being unfair to Natasha and Jaslene is also... just not how the real world of modeling works? Alex and Danielle also say goodbye to Jael, who was not done spreading joy to the universe. Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind.  
December 23, 2021
Cycle 8, Episode 7: Dionne's T-shirt ft. Ashley Morgan Fink
A T-shirt? A T-shirt? What you going to do with a T-shirt? Past guest Ashley Morgan Fink joins Danielle and Alex again to discuss yet another iconic Cycle 8 episode, featuring Dionne's humor... finally! Speaking of things that are a long time coming, Brittany's weave is removed. Plus, the models participate in a Memorable ANTM Moments photo shoot, and your hosts try to solve the mystery of why Jaslene's and Bre's shoot is removed from the Hulu version of the show.  Follow Ashley on Instagram @ashley.morgan.fink and Top Model Rewind @topmodelrewind.
December 16, 2021
Cycle 8, Episode 6: 50 Cent's Push, ft. Oli Tracey
ANTM superfan Oli Tracey joins Alex and Danielle from Wales to discuss Britain's Next Top Model, recent ANTM controversy and one of the best episodes of Cycle 8.  The models embrace new names and attend a star-studded pool party with 50 Cent, Bill Maher (?) and iconic shit-stirrer Nicole Richie. Plus, it's the dreaded Four Personalities photo shoot. Who will shine? Will anyone? Follow the show on Instagram @topmodelrewind Find Oli on IG @ojt_93
December 09, 2021
Cycle 8, Episode 5: Natasha's Grill
This week, the models participate in a gender swap photo shoot and some of them are hot. Listen to Alex and Danielle discuss who. Plus, Natasha entertains as a wannabe gangster and as a literal sex kitten with her husband over the phone.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
December 02, 2021
Cycle 8, Episode 4: Renee's Regret
This week, the models pose in a death themed photo shoot, and Alex and Danielle are... kind of uncomfortable? Especially since Jael recently learned her friend died. Your hosts discuss Jay's reaction to this news, as well as Renee's new attitude.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
November 25, 2021
Cycle 8, Episode 3: Brittany's Weave
Alex and Danielle have made it to makeovers! They discuss the models new dos. Plus, Brittany and Renee face off, and its the nude candy shoot. Follow the pod on Instagram @topmodelrewind
November 18, 2021
Cycle 8, Episode 2: Natasha's Martian (Marching)
This week, the models flashback to high school with a prom-themed runway in front of a gym full of high schoolers and a "high school cliches" photo shoot that leaves some girls confused (Natasha) and uncomfortable (Samantha.) Speaking of Samantha, our country girl has a tough week, and we debate whether her elimination was justified.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
November 11, 2021
Cycle 8, Episode 1: Kathleen's Fur Faux Pas
Alex and Danielle are ready to tackle Cycle 8 and all of the personalities contained within: Hilarious Natasha, tragic Renee, sweet baby angel Jael, know-it-all Sarah (aka Moe) and the also hilarious Dionne. But first, your hosts lament the loss of Kathleen. What could have been. Every moment she was on screen was gold, and she was pretty damn modelesque to boot. Plus, the first shoot of the season is a conversation starter, all about controversial political opinions. Let's dig in! Follow the show on Instagram @topmodelrewind
November 04, 2021
Cycle 7, Episode 12: The Models' Feasta Ft. Jesse Mccain
We've reached the finale of Cycle 7, and once again, Alex and Danielle are joined by superfan Jesse Mccain to recap! Your hosts discuss whether CariDee's personality was really too much and whether Eugena didn't want it as the judges said. Plus, your hosts reveal who we think deserved to win the episode, and CariDee's unpolished runway performance is discussed. Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
October 28, 2021
Cycle 7, Episode 11: Tyra's Cold Water Torture Shoot
The models do a pool photo shoot that's hypothermia levels of cold, and the judges are giving mixed messages: Do they think CariDee should have continued the shoot or told them sooner that she had the (extreme) shivers? Alex and Danielle discuss. Plus, everyone hates Melrose, but why? Does she deserve it.  Follow the show on Instagram @topmodelrewind
October 20, 2021
Cycle 7, Episode 10: Nigel's Stick (The One Up His A$$)
Alex and Danielle discuss CariDee's infamous Nigel insult. Was it inappropriate or hilarious? Plus, did CariDee cheat on her boyfriend? And, the twins stink it up at go-sees.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
October 14, 2021
Cycle 7, Episode 9: CariDee's Secret
The models go to Spain! But, Alex and Danielle's excitement is tampered by a racist white guy. Poor Jaeda, whose trip abroad and commercial performance are totally ruined by a male model who wants nothing to do with her because of her race and a judging panel that gives her no grace. Plus, your hosts discuss the big secret that CariDee reveals during the acting challenge.  Follow the show on Instagram @topmodelrewind.
October 07, 2021
Cycle 7, Episode 8: Anchal's Episode
This episode is all about Anchal, and it inspires Alex and Danielle to get real about body image and eating disorders as Anchal's insecurities emerge. Plus, it's one of the worst photo concepts in ANTM history: The skydiving shoot. But, it inspires some laughs, and Alex and Danielle discuss whether they'd ever *actually* go skydiving.  Follow the show on Instagram @topmodelrewind
September 30, 2021
Cycle 5, Episode 6: Brooke's Graduation
It's Brooke's graduation week, and Alex and Danielle think there may have been some nefarious producer manipulation to send her home, despite a solid performance. Plus, the models are participating in a romance novel photo shoot, which leads A & D to the all-important question: Is Fabio hot? Follow Top Model Rewind on Instagram: @topmodelrewind
September 23, 2021
Cycle 7, Episode 5: AJ's Holey Hat
On the podcast this week, Alex and Danielle discuss the models posing as different celebrity couples and Melrose's spot on Donald Trump impersonation. Plus, Michelle has the most casual coming out ever. And... AJ's hat.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
September 16, 2021
Cycle 7, Episode 4: Melrose's Old Face
Monique is gone and Melrose is the new villain of the house. Alex and Danielle aren't convinced, but they definitely don't like the way she treats Anchal, who struggles with her self confidence this week. Plus, it's a sideshow photo shoot that has some disturbing results.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
September 09, 2021
Cycle 7, Episode 3: Monique's Underwear 'Prank'
Alex and Danielle recap Monique's dramatic ups and downs this week. First, she's gleefully swiping her underwear on Melrose's bed, then she's confined to bed with a mysterious sickness. Do the judges have a point when they say it's in her head? Plus, your hosts discuss the dangerous runway photo shoot, on wobbly planks over water.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind. 
September 02, 2021
Cycle 7, Episode 2: Melrose's Security Deposit
It's makeover time, baby! Alex and Danielle discuss their thoughts on each one, and they're more pleased with the results than not. Unfortunately, the models are not as happy. Plus, Monique hogs the phone and the models participate in a "Hair Wars"-inspired photo shoot.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
August 26, 2021
Cycle 7, Episode 1: Monique's Marked Territory
We've made it to Cycle 7! Listen to Alex and Danielle's first impressions of CariDee, Melrose, Anchal, Monique, Eugena, Jaeda and the twins. Meanwhile, Tyra goes in on a contestant who dares compare stripping to modeling, two contestants balk at a nude photo shoot and Monique steals Eugena's bed. Then, it's time for a "model stereotypes" photoshoot, which Jay says might be the show's most controversial yet (as if the blackface shoot never happened.) Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
August 19, 2021
Cycle 6, Episode 12: The Finale, aka, Danielle's Pinkie ft. Jesse Mccain
Alex and Danielle are sad to see Cycle 6 go, but they have a special guest to guide them through the pain, ANTM superfan Jesse Mccain! The three discuss the Covergirl shoot, say goodbye to Jade, watch the final runway and cast their votes in the Danielle vs. Joanie portfolio battle. And they're each surprised at whose pictures they like the most.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind Follow Jesse Mccain @jcancer21
August 12, 2021
Cycle 6, Episode 11: Jade's Tuk Tuk Adventure
The models go on go-sees this week and learn about Thai customs and transportation. They are not fans of the tuk tuk. The contestants also visit Phuket for a swimsuit shoot, which gives Alex and Danielle the chance to talk about their fear of tsunamis and humidity.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
August 05, 2021
Cycle 6, Episode 10: Furonda's Thai Dance
Thai is taking a toll on the girls this week. Danielle gets food poisoning, Furonda can't grasp the Thai dance, and Jade and Joanie are getting sick of each other. Danielle and Alex are here to recap it all, including the ethics of the famous elephant shoot.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
July 29, 2021
Cycle 6, Episode 8: Danielle's Gap
We're back to our regularly scheduled program this week with a recap of the models' first episode in Thailand! Or should we say Ty-land? But first, Danielle tragically is forced to close her gap to stay into the competition. (Alex and Danielle get real heated about this). Then, we experience Furonda's single-finger massage and a uterus-hurting mermaid photo shoot at the fish market.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
July 22, 2021
SPECIAL EP - Furonda Brasfield Interview: From Model To Lawyer
This week, instead of our regular recap, we bring you our first contestant interview with one of the GOATs, the fierce, fabulous Furonda! In this chat, Furonda talks about her many lives (including how she became a phone sex operator), Lisa's new music video, and bad vibes at the ANTM murder mansion. And, of course, we ask her all about how she went from model to lawyer! Follow Furonda @furonda on Instagram Learn about the 8th Amendment Project to abolish the death penalty here More info on the racial justice movement in the death penalty system here  Furonda's attorney services: Follow Top Model Rewind @topmodelrewind on Instagram
July 15, 2021
Cycle 6, Episode 7: Joanie's Tooth Trauma
Alex and Danielle dive deep into dentistry this week as they discuss Joanie's nightmarish operation, and Danielle's refusal to close her gap. Nnenna also receives a surprise visit from her beloved John.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind 
July 08, 2021
Cycle 6, Episode 6: Sara's Stiff Aswirl
This week, Alex and Danielle are introduced to the marvelous Aswirl twins, and they have questions: Where do their accents come from? How do you make a living off swirling? And was Sara really affected by her heithhhh? A&D also discuss Brooke's one-sided feud with Nnenna, and they bring back Top Model News to talk about recent drama regarding Cassandra (C5), as well as Tyra being Punk'd and Smizecream's U.S. debut! Follow on Instagram @topmodelrewind
July 01, 2021
Cycle 6, Episode 5: Jade's 'Wonderful, Fabulous' Commercial (feat. @awalburn94)
Our actor BFF Abby Walburn joins us to discuss the best/worst Covergirl commercial shoot of all time, and the lines that made it so: "wonderful, fabulous," "make it through the deh," "I just love wearing Covergirl; It's sooo nice to wear," etc., etc.. We also discuss Jade's struggles with the "Wild 'N Out" improv challenge and knowing what a question is, as well as Mollie Sue's unjust elimination.  Donate to Abby's MFA GoFundMe here, and follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind. 
June 24, 2021
Cycle 6, Episode 4: Gina's Bully Showdown
This week, it's Gina's turn to burn bright... and then fade away. First Janice bullies her. Then Gina finally stands up to Jade. It goes pretty well... for Gina. We also meet Nnenna's boyfriend, John, and their marathon phone arguments. And, Jade surprises everyone (including Alex and Danielle) when she says she wants to be a Kindergarten teacher.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
June 17, 2021
Cycle 6, Episode 3: Oliver TwiXt's Return (And Gina's Cockroach Conniption)
Oliver TwiXt is back! This time, to help us recap Cycle 6, Episode 3 and the cockroach runway challenge, falling fairytales shoot,  and the infamous too-tall heels judging challenge.   Find Oliver: @heisolivertwixt on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook; Oliver TwiXt on YouTube; Stream "Zap The Mixtape" on all digital music platforms.  Follow us @topmodelrewind
June 10, 2021
Cycle 6, Episode 2: Jade's 'America's Next Top Best Friend' Rant
This week, Alex and Danielle recap two iconic ANTM moments: Furonda's Tips For Successful Interaction and Jade's famous line, "This is not America's Next Top Best Friend." Plus, it's makeover week! Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
June 03, 2021
Cycle 6, Episode 1: Jade's (Cycle 6's) Premiere
Alex and Danielle have made it to the most popular season of ANTM (or, at least, Reddit's favorite): Cycle 6! Listen as they give their "first impressions" of Cycle 6's great characters: Furonda, Danielle, Joanie, and — our episode's namesake — the Ace of Spades, Jade. Oh, and of course your hosts have a lot to say on casting boot Dani's shocking racist and homophobic comments.  We also apologize for Alex's audio quality this episode. It should be back to normal next week.  Follow us on Instagram: @topmodelrewind
May 27, 2021
Cycle 5, Episode 12: Gilles Bensimon's Winner, aka, The Finale
Alex and Danielle have made it to the finale of Cycle 5. Hear their thoughts on who they think deserved to win. Plus, Danielle recounts Bre's amazing life story. And, it's portfolio battle time! Who took better photos? Nicole or Nik?  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind 
May 20, 2021
Cycle 5, Episode 11: Jayla's Benadryl
It's Bollywood week on the show, and if you're Nicole or Simon Doonan or any of the other models, you don't really know what that means. But, let's get into it anyway! The models embark on go-sees, Bre receives a pill from Jayla, and then Jayla is sabotaged herself by... Nigel's wife? Plus, we discuss CariDee and Mollie Sue's recent drama, brought to us by Oliver TwiXt, and Toccara's new plus-sized modeling competition.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind. 
May 13, 2021
Cycle 5, Episode 10: Bre's Granola Bars
We've finally made it to Granola Gate! And it's such a hefty episode that we have a guest, Edrian Pangilinan, recap it with us. We break down Bre's meltdown and Kim's decision to tattle on her. And have we finally learned the true fate of Bre's breakfast bars? Jayla's recent interview with Oliver Twixt may shed light. Plus, Edrian tells us about his recent trip to get Smize Cream! You can follow Edrian on IG @edrianpenguino or subscribe to his YouTube. He also hosts a weekly podcasts called Soul Supremacy, found on all major platforms. Or, visit his website:!  Follow us on IG @topmodelrewind!
May 06, 2021
Cycle 5, Episode 9: Kim's Rumor Mill
In this week's episode, Nik and Bre confront Kim about her constant gossiping. Plus, the models touch down in London and Miss J wears a ballsy T-shirt. During Top Model News, Alex and Danielle also discuss Keenyah's recent Oliver Twixt interview and C22 semifinalist Bryant's stint on The Circle reality show.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind 
April 29, 2021
Cycle 5, Episode 8: Lisa's Diaper Accident
There's so much happening in this episode that Alex and Danielle don't know where to begin: The story behind Lisa's diaper accident, Steve-O falling in love with Nicole, Kim on Veronica Mars, Benny Medina and more Lisa antics. See: Danielle and Alex trying to come up with a name for her new character. Plus, your hosts discuss the latest development in the Oliver and Lisa feud.  Follow us on Instagram: Donate to Campaign Zero:
April 22, 2021
Cycle 5, Episode 6: Kim's Pin-up Moment
*Disclaimer: This was recorded before Oliver's most recent update on why Alexandria declined his interview* Before Alex and Danielle dig into the episode this week, they discuss Oliver and Lisa's epic fallout and Allison (C12) hopping on the controversial NFT trend. On the recap, Jayla is so Elle Girl, Nicole's feeling like a caged rat, and Bre's being squeezed to death by a corset in the show's pin-up photo shoot.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
April 15, 2021
Cycle 5, Episode 5: Nik's Stolen Secret
This week is crazy eventful, and Alex and Danielle have a lot to discuss: The show's increasing focus on Lisa's drinking, the final Lisa vs. Coryn showdown, Jayla stealing Nik's Secret, and Cousin It! Your hosts discuss all the behind-the-scenes info revealed by Jayla and Lisa. Follow us on Instagram: @topmodelrewind
April 08, 2021
Cycle 5, Episode 4: Lisa's Unsolicited Advice
Trigger Warning: Murder, homophobia, racism, sexual assault Alex and Danielle discuss Adam's recent dumpster fire of an interview with Oliver Twixt, hence the trigger warning, before getting into Cycle 5, Episode 4, which brings us the beginning of Coryn and Lisa's feud and the first mention of Lisa's drinking habits. Plus — potential shade? — Janice is invited back for the famous plastic surgery shoot.  Follow us on Instagram: @topmodelrewind
April 01, 2021
Cycle 5, Episode 3: Kim and Sarah's Lesbian Love Affair
On this week's episode, Kim and Sarah's relationship heats up and Alex and Danielle learn something interesting about Sarah's alleged boyfriend. Also, Cassandra finally calls it quits, but is it really because of her hair or something else? And finally, Alex and Danielle discuss Oliver's recent interviews with Nole and Jayla.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
March 25, 2021
Cycle 5, Episode 2: Cassandra's Not-So Mia Farrow Haircut
Tyra specifically said Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby. But, did pageant girl Cassandra get a short pixie for drama purposes or because it would look good? Alex and Danielle are torn. They break down all the makeovers this week. Plus, Lisa's modeling advice does not go over well with the other contestants.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
March 18, 2021
Cycle 5, Episode 1: Kim's Kiss
We've finally reached Cycle 5 and all of the fantastic personalities it brings: Ebony and her nonsensical catchphrase, Cassandra the "sociopath" (but probably not... right?), Kim the "full-blown lesbian," as Sarah so delicately puts it and... of course ... Lisa, who comes face to face with her future archenemy: Tyra Banks.  It's also a two-hour premiere, so not only do we cover casting week, but we head straight into a wild week of runway and a supremely cheesy superhero photo shoot.  Follow us on Instagram: @topmodelrewind
March 11, 2021
Cycle 4, Episode 13: The Finale, aka, Tyra's Exit Interviews
We've made it to the end of another great season of ANTM. Alex and Danielle discuss whether the models deserved their placement, and they pit Naima and Kahlen against each other for a portfolio battle of the ages! Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
March 04, 2021
Cycle 4, Episode 11: Nelson Mandela's Cell
This is the week when Keenyah goes through some shit: Alex and Danielle cover her emotional experience in Nelson Mandela's cell and her assault at the photo shoot. For some levity, Danielle rants about Tyra's newest business venture, SmizeCream, and the enigma that is DJ Splitz and the SmizeCream theme song. And, your hosts cover Lluvy's recent Oliver TwiXt interview.
February 25, 2021
BONUS: Oliver Twixt On His ANTM Interviews, Tyra, And Unspilled Tea
We're delighted to present you with an interview with the man who's been interviewing all of our favorite ANTM contestants: Oliver TwiXt! The hip-hop artist and reality TV guru himself gives us his real thoughts on Tyra, which contestant interviews were so hot they were demonetized on YouTube, and what he thought about his recent dramatic interviews with Kacey and April/Mercedes/Yoanna/Shandi. Plus, he gives us a bit of blind ANTM tea he was told behind the scenes by a contestant. This is an episode you don't want to miss.  Find Oliver: @heisolivertwixt on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook; Oliver TwiXt on YouTube; "The TS Madison Experience" premiering on WE tv on March 4 at 10 p.m. EST; Stream "Zap The Mixtape" on all digital music platforms. 
February 22, 2021
Cycle 4, Episode 10: Naima's Dirty In Her Underwear
This week, Keenyah's in it to win it. First, she pushes the other models aside on go-sees. Then, she strategically covers up her stomach on the kloofing waterfall shoot. Finally, when asked to critique the other models' photos, she goes all in. In addition to recapping the episode, Alex and Danielle talk about Oliver's recent, dramatic interviews: Yoanna and April's feud, as well as Kacey's transphobic comments.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
February 18, 2021
Cycle 4, Episode 9: Keenyah's Elephant Ears
Alex and Danielle spend the first 50 minutes of the episode talking about the most recent Lisa drama and then breaking down Michelle's  interview with Oliver Twixt. Then, they go to South Africa with the models to talk about Keenyah's weight gain and Naima and Kahlen showing new sides of themselves. But first, they meet a very large bear who loves marshmallows. Follow us on Istagram @topmodelrewind
February 11, 2021
Cycle 4, Episode 8: Kahlen's Loss
We have a guest on the pod this week, Ashley Morgan Fink, to talk about the infamous Seven Deadly Sins shoot. Did the producers know that Kahlen's friend passed? Did they assign gluttony to Keenyah on purpose? Plus, your hosts discover an "ExtraTerrestrial" in their midst and recover from the aftermath of Tyra's Tiffany-induced madness.  You can follow Ashley on Instagram @ashley.morgan.fink and us @topmodelrewind
February 04, 2021
Cycle 4, Episode 7: Tyra's Meltdown (We Were All Rooting For You)
Alex and Danielle have made it to the most important episode. Tyra's tirade. Her meltdown. Her "We were all rooting for you moment." And they have A LOT to say about it. You may know it as a hilarious, reality TV moment. They see it as another sad stud in the Tiffany Tragedy Tapestry. Join them for an in-depth breakdown of the moment, what led up to it, what others from the show (including Tiff) have to say about it, what might have been cut out, and what truths it reveals about class in America.  Follow us on Instagram: @topmodelrewind. 
January 28, 2021
Cycle 4, Episode 6: Brittany's Bare Butt
The models have an eventful week: First they're sold to Don Banks "in perpetuity." Then, they face Danielle's worst nightmare, a networking event. And finally, they're doused in gasoline (not really, but whatever) for a sexy, dessert gas station photo shoot.  Follow us on Instagram: @topmodelrewind
January 21, 2021
Cycle 4, Episode 5: Michelle's Flesh-eating Bacteria
It's THAT episode. The first of the blackface episodes. And Alex and Danielle have thoughts. On that, and the Michelle "flesh-eating bacteria" scandal.  Follow us on Instagram: @topmodelrewind
January 14, 2021
Cycle 4, Episode 4: Tiffany's Crab Claws
It's the famed zodiac shoot, and Alex and Danielle take the opportunity to indulge in astrological talk and discussion of Tyra's star sign. Plus, is the show unfairly labeling Tiffany and Brandy as the models with too much attitude? A & D discuss this + share wine drunk stories in solidarity with Tiff.  Follow us on Instagram: @topmoderewind
January 07, 2021
Cycle 4, Episode 3: Rebecca's Collapse
This week, the models get runway lessons in the most fashionable House of Kmart. Alex and Danielle discover that it is actually Sarah who first utters the famous line, "This is not America's Next Top Best Friend." Michelle faces her greatest fear: a shoe rack. Kahlen's true identity is revealed. And, Tyra manages to be the most dramatic person in the room, even when another person (Rebecca) passes out and has to go to the hospital. Plus, Alex and Danielle pick their favorite dog in each 1-800-FLOWERS photo.  Follow us on Instagram:@topmodelrewind
December 31, 2020
Cycle 4, Episode 2: Brandy's Pouting
It's the first *real* episode of Cycle 4 and... MAKEOVERS, BABY. Everyone's excited, except Brandy, who's annoyed to be at the photo shoot and getting her hair cut, and, you know, all the things she's signed up for. Alex and Danielle give their thoughts on her attitude, as well as the models' first "alien"-themed photo shoot. Plus, Danielle has a dream that she was on ANTM.  On Top Model News, Alex and Danielle discuss how Will performed on The Amazing Race and a rumor that there might be a new season of ANTM in the works.  Follow us on Instagram: @topmodelrewind
December 24, 2020
Cycle 4, Episode 1: Lady Kat's Scratch
We're back for another season of ANTM. Which model will claw their way to the top? Not Lady Kat, unfortunately, although we enjoyed her presence at casting.  Alex and Danielle share their first impressions of all the models and go on digressions about Delia's catalogues, Tyra's unique psychic powers, and a Reese Witherspoon lookalike.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
December 17, 2020
Cycle 3, Episode 13: Tyra's Dagger Eyes, aka The Finale
It's the finale of Cycle 3, and we're sad to see this crazy cast of characters leave. We witness the first Covergirl shoot in ANTM history and watch the world's slowest runway show. Plus, a new contestant joins the show?  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
December 10, 2020
Cycle 3, Episode 12: Ann's (Overdue) Goodbye
If you are Ann, please do not listen to this episode. Alex and Danielle celebrate the elimination of the most perplexing fourth place finisher in the series. Meanwhile, the models are introduced to Japanese street style and the "Babydoll Lolita" look (yikes). Plus, a Harajuku fashion shoot, in which Ann looks like a certain anime character.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind 
December 03, 2020
Cycle 3, Episode 11: Norelle's Culture Shock
This week, all the girls are merely in orbit of the ultimate showdown: Eva vs. Ann. Sister against sister. Best friend against best friend. Who do we side with? Plus, Norelle's bewildered by Japanese culture, and Amanda and Yaya compete to see who loves the country the most.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
November 26, 2020
Cycle 3, Episode 9: Tyra's Death-mail
Alex and Danielle have a special guest this week: Abby Walburn, friend of the pod and real-life actress. She's going to help break down the models' truly terrible Campbell's Soup commercials, as well as their deathbed skit with Taye Diggs (who we're sure know from UPN's "Kevin Hill"). Plus, the girls head to Japan to meet the Tokyians (as Norelle would say). Also, please excuse the scratchy audio on Abby's end.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
November 19, 2020
Cycle 3, Episode 8: Yaya's apology
We're sorry for getting this episode out so late to y'all. Alex's lap top broke... again. She and Danielle decompress after a stressful election week with a lively discussion about Yaya apologizing to a hat, a diva-off on the red carpet, and Tyra's mom absolving her daughter of all sins related to not helping Cassie with her bulimia. Plus, Danielle summarizes a recent interview with Amanda.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
November 16, 2020
Cycle 3, Episode 7: The Judges' Fatphobia
Alex and Danielle recorded this episode before the election, so enjoy a blissfully carefree hour and a half of ANTM analysis! It's go-see week and Toccara has a rough one as she runs into more issues finding clothes that fit her — at the designer's studios and at the photo shoot. We break down the argument between Toccara and the stylist, as well as the disagreement between the judges on whether to send her home. Plus, Cassie's boyfriend wants out and Amanda learns what "take responsibility" means when some of the models are late for their meeting with Nanette Lepore. 
November 05, 2020
Cycle 3, Episode 6: Ann's Lack of Respeito
Yet another iconic episode! Yaya perfectly calls out Ann's lack of respeito when the jock carves an immature (yes, Ann, it was immature) message into Cassie's low-carb brownies. Plus, Cassie admits to Tyra that she throws up after eating in an Intervention style mediation. And, we say goodbye to the hilarious Kelle. You were spoiled and had no intensity in your eyes, but we loved you.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind 
October 29, 2020
Cycle 3, Episode 5: Kelle's Mirror
This week, Kelle's self confidence hits new depths as she grapples with yet another week of criticism from the judges. But, Toccara scores points with Alex and Danielle for comforting Kelle, while also revealing her poor relationship with her parents. Meanwhile, the models pose in their underwear in a store window and participate in a roller blading, Dooney & Bourke photo shoot. On Top Model News, Alex and Danielle discuss Will (C21)'s appearance on "The Amazing Race." Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
October 22, 2020
Cycle 3, Episode 4: Amanda's Crystal Hunt
There's a game afoot! The Great Crystal Hunt, led by Amanda, winds its way through the model house, embroiling Eva, Jennipher and Ann in big momma drama. Plus, Miss Jay disappoints by not taking Amanda's disability seriously and Cycle 2 winner Yoanna returns for a guest spot that involves the ugliest shoes of the 2000s... Crocs! Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
October 15, 2020
Cycle 3, Episode 3: Amanda's Ja Wolf
It's makeover week and most of the models get a confidence boost (too much of one, in Amanda's case) from their new 'dos and (for Norelle) teeth. But, Camille's week is ruined by allegations that she has an eating disorder, which — once again — is left for the girls to deal with rather than a licensed professional. Plus, Alex and Danielle pay way too much attention to the models' hands in a Nivea photo shoot, and they debut a new segment: Top Model News.  Follow us on Instagram: @topmodelrewind 
October 08, 2020
Cycle 3, Episode 2: Ann and Eva's Co-Dependency
It's the first, full week of modeling for Cycle 3, and we're going deep: We talk about how Kelle's past struggles with racism affect how she acts on the show, we find out that Leah is a Catholic influencer, and we discuss the dirt on Nolé Marin. Plus, we're only slightly disturbed by Ann and Eva's "friendship." Follow us on Instagram: @topmodelrewind
October 01, 2020
Cycle 3, Episode 1: Toccora's Full Grown Dogs
Alex and Danielle have a lot of fun meeting — and judging — the girls of Cycle 3 of America's Next Top Model. They talk about Tiffany's first, tragic appearance and her honest attempt at a dance off with the stank hos who threw beer on her weave. And, they marvel at Eva the Diva's impactful entrance. A star is born! Follow @topmodelrewind on Instagram. 
September 24, 2020
Cycle 2, Episode 10: The Finale, aka, Yoanna's Country Song
Alex and Danielle recap the Cycle 2 finale and finally address THE LIST, a new revelation about why Yoanna might have won over Mercedes. Plus, they talk about where the models are now and delve into Shandi's wild post show career as a DJ, Trump model, Lumber Jill and angel of death. Follow @topmodelrewind on Instagram 
September 17, 2020
Cycle 2, Episode 9: Shandi's Phone Call
Alex and Danielle discuss the second most dramatic moment in the history of Top Model: Shandi's tearful phone call after a drunken mistake in Milan. They discuss what happened to Eric and Shandi afterward, and they (somewhat guiltily) perform a dramatic reading of their emotional conversation. Plus, was Tyra's girl chat with Shanthrax sincere? Jay's book might have some insights... Follow @topmodelrewind on Instagram
September 10, 2020
Cycle 2, Episode 8: Camille's Signature Walk
It's a very special episode as we welcome our first guest, ANTM superfan Timothy (@timospears on Instagram)! ...Who also happens to be a huuuuge Camille fan. Unsurprisingly, we spend most of the episode discussing the merits of Miss McDonald and her ~signature walk~ that's totally going to make her famous. Plus, the models go abroad to Milan (ciao!), and we find out what Yoanna really was doing when she disappeared from dinner with Tyra and Jay.  Again, give our bud Timothy a follow on Instagram: @timospears And us! @topmodelrewind
September 03, 2020
Cycle 2, Episode 7: Tyra's Music Video Dreams
Breaking Top Model News! Three years after the last season of ANTM and the show is somehow still making headlines. With a special guest (@timospears on Instagram), we discuss the new information revealed on last Friday's Jay's Chat about the winner switcheroo of Cycle 17. And, we dissect the follow up drama instigated by Top Model Lisa D'Amato. Then, we dive into Cycle 2, Episode 7 and the premiere of  Tyra's (actually awesome?) single, "Shake Ya Body." Plus, we watch as Shandi's relationship starts to crumble.  Follow us on Instagram: @topmodelrewind
August 27, 2020
Cycle 2, Episode 6: Shandi's Snot
UPDATE: This episode has been re-uploaded to restore the 8 minutes of lost audio from 33:48-41:45. Enjoy! The models get an acting lesson, and the women end up sharing their emotions like the cult members in "Midsommar." Plus, the models perform in the most 2000s commercial ever, and Yoanna flashes (and impresses) us all! Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
August 26, 2020
Cycle 2, Episode 5: Camille's Hogwarts House
Everyone has a sob story this week as Sara grapples with paternal rejection, April tussles with her biracial identity, Shandi reckons with being unloved and the producers torture Mercedes until she confesses she has lupus. Seriously. Tyra, a personality coach, a psychic, and Janice Dickinson team up to get it out of her. Plus, some girls make a splash and others flounder in an underwater photo shoot.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
August 13, 2020
Cycle 2, Episode 4: Betsey Johnson's Bangs
This week, Tyra's traumatized from ending up on too many Worst Dressed lists, so she forces the girls to figure out their personal style. Most of them fail. Plus, Alex has something in common with Mercedes, and we get uncomfy when the show decides to darken Xiomara's skin. But, she pulls out a killer photo regardless.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
August 06, 2020
Cycle 2, Episode 3: Camille's Runner's Lunge
Alex and Danielle discuss some fresh Top Model drama that happened this weekend before delving into an equally wild episode: Sweet Heather is feeling lonely in the house, but Alex, Danielle (and the other models) show no mercy. The models get makeovers, and Catie cries because her hair's too short. Then cries again when she has to hang from her harness during her photoshoot. And then cries again when she throws Xiomara under the bus. Plus, Yoanna becomes a medic when Shandi passes out.  Follow along on Instagram: @topmodelrewind
July 30, 2020
Cycle 2, Episode 2: Jenascia's Crimson Wave
Alex and Danielle start to realize that maybe Camille isn't the villain of the season. Plus, Danielle makes a shocking discovery about those boobs Bethany can't shut up about, and your hosts discuss Miss Jay's eclectic fashion taste.  Follow us on Instagram: @topmodelrewind 
July 23, 2020
Cycle 2, Episode 1: Anna's Private Party
The models' personalities are already coming to play, even in the first episode of Cycle 2. Shandi's a walking "before" picture, Bethany's only talent is her boobs, and Camille might be a narcissist. Maybe. Alex and Danielle evaluate each new model, discuss whether new judge (and noted fashion photographer) Nigel is creepy or not, and try to find out which male models' "private party" is showing.  Find the models' photos on Instagram: @topmodelrewind
July 17, 2020
Cycle 1, Episode 8: The Finale, aka, Elyse's Estrogen Features
Alex and Danielle go off the rails a bit when they realize that not much happens during a Top Model finale. We hope you like hearing about our terrible, high school English teacher and which one of our moms would make the best aunt. But, seriously, we do talk about Shannon's, Elyse's and Adrianne's careers post show. Plus, Elyse teaches us some questionable "science" about what makes a top model. Join us next week as we dive into Cycle 2, and follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind!
July 09, 2020
Cycle 1, Episode 7: Robin's Jiggle Shimmy
We've arrived at the infamous nude shoot of Cycle One, when Robin and Shannon unite to stand down Satan (aka, Jay Manuel) and refuse to shoot naked (aka, with a skimpy band covering their lady parts). Honestly, we don't blame them, but we do judge them — because that's what this podcast is about!  Plus, a challenge that feels mysteriously like an escort situation as the models take four French men out for a night on the town — at least, Adrianne, Elyse and Shannon do. Robin's at Bible study. And, Alex and Danielle talk about how much they don't know about Jim Morrison, The Doors and why Adrianne wants to visit his grave.  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind
July 02, 2020
Cycle 1, Episode 6: Shannon's Awakening
The models are in Paris! And so is Brad Pinkert. Oh, Brad Pinkert. That spiky hair, those perfect pecs, that vaguely European accent... wait, this dude is from Buffalo, New York? Well, wherever Brad came from, Shannon's feeling things when he shows up at the models' lingerie photo shoot. We discuss their lukewarm flirtationship at length. Plus,  the girls go on a merry jaunt through Paris — or at least that's what Keese thinks it is. Really, it's go-see game time. Find this week's photos on Instagram: @topmodelrewind Also, we recorded this episode back in early June, so we touch on the Black Lives Matter protests for the first time. We encourage you to keep pushing for justice for Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Elijah McClain and other Black people killed by police. And, while you're at it, consider donating to the Innocence Project! 
June 25, 2020
Cycle 1, Episode 5: Giselle's Curse
It's an episode of surprising guest stars as the models get a visit from a suspicious publicist, a "working member of the press" who turns out to be #VanLifer, Elyse's famous boyfriend, and Adrianne's mom... who inexplicably calls her daughter Chewbacca.  You may notice some audio problems on Danielle's side. We recommend listening without headphones.  As always, follow us on Instagram: @topmodelrewind
June 18, 2020
Cycle One, Episode 4: Ebony's Greasegate
Alex and Danielle walk you through Ebony's no good, very bad week. First, she has to deal with immature models who don't clean (Giselle), then she has to fend off homophobes (Robin and Shannon). At the end, our girl can't even say "water" properly.  The models also have a "badonkadonk"-off and the camera guy gets a little too excited. Plus, the lamest video shoot ever! Enjoy the episode, but please also continue to donate to Black causes. May we recommend the Black Journalism Fund: Find us on Instagram @topmodelrewind 
June 11, 2020
Cycle 1, Episode 3: Adrianne's Beefy Snake
Alex relives her childhood trauma as the models pose with snakes! Plus, the show's first round of makeovers, which are surprisingly tame. (But the girls complain anyway, of course). Nicole, meanwhile, deals with the worst boyfriend ever, and we check in on their current relationship status.  On a serious note, we hope this episode provides you with a brief mental break as the country comes to terms with its history of racial injustice. After you're done, please consider donating to your local bail fund or Black Lives Matter group. As a Louisville resident, may I (Danielle), recommend following this link: And as always, you can find us on Instagram @topmodelrewind 
June 04, 2020
Cycle 1, Episode 2: Elyse's Burn Book
The facade falls off and the girls go from being friendly to realizing that they're fundamentally different people and could never get along (as is the Top Model way). Specifically, Else gets snarky to camera about, well, everyone, and Ebony finds out that Robbynne thinks she's infested by demons.  Plus, the girls are surprisingly good at runway, and they pose for a... men's electronics magazine?  Follow us on Instagram @topmodelrewind. (We abandoned that blog idea.)
May 26, 2020
Cycle 1, Episode 1: Shannon's Leather Face
Alex and Danielle thought they were starting an America's Next Top Model recap podcast, but this show is unrecognizable! Where's the Tyra narcissism? Why aren't the Jays there? We don't know, but it's somehow... better? If you like what you hear in those ears, give us a review and subscribe.  Follow us on Instagram: @topmodelrewind Theme song and podcast art by Aaron Long.
May 06, 2020