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Portals is a special podcast from Times Of Refreshing Christian Centre New York where we dive into deep discussion about elements of faith, spirituality, and all things Jesus. Pioneered by Dr Robyn Kassas and hosted by Shenaya Anisse, portals unlocks truths and key gems that are shared in prophetic conversation through the teachings at TORCC NY & SOAP NY. Join us for enlightened conversation that is full of challenges, encouragement, and answers to questions that you may be asking, which will deepen your relationship with Jesus.
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State Or Goal; A Kingdom Experience
Do you jump in and out of healing? Is your healing permanent or is it sporadic? Want to know how to live in a present tense reality of your confession of faith? Join host Shenaya Annise as she sits down with our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- and portal on the difference between living in "state" and not living in a "goal". The team lead us through powerful mind blowing gems that talk the deep things of God about releasing consistent inner healing and wholeness. The team discuss the power of compassion and it's ability to become a carrier wave for miracles from the supernatural to natural. The team remind us that goals require no faith and not abiding realities. Ps. Nathan finalizes the portal with a powerful prophetic process of writing truth on our hearts so that it become a constant living in state and state of living.
June 13, 2021
After The Fact
Are you tired of always learning after the fact? Do you feel like you are always one step behind and repeating the same cycles without any breakthrough? Join the Portals team as host Shenaya Annise sits down with our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps Nathan -- on breaking the cycle of "hindsight learning" and how to stop being the tail and become the head in our Christian walk. If you are tired of learning after the fact, then this is the portal for you.  The team dive deep into this portal with prophetic gems that will help you to learn how to rely on the Holy Spirit to always walk in foresight and be the head and not the tail. They share the power of God breaking your box and using everything that you have learnt in the world only to defy and redefine it for His Glory. The remind us that whether you walk first in foresight on last in hindsight it all depends on HOW BIG YOUR GOD IS! You don't want to miss this life-changing prophetic conversation. 
June 1, 2021
Free In Deeds
What does it mean to be free? Why do we sometimes feel freedom in the moment, but then when faced with trial or the temptation to be the same person, fall back into the same cycles?  In this portal, host Shenaya Annise sits down with our Senior Leadership Team -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, Ps. Nathan Kassas -- as they discuss going beyond freedom and becoming free in deed. We know that the Bible says, "Faith without works is dead" - James 2:20; this means action. You cannot just desire freedom you must commit to freedom. This portal unravels the challenging but much needed conversation of walking our freedom out in our deeds. It's more than just thoughts, it's action! Intention progressing into committed action is what the Holy Spirit uses as an agreement between the Heavenly realm of resources and the earthly realm of human needs. This means we have to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus to us as truth -- because truth is a person. This is the key to becoming free in deed, seeing Jesus as truth and not as facts.  We know that this portal will challenge some mindsets, break some pathways, and even build some better ones...that was our Let listening to this portal encourage you to let your life become free in deeds and not just in thought. When you allow this transformation to take place, you can experience complete freedom and walking in that every day of your life.  "if then the son may make you free, in reality ye shall be free." - John 8:36 Young's Literal Translation
May 20, 2021
The Family Unit
What is the family unit? Why is the family unit so important to God?  In this episode of Portals, the team answer these questions and get down to the heart of why family matters to God. Host Shenaya Annise sits down with our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- to discuss the family unit and why it's so important that we understand it. With so much of the family unit under attack today by our society, we as believers need to stand up and fight for system of family that God instituted. That's right, family is nothing that man has ever created, it's a straight from the heart of God concept, and it reflects love that the trinity -- each individual yet one -- have for each other. This episode of Portals will definitely challenge you as the team discuss all elements associate with the family unit starting with: gender identity, the importance mothers, the importance of fathers, parental influence, generational cycles, etc. However, they don't discuss it void from the Holy Spirit as He leads each dialogue into deep relational truths . Instead, each principle and gem revealed leads you back to understanding why God calls you family and why in this time of history, it is so important to know that you are God's family and to fight for that reality everyday for the next generation. This will be a portal for the history books, but one that is so desperately needed for the Body of Christ. 
May 15, 2021
"What Is Your Quality Of Life?"
What is your quality of life?  In this portal our team dive into unraveling the true meaning of life. Join host Shenaya Annise as she sits down with our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Nathan Kassas -- as they ask the question, "What is the quality of life to you?".  Dr Robyn and Ps Nathan take us through creation timeline of going back to the beginning to realize that we were never meant to know life without Jesus -- He has been and always will be the focal point of all creation. They unlock key after key to helping understand why the quality of our lives is not being fully reached. Are we merely existing instead of living? If you are tired of feeling like you merely exist and need to start living in the life that Christ Jesus is, you need to listen to this portal to ignite your heart to realize where true life begins. 
May 6, 2021
Heightened Vs. Hyper - What type of emotion do you have?
This portal is not for the faint of heart.  Host Shenaya Annise sits down with our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- as they discuss the difference between hyper and heightened emotions.  This conversations gets deep quickly as each Senior Leader explores the contrast between these two types of emotion and reveals key gems from heaven that will help us in every type of relationship. Our hyper emotion always leads us out of the presence of God, whereas heightened emotion God will use  to draw to us to Himself and Himself out through us to others. Region has causes us to fall for the lie that God doesn't want us to have emotion and is stoic in nature. But it's the complete opposite! He wants us to bring our emotions to Him and see that we have been created in His image; He is a God that feels. It's because of this truth that we can bring our hyper emotions to Him and exchange them for His heightened emotions.  What the difference between the hyper and heightened? We are not going to give away the secret so you are going to have to listen to the portal to find out. By the way, there are some real key gems here for singles and married couples, so do yourself a favor and grab a coffee, a notebook, and hit the play button. 
April 29, 2021
The Power To Choose
Wow! Strap yourself in for this one because this portal is definitely a flesh burner. What is your choice and what part does it play in your freedom, breakthrough, and healing? In this portal our team dive into the deep truths about the power of choice and how it's so crucial what we choose.  Join Shenaya Annise as she sits down with our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- and the portal on the power of choice in our lives. This portal is three hours of gem packed revelation from heaven that will help you to identify in your life where your choices have not lined up with His.  Ps. Nathan & Dr Robyn lead us through biblical example where choice has played such a critical role. They also unpack process after process to do with emotions and understanding where our choice plays a significant part. The reveal the difference between intention, motive, and method -- teaching us that usually we judge ourselves based on our intentions, but choose to judge everyone else based on their method or motive. If that wasn't enough to keep us going back to the Lord, then our leaders talk about a corrupt doctrinal understanding of sovereignty. They expose the lie that religion has taught us about the sovereignty of God -- that his sovereignty is the ability to make a law and then change it, rather than His sovereignty is the ability to make a law and abide by it...this is true sovereignty.  In the final segment, Ps. Nathan reveals the power of the bodies physiological responses to store choice in our organs and tissue through the "fight or flight" mechanism. He reminds us the role that our choices play in our physical health, well-being, and wholeness. We are not becoming new; instead, we are putting on the new everyday.  Finally, Ps Robyn hit's us with the most powerful revelation to sum it all up, God gives you choice so just like Jesus, you can give your choice back to Him.  Let the flesh burning and the new learning begin!
April 20, 2021
Aware Or Awake...What Are You?
"Know the answer and apply to the problem!" Yep, you heard that quoted right. In this episode of Portals, our team reverse everything you were taught in school and ask the hard question, "Aware Or Awake...What Are You?" Host Shenaya Annise sits down with our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- as they dive into these prophetic truths that will help to establish whether you are ware or awake?  There are so many truths that are talked about in this episode that we know will blow your mind, but some need to be mentioned again to whet your appetite. Dr Robyn hit's us with the revelation that being awake can only come when you know that Jesus is the answer. Staying true to her prophetic calling to expose religious thinking, she tears apart everything that we were taught in school, especially in math class, by revealing that we should never be looking for the problem to solve for the answer. We have the answer and that is Jesus Christ. If we look to Him as the answer for everything then we can apply that to our problem -- no matter what it is. Dr Robyn carefully reminds us that in our day and age, too many people are aware of the problem but not awake to the answer, and furthermore, are trying to make everything else the answer.  Then Dr Robyn and Ps. Nathan talk about the difference from being awake to problems vs. being awake to the answer...Jesus. Ps. Nathan shares important insight about how we can not only be aware about the truth about ourself; we must be awake! It's easy for us to keep our brethren awake to the truth about themselves, but do we apply that to ourselves personally? So many important questions are asked and presented from each person on the team as they take the journey to move you from just being aware to awake to God's Word, Will, and Way. Ultimately, that is Jesus!
April 15, 2021
Truth Is A Person
Are you ready for a Godly breakup? In this powerful portal our team expose the lie behind what truth really is.  Join host Shenaya Annise as she sits down with our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- to bring light to this not discussed reality.  Dr Robyn really leads the charge as she brings us all into the revelation that truth is not facts; it's a person...Jesus Christ. After this is revealed, the team toss it back and forth throwing gems left, right, and center. Ps. Tony hits us with the truth that until we except the truth about ourself first, we can never be used by the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to our brethren. Then Ps. Nathan doubles up on the revelation overload with the unraveling of manipulation communication -- a style of communication that we think is beneficial to relationships, but actually disguises truth with fear. If that wasn't enough to keep you going, Dr Robyn finishes it off with the icing on the cake. She reveals that we all have had a relationship with facts and that we need to see that facts hate us and never produce truth -- Jesus Christ. This portal is literally so hot with revelation that it might light your speakers on fire, but we know that as you listen you will feel the Holy Spirit reaching out to you and starting to reveal the truth, Jesus Christ, to you so that you can allow Him to create a change in the areas of your life that need the fruit of the spirit. By the end of this portal, you need to answer the question, "Are you ready to breakup with facts?". 
March 29, 2021
"Brother Or Keeper...What's The Difference?"
The Portals team is hitting you with some Holy Spirit fire in this one!  Join Shenaya Annise as she sits down with our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan -- as they discuss the difference between being your brother's brother and being your brother's keeper.  Ps. Tony stars us off with the realization of prides perilous presumptions and how the enemy ensnares us with prideful mindsets and attitudes. Then the portal kicks into overdrive as Dr Robyn and Ps. Nathan start to unravel the mindsets behind the lies that we have attributed to being a brother's keeper. Dr Robyn lands the gem of the night on us with the fact that we have received a warp version of what keeper means. We have exchanged keeper for commander; and keeper for controller. If that's wasn't enough to feed off for months on end, then the team hit us with the challenge of, "Who is in your corner club?".  Ps. Nate drops this bomb gem riding on the back of our last portal on gossip, if people are coming to us to escape God...something is wrong. We won't go into the full detail because we don't want to spoil it, as this portal is to good to not listen to a thousand times over so that you can let it land. This portal will shed light on the real meaning of what it means to be your brother's keeper and learn to love and keep our brethren in the truth at the same time...just as Jesus did! 
March 23, 2021
Shrink To Expand...Keep Your Mind Stayed!
It's time to let the Holy Spirit shrink our fantasy and to expand our Godly imagination for creation! Wow, that's a contradictory statement but it's the truth. In this portal, our team talk about the importance of understanding the power of the barren seasons in our life and how imagination that is guided by God causes us to birth new life into barrenness again; imagination is the first step to creation.  Join host Shenaya Annise as she talks with our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- on the power of understanding the importance that our imagination plays and seeing the right visual so our mind is stayed on him. Based on Isaiah 26:3, Dr Robyn and Ps. Nathan share the importance of keeping our imagination fixed on the "revealed will" of God -- this is the key to our minds being stayed on him and keeping us in perfect peace. In a season where we are allowing God to strip us of all self-effort and fantasy, we might feel as if we have nothing to invest back into God's dream for our life. Dr Robyn and Ps. Nathan talk about the importance of allowing God to restore our "mind space" so that we can invest energy and Godly emotion into the dream and visual that He has dreamt for our life.  Let the team lead you through powerful steps on how to keep your imagination focused on Him and His reveled will for your life. It's in this process that you will shrink in your self effort and as Dr Robyn quotes, "Exchange your thoughts so that the interchange can take place for His thoughts.''
March 17, 2021
Nibbling Is Crippling
Get some water for this one cause things are about to get crispy! Join host Shenaya Annise as she sits down with our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps Tony Kassas, and Ps Nathan Kassas -- and continues the conversation about waking up from our fantasy to live His dream. The team tackle a hot topic that is closely linked to us entertaining fantasy—GOSSIP! Coming from a completely new angle, our portals panel hit us with truth that is going to wake you up from your funk and align you to be in the center of God's perfect will for your life. Dr Robyn and Ps Nathan really take the lead as they share the communication of fantasy life is always gossip. They continue to reveal that what we class as “just sharing" is what the Bible clearly calls “gossip”. God hates a gossip, and we believe after you listen to this portal, you will fully understand why. The panel reveal the concept of "nibbling". When used by the Holy Spirit nibbling becomes a tool that brings life. But, when used by man, it only brings deception, reproach and gossip. We don't want to give it all away because this portal is too good to spoil, and you need to listen to it for yourself. However, to finalize everything, Dr Robyn hits us with the prophetic wrap up reminding us that gossip never leads us to empathy, only sympathy. She closes the deal by affirming that the people we go to and "share" our feeling and thoughts with are never the people that can walk alongside us and change our situation: we just use them for ear candy! Ouch! We suggest you listen to this over and over again and learn that in the Kingdom of God “sharing is not caring".
March 10, 2021
"The Great Exchange: Fantasy For Dream"
Join host Shenaya Annise as she sits down with our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps Tony Kassas, and Ps Nathan Kassas -- and portals on this right-on-time conversation from Heaven about exchanging your fantasy for His Dream.  Many of us have our own concept of how we see God fulfilling our destiny and our dreams. Unfortunately, this is an illusion. It is not the way that God sees this fulfillment and ends up usually becoming a fantasy that we tend to live in.  In this portal, the team talk about the main reasons behind why we try to live in the fantasy and what effect it has on our relationship with God. They share powerful gems and keys. They discuss how God will massage our heart into His direction and cause us to desire what He desires so that we never settle for our fantasy but go after His Dream. It's about His dream for us; this is where the emphasis is. Dr Robyn reminds us with the main gem of it all -- Our perception of God will become our deception of God and that the number one problem fantasy will create to our lives is limit our concept of who God is.
March 4, 2021
An Answer Or The Answer -- Which One?
The portals team is back with this week's episode and it's ready to blow your mind.  Host Shenaya Annise sits down with our senior leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- for a continued prophetic discussion full of gems that are going to download  and unlock kingdom principles to be activated in your life.  The panel kick us off by chatting with two of TORCC's researchers and analysts around the topic of the next generation and their rebirth. Are we aware of what is programing our children and our youth? Do we fully understand what is going on in the entertainment or games that they're playing? One of our researchers actually walks us through a physical example of what is taking place during a particular game, and exposes the Satanic agenda and blatant imagery. We encourage all parents to really listen to these segments and allow the Holy Spirit to shine light on how Satan is trying to influence the next generation. There are some powerful key gems to help you parent Godly and not in the way of the world.  To wrap it up, Dr Robyn asks the question, "Is Jesus the answer to your life, or just an answer?". Are we allowing other forms and experiences to become the answer? The Word of God is straight and clear that He is the way, truth, and life; He is the only way! Dr Robyn reminds us that in this next move of God, we cannot afford to let experience corrupt our theology. While intel and is good and needed, our insight must come from the Lord.  We know this portal will challenge you to throw out the gimmicks and hold on to what has real substance...your faith in Jesus! He is the answer to everything.
February 24, 2021
The Balancing Act
Are you tired of feeling like your life is in a constant balancing act? Do you feel as if your heart and thoughts are in a never-ending tug-of-war and trying to walk the tightrope between the old man and the new man?   In this portal, our team talk about locating the root of what causes this unGodly balancing effect in our lives. Join host Shenaya Annise as she leads a prophetic discussion with our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps Tony Kassas, and Ps Nathan Kassas.  Ps Robyn keeps the main thing the main thing, by revealing that we can't have evil and good walk alongside each other in our lives. They can never stand side by side. Furthermore, Dr Robyn reminds us that when we try to balance good and evil, we are believing the same lie that is at the root of all evil belief systems - all the way back to the mother of them all: Luciferianism. What is the lie? God is holding back from us.   To sum it all up, Ps Nathan reminds us that we will believe that lie when we don't believe the power of the cross is enough. He asks the question: is our faith in what God says about us or what everything and everyone else says about us? To finish it up, Dr Robyn and Ps Nathan take us all the way back to the garden and reveal the power of the sound that spoke creation into existence and all things into Godly equilibrium. This sound is Jesus. He is the song of our lives and universe. When we try to balance evil and good in our lives, we throw His voice off key and everything in our lives out of balance.  Don't let your life sound off pitch anymore by trying to play in both keys -- good and evil.
February 18, 2021
Is Jesus Worth The Remnant?
Coming off the back of a power packed weekend and our annual "Catch The Vision" service, our portals team sit down to talk about the next move and direction of the Lord for his people.  Host Shenaya Annise talks with our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- on a very confronting topic but one that needs to be discussed. The team dive into the prophetic discussion of "How Much Is Jesus Worth To You?". This topic covers the truth that God is securing a remnant within the church; a people that do not let their lamps run out of oil. It's the remnant that scripture says won't be deceived or detoured by every wind of doctrine. What does it take to be the remnant? In the moments where you could choose Jesus or you...who do you choose?  As we enter into a great time of reformation and rebirth, we must cultivate a living relationship with Jesus now. In the words of Dr Robyn, "It's hard not to want to spend eternity with Jesus when you live your life everyday with Him now". All these important questions get answered in a very in-depth, but spirit led and breathed conversation between the panel. The also bring light to other subjects such as: what is the cause of temptation; experience vs. lifestyle; the real root to rejection; and so much more. This portal is gem packed and you are gonna wanna listen again and again to let it land!
February 10, 2021
Hole Truth
The Portals team are ready to blow your mind with this gemtastic episode full of truths and powerful tools for enhancing your faith. Join host Shenaya Annise as she sits down with our Senior leadership to talk about hole truth vs. Whole truth. Without giving it away, Dr Robyn presents the question, "Does our faith have a Thomas like texture?" Do we say in our heart and to others, "Only when I feel the hole will I know it's real." The team discuss the power of the heart and the truth that when you don't let your heart lead your visual, your emotions are not in line to be used by God to enhance your life; instead they fight against you. You go rationality and humanism and not by the spirit. Finally, Dr Robyn brings us to the crux of the whole thing. "What is your passion Lord? I know your ways, but how do I get to know your heart?" This is gonna be a mind-blowing episode and give you so much strategy to life your relationship with Jesus to the fullest.
February 6, 2021
***PORTALS SUNDAY SPECIAL - "Ownership Or Dominion" - Pt. II
The portals team continue this powerful portal takeover of the Sunday Night Message and let us know the ultimate truth that we have not lost ownership and therefore we are to stop buying the lie and giving the devil dominion in our lives. They also encourage us to stand on the Word Of God no matter what the circumstance looks like or is saying.  *Disclaimer: There are things mentioned in this episode that relate to the 2020 election. TORCC NY and the Portals Team stand firm on the prophesies and words given by established and tested prophets. If you disagree with this, we kindly ask you to not listen to this podcast. While we respect everyones right to their own political views and beliefs, we will always stand on the word of God, even against personal views or ideologies.  Please be aware, that some political content mentioned in this episode is commentary based on personal observation and not revelation. 
February 6, 2021
***PORTALS SUNDAY SPECIAL - "Ownership Or Dominion" - Pt. I
Our Portals podcast takes over Sunday night as the team sit down and through prophetic conversation reveal powerful prophetic truths about standing true on the Word of God and realizing what it is to give over our dominion, but believe the lie we have lost ownership. Ultimately, Dr Robyn finales the whole discussion with the gem of the year, God's promises are not about seeing circumstances revealed, they are about knowing His character never changes.
January 25, 2021
55. Majoring on Minors. Does It Work?
THIS ONE IS MAJOR!!!!!  The Portals team has been known to blow people's minds with the revelations presented. Now and then, there is an episode that has you saying, "If I had only known this before?". We think that this is going to be one of those episodes.  Host Shenaya Annise sits down with our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- as the discuss learning how true transformation takes place. God is all about focusing on the Majors and not the minors. However, we as humans are the exact opposite...we always focus on the minors first. We need to understand that permanent change can only come from when we let God show us the Majors first.  If that wasn't enough to rewrite your whole approach, the team really blow our mind with the revelation of what true vulnerability is. Will being vulnerable heal me? What is true vulnerability? Who should I be vulnerable with? All these questions and so much more get answered in a deep and revelatory way so we encourage you to listen and keep listening as the keys shared in this episode will change your life forever. 
October 21, 2020
54. "Samson's Hair Is Growing Again". - Pt II.
Part II. of the mind-blowing portal, "Samson's Hair Is Growing Again". 
September 16, 2020
54. Samson's Hair Is Growing Again - Pt. I
Your hair is growing again! This portal comes right on time as the prophetic declaration from the Spirit of God has gone forward. In this episode, host Shenaya Annise sits down on the round table with our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- as they discuss the life of Samson and it's prophetic meaning for this time and age.  The team discuss the power of consecration and what it means to be separated for such a time as this. Each leader shares powerful truths that open up revelation from Heaven on what true consecration means and the power of grace in our lives. Just like hair, you can cut off God's grace but when you allow grace to change you and not indulge in it, He allows it to grow back so that you can fulfill your vow.   Listen for more revelation that will impact and change your life and relationship with Jesus.  ...Don't miss Part II. of this Portal in the next episode where the conversation continues.
September 16, 2020
53. "For Such A Time As This; Kill It Before It Kills You".
In this powerful portal our team discusses the power of prophetic destiny while also cautioning us of what can hold it back. Hosted by Shenaya Anisse and joined by our Senior Leaders - Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas this eye opening portal goes beyond surface facts and get down to the deep truths of why we are on this earth in this moment of time.  Just like Esther, we have been born for such a time as this. Destiny doesn't happen when everything around you is going smoothly. No, destiny comes when everything else around you is falling apart, that's when God decides to move you into position. Listen to this portal for the key strategies of how to walk out correct timing for your destiny so that it's not premature and abandoned, and how to allow the Lord to show you what things need to be completed and finalized so that you can step into in wholly with out any loose ends. Otherwise, they will end up becoming your noose ends.! have to listen to unravel and discover the power of this revelation.
September 11, 2020
52. "Come Home He's Calling".
"Come Home He's Calling!" Following a very successful special "Welcome Home" Celebration Service, the team are back to discuss a very important heart issue.  In this portal, host Shenaya Annise sits down with our Senior Leadership --Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- as they talk about responding to the call of of God. It's not enough for us to hear the Lord anymore, we must respond to the call of God with action and obedience. -- only by doing this, is our obedience wholly fulfilled.  Then Dr Robyn discussed the fact that when God is calling you home, the call is for you and you alone. We cannot allow colonization to take place, where we try to take everyone along that thinks like us, acts like us, or has our same life experience. God wants to use the fact that we leave Egypt behind, to remind us to leave Egypt behind. Don't bring the old with you as it will corrupt the new. Finally the team conclude this powerful conversation with the truth that we cannot be peoples answer or savior. If we take along those that God isn't  calling then their faith will be in us and not in the Lord, and then when the time of testing comes, they will look to us and not the Lord. This is the result of colonizing and trying to make everything around you look like your previous experience.  Remember Abraham was called to separate not segregate.  Snap, Crackle, Pop!
September 3, 2020
51. "Eyes Closed Has To Go!"
Eyes Closed Has To Go! Wow! What a powerful statement -- both challenging and enlightening. In this controversial episode of PORTALS LIVE, host Shenaya Annise talks with our Senior Leadership - Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, Ps. Nathan Kassas -- and special guest Ps. Tim Byrnes as they discuss how we the church cannot choose when we open or close our eyes to what God is showing us. Dr Robyn hits us hard with the reality that if we keep having to have our eyes opened all the time we are wasting time. This is valuable time that God wants to use to bless us and show his character and goodness in our lives. The choice to determine when we want to have revelation shown to us is not ours and we cannot allow comfortability, fear, or pride to deceive us anymore into thinking we can keep our eyes closed. If God is opening our eyes it's because He is ready to do something and wants us to stop being apart of the problem, and become apart of the solution. Each member of the team contributes powerful truths that are definitely going to challenge us and get our flesh burning, but we need this type of reality to mature. Its time to open our eyes and keep them open! Only then can we see Him in everything.
August 29, 2020
50. "Fight To Fill The Void".
There is a fight, but the fight has shifted.  In this portal the team allow the spirit of God to shift the focus. There has been such a fight and concentration to be free. We all want to be free from old mindsets, thinking, and cycles in our life. God is leading us out of Egypt as our great deliverer, and we are moving into the season of where we are exchanging us for Him. This is a constant process in our life, but there has to be another step to walking into the total freedom of Jesus Christ.  In this special episode of PORTALS LIVE, host Shenaya Annise sits down with our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- to ask what's next? What do we do when the void occurs? There is vacuum that must be filled so that the enemy cannot fill it with even a worse state of bondage.  Filling the void is so important, because it determines whether or not we take the land of promise or continue to live in cycles of the wilderness. Dr Robyn challenges us with the statement, "If you are tired of fighting, it's because you have never really fought". This statement alone is so challenging, but this and so much more life is poured in through each person.  So your fight has changed and it's time to recognize it.  The Spirit of the Lord declares, "If you fought so long to finally be free...then now you must fight to be filled, so you are not left empty!". 
August 20, 2020
PORTALS LIVE - Ep. 49 - "The Lion/Lamb Dynamic" - Part II - PORTALS LIVE SPECIAL
Part II of  "The Lion/Lamb Dynamic" - PORTALS LIVE SPECIAL  The team finish off this powerful and mind-blowing discussion on authority and the Lion/Lamb Dynamic. Don't miss the conclusion to this powerful portal! 
August 13, 2020
Ep. 49 - "The Lion/Lamb Dynamic" - Part I - PORTALS LIVE SPECIAL
A lamb with others, but a lion with the Devil! Wow! That statement alone is set to get you thinking, but that is just the beginning of where the team takes us in this portal. Host Shenaya Annise and our Senior Leaders - Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- sit down to have a much needed and kind of controversial conversation on authority. The Holy Spirit pours out gem upon gem as the team take us through Biblical examples and speak rhema that adds life and the "now word" to the logos of the scriptures. As always, this portal is full to the top of challenging revelations that will cause you to take inventory in your spiritual walk. Have you totally left Egypt? Who are you putting in position in the legislative seat over your life? When it comes to the enemy are you a Lion or a Lamb? Is there a difference between "authority" and "power"? These and many more questions will get answered as each leader takes a turn debunking our excuses and charging us by the Spirit to take up our sword and fight this good fight. Remember, Jesus said, "All authority I give unto you!". If we don't claim it and destroy the works of the enemy then we are giving a place to Satan. Ouch...that was a flesh burner. Let the portal begin! This one was so powerful we had to split it up into two episodes so you can catch all the gold that was released. So be sure to listen to the BONUS episode release next with Part II. of this life-changing conversation. 
August 12, 2020
Ep. 48 - "Promises; Active Listening". - PORTALS LIVE SPECIAL
For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us. - 2 Corinthians 1:20 --- We all have heard the promises of God, but have we really listened to them? Are we so busy thinking of what to say next, when God is speaking that we miss the importance and it never truly lands?  In this special PORTALS LIVE, host Shenaya Annise is joined by our Senior Leadership Team - Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- as they unravel the true meaning and purpose of God's promise. Dr Robyn reminds us that His promises are because of the finished work at Calvary, and that is has nothing to do with our performance. This is the motivation of why He keeps His promise...because He swears by Himself.  To finish off a jam=packed portal full of revelation, insight, and questions from our live facebook audience, the team bring a much needed by highly undiscovered clarification to the difference between God's promises and personal prophecy. You need to listen to this again, and again, as we know that the clarity shared is gonna light up a whole new pathway of moving the promises from your head to your heart.
August 3, 2020
47. "The Why Leads To The One." - PORTALS LIVE SPECIAL
The Portals Team is back and at it again... Joining in from this special PORTALS LIVE Episode, our portals panel sit around the table to discuss an important revelation for this season. Host Shenaya Anisse is joined by our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- as they discuss "The Why Leads To The One".  In this powerful conversation Dr Robyn reveals prophetically that the season that we are in as the "Why?" season. This is not from a place of questioning God, but from the place that God wants to reveal the "Why". We have been focussed on us finding out the why, but now the Lord is taking the reins and revealing that this is what he wants to show us. We can't let ourselves been thrown off by asking the wrong questions in this important time. This means, we have to change from seeking the "what", "how", or even "when". If God is focusing on the "Why"....then we need to. There is a reason as the why will always reveal the heart and lead us go after the one and not just the ninety-nine. Enjoy listening and begin asking the Lord, "Why?". He is ready to reveal it. 
July 27, 2020
46. "What's Your Conscience? See Something...Say Something!" - PORTALS LIVE SPECIAL
The portals team is back with another life-changing and mind-blowing episode.  In this special episode of PORTALS LIVE our team open up a conversation on the conscience and the power of what is consuming it. Hosted by Shenaya Annise and joined by Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas, each leader brings out hidden truths that challenge us yet cause us to walk in the victory of overcoming the battle of the mind.  Ps. Nathan drives the point home that a seared conscience will come when we don't respond to the Holy Spirit's voice and prompting. We can say that circumstance or need blurs the lines, but really we are the ones who blur the lines, because of our own insecurities.  Then Dr Robyn hits us with the punch that it's not only enough to see something and stand against it, we must take an active stand to use our authority and speak to it and let it move us to not have a "numb" conscience, where we let things be accepted as normal.  Then to finish off, Ps. Tim Byrnes joins the team to wrap up these amazing discussion on the power of an unsettled conscience in the believer's life. Ps. Tim shares from his powerful message given to our church and opens up the deep truths behind double-mindedness and how it will always leave us unsettled in our conscience.  We hope you are encouraged, uplifted, but also challenged to let your conscience not become numb. 
July 20, 2020
45. "Heard or Healed?" - PORTALS LIVE SPECIAL
The PORTALS LIVE team is back! Tonight they are hitting us with a challenging and much needed rhema from the Holy Spirit. "Do we want to be heard, or healed?"  In true portals style, the team is asking the challenging questions of us that cause us to go beyond the surface and into the deep parts of our relationship with the Lord. Shenaya Annise hosts our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas, as they portal LIVE and answer our guests questions. Through this unique way of interaction, they help to bring clarity to each person's questions and provide a prophetic understanding to the topics discussed.  The team burst through the question of "How much do we really want to be healed?". All throughout this portal, the team reveal such transforming rhema that if we embrace it, will bring us to the place of true healing. Dr Robyn brings us to the place where we learn that true healing comes when we hear the cry of a persons heart. So often we get thrown off by the method or the way that things are said, but we miss the importance of why it's being said. She encourages us to listen to peoples hearts so that they can be truly heard and then led to be healed. Ps. Nathan drops the bomb, that if we want to be healed we have to let go of the trophies of the past. We can't give any credit to the fact that we were hurt for building strength or character in us. In the words of Dr Robyn if we truly want to be healed, then we have to "Burn those bridges!".  You definitely need to listen to this one over and over again so that it moves from your head to your heart. 
July 13, 2020
43. Personality or Principality?
Breakout is coming! Hell is on the run; a church age has begun!  Coming off the end of a very powerful LIVE portals hosted via our facebook page - TORCC NY -- this special two hour episode of portals is groundbreaking in getting you ready for the next jubilee season that God is about to unleash upon the church. Most of the time we only let our LIVE portal broadcast on Facebook, but this time, we wanted to let our listening audience be apart of the experience. Hear questions asked by our live audience and even better hear the answers that bring life, understanding, and relationship with Jesus.  Hosted by Ps. Nathan Kassas and joined by our fearless senior leaders -- Dr Robyn Kassas and Ps. Tony Kassas -- the team don't hold back on this one. Ps. Tony starts us out by sharing the importance realizing we are not finished! This is not the end; God is giving another generation. Not only does He encourage us through this message, but gives us clear Biblical events that the Bible says must take place. This helps us to see where we are in history and to not fear, but move forward in faith.  Lastly, Dr. Robyn challenges us as only she can, with the revelation of who are we fighting. Are we fighting personality or principality? Without giving away the punchline, she takes us into the battle of Jericho and Ai and shares how one battle was won because the focus was on the right thing. We won't give it away, as we want you to listen and be stirred as you do. However, we finish with this statement... What is the point of the battle? Is it for you to break out? Or, is it for Him to break in? that lands we'll let it marinate in you and we suggest go and listen to this portal now. Your answer will definitely be found. 
May 28, 2020
42. No To The New Normal - Portals LIVE SPECIAL
"There is no New Normal!" Coming out of the shutdown and back into reopening and life again, the portals time tackle the misconception of what the world is trying to birth in the idea of " The New Normal". With so many people telling us that we have to get used to this and things are never going to be the same, the Portals LIVE team host a Q&A session with our Senior Leaders -- Dr Robyn and Ps. Tony Kassas.  In this special Portals LIVE, the team take on this idea and break down the falsities and fear that is being spread while bringing us back to what the Spirit of God is really unleashing. The world wants us to get ready for a "New Normal", but the Holy Spirit is opening up to bring us into the greatest Church Age that we have ever seen. As you listen, we know you will be encouraged and stirred to faith that God is in control and we are never going back only moving forward. Though times seek dark, we must remember He is Lord of the darkness and the light, and all things are working for His ultimate purpose and plan...which is wider, bigger, deeper, than we could ever image.
May 19, 2020
41. Love What He Loves Not Just What He Does.
Micah 6:8 - He has shown you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you, But to do justly, To love [a]mercy, And to walk humbly with your God? In this episode of portals, the conversation goes deep into some hard issues, but ones that must be discussed out in the open in order to grow. Hosted by Ps. Nathan Kassas and joined by our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas and Ps. Tony Kassas -- the portals takes time to answer questions about forgiveness, mercy, justice, and how to let go and let God.  Coming off the back of a very in-depth LIVE Portal hosted on our facebook page with lots of questions and feedback, Dr Robyn delves deeper into the topic of, "Petty Vengeance or Matchless Grace". Except, this time she switched the emphasis to "Loving What He Loves And Not Just What He Does".  She reminds us of the two components to God's person -- that He is both light and love. Therefore, light deals with rightness and justice, but love deals with compassion and mercy. It's not that we are to live in one more than the other; we need both. However, we are to love what He loves and only do what He does. To add to this powerful conversation, Ps. Tony provides solid theology and understanding to see the justice of God. It's not what our justice looks like, and the only way that we can see God's justice performed is when we let go of our own.  Wow, this and so much more is discussed in real depth, and so we encourage you to listen and be fed. You will understand the process of the Micah 6:8 balance, and how to live and love what He loves, and not just what He does. Remember, all of this if for reconciliation. This is the gift that He gave to us so when can give it to others. 
May 14, 2020
40. Let Me Run My Church!
What a time to be alive, as we are coming into more of the restoration movement of the Holy Spirit. It unfolds more and more each day and even though we might be in a crisis, God is not.  In this episode of portals, our Senior Leaders take us back to where it all started. Hosted by Ps. Nathan Kassas and joined on the panel by our Senior Leaders -- Dr Robyn Kassas and Ps. Tony Kassas -- this portal unveils the process of letting God restore each part that He chooses as movements from Heaven back into our lives.  Coming off the back of our first session of the life-changing and transforming course, "Foundations In The Prophetic", Ps Tony Kassas starts out the conversation by taking us through a history lesson of the restorative movements within the church for the last 100 years. From "The Reformation of Martin Luther" to The Saints Movement", Ps. Tony encourages us and shows us that along each step of the way God has ordained for man to keep pressing the elevator button up -- there is never a limit to what God is. He reminds us that when we try to say "this is it" and "there can't be anything else" to God; we go from restoration to religion.  Finally, the team bring us to the meat of the portal in discussing what movement are we in today and how do we effectively allow the Spirit of God to "Run His Church". Ps. Tony puts forward that we are still in the stages of the Apostolic movement because it has what we need the most --"Fathering". Now this does not refer to the "New Apostolic Reformation" denomination that has come about in these last years. No, this truth is greater than a denomination, it's a heart cry of the Spirit to his church.  Dr Robyn challenges our very core with the fact that we have concentrated too much on creating "brother" type relationships and not enough on "fathers". Fathers are what God is restoring in this moment. It's the Fathers that will mature the church into the wife ready for Christ. How are we going to let God run his church? How are we going to respond to letting Him have full access in our lives? Lastly, how are we going to trust Him in the midst of our shutdown to breakout season? The answer is simple...let Him be your Father!  Remember one thing... Brother's bring moments to which crowds will attest; Father's birth movements that generations will confess. 
May 7, 2020
39. The Hidden Fear.
Don't be alarmed but be alerted! We understand that these are crazy times we are living through. Our whole narrative of what church -- what life looks like has changed forever. Because of this some of you may be facing some fearful thoughts head on. However, there is a hidden fear that if we don't recognize and try to deny, can eat our hope and faith away.  In this episode of portals, our portals team address this fear head on. Hosted by Ps. Nathan Kassas and led by our amazing Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas and Ps Tony Kassas -- the questions is asked, "Is God in control?". Some of you may automatically answer and say, "Yes, of course", but the are you saying it cause you believe it, or are you saying it in hopes of believing it?  Dr Robyn who is led by the Holy Spirit really exposes the fear and teaches us to recognize the questions of the heart. That in doing this, we actually produce real faith and not blind faith. Along with this, Ps. Tony takes us through the Biblical examples of Gideon and the, "Wheat and the Tares", to show us that God will divinely let both evil and good to grow together. Why is this? So that we learn to recognize the real from the counterfeit.  Then the team kick it into over drive addressing the question that some of you are probably asking right now. That questions is, "Is this the end?" Ps. Tony walks us through biblical barometers of knowing what stage we are at and how to recognize the movements of God so that we don't see darkness as overpowering light. Yes, we may feel that darkness is powerful but light always wins in the end.  Finally to cap it off -- in her true prophetic fashion --Dr Robyn issues the challenge; although we are enquiring of God where He is, maybe He is using the time and history to enquire where we are at. We need to recognize this so that we move from being sheep to being the army.  This portal is definitely one for the books with a strong emphasis on maturing, our part to play, and much needed end-time theology.  
April 30, 2020
38. Experience or Lifestyle; Death to Resurrection.
Strap yourselves in for this one everybody! This portal is going to not only blow your minds, but challenge your soul... In this special two hour bonus episode, our portals team hit you with so many powerful truths that you are gonna be pressing the rewind button over and over again.  Taped live from our social distancing location and coming to you in the midst of getting ready to breakout of our cocoons, our portals team is here to serve up the gems. Hosted by Ps. Nathan Kassas and joined by our senior leaders -- Dr Robyn Kassas and Ps. Tony Kassas -- this episode unpacks some of the most hidden questions that you have been asking.  Ps. Tony get's the ball rolling with the recap of his powerful message on "The Repetition Of Faith". He shares the much needed understanding on how the perseverance of faith pushes our faith to move past infancy and into maturity. He also dives into the different repetitions that we try to emphasize over faith such as vanity and self righteousness. And finally Ps. Tony brings in the powerhouse revelation about understanding our legislative authority as activating that.  If that wasn't enough to keep us going, then Dr Robyn steps in and begins to lay down challenge after challenge. Both her and Ps. Tony open up the difference between presumptuous faith and real faith. There is a difference between thinking you have heard God and knowing you have God. She continues to remind us who this is all about and that God is the writer, director, and producer of this production called life. We sometimes allow ourselves to believe the lie that it's our plan and He fits into it. In addition, we reverse the correct process which is His ability combined with our availability, and we think allow ourself to think that it's our ability and God needs to be available. Wow, what a challenging statement that was.  Then gem and gem, truth after truth, the team unravel the deep secrets of deeper relationship with the Lord.  Dr Robyn shows us the power of the cross and that death is the first step but living in resurrection is the whole fulfillment. Many of us as Christians are trying too hard to die rather than live. She reminds us that we no longer live, but it's Christ within us. Now our righteousness is no longer just positional but actual, we are clothed with Jesus the righteousness himself. Confused? Well you will have to listen to the whole portal to gain the full understanding. Therefore, Dr Robyn brings the heat and the fire to keep us in the place of remembering that wrong pictures, the wrong coach. The pictures that we see form our approach to God.  She finalizes the whole discussion with the clincher...experience or lifestyle? We need to transition from experience to lifestyle but cause that is the only way that we are going to make it in this breakout. We can't every go back to normal because things are never going to be the same ever again. We need to move forward into seeing that a lifestyle of intimacy and communion is the only way to make it. Experience can't cut it anymore, and part of that means we must move into living in Resurrection life.  Remember death makes you a student, but life makes you a graduate. 
April 24, 2020
37. The Missing Link
The 2nd person of the Godhead -- Jesus Christ -- He is the missing link.  Wow! What a powerful week this has been. As we finish Passover and have just celebrated Resurrection Sunday, this portal has come right on time. Coming off the back of our successful theatrical production "The Ultimate Shutdown" (now available to watch on our facebook page), the portals team really dive into the unseen areas of the story of the crucifixion and resurrection.  Hosted by Ps. Nathan Kassas and joined by our amazing senior leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas and Ps. Tony Kassas -- this portal will answer so many questions that you have probably asked but never found the answers tp. Ps. Tony and Dr Robyn bring out the power of the blood of Jesus and share the important truth that as Christ died, he relinquished all human restriction. This means that when He went down to Hell to conquer Death and Hades, He did not conquer as the Son of Man, but as the Son of God. This powerful truth dispels the false doctrine of Jesus Dying Spiritual and reminds us that He never was subject to death or sin. Why is this important for this hour? Dr Robyn reminds us that we need to see the blood covering is the only thing that will protect us. Not our programs, opinions, or even good ideas. It's the Blood of Jesus that is the only covering and atoning power that the Devil cannot withstand. Also, Dr Robyn encourages us to be reminded that although He has walked in our shoes, Jesus is not on our level and that is why in this moment we must not humanize Him and rob Him in our eyes of reigning supreme above everything.  The team join us from a live portal via facebook and take time to answer the online audiences questions with great spiritual insight and discernment. Lastly to finish it off, Dr Robyn reminds us what are we doing to get ready for our Breakout? Our breakout is coming and are we ready? 
April 15, 2020
36. Model Prisoner AND Master Interpreter
We are again coming to you from quarantine.  Although we have confined to inner spaces we are getting ready for the cocoon to break open soon. Speaking of the cocoon, in this episode the portals team really begin to unravel the power of the process of the cocoon and the purpose behind it.  Ps. Nathan Kassas host's this powerful portal with our senior leaders -- Dr Robyn Kassas and Ps. Tony Kassas -- as the challenge us with the idea behind the cocoon effect and the purpose for the prison. Ps. Tony starts us off with the powerful continuation and recap of his jaw-dropping message, "The Butterfly Effect". He discusses with the portals panel the real reason that the Holy Spirit takes us into the cocoon, and how staying too long in the cocoon can cause us to become a moth and not a butterfly. Metamorphosis means changing into something new.  Then Dr Robyn begins to reveal a touchy and controversial download from Heaven. She admonishes us that we are to be model prisoners just like Joseph. How do we go about this? We allow perseverance to produce the fruit in us. We also respond to joy and not to the pressure! Wow, what a statement. To finish off the gemtastic episode of explosive truths that are taking us deeper in relationship with Jesus, Dr Robyn reveals that our prison, just like Joseph, produces true interpretation not assumption or guessing. Will let you take that one in and reveal any more because right now you need to press that play button.  Ps:  Cath the spirit breathed floetry process put together by Ps Nate at the end. It's gonna BLOW YOUR MIND!
April 11, 2020
35 - There's No Windows In The Ark, Only Jesus!
Are You Ready??? The times that we are in are moving at such a crazy speed. Just like you, never did we think we would see the day when the whole world came to a halt and shutdown. We know that at the day of judgement we will see it, but this is not that day.  In this episode of Portals, our Senior leaders -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- bring us such a needed encouragement in this hour. Broadcasting from home during the period of isolation and social distancing, Ps. Nathan hosts this powerful episode with Dr Robyn and Ps. Tony as they share the most important truth in this hour. Firstly, Dr Robyn brings the word that even though these are the end of days, this is not judgement day. We are to take hope and faith in the fact that God is not judging us but bringing the chance for more redemption and His love to be revealed.  Ps. Tony enters us into the conversation with the eye opening revelation - "The Cocoon Effect". As he takes us through the story of Joseph and Paul's lives we see that the hardships, trials, and even isolation that they went through served a greater purpose. Dr Robyn reveals that every Cocoon God takes us through is so that we come out a brand new creature, never looking the way we went in. The Cocoon is not for restriction but jurisdiction.  If that wasn't enough to have you pressing the rewind button a thousand or more times, Dr Robyn lands the gem of the year on us. There are no windows in the Ark only Jesus so look up. As she unravels the truth, we see that God never allowed any outward observation during Noah's confinement and protection in the Ark. There was but only one window and that was focused up. Wow, this truth is so prophetically on time for us to hear in this moment. We are to not look out for information or observation, but we are to look up to Jesus because He is in control and the governments rest on His shoulders.  It's our prayer that as you listen to this portal, your faith will be stirred and your perception of God in this hour will be correctly aligned with His character and person. If we look out we see judgement, but if we look up, we see Jesus...our redemption. 
March 31, 2020
34. "But God!" - He's already there; It's time you arrived.
We might be socially distanced but we are spiritually connected!  In a time when so much panic is being spread, it is our mandate as the people of God to not look to the World to give us direction as to state-of-mind, but to the Word of God -- both logos and rhema. In this episode of portals, our team brings a powerful mind-blowing truth that is set to forever change your relationship with Jesus. Host Shenaya Annise sits down with our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- for such a revelation packed episode that will encourage you and help you to open your eyes and recognize the movement of God in these times.  Ps. Tony starts the ball rolling with an amazing recap of his powerful sermon "Become Like Barnabas" - A spiritual model for encouragement. He shares the key points that we need to walk in the lifestyle of being encouragers and how we can elevate to the next level of our faith by exercising this most underrated gift.  That then sets us up for the clincher...BUT GOD! Dr Robyn presents a spiritual truth that is so revolutionary, you'll be fighting for the rewind button. She asks this question of us. In the account of the three men thrown into the furnace, did the fourth man arrive after, or was he already there? For some this might sound like some spiritual coded message that needs deciphering. Well it is, and it requires you to rely on the Holy Spirit to unlock the gold that this revelation will draw out in your relationship with God. Then gem after gem, Dr Robyn and Ps. Nathan hit us with the challenging question, who is there first and needs to arrive? When you grasp what this portal is saying, you will see total transformation of your praise, worship, perception, and every part of your walk with the Lord Jesus.  To wrap it up, Ps. Nathan encourages us with the prophetic accuracy of our house and urges us to see that our of these words all coming to pass -- truth be told, on a daily basis --God is in control and never taken by surprise. He always allows the enemy to overplay his hand so that he crumbles in the end.  Jesus Is King!
March 25, 2020
33. When You Overplay Your Hand, You Go Too Far!
This weekend's portals comes right on a prophetic timeline as world events seem to follow the topic that the Holy Spirit brings forth. In this episode of portals, host Shenaya Annise facilitates a revelation packed download with our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas. As the world is on hiatus due to the pandemic of Coronavirus COVID-19, it would seem that on the outside there is a major victory for the forces of darkness as social distancing and isolation are preached on all platforms. However, Dr Robyn brings us back to the center of the truth that when the enemy overplays his hand, he goes too far. Since the beginning of time right to the Cross, Satan has always overplayed every step. Even more importantly... Dr Robyn, Ps. Tony, and Ps. Nathan, reveal and challenge us to remember that God is actually the one who allows the enemy to risk everything and overplay his hand. Wrapping up, the team admonish us to not presumptuously ask for vindication, but let the Holy Spirit allow the enemy to entrap himself by waiting that extra 24 hrs so that we see the full network of the enemy exposed and his work completely crumble. When it comes to destroying Satan and his plans, the spirit of God will not relinquish until ALL of his works are destroyed and neither should we. Partial victory is not victory at all. In the middle of this pandemic it seems crazy, but take heart that God is in control and has allowed the enemy to be wrapped up in his own pride so that he knows, when you overplay your hand you go too far. Take heart, praise God and rejoice. God is on the move, and Satan is in the run!
March 18, 2020
32. Say What You Mean; Mean What You Say.
Communication is the key to life! In this portals episode, our portals panel have a much needed discussion on something that is not talked about enough...communication. Host Shenaya Annise is joined by our senior leadership power panel -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas. This portal is transformative as it wraps up the previous week's mind blowing revelation that God wants to move us from always being convicted to forever being convinced.  Dr Robyn hits us hard with the revelatory truth that God speaks into the heart and not at the heart. This gem paves the way for God to download so many more truths that Dr Robyn just outpours. Truths such as: convincing is all to do with motivation and not methods; everyone has a unique language of the heart; and communication is not accusation. Wow, power packed gems that are gonna deepen your relationship with Jesus. And if that's not enough, then Dr Robyn and Ps. Nathan hit us with the fact that true communication begins with listening and not speaking. The team remind us that being prophetic is more about listening then saying.  This one is going to breakdown some mindsets...let the portal begin! 
March 11, 2020
31. Take Your Land, But Let It Land.
It's time to take your land but also let it land. What does that mean?  In this portal our team release revelations that are more than just catching sayings but such maturity and truth that will deepen your relationship with Jesus. Coming off the back of our Pastors return to the home base, NYC, the portals team is back with a new level of spiritual awakening. Host Shenaya Anisse draws out from our Senior Leaders -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- the next download from the spirit for our lives.  Ps. Tony kicks us off with a message that was shared during our "Catch The Vision" Sunday -- Pioneers or Settlers, Which one are you? He talks about the different and unique placement that all of us have in the Body of Christ and that the Holy Spirit is a cultivating person of the Godhead who wants to help us find our fit.  Then the team move into new territory with the revelation that we are to take our land, but we also need to let it land. This means, we need to allow the Lord to set in and establish the new thing  that His spirit is doing. We can't be so quick to jump on the new victory every time, that we never live in the fullness of possessing the land and not just capturing it. If that's not enough to chew on, Dr Robyn hits us with two life-changing truths that shine light on so many questions. She reveals that God want's us to let it land in our hear, soul, and actions -- on all three levels -- and that if we do this, it moves us from always being convicted to let the Holy Spirit convince us. Which is better? You need to listen to find out. 
March 4, 2020
30. Come As You Are; Leave As He Is.
Well, it's been such an amazing journey and fruitful time while our Senior Leadership have been visiting  our sister church in Sydney, Australia. During their trip God did so many amazing things including: setting our Sydney Church alight with new vision and helping members -- those who we already call family and some who are new to the family -- find their place. Which is the perfect way to describe this portal.  For the finale time in a while the portals panel brings you an episode from down under that is set to leave it's mark. Hosted by Sydney Campus Pastor, Christie Kassas, our Senior leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- dive right in to a meaty subject but one that is going to help you find your spiritual fit.  Ps. Tony starts us off with the process of assimilation as we join the family of God. This not only applies to joining a church, but to every aspect of life. He challenges us with the important revelation that some of us are pioneers, and some of us are settlers. One is not better than the other, and we definitely need both.  Then it gets put into overdrive as Dr Robyn shares the revelation that we can't make people try and fit where they aren't created to fit. She encourages us to let the process of finding our place lead us into greater maturity and not wait until we are mature enough to then find our place. If that wasn't enough, then Dr Robyn and Ps. Nathan challenge our mindsets that when we project ourselves and our own ideas of what a person should be or behave like, we actually deflect who we really are because we are too busy trying to project our expectations on people...we actually never truly live our own lives at all. Wow, what a flesh-killer that last statement was, and to wrap it all up the team charge us to first, come as we are; next, find our place and our identity; then, let maturity take it's place in our character; so finally, we can leave as He is. This one is definitely gonna require a couple of listens. What a way to wrap up eight weeks of Holy Spirit led time in Sydney, Australia. Now back to the mothership. NYC here we come!
February 29, 2020
29. Little By Little: Instantaneous Vs. Spontaneous.
The portals team is back with another episode that is gonna challenge, equip, and transform. Hosted by Ps. Christie Kasssas at our campus down under - Sydney, Australia -- this portals panel is in full equip mode while featuring our senior leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas. Coming off the back of a powerful church service in our Sydney campus where the Holy Spirit was moving in incredible ways.  Ps Tony shows us through the story of King Jeroboam in I Kings 12 how you can be so familiar with insecurity that Insecurity itself becomes your security. Then Dr Robyn comes in with a blowtorch to the our ‘works mentality’ by talking about the Lord’s timing and the amount of Grace given to us to walkout freedom and security. Then the team shows us how instantaneous and spontaneous are not the synonymous. Instant answers are sought by those who are insecure but those who live in the security of God’s love seek SPONTANEITY. How do you live spontaneously? Go through the process because He wants to express and not impress. The process is not for correction it's for multiplication. The Kassas squad gives us the keys to walking in the security in Christ Jesus. You don’t wanna miss out on this gemtastic episode of portals where the weight is removed as we take our inheritance little by little and move from instantaneous to spontaneous.
February 19, 2020
28. Be Careful What You Pray For Cause You Just Might Get It.
In every episode of Portals our panel challenges religion and the "stinkin thinkin". However in this episode the team take it to a whole other level of flesh burning. Hosted by Ps. Christie Kassas from our TORCC Sydney campus, our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- portal a subject that is set to turn some heads. Ps. Tony starts us with the Biblical example of Saul: how the children of Israel prayed and asked for a King and that was exactly what they got. Then, Dr Robyn adds that when we ask God for something, we need to pray to be ready to handle what we have asked for. If that isn't already enough to live off for a year, then the team shift the gear into overdrive with so many gems from asking God the “why”; to when God answers in a way you didn’t expect; to should we ask Him His desires, or just tell Him ours? We can't even put into this description the powerful questions that are mentioned, but more importantly the revelatory answers full of faith, hope, love, and the prophetic process that is definitely going to have you remember to be careful what you pray for because you just might get it!
February 12, 2020
27. Too Equipped To Be Whipped!
"Too Equipped, Too Equipped To Be Whipped!" No this is not a plug for MC Hammer, although in this portal our panel drop so many gems that you are gonna have the attitude at the end of this portal, "Can't touch this!".  In this episode, the portals team are going into the challenging territory of presenting the truth that we are too equipped to be whipped by the spirit of Anxiety. Coming off the back of a deep message given by one of our key team members in New York City -- Ps. Wendell Wyatt --portals host Shenaya Annise talks with our Senior Leaders -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, Ps. Nathan Kassas. The conversation is so full of convicting moments that there is definitely some selah moments from each person.  Dr Robyn leads the charge in this portal with abounding gems that are going to get us to challenge our old mindsets and break agreement with the spirit of anxiety. She reveals the truth that anxiety comes from asking too many questions and the question that starts the whole cycle is usually, "What if?". If that wasn't enough Dr Robyn and Ps. Nathan unleash a whole new level of revelation when the discuss the difference between questioning God and enquiring. The leave us with the truth that questioning means you are asking God to give an account to you; whereas enquiring means God can ask you to give an account to Him.  There are so many things in this portals that are straight from Heaven, and give you a chance to be fully equipped. Therefore, when you are fully equipped, you will never be whipped. 
February 4, 2020
26. Location, Location, Relocation.
Location, Location, Relocation.  Anyone who is in real estate will tell you it's all about the location. Well, in this portal the team let us know that the Holy Spirit is in the business of location, location, location. Not only is about location, but He is all about relocation. Joining us from down under, our host Shenaya Annise sits down for in depth discussion with our senior leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, Ps. Nathan Kassas, and super special guest...Christie Kassas. The Kassas quad squad dive deep into realms of powerful revelation that will challenge your faith and break down your mindsets.  Ps. Tony kicks us off with a timely word all about how God will take us back to where we thought we failed the mission to bring a recommission. Using the example of Peter and his denial,  the portals team reveal countless gems on how God rebuilds the scenes of our lives with snippets of familiar elements but doesn't ever traumatize us by making us go back. Dr Robyn blows our mind when she reveals that the Holy Spirit will get us to break agreement with the confession of yesterday like Peter when He denied Christ. How many times did Peter deny?  Listen to the portal, to unlock a gem that will heal and bring wholeness to your heart. The team remind us we need to break the power of guilt to stop us picking up and moving forward again, and our give up our obsession with possession of our confession.  The portal is full of gems and keys that will equip you. After so many gems are dropped by each one of the team, the clincher comes when Dr Robyn and Ps. Nathan ask the question, "If we are removing guilt, then what do we replace it with?". You will need to listen to the find out the answer, and trust's not what you think. 
January 30, 2020
25. Who's Journey Are You On?
Who's Journey Are You On?  In this episode of portals our team tackle a very important but ofter never-addressed question of, "Who's Journey Are You On?". There is a crazy line up on the portals panel as Ps. Christie Mackie Kassas hosts our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, Ps. Nathan Kassas -- also, including Ps. Kenny Jarvis live from our Sydney, Australia Campus.  Ps. Tony get's the conversation started by challenging us with the reality of, "Do we see source, or symptom?". The team encourage us to not use our natural eyes and see what's right in front of us, but see through our spiritual eyes and see to the root...not the fruit. Then Dr Robyn throws a curveball, as she puts out the challenge, "Who's Journey Are We On?"  She reminds us that our steps have already been ordered and therefore all we need to do is step into His footprints. The only way we can do this is by moving beyond following and living everyday by abiding. Otherwise, we will constantly be grabbing for God If it's His journey, then it's His pace; His place; His power; and His way! All of our team contribute gems that are powerful, but the Holy Spirit really has Dr Robyn lead this show by reminding us just like Abraham, we are called out from our own journey and story and placed on his, so that He get's all the glory.  This is a portal that you will need to listen to over and over again, to get the full weight of what God is saying. Of course, there are laughs, gems, sobering moments, convicting jingles., and aussie fun.  The journey has begun!
January 22, 2020
24. Stepping Stones Not Standing Stones
"Forgive and forget!" That's what everyone says. However, in this portal our senior leadership debunk the "forget" part. This time around it's a Kassas quad squad as Ps. Christie Mackie Kassas hosts our senior leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas live from our TORCC Sydney location. The portal is set to challenge some stinking thinkin in 2020 as Dr Robyn sets the tone by revealing that we want to forget the past, but only God get's to have the privilege of throwing it into the sea-of-forgetfulness.  Ps. Tony starts us off by revealing the importance of remembering the memorial stones in our lives. Ps. Christie then adds that we can't just use these past experiences to stand on and not keep moving. They can't be standing stones but transformed to be stepping stones. The team go back and forth dropping gem after gem that is set to put your relationship with Jesus on a whole new level in 2020. To cap it off, Ps. Nate rounds us up  with the truth that what you see, will always determine what you say.  With a gemtastic extravaganza from all of the panel, there are so many truths they can't be explained in this summary so you need to listen to soak it all up. But, most importantly, Dr Robyn leaves us with the following cliffhanger. Yesterday was the "what", today is the "why", tomorrow will be the... you will need to listen to find out.  Let the download begin!
January 14, 2020
It's 2020 and portals is bringing the Thunder from down under.  To kick us off in the new year, our portals team is coming live to you from Sydney, Australia. While our Senior Leadership is on a mission trip imparting to our Sydney church family -- and visiting their own family -- our portals platform has officially  been aussified...if that's a word.  In this gemtastic episode, the portals team join a new host, Ps. Kenny Jarvis (one of the lead Pastors from TORCC Sydney) as he sits down with our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas. In true portals' fashion, Ps. Tony hits us with the timely word that the Holy Spirit is releasing for 2020: "Things have to get better!" This means, that we can't stay where we have been but we have to move from good onto better, and finally the best. This is what God wants to give us in 2020. Then Dr Robyn shares the explosive truth that the Holy Spirit is the one who not only puts the desire for better in our hearts, but activates it in our lives. We have tried to activate better promises but end up falling into bitter words. Only the Holy Spirit can lead us into the better because He desires it more than we do. Finally, Ps. Nate shares the importance of renouncing bitterness in this season. You can't be bitter and get better!  It's a portals with a difference but still full of raining gems from Heaven. Speaking of rain, the word is fulfilled that Dr Robyn Kassas spoke. After 6 years of drought, Australia has seen a heavy downpour of rain and the drought is broken. Things are indeed getting better! 
January 8, 2020
22 - You Can Handle The Truth
Happy New Year! It's 2020 the year of plenty. Wrapping up 2019 the portals team leave us with a clincher and stir us with the introduction of the Prophetic theme for 2020. Host Shenaya Annise has an in-depth conversation with our Senior leaders -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- to finalize the year 2019 and see what God is saying to release into 2020. After a year of explosive truths that have helped shape our relationship with Jesus for the better, the team jump back in again, with another portal that is set to, "blow your mind".  In the first part, Ps. Tony talks about the importance of giving God what you have. You can only have authority over what you do have. So stop looking at what you don't have to think that is what God is going to use to bring the breakthrough. He starts with what you do have. Then, the team move into talking about the power of the tongue and speaking truth which is Jesus. Dr Robyn exhorts us that because truth is a person we can handle it. It's from having relationship with a person that we are changed, not from stating opinions, facts, side-comments, or anything else. Finally, to top it all off, Ps. Nathan reveals the power of sarcasm and side-comments to rob you of delivering truth and receiving it. It's a gemtastic episode that is set to start off the New Year right giving you His perspective and 20/20 vision. 
January 3, 2020
EP. 21 - The Resounding Sound
Are you ready for this? I don't think so! Strap yourselves in for the biggest ride of your life. If you thought portals was challenging and mind-blowing before, you ain't seen nothing yet.  Coming off the back of the Holiday Season, this portals has two doors of truth that are unlocked. As always host Shenaya Annise faciliates an in-depth prophetic discussion with our Senior Leaders - Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, Ps. Nathan Kassas -- about the deep truths of intimacy with Jesus and prophetic lifestyle.  Part I kicks us off with the true understanding of what the Birth of Christ means and the prophetic power behind it.  Ps. Tony unveils so many key elements that are often overlooked in the telling of the story and brings us back to the fact that the whole premise for Christ's brith is built on the foundation of that when you hear God the promise can be fulfilled.  Part II is the clincher! Dr Robyn explodes our brains with the revelation that He is the resounding sound. Since, the beginning of time, the word's that were spoke, "Let there be light!" are still resounding in the atmosphere. So much scientific evidence is revealed as to unlocking the fact that we are created to live in a spiritual dimension seated in Heavenly places with Christ Jesus. The team also talk about the war that is raging not only in the spirit, but in the natural to counterfeit and even disguise the Voice Of God. This is why it's so important that we heard God and see the fruit of what we are hearing manifest so we can have discernment of Spirits.  Our Spirits need to connect with His Holy Spirit. When we let our spirit open to the Holy Spirit,  the reality "that is" is realized. We don't have to stir up faith, because the reality is faith is God's movement and that movement has been resounding -- and continues to resound -- since the first words of, "Let there be light!". What's are part to play? Let the reality move from potential to fulfillment and we will begin to truly see who we are. 
December 24, 2019
EP 20. The Formation Of Thoughts
It all starts with a thought. In this episode of Portals, host Shenaya Annise host a challenging discussion with our senior leadership panel — Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas — on the formation of thoughts and what it really means to, “Take every thought captive”. Ps Tony starts with the flesh-burning truth that we are to be child-like in faith, but not in state. Wow! If that wasn’t enough of a scorcher, Dr Robyn then hits us with so many powerful gems about how our thoughts are formed, cycles of ungodly thought, formations becoming fortresses in the mind —it’s a gem overload. To top it all of Ps. Nathan unpacks the understanding behind taking each thought captive and asks the question, “Why do we let thoughts we have taken captive, out on bail?”. We don’t want to take up too much time ready this, because we want you to listen. This is going to help you tremendously in the battle of the mind and living out freedom in your thought life. To finish off, “Hate it before your separate it!’’ - you have to listen to to know what it means.
December 18, 2019
It's 11:59pm, you have 60 secs don't touch it! Continuing on from last week, the conversation goes to a whole new level with the revelation gems on overload. We talked about the 11 hours and 59 minutes, but now we're talking about the most important part and that is...the last 60 seconds.  In this episode of portals our host Shenaya Annise facilitates a challenging conversation with our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- about the importance of not putting our hands on the last 60 secs.  Ps. Tony starts the conversation with the power packed message of, "Hearing God Correctly". He talks on key factors to understanding the sound of God's voice and although we are never to become familiar with the way God speaks, we are to become familiar with the tone of His Voice. Then, Dr Robyn blows our box wide open, building on the revelation that was released in our previous episode of 11 hours and 59 minutes. However, this time she issues a Holy Spirit warning reminding us that these last 60 secs are where we are tempted the most to put our hands back on it and start to try and help God out again. Dr Robyn and Ps. Nathan share revelatory truths about the snare of the enemy to try and get our handprints back on what only the Holy Spirit can accomplish, and abort the plan by ending up with never getting our land.  If that wasn't enough to keep you going for a lifetime, the team release words for special listeners and exhort them to keep trusting God all the way to midnight. So take your hands of the play button, and let the Holy Spirit lead the last 60 secs until the full hour is up. Remember, the birth of a destiny can happen in just 60 secs. 
December 11, 2019
It ain't midnight yet! This episode of Portals is set to turn your clocks into different dimensions.  Each episode is unique in it's own right, but the team have taken it to new heights with this latest release. In this episode, our host Shenaya Annise facilitates a gem packed conversation with out senior leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps Nathan Kassas -- that is packed with so many revelations and prophetic moments, it will take you at least a week to recover.  Ps Tony kicks us off with the truths that familiarity will always limit our faith. When we become too familiar with something, we start to take it for granted. God often has to move us into unfamiliar territory to remind us, that it's by faith we walk and not by what we know. Faith means living on the edge of the unknown and not knowing what comes next.  Then Dr Robyn drops the explosive revelation that we have been striving for the 11 hours and 59 minutes before midnight, but the last 60 secs is when the Holy Spirit says,  " Now It's my time!".  Your time is not up and this is not the end. There is still 60 secs to allow the Lord to place you so you can activate what the Holy Spirit wants to do and how He wants to reveal himself.  Ps. Nathan adds truth by revealing that the 11 hours and 59 mins are to cultivate relationship with the Lord and learn who He is.  These gems will have you examining whether or not time is your friend, because as Dr Robyn states in the conclusion, "Time is your friend, when  it's God's time".  And if that wasn't enough...the team move into new portals as they say hi to their prophetic friends while releasing Words of Knowledge for the specific listeners and even for each other. It's a jam packed episode full of challenges, prophetic insight, and hilarious moments!
December 4, 2019
17. Who's Fueling Your Belief System? -- an intellectual readers website into diving into the conversation of the human psyche -- defines belief system as, " the invisible force behind your behavior." Together with other factors such as your personality, your genetic set up and your habits, your belief system is one of the strongest forces that affects any decision that you are making.  And this is why the Devil is trying to breakdown our belief systems within the church. In this episode of portals, Shenaya Annise hosts an in-depth discussion with our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- as they discuss God's Kingdom require His Belief systems established in our heart.  Dr Robyn exposes the end-time assault of the enemy to try and tear down our belief systems of faith that the Holy Spirit is cultivating and incubating within us. We can't keep changing what truth is to match experience, truth is Jesus and He is the same yesterday, today, and forever more.  If that wasn't enough, Dr Robyn and Ps. Nathan discuss keys for true inner healing. There is no power in going back to old memories to rehearse victimhood or old wounds and trauma. He wants to heal us from where we are now so that our belief systems even of our past match our present confession.  This portal is wide open and will cause deep food for thought in your heart about what is your belief system established on and who is truly fueling it? 
November 26, 2019
16. No Sperma Need For What The Holy Spirit Has Seeded.
"No sperma needed for what the Holy Spirit has seeded"... Wow, that statement is set to turn a few heads!  In true portals fashion, the portals team dive deep into this mind blowing discussion on the Holy Spirit and birthing His faith within you.  In this episode of portals, host Shenaya Annise draws out revelatory keys from each of our senior leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas - on how to approach God and let the Holy Spirit activate His faith within you.  Pastor Tony Kassas kicks us off with understanding how to approach God in each role and not have a utilitarian star wars theology of the Godhead.  Then, continuing on the conversation of incubation by the Spirit, Dr Robyn reveals the revelation that is set to energize faith with the mind-blowing reality God doesn't need our seed to grow faith.  Remember, the Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary in the divine conception. Man had nothing to do with it! Therefore, man can't help conceive something that God is birthing. For the vision to be born of incorruptible seed, it has to have no DNA of man, but be seeded of the Spirit.  As you listen to this episode you will be challenged to reflect where in your life you are trying to add natural seed to a supernatural process.  Dr Robyn Kassas and Pastor Nathan reveal the keys in approaching God through His capacity so that you can hold fully what He wants to gift and grow within you. It's His seed; His Capacity; His ability to carry it through to full birth, all we have to do is be available.  That is rhema...Let that land!
November 20, 2019
15. Faith or Fear? Life or Death?
Faith or Fear? Life or Death?  Wow! What a powerful question. Why is it that the choice is so hard when it comes to fear and faith? Could it be, that we haven't allowed the Holy Spirit to incubate within us His faith, and therefore we speak it out in fear prematurely in hopes of it being true. Who are we trying to convince? Most  of the time, it's ourselves because deep down we haven't let what God is doing grow in us.  The portals team let the Holy Spirit dig down deep, deep, deep in this gem packed episode. The conversation facilitated by our portals host Shenaya Annise reaches new levels as our senior leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- reveal rhema for the season of faith that you are in now. It's not "name it and claim it" or "grab it and slap it"; faith is tangible and a substance. It cannot be grown overnight and there is no quick fix or shortcut to birth faith, it requires time to let the Holy Spirit grow what He has said and is showing you inside. Our problem is we want it instantaneously and therefore we speak without authority attached, which causes us to abort the vision that God has put within us.  Listen intently to this episode as there are so many revelatory gems and truths that will move your faith from fantasy to reality. Remember fear kill's faith but faith will kill your fear. Open up the heaven's and let the portal download begin!
November 13, 2019
14. The Third Man
The conversation continues... We have been discussing so powerfully the Third Person of the Godhead. In recent weeks, we have journeyed through recognizing the Holy Spirit, to activating Him as the forceful agent in our lives, to now seeing Him fulfill the mandate that the Father has given Him to fulfill. What is that Mandate you may ask?  Well in this episode of portals, host Shenaya Anisse draws out from our Senior Leadership team -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas - more deep prophetic truths and revelations about the mandate of the Holy Spirit in our lives and letting him fulfill it. Dr Robyn takes us to new depths by revealing that His mandate is to promote Jesus in our lives in every situation. If that wasn't enough to blow your mind, our leaders bring home the truth of working with the Holy Spirit as the Third Man of the Godhead and allowing Him to develop your authority in Jesus Name. Favor without walking in authority comes to an end. We need to take authority and activate the third man of the Godhead in our lives.  Not only is He the third man of the Godhead, but He is the third man in the fire, because He lives inside of us and is never separate from us. Therefore, we need to give Him room and space to activate the Father's will by not working independent from Him but rely on Him interdependently as Jesus Christ did when He was on this earth.  This portal is set to challenge some religious "stinkin thinkin" and cause you to rethink your approach and hopefully, delete some ungodly pathways. However, thats the best thing for us because it means less of us and more of Him! The more space Him to activate; means the more room for us to participate. Wow! The transformation has begun. 
November 6, 2019
After such a powerful portal on the Holy Spirit, and who He really is our portals team follow up with another power packed revelatory portal. This time, the team dive deep into unpacking not just "who" the Holy Spirit is, but "what" His work is, and "how" he carries out His mandate in the church and on the earth. Listen as host Shenaya Annise draws out from our Senior Leaders -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas   spirit breathed revelations on the truth that the Holy Spirit has been there from the start and is the activating agent of our lives. Dr Robyn blows our mind with the gem that the Holy Spirit cannot be revealed through emotional manifestations, instead He is revealed through spirit activations. If that wasn't enough, she continues to reveal the Holy Spirit's work, by revealing that way the Holy Spirit interacts in our everyday lives and thinking. He never leave us with just the facts, but always gives us a "Go Solution!". This portal is set to start your relationship and conversation with all three of the Godhead -- Father, Son, And Spirit -- on a new path of discovery and transformation and will start to unravel mysteries that unlock the deepest parts of your Christian walk. We're moving from milk to meat folks! Therefore, it is our suggestion that you listen to this one with a notepad and pen, cause you're gonna want to record of all the things that God is downloading to upload to you. So let the journey begin!!!!!
October 29, 2019
Who is the Holy Spirit? What is His work? How do we activate Him? All these questions are what the church has been crying out to hear clear answers on and the Holy Spirit want to answer clearly.  We guarantee that you are not ready for this portal. Each portal episode challenges and takes us deeper into established truths, but the craziness of this portal is that these truths are not even released within the church worldwide. In this episode, our portals team -- Shenaya Annise, Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- unlock a treasure that has yet to reach but will revolutionize the church globally... if they grab it.  The prophetic truths that each member of our leadership shares is set to change your relationship with the Holy Spirit forever...and that is not an overstatement! The Holy Spirit is not just a force, an energy, or even a power. We easily forget that He is the third member of the Godhead. In fact, He is the most overlooked and underestimated person of the three. In today's modern church culture everything is tagged with "The Holy Spirit this" and "The Holy Spirit that". However, we as the church have reduced the Holy Spirit to our experience, logic, and emotional responses. This is why the fight is on from the enemy to discredit the Holy Spirit with "What I feel!". If we as believers can fully grasp how to work with the Holy Spirit as the activating agent of our lives and see that from the time Jesus left to this present time in history, He has been God on earth. Then, we will step into the greatest intimacy, breakthrough, and faith we have ever seen. To quote Dr Robyn Kassas, "Jesus fulfilled His mandate which was to restore man back to God, but the Holy Spirit's mandate is to move man forward into His full Christ potential." Ps:  Talking about the Holy Spirit, the flow for the portal was so strong after the team finished the recording, the release from the Holy Spirit had not come. There was more gems and revelation to be downloaded. So, listen right to the end for the bonus content that was so powerful the portals team couldn't help but include it. 
October 22, 2019
11 - Church Alert
"Church Alert! Burn them papers up." Strap yourself in for the ride, cause things are about to get bumpy.  In this episode of portals, host Shenaya Annise and our senior leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- confront a hot topic in the church right now, which is self assessment void of the Holy Spirit. There are so many techniques and forms being used in the church to reveal one's personality and purpose. People are turning to programs and surveys to find out who they are and what gifts they have. Our team confronts this on the head and talks about having a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit because He lives inside everyone of us.  They challenge the listener to cultivate communication and intimacy with Jesus through constant conversation and communion. By doing this we won't belittle the Holy Spirit -- a member of the triune Godhead -- by trying to fit Him into our own ideas and perspective. If that wasn't powerful enough, Dr Robyn once again calls us to a higher level of maturity by emphasizing that we need all fivefold arms and offices of ministry operating --  the prophetic is not enough. The only way we can have a healthy church is to allow Jesus to be all fivefold offices in His church...only He can be all five because only He is God!  After listening to this episode we hope you won't settle to being defined by a number, test, result, or "type".  Instead, let the Holy Spirit reveal your identity and the fact that you are so unique there is no one else like you in the universe. Wow! Let that land. 
October 16, 2019
10. When God Vents - feat. Special Guest Rabbi Sam
"And the Scripture was fulfilled which says, “Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.” And he was called the friend of God." - James 2:23 In this episode of portals, host Shenaya Annise interviews our Senior Leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- on what it is to be called the friend of God. Great patriarchs of our faith not only had a saving relationship with their creator but were called friends of God. They had intimate dialogue and connection. Which brings us to the point, that they were able to hear God's heart -- He would share what He was feeling with them. Are we able to come to the place where we can hear God "vent" to us about what troubles His heart? Or are we too concerned with what is going on in our own world that we don't realize the importance of being quiet to hear His response. Dr Robyn unpacks such a key and challenging revelation of the "yada times" as we reveal that the Lord wants to let us in on what His heart is feeling because that is true relationship -- not a one sided conversation.  If that wasn't full enough, we also are joined by Rabbi Sam, a recent convert from Orthodox Judaism to now a believer in Jesus Christ. Samuel shares his testimony and the power of breaking free from religion so that you can have a real relationship with God, hear his voice, and come to the conclusion that Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of the Scripture. Let the snap, crackle, pop commence!
October 9, 2019
**BONUS Episode - Independence Vs. Individuality
Coming off a powerful week with our Annual Season Casting II, we didn't want you to miss out on your weekly portal experience. So we wanted to share with you a special episode that was originally meant to be released but never actually got published.  In this bonus episode, host Shenaya Annise jumps back in with our senior leaders -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- on the final segment of living free from independence. After a lengthy conversation on such a hot subject, the portals team close us out with such a powerful truth that brings the answer to the question, "If we are not to be independent, then what are we supposed to be?".  Our team takes us through the journey that leads us out of independence and into the answer...Individuality. Be encouraged, as Dr Robyn releases the revelation that independence will rob you of your individuality -- the very thing that makes you unique. God has made everyone of us unique and by allowing ourselves to fully depend on Him, our true identity and individuality can be fully realized. While we are not to be independent each one of us has been called to be an individual, and it's in our individuality that we will see the fullness of God manifested as we rely totally on Him to reveal our unique gifts and callings.  This is gonna bless you to the point where you will be singing, "Snap, Crackle, Pop!". Let the download begin!
October 1, 2019
09 - When Patience Runs Out!
"Time is running out!" -- Well at least that what everyone says. So what is time for? How does God use it for His purpose? The most hottest flame of any trial is...time! If that wasn't trying enough, scripture calls for us to have patience and let it's perfect work be complete in our lives.  In this episode of portals, our host Shenaya Anisse talks with our senior leadership -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- about what we are to do when patience is running out. So many times the promises of God don't manifest in the way that we expect. This is especially true when it comes to the times frames that we envision. Listen in and be challenged as our portals team get an in-depth download from the Lord to upload to you on why patience is so necessary to complete the forming in you that God is doing.  By God's grace, as we learn to let Him have our choice we won't prematurely birth things that He is not birthing! This one is sure to have you recounting, rethinking, and reassessing what patience is doing in your life. Let the download begin!
September 25, 2019
08 - There's no "I" in "Team" - Independence At Church
What a powerful and challenging download the team has been having on the subject of "Independence".  As we know this download has challenged us quite dramatically and the challenge is not over yet. In this episode of portals our Senior Team - Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Pastor Nathan Kassas -- unlock a heated topic that most leaders wouldn't want to touch...Independence At Church!  You wouldn't think that during a Sunday Service there are elements of independence everywhere, but sadly, during church is when some of the most independent moments happen in a Christians life. Listen in as our host Shenaya Annise dynamically draws out truths and gold from each leader as they hear from Heaven the prophetic downloads and blueprints to upload to each us on identifying independence in church life and how to move from the "me" to the "we" in our worship, fellowship, and serving in God's house.  Like every other portal, this episode will get you thinking and have you reassess with the Holy Spirit your part to play in whether you are apart of a champion team or a team of champions. Let the snap, crackle, pop, of the flesh sizzling begin. 
September 18, 2019
07 - The Choice - Independence Part II.
Coming hot off the back of our last mind-blowing episode where our team tackled the true reason for independence, in this episode our portals team -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- are set to get your flesh burning with this next segment of revealing the truth behind independence. Join us as host Shenaya Annise draws out the gems and revelations to really get to the core of this topic.  In this episode specifically, the portals team challenges us to realize the power of our choice. We choose to feel the way we, what a mind blowing statement. Not only does the panel expose stinking thinking from independent thinking, but Dr Robyn really does it again by exploding our minds with the reality that without choice there can't be love. Be transformed as our team delve deep into revealing we all have a choice and the way to break independence is to give your choice and your right to choose back to God. This is definitely set to start some new pathways forming in your mind, because we guarantee you have never heard independence discussed like this before. So...let the download begin!
September 11, 2019
06 - Independence...It's Not What You Think.
"You Need To Be Independent!". Isn't that what everyone says. But, as believers does our independence bring us into the reality of who God is or take us further away from it?  In this episode of portals host Shenaya Annise talks real talk with our Senior Leadership team -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- about the true meaning of independence. The talk get's deep as we take a conversational journey on the origins of independence and the real nature behind it. There are plenty of moments full of gem, false setto, and revelational truths that are set to challenge your understanding and concept of this hot topic. In this one, Dr Robyn blows our mind with the unveiling of a truth that is rarely spoken of...individuality vs. independence. We know this one is set to get some stinking thinking burning, but that's good cause the less of us; the more of Him. Sit back, relax, and let our team download to you what God has uploaded to them as you take the challenge to get God's perspective on your independence. 
September 5, 2019
05 - Receiving The Fullness Of God
The Fullness of God...What is it? How do we live in it?  In this episode of Portals, host Shenaya Annise dives into deep prophetic conversation with our Senior Leadership panel -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas -- about unleashing the fullness of God in living in the abiding reality of who God is in us. We as believers are spiritual beings first! In this episode we unpack how to operate and live out of our spirit so that our emotions, desires, will, and every part of our soul is expressing the fullness of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. There's a lot of laughs, serious moments, and deep pondering as we unfold the true meaning of what the fullness of God is in our lives and how to live in it everyday. Sit back relax and jump on in to the portal as we download from heaven and upload to you. 
August 28, 2019
04 - The Fruits of Hypocrisy
Join Shenaya Anisse for a portals episode that is full of gems, laughs, and divine revelations. Continuing on the conversation on Hypocrisy -- In this episode of portals, guests Dr. Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas, have a one of a kind conversation to discuss the different fruits that hypocrisy bears in our lives. In the midst of the serious, there are some real down to earth funny moments as the panel breakdown these false doctrines and teachings that the church is beginning to embrace. You are set to laugh out loud as you hear real answers from real people. We know you will be refreshed as the team wrap up this topic with a touch that is unique only to them. ENJOY!!!!
August 20, 2019
03 - Hypocrisy. What's Your Level?
Join Shenaya Anisse for a portals episode that is set to challenge and urge on deep  and needed conversation. Hypocrisy -- we all have a level of it in our lives. But, what if we understand that God allows a certain level to draw us back to living in grace and His righteousness. In this episode of portals, guests Dr. Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Ps. Nathan Kassas have a prophetic in-depth discussion on how God is slowly removing and minimizing the levels of hypocrisy in each of our lives and workshop spirit breathed steps on the process of partnering with the Holy Spirit to love mercy and only do justice. This one is gonna be a wrecking ball to the flesh, but we love that through hearing who God is, and by learning more and more his character, we can walk in truth and less hypocrisy more and more everyday. 
August 13, 2019
02 - Welcome Home / Faith Starts With God
Listen in as Portals host Shenaya Annise talks with guests Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, & Ps. Nathan Kassas about the reality of Faith. Be encouraged as Ps. Tony shares on the assimilation process of entering a new church and how God wants to unpack each stage with deeper relationship with Him. And if that wasn't enough, be woke up by all three leaders as they share on the five steps of faith and how Faith begins with God and ends with God. A special welcome home to all the new family members that have joined TORCC and made our church their home. 
August 7, 2019
Portals - Trailer
A sneak peak at the launch episode of portals with your host Shenaya Annise and Dr Robyn Kassas
July 29, 2019
01 - Portals Kickoff / Mind-Faith & A Clear Conscience
Hear as Portals host Shenaya Annise kicks off the first Portals podcast by interviewing our Senior Leaders -- Dr Robyn Kassas, Ps. Tony Kassas, and Nathan Kassas -- about the essence of real faith and what it is. Be challenged and refreshed as this conversation unpacks making a conscious decision to live in real faith in our spirit that brings into having a clear conscious before the Lord. Listen as Dr Robyn and Ps. Nathan drop gems that will help us to agree with the spirit and have our stinking thinking removed. 
July 29, 2019