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Total Body Training

Total Body Training

By Jean Carlos
Fitness Tips, Motivation and Self Growth help.
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Interview With Toni Marinucci

Total Body Training

Interview With Toni Marinucci

Total Body Training

Don't Let the Holidays Ruin Your diet
Don't Let the Holidays Ruin Your Diet This episode is all about how some people let the holiday season ruin their workouts and nutrtion.  LINKS TO SOME PRODUCTS THAT I USE Take 1 Free Class at Total Body Training: Kettlebell: Set of Kettlebells: The camera I use: Canon T6i Supplements I regularly take: Ascent Whey Protein Ascent Casein Protein Ascent Pre-Workout Learn other Resistance Band Exercises: Links to The Total Body Training Podcast: Link to the Total Body Training YouTube Channel: Links to An Article we wrote about Finding a Personal Trainer in San Antonio: Total Body Training Facebook Page: Total Body Training Instagram Page:
October 17, 2020
Eat The Halloween Candy If you want to
Eat The Halloween Candy If you want to LINKS:  Take 1 Free Class at Total Body Training: Total Body Training YouTube Channel: The goal of today's blog is to arm you 3 different tips to help you lose weight during the holidays. Losing weight during the holidays is a challenge but If you are up to the challenge then I have got you covered. Here is a list of the 3 tips, have a clear weight loss goal, have a clear plan and plan for Holiday cheat meals. Have a clear weight loss goal. Do you know exactly what your fitness goal is? Because a lot of people don’t. As a personal trainer, I have noticed that most people have an incredibly vague fitness goal. If your goal is unclear, then your path towards that goal will be unclear. You need a clear and concise fitness goal. Let’s say you want to lose weight. You will need to ask yourself “How much weight do I want to lose?” and you must follow that up with an awfully specific number. If you need help deciding how much weight you need to lose then I would recommend reaching out to a personal trainer or nutritionist. Let us say of the sake of this discussion that you have decided that you want to lose 20lbs. Once you have made that decision you need to come up with an exact day that you would like to see that weight come off your body. You might say that you want to lose 20 lbs. in 4 months and even go as far as picking the exact day that your weight will off your body. Get a Clear plan for your goal Now that you have a goal you will need to also find a clear plan for you to achieve your goal. So, if your goal is to lose weight then you will need a weight loss plan. Start off by looking for nutritionists that can help you achieve your goal in the next 4 months. Once you found the right plan you will need to consider what obstacles might get in the way of your goal. This article is to help you lose weight during the Holidays. Losing weight during the holidays is tricky because people tend to either never start a diet this time of the year or just a simple fall of track. Falling off track happens so easily this time of the year. I mean, there are all these temptations, but I have a solution for that. Plan for Holiday Cheat Meals One of the best parts of the holiday season Is getting to enjoy food and drinks with your loved ones. I am all for that! However, the question for a lot of people is how do I enjoy food and drink during the holidays while staying on track with my weight loss goal? Well, the answer might easier than you would think. If you think about the holiday season can be broken down into 5 major special holidays These are those holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. I know that there are a variety of different cultures and religious practices that also celebrate different holidays, but I think the days generally fall around the same time of year. So, for simplicity purposes let’s just cluster all the holidays together. We have about 5 different holiday days. And most of them revolve around a specific day of the year every year. So, my recommendation is that you plan to have a cheat meal on that day. Having a cheat meal on the isn’t what’s stopping your form losing weight during the holidays. What you are eating leading up to that holiday is what really matters.
October 16, 2020
Will Gyms Go extinct?
Will Group Fitness classes in San Antonio be a thing of the Past? Gyms closures in Texas due to Covid-19 Covid-19 has changed the world. Many of us are trying to stay safe in these uncertain times. Unfortunately, the US Economy has been affected drastically. Several businesses and industries are going under. The fitness industry and specifically group fitness classes in San Antonio Texas seem to be disappearing. Some have speculated that Gyms Could be going extinct. So, In this article I explain why I believe that’s will not go extinct. The article will be separated into 3 points, what is happening, what will happen, and why gyms will make a comeback. This article will also include my thoughts about the future group Fitness Classes in San Antonio Texas. What is happening? If you recall, back at the start of the Coronavirus business that was considered unessential were asked to shut down until further notice. In the state of Texas, gyms ended up staying closed for over 2 months. This led to various gyms, yoga studios, and places that offer group fitness classes in San Antonio having to go under and close for good. In the meantime, a lot of people went out and bought fitness equipment so they could work out from home. Many people started subscribing to online workout platforms such as peloton or body pump so that they could workout from home. Celebrities such as Chris Even began posting free at-home workouts and many wondered why they had not just worked from home sooner. What Will Happen? While I think it is great that so many people started working out from home, I also believe the novelty is wearing off. In the beginning, there was this #weareinthistogether mentality that people had about working out from home. Many people had nothing to do at home, so they started a new workout routine. However, I don’t think that lasted very long. For example, I offered online group fitness classes in San Antonio. At first, the classes were booming. I had new and old clients reaching to me to start working out from home, they wondered why they hadn’t tried online workout classes sooner. However, most of these clients lost interest in working out online once we re-opened in May because that point the novelty had worn off. Why Gyms Will make a Comeback. I have seen a lot of new articles discuss whether or not gyms are going to be able to bounce back from this bad economic situation. Some have pointed out that online training and home fitness equipment has become extremely profitable. However, there are several reasons why people go to the gym. At the top of that list is the need for people to get away from their homes. I teach group fitness classes in San Antonio Texas and my clients always tell me how much they enjoy getting away from home. Many of them even tell me that they know they could work out at home but they don’t poses the willpower to do workouts at home. They tell me they don’t enjoy doing workout videos and that they will frequently just drop what their workouts because they are bored. Most of us, and Include me in this, need a place to work out and get away from everyday life. The gym serves as that place. Studios that offer Group fitness in classes in San Antonio are a place that people go to socialize with others. I believe that this will never go out of style. Sure, some people are going to stick with online training but the majority will go back to their old training habits. LINKS:  TBT YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Try A Free class with us using this link,
October 13, 2020
What to Look For In a Personal Trainer
What to Look For In a Personal Trainer Almost every gym has personal training staff. In addition to those personal trainers, there are usually people who freelance as personal trainers. You can also get a trainer in a group fitness class. Each one of these trainers and their methodology brings something new to the table. In this episode of the podcast, I talk about what kinds of things you should be looking for in a personal trainer. 
October 9, 2020
What is the Best Pre-workout?
What is the Best Pre-workout?  There are many different kinds of pre-workouts on the market. That is both a good and bad thing. It's great to have options but the problem is that many of these options are extremely unhealthy. If you have been working out for a while then chance are you have seen the various pre-workouts brands that come and go. Some of those brands got pulled off the market because they had certain substances that were causing people to have health issues. Part of the problem is that the supplement industry is entirely unregulated. The FDA does not have to approve or test the validity of a supplement and this is a problem. You see, essentially supplement companies can put whatever they want into a supplement and they can then lie about what is actually in it. This is a problem because you could accidentally take something that is harmful to your body. So, in this episode of the podcast I talk about Ascent Pre-workout and why I think its a brand that you can trust. 
October 8, 2020
Working-out can be scary for Beginners | What to do about your fears.
Working-out can be scary for Beginners | What to do about your fears. Working out can be scary for beginners. I remember that when I first started working out I was intimidated by the environment that I was in. I remember going to the gym and seeing all these really fit people lifting heavy weights and I just felt completely embarrassed. It felt like everyone was just staring at me and like I could never be on their level. Have you ever felt like that? Well, if you now what I'm talking about then listen to the podcast so you can hear how I overcame this issue! 
October 6, 2020
Why did you join the gym in the first place?
Why did you join the gym in the first place ? In this episode of yh podcast I discuss why people opened up their gym membership and how you need to stay focused otherwise your fitness goals won't happen.
October 5, 2020
I hated working out....
I use o absolutely hate working out but then something changed. Find out what happened and why I love working out and taking care of my body.
October 2, 2020
Conformity Might Kill Your Goals
The opposite of courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. - Rollo May  In this episode of the Total Body Training Podcast. Jean Carlos talks about how most people are trying to hit their fitness goals but they don't because they conform to what society wants them to do. If you had to be perfectly honest with yourself, most of your friends and family see you the way you are right now at this very moment. They do not know the type of person you would like to become nor do they necessarily see the person you can become. So, If your goal is to radically change your mind and body then it will take them by surprise. You see, your friends and family want you as you are. They love you for the ways they have experienced you and the times they have shared with the current version of you.  That being said, if they see you trying to do something new and different they might fain support but in reality, they will want you to stay as you are. They will want you to conform back to the person they have always known you as. So, that is why I think this quote is so powerful. If you want to become the best version of yourself then chance are you are going to have to push our natural inclination to conform to our surroundings. To conform to what your immediate friends and family want you to be.  If you would like to learn more about Total Body Training you can check out the Total Body Training YouTube Channel. All you have to do is click this link to learn more. We hope you enjoy this episode of the Total Body Training Podcast. Links to Products I use in this video:  The camera I use: Canon T6i Links to the supplements I take:  Ascent Whey Protein Ascent Casein Protein Ascent Pre-Workout
September 30, 2020
What is the Difference Between Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate
What is the Difference Between Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate Links to Products I use in this video: The camera I use: Canon T6i Links to the supplements I take: Ascent Whey Protein Ascent Casein Protein Ascent Pre-Workout
September 29, 2020
Falling And Falling Off with your fitness goals
Fall and falling off with your fitness goals  In this episode of the Total Body Training podcast, Jean Carlos talks to you about how people tend to fall off with their fitness goals during the fall season. He talks about how attendance at gyms plummet in the fall and they really don't pick up up until after the new year has started. He talks about how it's a shame that this happens because so many people are doing great with their fitness goals up until October but suddenly the holidays start showing up and you stop showing up to the gym. If you would like to learn more about Total Body Training you can check out the Total Body Training YouTube Channel. All you have to do is click this link to learn more. We hope you enjoy this episode of the Total Body Training Podcast. Links to Products I use in this video: Kettlebell: Set of Kettlebells: The camera I use: Canon T6i Supplements I take: Ascent Whey Protein Ascent Casein Protein Ascent Pre-Workout
September 26, 2020
How journaling helps you achieve your fitness goals
How Journaling Helps you achieve your fitness goals. In this episode of the Total Body Training Podcast, Jean Carlos shares how journaling might will help you with achieving your fitness goals. Jean Carlos shares his journaling process and how he was able to lose 2olbs and lower his body fat percentage by 4% with the help of his journal. If you would like to learn more about Total Body Training you can check out the Total Body Training YouTube Channel. All you have to do is click this link to learn more. We hope you enjoy this episode of the Total Body Training Podcast.  Links to Products I use in this video: Kettlebell: Set of Kettlebells: The camera I use: Canon T6i Supplements I take: Ascent Whey Protein Ascent Casein Protein Ascent Pre-Workout
September 25, 2020
When is the Best Time to Start Working out?
When is the Best Time to Start Working out? I get this question all the time. So, in this episode of the Total Body Training podcast, I talk to you about the best time and age to start working out. 
September 23, 2020
How Listening to Self Growth Books will help you achieve your Fitness Goals
How Listening to Self Growth Books will help you achieve your Fitness Goals In this episode of the podcast I share with you how listening to self-growth books will help you achieve your fitness goals. I also mention my absolute favorite Self growth and personal improvement books. You should definitely check those books out! I mostly listen to books using Audible. If you are interested in listening to Audio books then Click this link to try Audible out. Here are some of the books that I mentioned in the Podcast.  Will Power Doesn't Work By Benjamin Hardy Personality Isn't Permanent by Benjamin Hardy  How to Consciously Design Your Ideal Future The Obstacle is the Way By Ryan Holiday Mastery By Rober Green
September 19, 2020
How I Lost 20lbs.
How I Lost 20lbs.  If you know background then chances are you probably know that I was foverweight growing up. I big wake up call for me was when in Highschool I found out that I had High Cholestoral. So, It was at that point that I started changing my nutrtion and my life. It tooks me years to figuring things out and get in shape. It wouldn't be until after college that I would actually gain the knowledge needed to lose weight, tone up and get fit. And about 2 years after having a physical and mental transformation I decide to become a trianer and eventually I started what Is know Total Body Training. However, in 2019 I started making some changes in my life. Total Body Training was growing and I decided that I wanted to expand my creative effort in other fields. Little by little I stopped working out and eating a regular consistent schedule. I gained weight and before you know it I had gained 20lbs. So, I sought out the help of an accountability partner and got back on track with my nutrition. In this episode of the Total Body Training Podcast I explain to you exactly how I lost 20lbs and Lower by body fat percentage form 17.4% to 12.9%
September 18, 2020
Best Whey Protein And Casein Protein Brand
Best Whey Protein And Casein Protein Brand.  In this episode of the Total Body Training Podcast I share the kind of protein that I use. I'm going to be honest with you. There is a lot of garbage out there in the supplement market. So, You need to be careful about the kinds of protein that. My favorite Protein is Ascent Protein. In this episode I explain exactly why I take Ascent Protein.  Keep in mind that I am not sponsored by Ascent. I have been talking about Ascent for a while but I've never really shared any links to their products. If you are interested in trying out Ascent Protein the Click my Amazon Affiliate links below. Yes, I do make a small percentage off of those sales of the products I am not a distributer and as I said, I have been promoting them with making a dime of money for years.  Ascent Whey Protein Ascent Casein Protein Ascent Pre-Workout
September 17, 2020
Interview with Professional Cuddler Janet Trevino | Healing Touch
Interview with Professional Cuddler Janet Trevino | Healing Touch In this episode of the Total Body Training Podcast I Interview Professional Cuddler Janet Trevino.  If you would like to watch the Video Version of this episode then you can click the following link to watch it over on the Total Body Training YouTube Channel.  Just CLICK HERE: Interview with Professional Cuddler Janet Trevino | Healing Touch Interview with Professional Cuddler Janet Trevino | Healing Touch is an interview that I did with Platonic Touch specialist Janet Trevino. In this interview, we talk about Cuddle therapy.  Janet Trevino explains why people need touch. She explains that healing touch is an essential need that all people have and should embrace. Janet and other Cuddle Therapists are here to help us learn more about the importance of physical intimacy. Janet Trevino does a great job of explaining everything about the process of cuddle therapy and All you have to do is listen to her explain her belief about healing touch. One thing that really stuck out to me about this interview was the part where she talked about how some cultures value intimacy more than others. I thought this was interesting because it ties into the eurocentric values that we have in America.  During the interview with Janet I bring up the TED Talk she did about Cuddle therapy and healing touch. You can watch Janets Trevino Ted TAlk titled Rediscovering Platonic Touchn| Janet Treviño | TEDxSanAntonio right here. .  In my interview with Janet, we also cover a few other topics such as the surrogate partner work that she does and a number of other things. IF you are interested in the topic then please watch Interview with Professional Cuddler Janet Trevino | Healing Touch. You will definitely learn a lot of Janet Trevino and what it's like to be a Cuddle Therapist! Subscribe for More  Tips: ABOUT TOTAL BODY TRAINING   MOST RECENT VIDEOS:  One of my popular videos is called Price Gouging Home Gym Equipment and 5 Alternative Ways to Workout at Home   SOCIAL for Total Body Training:  FACEBOOK:  INSTAGRAM:  Learn about our live online workout classes: Janet Treivnos YouTube
September 4, 2020
Who Bought Out Gold's Gym | Chapter 11 Bankruptcy | Coronavirus
Who Bought Out Gold's Gym | Chapter 11 Bankruptcy | Coronavirus THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW:   MOST RECENT VIDEOS:   Watch the Video Version of the Episode here:   WORKOUT WITH US ONLINE FOR FREE:   SOCIAL for Total Body Training  BLOG:   PODCAST:  FACEBOOK:  INSTAGRAM:   Learn about our live online workout classes: This episode of the podcast is all about the sale of Gold's Gym. So, please listen to the episode and let me know what you think! 
July 21, 2020
Are Gyms Safe | 6 Health tips | July 2020 | Coronavirus
Are Gyms Safe | 6 Health tips | July 2020 Watch the Video Version of the Podcast over on our YouTube channel: Gyms are reopening all across the country but are they safe? In this episode of Total Body Training, I give my opinion about this topic and I give you 6 tips or 6 things to consider before returning to your local gym. SOCIAL for Total Body Training  ===================================   BLOG:   PODCAST:  FACEBOOK:  INSTAGRAM:   Learn about our live online workout classes:
July 16, 2020
Price Gouging Home Gym Equipment and How to Get Equipment | July 2020
People are price gouging the heck out of weightlifting equipment right now. This all thanks to a shortage of weightlifting equipment that is caused by Mr. C. So. In this episode of Total Body Training, we will be reviewing  What Happened? and then I am going to give you 5 tips for getting a hold of affordable equipment Welcome back to Total Body Training, I’m Jean Carlos and If you haven’t already subscribed to my YouTube channel then please click the subscribe button. On this channel we go over fitness tips, trends, and tutorials to help you stay informed and get in shape.   ON WITH THE VIDEO:   You can watch the entire video by clicking the link. Here are the main points of the video.  TIP 1: Sign Up to be notified (Rogue) about when they will have fitness equipment for sale.  TIP 2: Place your order on Amazon and wait till it goes back in stock, They will notify you and you can pay then. (DO THIS)  Tip 3: Ask a local gym if they are selling workout equipment    TIp 4: Post On Facebook that you are looking for equipment   TIP 5: Search for workout equipment on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist
July 9, 2020
Greg Glassman Sells Crossfit To Eric Roza | New Crossfit Owner
Greg Glassman Sells Crossfit To Eric Roza | New Crossfit Owner .............................. THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW:  WATCH THIS VIDEO VERSION OF THIS EPISODE HERE: WATCH THE VIDEO WHERE WE TALK ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED WITH GREG GLASSMAN BEFORE RESIGNING: WORKOUT WITH US ONLINE FOR FREE: READ THE BLOG I WROTE ABOUT THIS TOPIC: LOG: PODCAST:  FACEBOOK:  INSTAGRAM:  Learn  about our live online workout classes:  ===================================   LINKS:   CrossFit founder Greg Glassman is selling the company after weeks of controversy CrossFit’s New CEO Was Asked Last Year About Diversity. He Ignored The Question And Walked Offstage. Datalogix Oracle Crossfit Ceo Greg Glassman Steps Down after Racist Comments about George Floyd Cleared hot Podcast IN this episode of the Total Body Training show I go in a lot of depth the explain what is currently happening in the Crossfit world. Because of Greg Glassman's racially insensitive comments, a lot of crossfitters started to distance themselves from CrossFit. Many of their athletes backed away from the company. For Example, Rogue said it was ending its relationship with Crossfit HQ which led a lot of people to be worried that the rogue invitational 2020 might not happen! And if you a crossfitter you know all about wanting to see your favorite athletes perform their best cleans at the Crossfit Games! However, Greg decided to sell Crossfit to Eric Roza and In this episode of the show, we talk about that and how I think that was a great move for the Crossfit Brand.
July 2, 2020
Crossfit Ceo Greg Glassman Steps Down after Racist Comments about George Floyd
Crossfit Ceo Greg Glassman Steps Down after Racist Comments about George Floyd QUESTION OF THE DAY: Were Greg Glassman's Comments Racist? Please, let me know in the comments section of this video. WATCH THe VIDEO VERSION OF THIS ON YOUTUBE: LINKS TO SOCIAL: SOCIAL for Total Body Training  ===================================  BLOG: PODCAST: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: Learn  about our live online workout classes:
June 18, 2020
Adele’s Weight Loss | Body Positivity and Fat Acceptance
Adele’s Weight Loss | Body Positivity and Fat Acceptance  If you would like to watch the video version of this podcast you can click this link and It will take you to our YouTube Video about Adele's weightloss. THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW:  MOST RECENT VIDEOS: WORKOUT WITH US ONLINE FOR FREE: SOCIAL for Total Body Training =================================== BLOG: PODCAST: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: Learn about our live online workout classes:  =================================== LINKS: The Body Positive Website: Instagram: Article in Rolling Stone On Marie Claire: Casey Ho, Blogilaties The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf Obese to Beast on Adeles Weight Loss: CDC On Obesity:  OMG, have you all seen Adele lately? I’m talking about the multi-award-winning, platinum singer Songwriter Adele. Adele has lost a lot of weight which, when done in a healthy way, is a huge accomplishment.  And many people have been singing here praise for this accomplishment. However, some people who consider themselves to be body positive and or fat acceptants are disappointed in Adele. Many of them see this as a betrayal of body positivity and fat acceptance.   Today we ask, What exactly happened? Why are people upset?  Can you be body positive while trying to lose weight? And is Adele’s weight loss a betrayal of body positivity?  Adele recently shared a photo on IG that showed us that she had lost a significant amount of weight. How much weight did she lose? Well, we don’t really know because Adele didn’t tell us. In fact, she didn’t even mention her weight loss.  The media and people have done a great job of sensationalizing this. Which it's funny watching the internet lose their minds over this but on the other side I would imagine that it’s not fun to hear millions of people talking about your body.  Many people congratulated Adele on weight loss. Losing weight, when done correctly, is an accomplishment. However, not everybody was down with Adele’s weightloss. Some people took this as an opportunity to bash Adele’s transformation. Some people said that she looked uglier skinny then she did when she was fat. Others said that her face was prettier before the weight loss, others went as accusing her of potentially having an eating disorder. Instead of focusing on that her fitness and health might have improved the just criticized her. It's sad because they have no clue if she lost weight doing exercises and eating right. I'm running out of words that I can type on here! but just if you want to know what more about  Adele's weightLoss then please watch the video!  
May 22, 2020
When Will Gyms Reopen In Texas? | May 2020
This episode of the Podcast is called Whey Will Gym Reopen | May 2020 SOCIAL for Total Body Training BLOG: PODCAST: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: Learn  about our live online workout classes: SHOW NOTES: The White house paper and link. CNBC EQUINOX You can watch the video version of this podcast at: This episode of the video podcast is called When Will Gyms Reopen In Texas May 2020  In this episode, I catch you up to date on the latest news about when gyms will reopen. I just various news sources so the info as up to date as it could be for a Texan on 5/7/2020
May 7, 2020
When Will Gyms Reopen ? | May 2020
This episode of the Podcast is called Whey Will Gym Reopen | May 2020  SOCIAL for Total Body Training   BLOG: PODCAST: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM:  Learn  about our live online workout classes: SHOW NOTES:  The White house paper and link. CNBC EQUINOX You can watch the video version of this podcast at: This episode of the video podcast is called When Will Gyms Reopen | May 2020  In this episode, I catch you up to date on the latest news about when gyms will reopen. I just various news sources so the info as up to date as it could be for a Texan on 5/1/202
May 1, 2020
Whey vs Casein Protein | Whats the Difference?
In this episode of the Total Body Training entitled, Whey Vs Casein Protein | What's the Difference? I talk all about the nutritional value of whey protein and Casein Protein. Both Whey protein and Casein are a derivate of cows milk. Essentially, you get these supplements whey you curdle cow's milk.  Whey Protein can be found curdled into different kinds of versions of itself.  A few examples of whey protein would be whey isolate m whey concentrate and whey hydrolyzed. For more on the topic of whey protein, you can click watch my other video about whey protein. So, what are the benefits of taking whey protein? Well, whey protein is a fast-absorbing protein. When you take whey it breaks down in your body rather quickly and can then be used to rebuild muscle tissue. So, that is exactly why people take whey protein after a workout.  Taking whey protein as a post-workout meal will give your body the nutrition it needs to rebuild muscle tissue.   Another supplement that people like to take that helps with rebuilding muscle tissue is creatine but we will save another podcast for the conversation about creatine and creatines nutritional value. Casein, on the other hand, is called a slow absorbing protein. When casein protein comes in contact with liquid it becomes thick and gelatinous. This thickness causes the protein to get slowly processed in the stomach. In fact, casein protein takes hours to be processed by your stomach.  Fitness enthusiasts like bodybuilders and powerlifters like to take casein before they go to bed. The benefit of taking it before you go to bed is that your body will slowly use that protein to rebuild muscle tissue while you are sleeping. Do you need whey or casein to improve your physique or athleticism?  The answer is no. You can get your protein from meat and other sources.  The benefit of taking a protein supplement is that it is fast and easy to take. Eating the amount of protein that you need to eat in a day can sometimes be tricky.   Most of us work jobs and have busy lives that don't allow us to eat every few hours. So, that's where protein can be extremely useful. Plus, these protein powders do get processed by the body in ways that regular protein from meat does not. Just think about how I was talking about the fact that whey is fast-absorbing or casein is slow absorbing. So, that being said they are benefits to take them but it's not entirely necessary to take them and if you are on a budget then I think you would focus on saving your money for other more important things! Anyways, I hope this article helped you! SOCIAL: BLOG: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR LIVE ONLINE:
April 30, 2020
Interview With Karen Vi | Instagram Model and Owner of Glow Collection
This is a Total Body Training Interview With Karen Vi | Instagram Model and Owner of Glow Collection. However, before I tell you about the interview with Karen Vi I want to invite you to check out our live online weightlifting from home workout classes.  If you are interested in working out with us in online weightlifting from the home program you can Message me in the comments or you can   *CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK* =   Also, You can Watch a Video version of my interview with Karen Vi over on the Total Body Training YouTube Channel. Here is the link to that video. *TIME STAMPS*  2:05 Karen Villarreal Social Media Origin Story and modeling pics  4:50 Glow Clothing Companies origin Story   6:30 Glows Mission Statement   7:10 Size inclusivity In Clothing   16:40 Her workout routine   17:10 Unleash Her 2019  24:41 Karens Vi Tips for destressing    In this episode of the Total Body Training podcast, I got the opportunity to interview Karen Vi a.k.a.  Laren Villarreal. Karen Vi and I got the opportunity to discuss her rise to fame as an Instagram model and also discuss her company Glow or Glow Collective.  This interview with Karen Villareal was a lot of fun and I think there is a lot you can learn about starting your own clothing line as well as becoming a social media start. Before I go and I want to make sure to share all of the links that we mentioned in the interview. So, here are all of the links that Karen Villarreal and I discuss in this interview.   Show Notes:  1. Connect with Karen Villarreal on social media:  Karen Vi Instagram:   Karens Vi YouTube:   Karen Vi Clothing Company Glow Instagram:   Karen Vi Clothing Company Glow Facebook:   Karen Vi Clothing Company Glow Website:    2. Connect With Jean Carlos Gonzalez on Social Media Here   Jean Carlos Gonzalez Instgram:   Jean Carlos Gonzalez facebook:    3. Connect with Total Body Training Total Body Training YouTube:   Total Body Training Instagram:   Total Body Training Facebook:   *About the Interview with Karen VI* As I was saying, Karen Vi and I had a really great conversation about how she became the model we all know and love. We also discuss her transformation into an entrepreneur as the owner of Glow clothing. 
April 27, 2020
What Happened to The Total Body Training Podcast
What Happened to The Total Body Training Podcast I started making the @tTotal Body Training video podcast in 2018. In less than a year I was able to produce per 100 episodes of the podcast. I was loving everything minute of the process. I also started the Total Body Training vlog and our FREE home workout series. Then something happened. I slowed down the production of all of my content. This was partly due to some bad advice I got but It was also because I suddenly found myself getting to busy to keep up with my content creation schedule. IN 2019 I became an actor and I got an agent. Suddenly, I started driving to auditions in Austin, which Is an hour away and then coming back to San Antonio to teach classes at my studio Total Body Training. I was just way to busy to take on the added responsibility of recording the podcast and making all of the content I was making. However, I just recorded over 30 pieces of content which include free home workouts and multiple episodes of the podcast so I'm back baby! Anyways, this episode of the podcast is about my journey over the last several months and how why I'm back on here making videos and podcasts for you all!
April 23, 2020
Price Gouging Weightlifting Equipment
Price Gouging Weightlifting Equipment  About 3 weeks ago I decided to go online to purchase some small barbells and dumbbells for my clients. I quickly realized that workout equipment was in short supply. The reason that equipment was and is in short supply is because of the quarantine. It appears that the moment we all got quarantined people went out and purchased weightlifting equipment they could use from home. I love the fact that people I decided to take their health into consideration and fully support everyone buying what they need to stay in shape during the quarantine. What I am not a fan of is those people who decided to go out and purchased brand new equipment and then resell it on the Facebook market place for more than 2x the original cost. If you go on the Facebook market place right now (4/21/2020) you'll see that majority of weightlifting equipment is well above the original market value. People are selling a pair of 10Lbs. dumbbells for $40.00. I have seen multiple people selling a Bowflex adjustable dumbbells and power blocks for over $1000.00. This is ridiculous. I know that some of you are thinking you can just go to Academy Sports + Outdoors (2643 NW Loop 410, San Antonio) Website and purchase equipment there but the majority of the weightlifting equipment is gone. In fact, if you go to websites of all the major weightlifting equipment retailers you will see that most of the equipment is gone. So, in this episode of the podcast, I rant about this topic and I also give some suggestions for what to do if you need to work out but don't have workout equipment.
April 21, 2020
4 Ways to Workout from Home
Hey people, I'm sorry but I had to take a break from writing and producing this podcast. However, I am back with 5 new episodes and I plan on staying on track with this for the foreseeable future. I will also be releasing an episode that explains where I went and why I stopped making the episode. However, in the meantime, this episode is about working out from home. Why am I talking about working out from home? Well, it's currently 4/20/2020 and we are in the middle of the coronavirus epidemic.  We have been asked to quarantine ourselves so that we can flatten the curve and stay safe. I am all for flattening the curve and I think it's important for us to stay home. In the meantime though, I think a lot of people are feeling frustrated about the fact that they cant go to the gym anymore. I, of course, had to close Total Body Training and I'm not sure when we will be reopening our doors. However, in the meantime, I want to share with you three ways that I think you could stay on track with working out from home.  I hope you enjoy this episode of the podcast! 
April 20, 2020
New Years Resolutions in Baby Steps
New Years Resolution in Baby Steps  If you have a new year's resolution its because you've probably struggled to stay on track with something in your life. I would say that the most common new year's resolution is to get in better shape. Getting in shape is no easy task and I think many people overwhelm themselves by trying to change all of there unhealthy habits at once. In this episode of the podcast, I explain how important it is to break your resolution up into small baby steps. pursuing your goal in baby steps will help increase your chance for success I hope you enjoy! 
January 3, 2020
3 Common New Years Resolution Mistakes
In this episode of the podcast I share 3 common mistakes people make when trying to create a New Years Resolution. 
January 2, 2020
10 New Year Resolution Ideas | Fitness Goals 2020
Happy New Year!  In this episode of the Video Podcast, I'm going to talk about New Year Resolutions. The goal of the episode is to talk about how to improve your health and wellness. In this episode, I won't be talking about weight loss. There are two reasons why I'm not going to talk about weight loss here. First,  I already have other videos that discuss this topic and I will be releasing more weight loss related Second, I think people should also realize that there is more to health and wellness than just losing weight. Excising is important for your overall physical and mental well being. Taking care of your mind is also crucial to your success as a human. So, I want to offer you other potential New Year resolution that has less to do with the scale. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this episode of the podcast!
January 1, 2020
I use to Hate Working out!
I use to Hate Working out!  Click the link below to Try A FREE group fitness class at Total Body Training
December 13, 2019
Should I Workout when I'm Sick?
Should I workout when I'm Sick?  Click the Link below to try a FREE group fitness class at Total Body Training
December 12, 2019
The Holidays Didn't Ruin Your diet
In this episode of the Total Body Training podcast I talk about why the holidays didn't ruin your diet!  I want you all to enjoy the holiday season and the foods that are available to you so please listen to this. Come try a FREE group fitness Class @Total Body Training. Click the Link below.
December 11, 2019
What Is Casein Protein Made Of ?
What is Casein Protein Made Of ? I've always wondered the follow, What Is Casein Protein Made of? and How is Casein Protein different than Whey Protein. So, In this Episode, we will discuss this topic! Casein protein is a derivative of milk. When you take milk and curdle it you get a variety of different substances two of which are whey protein and casein The way that casein gets made essentially is that you remove the fats the carbs and whey and you get casein. So, what are the benefits of taking Casein protein? Casin is a slow absorbing or slow digesting protein. The reason why it's slow digesting is that when casein comes in a contact with water where your stomach acid it coagulates and becomes very thick. In fact, a lot of people take the casein and make it into something called casein pudding which is actually really tasty if you like supplements lol:)  Now, because the casein coagulates it takes longer for your body to process it. So, casein takes longer for your body to digest. It's simply stays in your body for a long longer than whey protein. We're talking like up to six or seven hours sometimes. How is this beneficial? Most bodybuilders like to take casein An hour to half an hour before they go to bed. The thinking here is pretty simple. And it makes a lot of sense when you think about what happens when you go to sleep. When you go to sleep your body starts the process of breaking muscle tissue down. This is called becoming catabolic. If you're looking to put on muscle you want to feed your body so that you can grow muscles more effectively. One good way to do this is to feed yourself while you're sleeping. And you obviously can't exactly get up multiple times throughout the night to eat. So, when you take casein what happens is The casein continues to get processed by your stomach while you sleep so it's as if you're feeding it while you're also recovering at night. This will help your body go anabolic which means that your body will be building muscle rather than breaking it down. So, the best time to take casein is at night. No, I just want to mention that you don't absolutely have to take any kinds of supplements.  You don't need casein and you certainly don't need whey or any other kinds of supplements unless your doctor tells you otherwise. Nelson's mentioned that you should never take a supplement when you're diet isn't right. Meaning, if you're eating pizza and cookies for all of your meals and you're not really eating correctly for the body that you want or for the kind of fitness that you're trying to improve it then it doesn't really make a difference if you take that protein shake or not. It's kind of like you're putting the cart before the horse.  First, get your diet dialed in and second make sure that you've got a solid workout plan that's working for you. Then and only then should you even begin to consider taking a supplement. And even when the truth is that you don't absolutely need it. Supplements can be really expensive and You can always just eat some good quality protein. Your body doesn't exactly process it the same way but it works just fine. Heck, people have been eating protein not from a protein bin for centuries eons really I'm sure we'll be fine without it. But if you are looking to spend a little extra money and you like the convenience factor of eating for taking protein supplements then I would recommend going with ascent protein. Their Products are clean and they are third-party tested. meaning you're going to get exactly what you pay for with those products. There's no hidden ingredients or BS that you have to worry about when you're going with ascent protein.  Ascent Protein
June 27, 2019
What is Whey Protein Concentrate Made Of ?
What is Whey Protein ? What Is Whey Protein Concentrate Made Of? Let's begin. So whey protein specifically is considered a fast absorbing or fast suggesting protein. And so the benefit of having something that's fast adjusting. Right. Like Whey protein is that when you workout during the process of working out your body starts to break down muscle tissue and then it's going to repair and rebuild. And what we want to do is make sure that the repair process goes more smoothly and that our body builds more than it breaks down. And in that, it repairs and builds muscle effectively. the best way to do that is by feeding your body as soon as possible after a workout or some people even suggest during your workouts with protein. Now the easiest and best source of protein to take in when you're working out or after your workout is a whey protein concentrate or Whey Protein Isolate. Now. here's the distinct difference between whey protein concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate first whey protein concentrate is the basic form of whey protein.   So it's the most simple form that's taken from the derivative milk. It's got lactose some carbs and some fat and lots of protein that is very easily digestible. When we get into Protein Isolate what we do is we're actually deriving the whey protein concentrate. We're taking out from the whey protein concentrate most of the fats and the carbs and we're sure as heck taking out the lactose. So the benefit what people will debate is which one is better. Now in my book and most people will tell you that it doesn't really make that big of difference. The only people who really worry about this are people who are really really hot and bothered or crazy about supplements and nutrition timing and things like that. However, both of them work just fine. My personal recommendation is that if you want to take whey protein but let's say you have a mild allergy to something like. protein nut not protein but lactose products. So things like milk or cheeses things like that if any of those things make your tummy sick then the best option for you if you're wanting to do a whey based protein and animal protein is to take that whey protein and have an isolate version of that protein. So that is because it's lactose free or it's next to no lactose so it should not affect your stomach the same way that drinking a glass of milk would or drinking some ice cream or whatever it is that makes your stomach feel.  So, you can still get the benefits of whey protein when you take that Whey Protein Isolate whey protein isolates typically cost a little bit more than whey protein concentrate which is exactly why I take away protein concentrate. But do we actually need protein in order to. grow and develop and build up our bodies. The answer is No. You can get protein and lots of other sources. Y The reason why you would want to take that protein shake is to simplify your life or to get that protein into your system quicker. A lot of times when you work out the moment that you're done you're not really hungry and you don't really feel like eating. So a good thing to do is to just throw down a protein shake because it's easily digestible. It doesn't fill up your stomach the same way that like a plate of chicken breast and broccoli and all these things would make your stomach feel directly after a workout. Anyways, just watch the video where I take a deeper dive with this topic. 
June 25, 2019
Patience and Your Fitness Goals
Patience and Your Fitness Goals Try A Free Class:   $24.50 for 4 Strength Training Classes for Weight Loss | 50% Off of 3 Strength Training For Weight Loss Classes |   Patience and Your Fitness Goals   I hear it all the time, I’m not losing weight/toning up the way I want to Jean!  I’m here to tell you that patience is key to a successful fitness goal.  If you are realistic about your goals, then you can achieve it! Here are my tips: 1.     Set realistic, clear goals.  Set a larger goal with a smaller achievable stepping stones to reach this larger goal!  2.     Are you on the right plan?  This is a common mistake people make, they don’t find someone to help them make a customized meal plan or work out plan.  This is where a trainer or nutritionist can help you reach your long-term goals. 3.     Practice patience.  Are you generally an impatient person?  Then you may transfer that to your fitness goals, then my suggestion is to do the self-work and find little ways to be patient. Practicing patience will help every aspect of your life!  Don’t believe me?  Come try a free class with us and check out how patience will go a long way in your life!   Hey!  I’m not a licensed professional, I just share my life experience and experiences I have with my clients. Come join me for your free fitness class!
June 10, 2019
Am I too Old To Workout
.Try A Free Class:   $24.50 for 4 Strength Training Classes for Weight Loss | 50% Off of 3 Strength Training For Weight Loss Classes |   Am I Too Old to Work Out? Today we are talking about age.  I get this question all the time, “Am I too old to work out?”  Nope!  If you are a alive and kicking you will need to practice some sort of movement.  The reason I’m bringing this up is I often get this excuse, but I’m here to tell you age is just a number! Overtime, lack of movement you may feel like your aging or getting old, but you don’t realize that good physical health will help combat feeling old.  You might be too old to try out for the NFL, or join the Army, but there are people in their 70’s and 80’s who run marathons.  You might not be as flexible as you once were, but it’s more important as you get older that you take care of yourself. As we age, hormonally we start to change.  The act of going for a walk, eating right, and strength training will help you feel physically and mentally younger.  There’s a bunch of science that proves working out will help keep you mentally younger and feel younger.  You’re not to old to work out!  Just try to get more movement and take care of your health at any age.  Hey!  I’m not a licensed professional, I just share my life experience and experiences I have with my clients. Come join me for your free fitness class!
May 30, 2019
What Is a Crash Diet
What Is a Crash Diet   Click the link to come try a FREE CLASS at Total Body Training.
May 24, 2019
Please Just Try
 Please Just Try! Come Try A Free Class.
May 20, 2019
Do I need To Take Supplements in order to get in shape
Do I Need to Take Supplements? Try A Free Class:   $24.50 for 4 Strength Training Classes for Weight Loss | 50% Off of 3 Strength Training For Weight Loss Classes |   Do I Need To Take Supplements? What’s up people, I’m here to talk about why you probably/maybe don’t need supplements.  First, I want to clarify supplements.  Most supplements that are on the market today aren’t really affective, there is only a handful of supplements that actually work.  There are only 3 types of supplements with science backed studies: caffeine, whey/casein protein, and creatine.  What you actually need to be doing with body composition and health is really achieved through your diet.  Now, you might not need that vitamin B, D or any other supplement.  If you’re eating a good diet, you may be getting all the nutrients you need from your food.  But if you aren’t eating correctly, you will want to talk to your doctor about blood work to see what vitamins you may need to take.  Listen to my personal experience with vitamins and how they may not be for you! Hey!  I’m not a licensed professional, I just share my life experience and experiences I have with my clients. Come join me for your free fitness class!
May 6, 2019
Fitness Goals That Don't Involve Weight loss
Try A Free Class:   $24.50 for 4 Strength Training Classes for Weight Loss | 50% Off of 3 Strength Training For Weight Loss Classes |   If you’re trying to lose weight, tone up, or get muscle, everyone has an aesthetic goal they are working towards.  But what if your goal doesn’t involve weight loss?  I’m here to discuss 4 fitness goals that don’t involve weight loss. 1.      Run a 5k/10k/Half-Marathon.  There are a bunch of fun and cool runs to join.  5k’s are super fun and challenge yourself to train for the event.  I promise the events themselves are fun and exciting to join in.  You won’t regret the experience and you can but it on your bucket list! 2.      Train in a different manner.  If you are doing body building workouts, then go and try something different.  Maybe cycling, maybe it’s hiking, dancing, or something that’s completely different than what you normally drawn to.  Try this for 2-3 months to see if you actually enjoy these activities! 3.      Strength training personal records.  Now, I haven’t competed in weight lifting, but it was empowering to test my one rep maximum.  This is great motivation to set lifting goals and build up to your goals. 4.      Learning a cool move.  Meg Squats made this suggestion on her channel, thanks Meg!  Pick a cool move you’ve always wanted to do and work towards that goal!  Learning a cool move will make you’re fitness journey more fun! These are some fantastic ways to challenge yourself to work out and get in shape that have nothing to do with aesthetic goals.  The aesthetics will come later if you are training for something you really want!  These are awesome ways to make you’re experience much more fun! Hey!  I’m not a licensed professional, I just share my life experience and experiences I have with my clients! Come join me for your free fitness class!
May 2, 2019
How To Take Baby Steps With Your Fitness Goals
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April 29, 2019
How Much Should You Eat While Your Pregnant
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March 27, 2019
Dear, Moms Please Take Care of Yourselves
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March 26, 2019
My Boyfriend Doesn't Want Me To Workout
Try A Free Class at Total Body Training: . What do you do when your boyfriend doesn’t want you to work out? Yes, this still happens! I’m here to share my knowledge about what I’ve experienced and what I’ve coached my clients about. This is mostly for women, but I’ve struggled with this before! Here are my tips of survival if this happens. 1. Don’t sacrifice your physical or mental health. Working out helps people feel good and destress. Do not drop those things for a relationship. Maybe you realize you need to start working out to take care of yourself, then start doing it! 2. Communicate. Get to the root of the problem, why is it that your partner doesn’t want to you to work out? If you’ve been in a long-term relationship, things change and your togetherness changes. My observation is if someone is asking you not to go work out, maybe they’re craving more quality time together. Try to find out why the insecurity exists. What do you do if the person doesn’t stop being insecure? I would try to communicate again or seek professional help. What if they are emotionally abusive? Are they trying to isolating you, taking your power away, controlling your life? That person may be very manipulative and I suggest seeing a therapist or taking a good look at is it worth staying? These are just some of my tips for surviving partners who don’t want you to work out. Come check out Total Body Training & my group of amazing athletes who will help you feel empowered. Try, a Free Class
March 25, 2019
How Working Out Empowers Women
How Working Out Empowers Women. Watch the video to learn more. Try, a Free Class Guys! If you are listening to my Podcast, this is relevant to you too! The messages shared here will help you too! First all, I’m not a woman, but I hear things a lot from the women I train and listen to a lot of women in the fitness circle. The more you push yourself in the gym, the more physically and mentally strong you become. Mental strength means pushing yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of. Through the process of lifting heavier, you end up growing and developing. These are just a few thoughts of how working out will empower women & help you improve your life. Join me at Total Body Training for one class… I promise this will change your life. Come meet my empowering female athletes and join our tribe. Try, a Free Class
March 18, 2019
My Favorite Failure
Today I’m going to get vulnerable & discuss my favorite failure. There is something to taking the most terrible moments in your life and learning from them. The biggest, favorite failure started when I was making music with a band. This is embarrassing, pushed me forward, and change my priorities. I was a starting a band and we had a big gig, press was there, the room was filled and something happened. My band mate was not 100% during the performance and I’m livid about how this is playing out. Our music is so sloppy at this time, we cleared the room except the people who will support me no matter what. I learned a lot from this experience. What I did well was getting in touch with people and contacting people to come to our shows. I needed to make sure I had a solid product to put out in the world and I should not have contacted other artists or the reporter just yet. We weren’t completely ready to perform that day. I also suffered from self-sabotaging behavior, I knew I could not drink or party as much anymore. Being in the band, in essence, was what pushed me forward in my life. It was this moment that I knew I had to move and start over. Fast-forward to today, I’m now a successful gym owner and content creator. I became healthier and a version of myself I strive for and every day I grow and learn from my mistakes.
March 14, 2019
What Aren't You Willing to Do
What Aren't You Willing to Do   Free Class Link Below
March 12, 2019
Your Why
Your Why . It’s been about a year since I’ve brought this up, but it’s important to achieving any of your goals. Most people start off hard, investing a lot of money into supplements and other items, but eventually they fall off their goals because they forget why they started. Workouts and nutrition start to slip and eventually you stop working out altogether. If this is you, you’ve forgot your why. Why you started in the gym in the first place, why you decided to start a fitness journey. The moment you start to feel like slacking off, remember why you started in the first place from a healthy spot. Use your goal to encourage yourself to continue your fitness journey. There are going to be situations that come up to entice you to leave your fitness journey. Start mentally prompting yourself about your reason why you decided to start a fitness journey. Continue to remember your why when you feel like giving up!
March 11, 2019
I've Tried Everything
I've Tried Everything  I’ve Tried Everything! I get this a lot, people tell me that they’ve been doing EVERYTHING to get fit!  Today I’m going to have a tough love episode, so if you’re one of those who haven’t seen results… this is for you.  Before I start on my tips and tricks, lets talk about your training style.  Are you a gym hopper?  A program hopper?  Realistically, you’ve done a lot, maybe not everything, but a lot!  Did you have your fitness & nutrition plan that was built for you?  Or did you just choose healthier options?  Sometimes people start slow and just start eating healthier, but still have about 20 pounds to go.  This is when you want a nutrition program that’s tailored to you.  Invest in someone who is knowledgeable and has degrees in nutrition to help you navigate nutrition to lose that last layer of love.  Finding someone who works with you, for you, is very important! When you couple good nutrition with good fitness, this is when you will be able to tone up and lose weight.  The fit look that most are looking for can be achieved by working out and a healthy nutrition plan.  Maybe the gym you’re at doesn’t have a plan for you.  If you feel out of place at the gym, don’t feel like you’re seeing results, and you don’t have a custom program… maybe it’s time to reevaluate your fitness plan. Maybe you have the best plans available… did you commit correctly?  Did you follow the plan 100% all the time?  You will really have to take a hard look at if you really committed and stayed consistent.  This year can be different! Listen to find out how.   Free Class Link Below
March 8, 2019
Whats the Best Kind of Workout
Whats the Best Kind of Workout  Free Class Link Below
March 3, 2019
Interview With Janet Trevino
I sat down with a professional cuddler Janet Trevino to discuss platonic cuddling and getting comfortable with consensual platonic touch.   Janet Trevino shares her specialty of platonic touch and how instinct drives the need for platonic touch.  She discusses the value of affectionate non-sexual nurturing. As a coach, Janet helps people move through the trauma of the past and into the moment of who they want to be.  Personally, she’s learned for herself that she doesn’t give any thing away things for free.  That means that she has learned to value herself and her time.  The realization that she was doing what she loved, increased confidence, and being public about her passion has helped her and her clients grow in ways unimaginable.  Her practice gives her a renewed since of self and asks her clients to trust her in the process.  We also discuss cuddle parties and what you will expect personally at these events.  These platonic parties are meant to encourage human touch and help others grow and accept touch of other people.  These parties encourage a sense of empowerment and helps people deal with situations in life.  Janet says we are often scared of the no or shame, and platonic touch will help you be okay to be you.  Janet is a wealth of knowledge and loves to share her passion for platonic touch.  She gives us 3 ways to ask for what we need and shares her view of the world.  She challenges you too look at your belief systems and move past them in a healthy way.  Links:  
February 28, 2019
Last Minute Resistance
Latest episode of Total Body Training . Last Minute Resistance It’s been a long day, you are considering skipping the gym because of any excuse.  Today’s topic is for you, we will talk about that last-minute resistance we have about taking care of yourself.  When you feel like giving up or not showing up, this is for you. Working out or starting a new workout routine is difficult and the excuses to skip the gym are running rampant in your head.  I had the problem too!  When I started, I had issues with my time and limited social aspects of my fitness journey.  I’m here to say, that you have to take your health a priority.  Making the adjustment to working out for one hour is a huge task, but if you just go, you will feel better about your choices.  Even at my advanced stage in training, I still get the urge to pass up my workout or yoga in order to do some other stuff.  Now I train in the gym 5 times a week and finding an hour of 30 minutes for yoga is a struggle for me.  I always feel last minute resistance if I think about skipping yoga, but the truth is I just need to time manage better. If you are really struggling getting into the gym, take a hard look at your time management skills and address that situation.  Maybe you legitimately do have some time issues, just make sure you aren’t creating these time limits.  If you take away the friction of time and taking away time, you will feel fantastic if you just go for it and get in the gym!   
February 26, 2019
Good Form
Good form This episode is all about good form in the gym.  I asked followers what they wanted to hear, so this is a response to followers’ questions!  When you’re learning basic strength movements, hop on YouTube and check out some pros teach the movements you are interested in learning.  Now there are many people out there who will have some great tips, I’m partial to Juggernaut trainers or my simple videos. But Jean, how do we know we are doing it right??? You can bring the videos with you to the gym and watch it until you are comfortable.  I highly recommend filming yourself from many angles in order to get perspective of your body and squats.  Then compare your video to the movement of professionals.  Mirrors are helpful if you start with no weight, but once you load weight the best way to see form is to record yourself. Get a trainer. This will help you learn the movement from someone who is educated and useful.  Try to choose someone who is well-seasoned or has credibility in strength training.  Here’s your challenge:  if you are struggling to know you are doing your movements correctly.  Record yourself and post it our page and Pam or I will critique your form in a productive way!  Until next time… peace!  
February 25, 2019
I kinda Sorta Workout
So, you’ve been working out for a year and you’ve not seen a lot of progress… maybe it’s time to get honest. If you aren’t seeing results after a year of actually working out, don’t complain, get honest about your progress or journey. Maybe the measure to which you measured was not consistent, maybe your gym schedule wasn’t 100% on point, maybe you didn’t lose the weight you wanted too. There are factors that will impact your fitness journey, but today we are discussing how maybe, just maybe you didn’t really set the goal and follow through.  Did you show up regularly to your gym? Did you start skipping days during the week? Really get honest at looking at your days you skipped, if you add them all together maybe you’ve missed 18+ days. Here’s the thing, the shittiest program or person who knows nothing about fitness, but committed to the program they could potentially see results if they consistently showed up and put in the work. This is why training is tricky, when you say you’ve tried everything I question them if they were really committed to the program.  Here’s my tip: if you need to be accountable, by a giant calendar and every day you go, put a big red G in the box. On the days you missed, write in why you missed. You will see your actually commitment to your fitness program & plan for the excuses that will come up later. This is a great tracking tool to help you stay committed and see the results you want! If you have any topics you want me to discuss, or stories to share, we are listening!  Drop a comment or email and let me know what you want to hear. Until next time… peace! 
February 22, 2019
Interview With Nia Wesley
Today I’m with Nia Wesley with Kens5 News in San Antonio! She’s a fantastic client of mine and we are sitting down to discuss stress and emotional eating. Nia and I were considering doing a show where we tracked her progress of losing weight rapidly. After discussing her food and diet history, we decided to get real and discuss food addiction and stress eating.  Nia has a powerful story about stress eating and her daily struggle with food. Nia noticed her weight gain slowly creep on during the final years of college and one fad diet after another, she had a break through about her mentality towards food. My dad used to poke fun about how I was a human garbage disposal and it was that moment I knew my eating habits were not normal. Nervous eating was comforting and at age 7, Nia’s Aunt pointed out that she was getting hefty. After getting help for the nervousness and anxiety, her path has just started the healing process.  Nia discusses her childhood, realizing her nervousness is anxiety, and getting counseling helped her change her eating habits and grow in her journey. She shares coping techniques to deal with her anxiety in a healthy, positive, and constructive way. Walking outdoors has really helped her find peace within and the situations that are happening in her life. Drinking water and getting enough sleep are two simple things that she’s done to change her health.  We discuss her self-discovery and her tips to maybe help you take that first step towards your health and fitness journeys! Nia says, “Don’t give up on yourself!” 
February 19, 2019
100th Episode of The Podcast
Today is a super special day, we’ve hit our 100th podcast in less than a year!!! I’m very appreciative of all the followers, so thank you for listening to us on all platforms. This podcast started as fitness tips and self-help advice and thank you for tuning in.  In the first year we noticed that episodes that did the best are interviews or sharing my personal stories. Our local athletes had some of the highest listened too podcasts and thank you for listening! We are now filming more interview episodes, because y’all asked for it!  I’m also going to start sharing some of my deeper personal experiences that have helped me grow into the person I am today. I’m hoping my personal stories help you gain some perspective. These stories are hard for me because they make me uncomfortable and our society doesn’t exactly reward people who are completely honest with others and themselves. Flaws are highly judged in today’s society and I feel that men are judged for showing their emotions and struggles. I’m not saying women have it easier, I can only speak from my experiences.  I’m also cleaning up the Podcast audio and getting a new microphone for the interview session! I’m all about taking action and refining as I grow. If I would have obsessed or saved for funds, we wouldn’t be on our 100th episode!  What kind of stories do you want to hear about? Who do you want me to interview? Do you have any fantastic topics that you want me to discuss? I’m listening! My goal is to bring you content you want to hear, to the best of my ability! This year I’m going get honest, emotional, and start discussing personal uncomfortable things. I’ve set up fantastic interviews for your listening pleasure, and hope to start discussing topics you want to hear about! Thank you for listening to our 100th episode! Until next time… peace!Body Training
February 18, 2019
Some Sacrifice Is Necessary
Sacrifices you have to make in order to achieve your fitness goals… or any goal for that matter! When people start working out, or have a goal they want to reach, you will have to realize that you will need to sacrifice a few things: food, time, and lifestyle.  In order to lose some weight, it will take time, food, and a lifestyle change. This is the first step to making a change, there’s really no way around it! Your lifestyle will change, but you will learn to not over-indulge in items that you love.  Losing weight takes time and a mental shift that is needed to maintain your ideal weight. The ONLY WAY to do this is change the way you were eating before.  Time. All of us are running out of time constantly. Life is demanding and we are busy, but a lot of us do have downtime that we can work on our health. However, we aren’t super-efficient with our time right now. Committing to a fitness goal, you will have to sacrifice things in order to achieve your goal. Maybe start off small and just commit to 20 minutes to move. Lifestyle will have to be addressed too. Your lifestyle has contributed to your weight surplus and you’ll need to address this in order to achieve your goals. Food, time, entertainment, family, and friends always intersect. Maybe that weekly happy hour with the girls, poker game, or family dinner needs to be adjusted to suit your goals. These are lifestyle changes that people really need to make in order to see the changes they want!  There is no way around it, there are sacrifices that need to be made in order to achieve your goal. Having a conversation with yourself about what’s really required of you to achieve your fitness goals will help you succeed  
February 15, 2019
Do This If You Hate Working out
I’m talking to everyone who HATES WORKING OUT. This is something I’ve been discussing with my friend Jordan, check out his Podcast link above! So this Podcast is for you! Some people just don’t like working out or they don’t have time because they have so much else going on. I can really empathize with those people who don’t like working out… it used to be me! I’ve now grown to appreciate these things. Let’s say you are one of those people who hates working out! You sit at a desk all day and you cannot see yourself lifting weights at a gym or doing a Zumba class. This same person still realizes that they need to do something because of a history of disease in the family. Start with something you love to do! Get back in touch with something you loved to do when you were younger: basketball, dancing, soccer… etc. Warning: you won’t be as good as you were when you were younger! Your body has changed and set aside the pride and cut yourself some slack because you haven’t done the sport in a long time! Maybe you never liked doing sports or movement. So find something that seems fun! Kickball, dance class, the possibilities are endless. The point is, get up and get moving! Try something that you’ve always wanted to do that will help you burn some calories.  Is taking one class really going to help lose that 20 pounds you’ve gained? How do you know if you don’t try?!?!? By starting very small, you may find a passion for doing a fitness regimen. You can start super small like going for a walk, starting there gives you an opportunity to set a schedule and requires minimal work. This will help you get your body moving and you are going to start to see small changes in your psychology and commitment. You’ll eventually want to add in additional frequency and time of these walks, eventually your health will slowly start to change and your priorities will change too!  Consider working with a trainer. Let’s say your health is awful and there above things will not happen because you need some accountability. I really recommend hiring a personal trainer to help you stay accountable and hit your fitness goals. A teacher, instructor, and personal trainer will really help you because they care about you!  Add on little habits and slowly & steadily build up to what you want!Body Training
February 12, 2019
   Today’s episode I’ll get real about my end of the year burnout and how I planned 2019 to be a better year and not end in a total crash again. In the beginning of 2018, we set some goals about Podcasts and a workout series. I set my personal goals to get better at creating content I like creating, including increasing my photograph skills.  Now, at the end of 2018 I started running into issues with technology and personally. My laptop issues weren’t fixed in a timely manner and it was eating up my time that I could be creating amazing content for you guys!  November, December, and January were really rough on me with continuing the schedule I kept. See, in order to keep my 2018 publication goals I was keeping a very regimented schedule of creating podcasts, taking photographs, teaching classes, enhancing our training programs, and doing that thing we call LIFE.  Also, the goal to do a vlog was never a plan in 2018… but I really loved doing vlogs and took it on, however the kind of vlog I like to create takes a lot of time. These vlogs led me to other opportunities: interviews, being on tv, and other fantastic opportunities to get my name out there. I was getting things done, but all of the plates that I had on the table weren’t arranged correctly and in the process of doing everything I loved, I was not giving myself the space to relax to think about what I want to do next.  I realize others find ways to decompress and relax, but this is an area I struggle with. I have a high-intensity personality and love getting stuff done, but in 2019 I’ve had to step back and take a look at how I can achieve my goals for 2019 without the burnout I’ve just experienced. My plans for 2019 are set and here’s how I’ll manage my time more efficiently, continue to make amazing content for everyone, and avoid getting burnt out on the things I love! 1. Starting yoga again! Yoga is one of the only ways I can truly relax and be someone who loves and appreciates the moment. It’s my version of relaxation! 2. Sitting down and making a plan of how to create the vlog and podcast consistently. This means I have to plan a larger scale of what needs to get created and set better deadlines. We will keep making content and will increase the interviews, because y’all want to hear what others have to say!  3. I would like to create content I love doing, even if it’s not as viewed as the interviews. I’ve started to take more photographs, hanging out with local San Antonio people, and recording cool bands. This is what inspires me! 4. I’ve set mandatory rest weeks and times that will help me recover and focus on something else. If I’m constantly going and going… I’ve run into creative issues and taking breaks help me learn about the hobbies I love: taking photographs, learning new skills about vlogs, and other things that I’m passionate about.  We are coming back harder than ever in February 2019! Until next time, PEACE!
February 11, 2019
New Year’s Resolutions | Goal Setting
   New Year’s Resolutions | Goal Setting It is the beginning of 2019, but how do you actually accomplish your 2019 resolution? I’m here to discuss tips and tricks to help you achieve your goals for this year. There are ways to build healthy habits with long-term results. Here’s how to start with accomplishing that 2019 resolution.  First, create a solid goal with a road map of how you are going to achieve it and when you would like to achieve it by.  You’ll want to add some wiggle room to your dates because life happens.  Sometimes, people will drop everything after a misstep, but proper planning will help prevent you from falling off your goals.   Next, give yourself micro goals that help your overall goal. Maybe you set a small goal as going to the gym every day for 20 minutes on the treadmill.  Once you accomplish that goal, then step up to strength training, and once you achieve that micro goal, you'll keep adding to the already established habits! Pretty soon your goal will be within your sight and you won't even think it was that hard!  It's called habit stacking, this method will help you establish and keep those healthy habits!  When you breakup your goal in little steps to achieve the over all goal, you will have more success and won’t feel too overwhelmed with the changes you are making. Smaller, micro goals, are a great way to help you stick to your overall goal. By setting small, achievable goals you will be more likely to stick to your ultimate vision and create life-long healthy habits.  Have any questions or ideas for topics? Contact us directly at:
February 5, 2019
Barbell Humility
Barbell Humility is the topic today and this is something I've seen and something I've done. Barbell humility is something I've learned over the years and something I try to teach my clients. It's about honoring where you are in the process and acceptance. A little while ago, a client came in, she was a bit older and didn't have a consistent fitness routine. She really struggled with the movements. I explained that it's not easy and I tried my best to make her feel comfortable about being a beginner. Every time she tried to do a squat, she would shake her head and get really frustrated that she couldn't do it. Eventually, she decided that the workouts weren't for her. Why? She said the strength movements were too hard and it was a constant, "I think... x, y, z." It's not entirely bad, you do realize that you have room for improvement. If you let the "I thinks" or self-consciousness get in the way, it can be detrimental to your fitness program. Getting mad or giving up, is not the solution. You have to find some humility in the struggle with your current physical abilities and skill levels. Sometimes, it's hard to realize that you can't get a movement on the first try. It's hard to let go of the ego, stop the shit talk, and have some barbell humility. It's an idea that the barbell has a truth barometer. You're ability to get better under the barbell is directly related to growing strength in your body and mind. Maybe your fitness routine is off, your diet is off, or maybe your sleep is off, all of these things can impact your gains. You have to be able to look at your fitness plan and circumstances and get real with yourself. Be confident. Be committed. Be honest with yourself. Yo! I'm not a licensed therapist. I just talk about real shit that I've learned or based my clients experiences.
November 21, 2018
Your App Doesn't Care If You Eat A Snickers
Your calorie counter doesn't care if you eat a snickers. Calorie counters is the topic of the day, I'm going to talk about My Fitness Pal because that's what I'm familiar with. When I first started training people, I would help them by monitoring their food intake on My Fitness Pal. I would sit down with them and review their calorie counter after a few weeks. My clients would be discouraged that they didn't lose weight, but what I realized is they weren't adding everything to their app. Almost immediately the client would admit to not entering all of their food intake. I then asked, why they didn't add it to their calorie counter. For the most part, it was embarrassment or denial. For many people, they are engaging in secret eating. Maybe you've been struggling to lose weight for a long time, so you associate that snickers with 'bad food'. Well, guess what? Your calorie counter doesn't care if you ate the snickers bars. Your app is only going to tell you how many calories you have left for the day. Meaning for the rest of the day you'll have to meet your caloric and macro needs as laid out in your app. Logging everything in will help you reach your goals for that day. All the app will do is adjust your calories for what you need. If you aren't losing weight, get honest with yourself and log everything. Log it all, because your app doesn't care. And yes, you can lose weight eating a snickers bar... just ask yourself, "Does that snickers bar fit within my caloric needs?" Yo! I'm not a licensed therapist. I just talk about shit I've been through, learned, and some of these experiences are based on conversations I have with my athletes. Got an inspiring fitness story? We want to hear it! Contact
November 20, 2018
No Scale Victories
How does working out improve your daily life? Today's topic I'll be sharing about how your life will improve by starting a fitness regimen. These are non-scale victories that my clients have shared with me. These are only a few cases where they've seen improvement in areas of their lives that wasn't anticipated. Walking & getting around. Say you sit around and you're not really an active person, things like walking, taking the stairs can leave people winded. After the start of a fitness program, many people comment about how they don't get winded as quickly and have an easier time getting around. Tying your shoes can be tricky if you have more to love. Many clients have commented that they find tying their shoes has become easier and weren't expecting this to change. Going up flights of stairs without being completely winded. Your ability to get around will be much easier when you stay committed to a fitness program. There's a small victory to get up stairs and not be winded. Playing with your kids is another big one. We are in a time where people are just sitting down and aren't moving around as much. Something as simple as playing with your kids is sometimes taxing on our body because we aren't moving. When you start a fitness program, you'll find that your energy and movement will improve. Taking care of your physical health now can have large ramifications for the small things in life. Just remember to celebrate non-scale victories too! They're important to your long-term fitness goals. Yo! I'm not a licensed therapist. I just talk about shit I've been through, learned, and some of these experiences are based on conversations I have with my athletes. Got an inspiring fitness story? We want to hear it! Contact
November 16, 2018
My Camera Set Up
People have been asking what I use to record my videos and Podcast. Today I'll be discussing the recording gear I use for the my creative process. You really don't need to run to the store and buy the big camera, lenses and microphone when starting to record. I personally started with just my phone and progressed into a larger camera, today's phones are capable of getting your projects started! I use a Cannon T6I- EOS Rebel and is about $700, but you can find them for lower if you look around. I only use this camera, this new camera has been recorded with the T6I and it shoots up to 1080p. 4K is something i don't do right now, because everyone hasn't switched over to 4k. If I was going to start over, I would have order it online via Amazon. If you're all new to this, I recommend purchasing a bundle. I didn't get a bundle because I had things prior to upgrading to this camera. Cannon 24mm pancake lens is what I use for my photos and recording. Having a nice lens enhances your quality, but you don't have to buy a new lens the first time you get a camera. You can use the stock lens and wait until you can afford a higher quality lenses. I use the mini-mic that's perfect for video podcast or blogs. The larger microphones will work better for interviews, but the mini-mic is something that's commonly used by other YouTubers. My suggestion is start out simple and build from there! Just get it done, you can make really good quality items with just this simple set up. You don't have to put yourself in debt to just get started. If you've never used the fancy camera or set up, you may not make anything better than what you would with something simple. Crazy creative and beautiful is something that comes with time when building your Podcasts, YouTube videos, and other videos. Yo! I'm just a normal dude sharing my life experience with you.
October 29, 2018
Plan Now for the Holidays
Uh-oh, it's holiday season and that means all the treats, sweets, and eats you can imagine. The holiday's don't ruin your diet... you do. You start to forget your why, you get really busy, you lose track of why you started, and life just happens. People will use holidays as their reason of why they fell off their fitness goals. Here's the deal: the holiday's are not the problem. Holidays are ONE DAY... one. (Unless you have a week celebration, but you get the idea). You're looking at about 4-5 days that are the actual holiday, these can be your cheat meal days. They're moments to be shared and cherished with families. The actual reason you're dropping the ball is your preparedness. Here's what I mean, plan now (I've said this before) and pick the days every month you want to have your cheat meal. The reason holidays can wreck your diet is because you use the entire week/month to indulge. You don't have to go hard every day, all day. Pre-plan when/where you are going to have your cheat meal. Plan for the house hopping by eating smaller portions, planning out your map, choose what you eat and be mindful of what you're eating. Maybe skip the pie at all 3 houses you have to visit, eat smaller portions, or choose the healthier option. There's so much you can do to prepare now so you don't blame the holiday's for sabotaging your nutrition plan. Remember, it's all the little extra's that show up during the holiday season that sabotages your nutrition. So plan now for the upcoming holidays and choose your cheat meal days now. Yo! I'm not a licensed professional, I am just talking about real life shit I've experienced and hope it helps you become a better version of yourself!
October 25, 2018
Negativity & Your Fitness Goals
We've all been a Negative Nancy or Negative Danny or something like that. Today I'm going to tackle the topic negativity and your fitness goals and how it will impact your fitness goals. These are my observations and experience as a Negative Danny and how I grew past the mindset and focused on my fitness goals. Putting yourself down is not conducive and if you want to improve your life it's up to you! If you're calling yourself names constantly, you can start to identify what you're saying. Being real with yourself is different than calling yourself names. Being real means recognizing that you may need to lose weight, but also realize that you're working on it. Beginners struggle with realizing that they have digressed from their former fitness peak. The comparison trap starts and the false expectations start. I'll watch my clients shake their heads and get frustrated with their lack of ability with being a beginner. There are 2 types of people: one who realizes they need to work on something or the other type that wants to give up immediately. The thought of expecting being great at a new fitness routine has to be let go because you've changed and your body has changed. You will have to embrace the learning curve and remove the false expectation. Try to change your mindset and don't be so hard on yourself. Other's perceptions of us can negatively impact your self talk too. Closest friends and family members may make comments about your new fitness routine and healthy life style, this is a reflection of themselves. You don't need to tell everyone that your in a new fitness program. There are always people who will talk down to you... maybe you can set boundaries with that person and focus on being more positive and look at the bright side. If you focus on your accomplishments and becoming a better version of yourself, you will achieve your goals in a more effective fashion. Having negative people and thoughts in your life will slow you down. Do you think that attitudes are contagious? Do you think that negativity breeds more negativity and impacts your fitness goals? I want to hear your thoughts about negativity and your fitness goals. Yo, I'm not a licensed professional. I'm here talking about real shit, real people, and my life experience. Have a fitness story you want to share? Contact me at:
October 23, 2018
Interview with Corey Pease | Strongman | Holistic Hemp Healing | Gasp Inc. Athlete
Corey Pease sits down to discuss life as Gasp sponsored strongman athlete and owns a CBD company. Corey has a great message, philosophy, and is very knowledgeable about fitness. Corey's journey as a strongman started when he fell in love with lifting while training to be a baseball pitcher. Strength training started as his obsession about 12 years ago. Corey hired a power lifting coach and after seeing progression he fell in love. He believes self-discipline is a key component to power lifting and strongman training. Corey's training cycle is a combination of strength and functional training. Explosive work is important and he strives to incorporate functional fitness into his program and believes that it helps him compete and stay focused. Corey discusses his injury and how the road to recovery impacts athletes. When Corey got injured he dealt with emotions, depression, and jealousy. He finally found a doctor that helped him get fully healed and now he's healthy and ready to compete! Holistic Hemp Healing is Corey's company, CBD helped him reduce prescription meds. The use of CBD has helped him get healthy, deal with injuries, and he uses facts and product knowledge as a driving force for his company. Corey's focus is getting customers information about the benefits of CBD from third parties. Yo, we are not licensed professionals. We are real people, talking about real life issues and our experiences. Do you have a fitness story to share? Contact us directly at:
October 22, 2018
Making Time for Yourself
Today we are talking about making time for yourself. Most of us are busy people and have a lot of priorities and obligations that make it difficult for us to stop and take time for ourselves. Often, people say they do not have time for themselves... but it's about how you schedule your time. I work with a lot of moms and see my clients struggle with mom guilt of taking time for yourself. If you're feeling guilty, think about this: If people depend on you to be there, they're depending on you to be there for them. That means fitness goals, health, and being the best version of yourself. Think about the airlines, you're supposed to put your oxygen mask on first, then your child. The same thing is true about your fitness, you will be there for your family in the long term because you took the time to take care of yourself in healthy ways. Sometimes, taking time for yourself is difficult do to work load. Maybe you can do something at home for 15-20 minutes at the beginning. I't something that you can do quickly and feel better almost instantly. There's no reason why you can not work out or raise your heart rate, there's always something out there for you! By taking care yourself you will be more available to those who depend on you. Make time for your fitness goals and invest in your future.
October 17, 2018
Fall & Fall & Falling Off
It's Pumpkin Spice Latte Season... and that means it's fall and falling off time. Something magical happens around this time, people start to fall off of their fitness goals. All of the gyms you go to, you're starting to see less and less crowds. Is it because people have been doing awesome and hit their fitness goals? Probably not, the holiday excuse is in full effect! People use the holidays as an excuse to fall off their fitness goals. The holidays don't ruin your diet or pull you away from your fitness goals. It's your decision to fall off your fitness goals. I understand we have commitments to meet, it's your mindset around the goals that makes the difference. Holidays are one day... there's no reason to eat the entire holiday season. If you make the decision to stop your fitness goals... you'll set yourself back about 3 months. You're the problem and you have to make decisions to keep your diet and fitness goals. It's in YOUR CONTROL. Realization... you know the holidays are coming up and you want to enjoy some fantastic foods. When that time rolls around, treat the one day as a cheat meal and don't continue to eat through the entire month. Pick one day and stick to your plan. You shouldn't feel guilty about enjoying the holiday meal, just enjoy the time you have with your family. Plan for eating multiple meals if you have to house hop... budget out your calories, choose wisely and be selective of the in-between Halloweens. Stay active! You'll have to be flexible during the holiday season with your workouts. Do something, walk around the block, do a home workout with us, or find something to stay active. When you have more time, you can get back on track with your normal fitness routine without feeling like you fell off!
October 15, 2018
Interview With Natalie Flores: Yoga Teacher
We are here with Natalie Flores today and we are going to be discussing Adaptive Yoga. Natalie has 500 hours of practical teaching hours and will be teaching a few classes here at my studio and she's here to discuss what adaptive yoga means. Adaptive yoga is exactly how it sounds. It's adaptive to your body and works with the pose adjusting to fit your body and working from there it improves your flexibility, movement, and strength in a safe way. Starting at a base level, I observe everyone and as we move through the sequence, giving that person time to stretch and make sure that they are comfortable. I got into teaching adaptive yoga because I noticed that some of my clients were frustrated with their body, movements, or injuries. I was underserving a group of people and went back to school to learn how to work with them. Adaptive yoga addresses everyone and how their body moves. Staying consistent with adaptive yoga will help you see improvement in any other activity.
October 13, 2018
Books I Read for Self Growth
I read a ton of self-growth literature, which means I'm turning into my father. This is part 2 of a 4 part series of books I read during times in my life. I'm all about growing and developing as a person. There's been times in my life where I really needed to grow. These self-help books have helped me sharpen myself, personality, and become the best version of myself. If you don't think this is your jam, go ahead and log off now. "The Obstacle Is The Way" by Ryan Holiday: This book constantly comes up in my Podcasts and videos. It's a book I continuously go back to for advice and growth, because it's based on stoicism and basically "how to get what you want in life" mentality. It's practical and tangible. "I Can't Make This Up" by Kevin Hart: This is an autobiography and self-help book. He's a decent guy and worked really hard to get there and he's had a lot of hard situations in life and how he's overcome them. "How To Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie: This book was introduced to me early in my life, after much balking, I went ahead and read it. Dale had a lot of wisdom early in his life and his message is relevant to today's society. This book has helped me better empathize with clients and also learn what drives and motivates people. "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK" by Mark Manson: This is not a book about hedonism or don't care about what others think about you. This is an idea that you only have so much that you can care about an to cherish the things that matter to you and not get hung up on the stuff that doesn't matter. This is written in a modern context and it a great read. "Rise and Grind" by Daymon John: The creator of FUBU talks about work ethic and personal growth and development is part of your work ethic. It follows successful people and what their daily routine looks like. This book helps you get in the mindset of accomplished people. There are just some books I read for self-growth, what's your favorite self growth book?
October 11, 2018
Books I Read For Fun
Today I'm going to talk about books I read for fun. This is part of a four part series about all of the books I read for various stages of my life. For fun, I really enjoy reading independent graphic novels of more of an adult or social theme. I believe it's important to unplug and take time to live in another world for a few moments. Right now I am into "The Preacher" graphic novel that has a lot of adult content. If your sensitive to dark story lines, then this is not for you. I also like "The Sandman Chronicles", which is about The Sandman and his siblings and other characters. It tells a story about dreams and the role he plays in humans' lives. This is another dark graphic novel with a lot of words. "Saga" is another graphic novel I love, it's set in a sci-fi world that the protagonists are waring against each other, but fall in love. It's a story about discrimination, love, and kind of mirrors what's going on in the world today. The art is very bright and beautiful. I do read some Marvel comics occasionally and I really wanted to find out how the Avengers came to be. I started reading this because the movies intrigued me and now I'm curious about how the movie will differ from the graphic novel. "Deadpool" is a favorite of mine and I fell in love with him after watching the movie. I picked up the full collection and was very intrigued about the character and how funny he is. He talks directly to the readers and you learn that he's a conflicted character in the series. It's definitely a funny read, but also has emotional troubles. These are just a few of the books I read for fun. I challenge you to take some time and power down your electronics and get lost in another universe, whatever your style may be.
October 9, 2018
My Self Care Routine
Today we talk about self care and the misconceptions associated with that term and what I do to care for myself. Critical Acts that set you out for balance and success in your personal and professional life. These are acts you preform to help you have a better daily life. Making sure you are balanced to make sure you feel good so you can preform at your job or life. Let's touch on some misconceptions of self care. Massage, steak, drinking, distracting yourself with mindless things, and partying... these are all examples of some activities people label as self care. Now, I'm not saying all of these are terrible, but often times over indulging in these things may be self-sabotaging activities. Sometimes people get really fancy with their self care, but I'm here to share low-cost and effective daily tasks that can help with your self care routine.
October 4, 2018
The Blame Game
Let’s talk about the blame game… blaming others for your current situation in life. This is going to be a tough-love podcast and may make you angry, but hang in there you may learn something new. A lot of time people walk into my gym and want to lose weight for various reasons. We talk about the reasoning behind why the person thinks they gained the weight and try to get down to the root issue. What is true is these excuses aren’t 100% accurate, the reason why you gained weight is because you dropped the ball. You never moved past the point of stopping before it got out of hand. There are lots of ways you can work around the excuses if you’re flexible.
October 2, 2018
Summer Body 2019
If you want that perfect body for summer 2019, you’ll want to start working on it in 2018. What is a summer body? It’s any body type, you can go to the beach no matter what your shape or size. What I’m saying if you’re more comfortable with less to love or being more fit, the time to start is now. Come next March/April, gyms start advertising the ‘perfect’ body. There’s no way for you to get that perfectly fit body in a healthy way. How do you get a healthy summer body? Start now, there’s 6-8 months for you to get ready now. The healthy way is slow and steady, averaging about 1-2 pounds a week is realistic and it will stay off longer. What does healthy weight loss look to you? For me, it’s .5-2 pounds a week, meaning we need start working on it now. Typically gyms (mine included) are slow during August/September/October because of schedule changes with children and other responsibilities. If you start working on yourself now, you will feel better about your process than
October 1, 2018
Negativity & Your Fitness Goals
Now when new members come here, they are very concerned with losing weight. I know there are a lot of programs that help you lose that weight really, really fast. But here, I can help you find a healthy and sustainable way to lose weight. So what does that mean? You will have to have a big picture goal for the weight loss. When people start losing weight, they get really excited. But after time, sometimes people forget to give themselves credit when they're doing a really good job. What happens when you pull up Instagram and start comparing yourself to old buddy who has lost 40 pounds (in what you assume to be one month) the slippery slope of comparison starts creeping in. Here's the thing: you shouldn't compare yourself to others and you don't know how that person lost his/her weight. You're probably missing a bunch of facts and don't have the whole story of how she lost weight. If you aren't careful, negativity about your process and results will start to creep in and
September 27, 2018
Drop-out Season
Seasonal Dropout Disorder (SDD) is our topic of the day. Anytime the season changes there are opportunities for people to get on track with fitness or drop off. I notice this with the start of the summer and the school. There’s a great opportunity for you to rise to the occasion, solve the issue, and work around it.
September 26, 2018
Get up and Go
You really don’t feel like working out today, you’re exhausted and don’t have the mental energy to go work out. There will always be a time when you really don’t feel like working out, but I’m here to encourage you to just: GET UP AND GO!
September 24, 2018
Evening Routine: Setting Yourself Up For Daily Success
Setting a routine and doing something every night helps you perform at your absolute best every day. In this episode, I’ll show you what I do for my evening routine. Everyone’s routine is different and hopefully you’ll learn something new.
September 21, 2018
Healthy Eating At Convenience Store
It’s lunchtime, but you forgot your lunch at home and don’t have enough time to run out and grab a healthy option.  Today I’m going to help you navigate healthy eating at a convenience store to help you stay on track with your nutrition.    Sometimes I get stuck at my gym doing things and have to make a quick trip to the convenience store by my gym.  Some people will grab something that’s quick, not super nutritious, and filled with sugar. Here are some ideas that may work for you:    1.     Protein Bar – most stores will carry these now.  2.     Bag of nuts, protein bar, & a drink - Try to stay away from the dried fruit, there’s a ton of added sugar you don’t need! 3.     Jerky – Try to choose one with less sugar, it’s much healthier than a lot of options!  4.     Fruit – Most stores have fruit available, it may not be the best looking, but it will work in a pinch! 5.     Protein Shake – Sometimes these are not the best on the market, but at the moment it will do!   These are just sug
August 28, 2018
The Pros and Cons Of Accountability Partners
You’re struggling to reach your fitness goals, so you decide to get an accountability partner!  Well, there are pros and cons to this method and I sit down to discuss what the pros and cons are to having an accountability partner.    A pro to having an accountability partner is there’s someone expecting you to show up & encourages you while you’re in class.    But, what happens if your accountability partner struggles with fitness goals too?  There’s this cool analogy, two people who are drowning at the same time, can’t help the other one survive.  The same is true for fitness goals.  If two people are struggling to meet their fitness goals, there will be a shared struggle and possible failure.   If you sign up an accountability partner who is at the same level as you, or below you, you could risk not achieving your goals.  If you do choose to get an accountability partner, it’s a great idea to find someone who is a little ahead of you in his or her fitness journey.   There is truth in
August 23, 2018
What I listen To When I cook
Latest episode of Total Body Training
August 16, 2018
Interview With Gene Bell
I sat down with Gene Bell, a highly regarded strength coach. Gene Bell is an accomplished lifter and coach, he’s worked with some pretty amazing people. We sit down to discuss his life and journey to strength training. Gene grew up in Central Florida and started his fitness journey when he started playing football in the 1970’s. He also participated in track & field, basketball, and wrestling. Gene started weight training in 6thgrade and did not participate in weight lifting contests until 11thgrade. For More About Gene and His story please listen to the podcast!
August 9, 2018
Why'd you get that Gym Membership Anyways
Maybe you got a gym membership at the beginning of the year and you were super pumped! You worked out, bought new clothes, posted it all over Instagram, and then you fell off the wagon. You got a little distracted, scheduling issues, and life got in the way, but you never fully recovered from the fall out with your fitness plan. One thing leads to another… you realize you aren’t fully committed and not utilizing your gym membership. You should probably cancel that membership right? Or you can take a moment to think about: Why did you get the membership in the first place? The further you get from the day you joined the gym it becomes easier to forget why you started in the first place. If you are the person who knows you need to lose weight, or fix health issues, or just want to get moving try to remember your why you started in the beginning. If you care about your health and weight, I recommend things to stay committed. Listen to learn more!
August 8, 2018
My Morning Routine
My Morning Routine Seems like everyone is talking about their morning routines to get them pumped to face the day!  So I’m here to share what works for me in the morning.  It’s not super fancy, but gets the job done.  First thing I do is wake up, take care of business, and then weigh myself.   I walk over to the kitchen and make myself a cup of go-go juice (Blue Mountain Coffee).  I weigh out my coffee and use a cool pour over system and treat myself to a piping hot cup.  While the coffee is percolating, I wash my face and get all pretty for the day. After I pour my honey a cup of joe to go… I break out the Pure SFH protein powder to get my smoothie on.   Spinach, almond milk, protein powder, and sometimes I add some fats for breakfast and blend it up in the Nutrabullet.  Now, I could eat eggs and cook breakfast… but I ain’t a morning person and enjoy my shakes. I then drink my shake while checking e-mails and text messaging. The mornings for me are really about checking out if thei
August 2, 2018
What do you do When Times are Tough
What to do when Times arr Tough . What do you do when work, family, or life upsets your perfectly planned schedule?  What do you do when there are changes that affect your ability to get in the gym?  Many start off strong with a training program, but then somewhere they get lost. Maybe the kids are home, the job changes and all the sudden you have to reschedule things.  So what do you do?    What I recommend is that people be flexible and adept to the new circumstances.  The goal isn’t to show up every day at the time you like to go at, the goal is to get the shit done.  Most people are not adaptable and get hung up on the small schedule changes. You will want to be adaptable and pre-plan for the schedule changes that you anticipate throughout the year.     Some different ways to look at it are: ·      Find a new time to go to the gym. ·      Work out from home (we’ve got some great videos!) ·      Compromise with your spouse.  ·      Plan for Holidays and vacations.  ·      
August 1, 2018
The Most Important Workout You'll Ever Do
What to do When Times Are Tough ? What do you do when work, family, or life upsets your perfectly planned schedule?  What do you do when there are changes that affect your ability to get in the gym?  Many start off strong with a training program, but then somewhere they get lost. Maybe the kids are home, the job changes and all the sudden you have to reschedule things.  So what do you do?    What I recommend is that people be flexible and adept to the new circumstances.  The goal isn’t to show up every day at the time you like to go at, the goal is to get the shit done.  Most people are not adaptable and get hung up on the small schedule changes. You will want to be adaptable and pre-plan for the schedule changes that you anticipate throughout the year.     Some different ways to look at it are: ·      Find a new time to go to the gym. ·      Work out from home (we’ve got some great videos!) ·      Compromise with your spouse.  ·      Plan for Holidays and vacations.  ·      Don’t let
August 1, 2018
How To Create Content
I’ve had a lot of questions recently about how I create my content.  Today I’m going to share my tips on how to build content.  In 2018 I’ve produced over 60 Podcasts and 40 videos, so I’m here to share my experience on how I do it all.    1.  Create indiscriminately.  When you are trying to go through the creative process don’t discriminate your thoughts.  If I’m making content here for Total Body Training, where it starts is with brainstorming.  I’ll sit down and start listing off ideas and let the thoughts flow.  I list everything that comes to mind, even if it’s a similar topic to previous thoughts.  That’s why I don’t discriminate during my mind dump.     2.  Use what you have.  What I’m talking about is equipment and technology.  Today I use a camera and microphone that work for me, but when I started I used just my phone because that’s all I had.  I didn’t have the money to buy a fancy camera or microphone; I just used what I have to build what I do.  Don’t shit on the equip
July 27, 2018
The Most Important Workout You'll Ever Do
You aren’t always going to feel like working out.  Even I have days that I’m not fully present in my workouts and feel like I could easily skip that day.     The most important workout you’ll ever do is… when you DON’T FEEL LIKE WORKING OUT.  These are the most important because those are the days that teach you that you take working out is now a habit and something you do in spite of temptations to skip.     Say it’s Friday and you’re invited to go hang out and get drinks.  Instead of skipping, maybe tell your friends that you will meet them later.  Or if you say no, I’m not going to go. You have made a commitment to yourself and your fitness goals.  This is the most important time, you are teaching yourself discipline and carving a new habit in your life.  It’s in these moments that you become more successful in your fitness journey.     It’s not when you’re hitting personal records that’s the most important… it’s cool, but not the most important one!  It’s the days that you a
July 26, 2018
When is the Right Time to Start Working Out?
We all have so much going on!  It’s really hard to tell when to start a fitness program and healthy eating.  So, when is the right timeto start working out?!?!?!  Grab your calendar as we discuss when you should start working out!   If we start looking at the calendar, you may star to tell yourself:    “If I start right now, then I have to work around the school schedule, find aftercare, so I’ll just wait until after school starts.”    “Oh snap!  I have a wedding to go to in the Cayman Islands… if I start now or then, then I will just drop it and get off track again!”   “Maybe afterthe wedding… nope October means Halloween, Thanksgiving is next, and then Christmas!  Why would I start then?  I’ll just try January…”    See what’s gong on? There’s NEVER A GOOD TIMEif you look at your calendar and make excuses of why you can’t start today.  Scheduled and unscheduled stuff happens, that’s life.  Little emergencies and events happen, so there’s never enough time. The solution is: make the ti
July 24, 2018
Still on Track With your New Year's Resolution?
Sometimes I work out at a conventional gym down the street… it’s been pretty empty lately because right now is considered a slow season in the fitness industry. So my question to you is: Are you still on track with your New Year’s Resolution? So many people start out strong and ready to go… then something starts to happen, you stop showing up! Here are 5 points you should consider if you fell off your resolution. Listen To the podcast to find out!
July 20, 2018
Fitness Trends That Make People Unhappy
Today we are going to talk about fitness trends that make people unhappy. When I was a beginner, I made some mistakes in the past and these things are so tempting! In terms of fitness trend, usually what I see are quick-fix diets, short-term plans, and those that don’t take the big picture in account. Now, some of these do work, but don’t last for the long haul & shrink your bank account. Some of these plans have a shred of truth, you can lose weight doing a crash diet… but it’s not sustainable. You will see a decrease in strength and may gain the weight back after the program has ended. So, listen to the podcast to hear my thoughts and suggestions!
July 17, 2018
Weekends Ruin My Diet
Most people tend to struggle with their diet and workouts during the weekend. Today we are going to discuss why people fall off the wagons during the weekend. There are two really big points to consider why the weekends ruin my fitness goals. And In this podcast I talk about them! FInd out by listening to the podcast right now !
July 16, 2018
Mindfulness and Eating
Mindfulness and Eating When I was growing up, I really struggled with my weight and something I think contributed to that was the speed I ate my food. I never really thought about what I was eating or how fast I was eating. I never paid attention to if I was full or what I was eating. A lot of people who have more to love, may be rushing through eating and not really paying attention to their bodies. Now, I’m not saying that’s everyone’s issue, but for me that was the case. Seems like a lot of people struggle with this too! It’s now in-style to practice mindfulness and that’s completely rad! The first time I heard about mindful eating was in college, I lucked out and was able to take a class on how to meditate. So, I’m going to share some tips and tricks that were shared with me.
July 13, 2018
What I Wear To Lift
If you’re new to weight lifting, then you may notice people wear certain shoes, belts and leggings while the work out. The why they are wearing it gets a little tricky, so here’s what I wear while I lift. Shoes: Flat, thin-soled shoe helps me connect with the ground. I prefer the Chuck Taylor’s because they are flat with a canvas lining preventing my feet from moving around. Knee Sleeves: These are very new to me and added them to my program after some time lifting. These sleeve bring warmth, blood flow, and compression to my knees. I wear SBD Knee Sleeves 10mm Inzer Lever Forever Belt: The reason I got the lever belt was because it was approved for competition and it looked really cool. Compression Pants: These aren’t allowed during competition because you have to wear a singlet, but I wear compression pants during my training. Now, when you are a beginner all this stuff doesn’t really matter. You should be focusing on your technique and consistency!
July 10, 2018
What To Look For in A Personal Trainer Or Coach
What To Look For In A Personal Trainer Listen to the podcast: Google Music , iTunes,Anchor Follow Total Body Training on: Facebook,YouTube, and Instagram When you are trying to find the right trainer to help you get your butt in shape, but what do you look for in a good trainer? Today I’m going to discuss what I think you should look for when hiring a trainer. I’ve been working in this industry for a while and have had some amazing teachers along the way. So, I’m going to discuss five things I think is really important for you to consider when looking to hire a personal trainer. Tip One: Find someone you get along with. If you are getting or receiving information from someone, you need to feel some commonality or respect with the trainer. If you have conflicting personalities, or if they are putting out some negative vibes, then maybe that’s someone you won’t really jive with. Potentially you should feel like you should be able to get coffee with that person. You feel
July 9, 2018
Music I listen to While I Create Content
What I Listen To When I Create Content Today I’m going to share what I listen to while I create content. My content consists of photos, advertisements, brainstorming, and other things you see on my Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. The truth is I cannot listen to music with lyrics without getting distracted, so I choose to listen to music with no lyrics. Miles Davis’ Kinda Bluealbum the song is “Blue in Green,” is amazing. When you think of blue, its sad, somber, and romance in all one album. This is a mellow jazz music, so just give it a chance. It’s not very aggressive jazz music or big band that most people associate with jazz music. This helps me focus on my content and I find that when I listen to things with down tempo I can really focus in on the work. Chill hip-hop is a merger of hip-hop and jazz, this finds a happy medium of happiness, melancholy, and background sounds. I’m not really going to focus on specific albums, just artists. Don C, Lakeside Loops, “Serena
July 7, 2018
3 Alternatives to Pre-Workout
3 Alternatives to Pre-Workout Listen to the podcast: Google Music , iTunes,Anchor Follow Total Body Training on: Facebook,YouTube, and Instagram There are tonsof pre-workout you can take, but did you know that those same supplements get removed from the shelf constantly? Supplements are a billion dollar industry that is unregulated by the FDA. So, pre-workouts are getting pulled from the shelves for banned substances or funky ingredients. I’m here to share three tips and pre-workout alternatives that will get you pumpedbefore your workouts! The whole reason we are discussing his topic is because I’m not taking pre-workout right now, but when I do, I make sure they are certified. So Jean Carlos, how do we get that push for the gym and have peace of mind?!?! Tip One: Drink Coffee. Tip Two: Drink Black Tea Tip Three: Drink Green Tea
July 6, 2018
Looking for a Way Out
Achieving a fitness goal requires consistency. If you are starting and stopping, sometimes go, or ‘kinda’ do the fitness thing for years on end… maybe you are you looking for a way out on perusing your fitness goals? There are certain times of the year that we, as a culture, know we fall off of our fitness goals. As we get further away from the New Year’s resolution, people stop coming and the gyms. The cycle of coming and going to the gym correspond to the seasons and I suppose for many people are busy with obligations, holidays, traveling and other life things. But what if you could break this cycle and make a commitment to yourself? What would that look like? I’m here to share some tips about how to recognize your patterns and I challenge you to break the cycle. Guess what, the cycle of falling off happens weekly too! Monday is definitely the busiest day at any gym and it slowly declines through the week. Forget about going to the gym on Saturday and Sunday, that’
July 2, 2018
What I Listen To When I Workout
What I Listen To When I Workout Listen to the podcast: Google Music , iTunes,Anchor Follow Total Body Training on: Facebook,YouTube, and Instagram   Today I want to share what I jam to when I workout! People have been asking me what type of music gets me PUMPED to workout, lift, and crush it!  Hip-hop is my favorite genre to jam to while working out and doing a bunch of other stuff.  Well, I’m going to share a bunch of my favorite albums and songs that really gets me going.  Kenndrick Lamar’s “Money Trees” was my go-to song on repeat when running long distances. Listening to one song on repeat really gets me focused and is a type of meditation for me.  Kodak Black is another artist I really enjoy listening to. “Tunnel Vision” was the first song I listened to, but the whole album is very dope.  Jayden Smith, the son of Will Smith, is more intense than his father, but is a great artist to jam to.  These are just some of the artists that get me pumped to lift heavy shit.    Check ou
June 30, 2018
It's Okay To suck at Shit | In Fact it's Part of the Process
Latest episode of Total Body Training
June 27, 2018
Silver Bullet Mentality
Silver Bullet Mentality   Listen to the podcast: Google Music , iTunes,Anchor Follow Total Body Training on: Facebook,YouTube, and Instagram   Silver bullet mentality is extremely common for beginners.  If your goal is to look and feel better, then we will have to change how you view your health and fitness.  What is a silver bullet mentality?  WE have a tendency to want to resolve our issues in an easy way.  There’s really nothing wrong with wanting an easier way, why go with the more difficult option?  What is also is true is everything takes time and effort.  Health and fitness takes time and effort, but our culture has bombarded us with quick weight loss & fitness plans.  But it’s super important to look at the big picture. Don’t get overwhelmed, I’m going to help you look at the big picture and break it down to smaller baby steps for you to reach your goal.  Most of my demographic wants to feel better and look better, so here are 5 tips that will help you reach the big pic
June 25, 2018
How To: Give Fitness Advice To Friends
How do you give advice to your friends about health and wellness? It’s super tricky. When people get into a healthy lifestyle, you’re going to want to talk about it with friends and family. It could be a variety of topics; it’s normal to want to share these things. There is nothing wrong with sharing your new passion, but be careful on how you approach fitness advice. Sometimes, in the process of giving advice you can alienate or offend people. First, try to avoid giving fitness advice unless it is pertinent or asked for. What does that mean? If someone shares an issue that they have, then maybe you can suggest going to the gym from a place of humility. Try to avoid calling out the person on their issues and come from a gentle place of suggestion. If they ask for specific advice, then by all means share what worked for you! Try not to volunteer a lot of health advice; some people have a tendency to get offended. But, if someone asks for your help or input you should definit
June 23, 2018
Mindfulness and Weightlifting
Mindfulness & Weightlifting Every now and then I go to a conventional gym to lift weights and I notice everyoneis on their technology taking a selfie, jamming out to music, or watching TV. There’s nothing wrong with this, but find out how being mindful in the gym will help you with your gains. People are endlessly distracted in the gym and life… I’m all for technology. Where we run into a slight problem is if the technology is prohibiting us from being mindful in the gym and eating. There are pro’s and con’s to technology in the gym. I’m here to help you navigate the pro’s of technology and also see the other side of how mindfulness can help you grow in life and in your gains! So you have a camera and you watch online workouts, you take video of yourself to critique form, you can take photos of your gains. These are all great, but here are some cons. If you are brining your phone with you and you decide to watch videos between sets, you aren’t paying attention to your body, you
June 22, 2018
Shit Happens VS I Choose Other Shit
Sometimes shit comes up that stops us from eating healthy and exercising.  There’s a difference between shit happening versus you choosing other shit!  I’m here with a tough-love podcast.  Sometimes stuff does come up that you can’t control: getting sick, kids getting sick, unexpected work scheduling, car trouble… the list is endless.  This falls into the category of shit happens.   *If you’re not in the mood for some tough-love or truth bombs you may want to hop off the Podcast now…  Then there is YOU CHOOSING OTHER SHIT. Not going to the gym because your friend invited you at the last minute dinner, lunch, or happy hour.  Maybe you are thinking you need a break from a long, tough day; maybe you decide to slack off and skip the gym.  Maybe you don’t have a schedule: you’ve got life, family, and work.  These are things that happen and it’s because things do happen, it’s important for us to NOT TO CHOOSE other shit (slacking off) when you can. Many people who have problems come up a
June 21, 2018
Do this Before you buy any Supplements
Do this Before you buy any Supplements Let’s talk about the multi-billion dollar industry of supplements.  I have three things you should consider before you BUY any supplements and three tips purchasing supplements.  The government does not regulate the supplement industry. Meaning supplements won’t get pulled off the shelves unless several people get injured after digesting these supplements.  But we never know what is actually in these supplements, so what do we do? Sometimes these supplements are labeled as being a proprietary blend. That means, they are adding other stuff, but you don’t really know what you are getting.  Supplements only make up 3% of your overall progress and development.You don’t really need all of these things if they’re unregulated or untested.  There are a lot of studies out there that support this, if you’re doubting. The 3% of your progress there are only 3 supplements that give you a what you need: a solid protein, casein, or creatine.  Here’s my poin
June 19, 2018
Age as an Excuse
Age As An Excuse  Listen to the podcast: Google Music , iTunes,Anchor Follow Total Body Training on: Facebook,YouTube, and Instagram  I’ve heard a lot of people that say they’re “too old” to workout and lose weight.  Age ain’t nothing but a number!   As we get older, we do go through changes and lose muscle mass and pack on some pounds.  Maybe you got comfortable, you go the job you want, you got married… maybe you just eat an extra helping of whatever.  No big deal! It’s never too late to start a healthy lifestyle to combat the aging process.   It’s a common belief that old age packs on the weight… well this is only partly true.  The other part is, your metabolism changes, but you can definitely do something about it.  Some people seem to think just because they never worked out means they can’t now.  This is not true!  It’s never to late!  Your health journey is yours and can start at any age.  Don’t let the excuses of age get in your way, start your journey.   You should work o
June 18, 2018
How to Lose Weight for Free
How To Lose Weight for FREE!   Listen to the podcast: Google Music , iTunes,Anchor Follow Total Body Training on: Facebook,YouTube, and Instagram   No, it’s no click bait… there are a bunch of ways for you to lose weight on your own.  Without a trainer, nutritionist, or fancy meal plans.  When people think about eating healthy, they typically think about expensive organic food.  But, you don’t have to do that!  I’m here to share some tips and tricks on how to eat healthy, lose weight all for FREE.  Not everyone can afford going to the farmer’s market or eating all organic foods.  There’s a better way, I’m here to share my opinion on how you can eat healthy with a moderate income.  I personally don’t buy everything organic, I’m more picky with meat, but you don’t have to do what I do!  I’m just here to help you navigate to get the biggest bang for your buck but not sacrificing healthy.  So how the hell do I lose weight for free???  Can’t afford a gym or trainer?  Online! There ar
June 16, 2018
Turning 31 | What I've learned about running a buisness
Turning 31 | What I've Learned About Running a Business     Listen to the podcast: Google Music , iTunes,Anchor Follow Total Body Training on: Facebook,YouTube, and Instagram   I turned 31 and I realized I’ve been training people for four years!  So here are five tips that have helped me grow my company, goals, and be the best version of myself.    Tip  1: Keep people who are going places around you. You are the company you keep, the people you choose to surround yourself will impact you.  So, lets say that you have friends who party too much and don’t take care of themselves. You will pick up on some of those habits, it happens.  You may think you are a ‘lone wolf’ and ‘independent person’ there are a bunch of articles that address how the company you keep affects your life.    Tip 2: Work harder & smarter.  I remember when I first started this business, I spent HOURS learning to edit video, editing photos and continuing to learn my craft.  People always ask me when am I g
June 12, 2018
Taking Care of Yourself Mean Taking Care of Others
Taking Care of Yourself Means Taking Care of Others   Listen to the podcast: Google Music , iTunes,Anchor Follow Total Body Training on: Facebook,YouTube, and Instagram   Putting yourself last is something that my clients always mention. My demographic is women and a lot of moms, so I frequently hear “I just put myself last”.  At the same time, many of my clients are struggling with health related issues at early ages.  Here’s my thinking about this: Putting yourself last is not always the best option.    First, I’m obviously not a mom and I understand that as a parent you do have responsibilities.  This is my opinion and hopefully I can give you some times regardless of your life schedule.    Helping yourself means helping others.  What does that mean?  If you’re constantly kicking the healthy habits can down the road, where is your health going to end up? Where will these issues be in a few years and how will they impact the people around you?     Stop and think:If you say
June 9, 2018
Foodie Friday Interview w/ Theory Coffee owner Mark Vollmer
Theory has amazing coffee and is a food truck!  If you’ve been following me, you know that I love a good coffee.  I started coming here when I moved my gym and haven’t stopped.  Mark has owned Theory for 3 years and they are located on 410/Nacogdoches.  They brew coffee imported from Austin and support local business.  The coffee is straight forward with a simple menu, but we feature a single origin as a brewed coffee and have a full espresso bar.   The people is what drive Theory to continue to do what they do.  They love being part of their clients’ routines, lives and strive to provide that coffee-house feel from a food truck. Check them out when you’re in the neighborhood! Yo! I’m not a licensed therapist, I just talk about real shit that’s happened to my clients and me. Do you have a fitness story you want to share? Contact me
June 8, 2018
client Spotlight | Rosie Dean | Her Fitness Story
Today’s episode is brought to you by carbs: Bread… right now Dave’s Killer’s Bread is Rosie’s favorite. Rosie is one of my Master level athlete that has been kicking ass in the gym. Today we are going to talk about lifting at the age of 50+ and becoming a ‘fitness’ person later in life. It’s never to late to start your fitness journey! Rosie grew up on a farm and worked long-hard hours with her dad and sister. Growing up with hard work and functional strength has allowed her to adapt to power lifting easily. Around age 18/19, she moved to town and left physical labor. She talks about how she partied a bunch and how she joined a small gym/bar. She lost 100 pounds and then got married and had kids. With her pregnancies she gained a lot of weight and struggled to find time for herself. The weight started packing on and she adapted to family life. Rosie found Total Body Training after realizing she needed to change after losing her mom and sister to health issues. At first, it was
June 7, 2018
Going Bald | About My Body Image
I started balding when I was 12 years old. And it really sucked LOL! I got picked on 4 years about losing my hair when I was just a teenager. It was a really tough time in my life and it led to a lot of self-doubt. Losing my hair affected my body image which also affected my personal decision making for my life. This episode I talk about that experience and how I was able to solve that issue by shaving my head. Which ultimately changed my entire life.
June 6, 2018
F.O.M.O. Fear Of Missing Out
Struggling to stick to your fitness goals? It might be because you are dealing with F.O.M.O. Fear of missing out. Struggling to stick to your fitness goals? It might be because you are dealing with F.O.M.O. Fear of missing out. Here is my experience with this. I remember struggling with sticking to my goals. Anytime something came up I would just drop my goals to indulge whatever activity I wanted to do. While going to these activities was a fun they always slowed down progress in other more key areas of my life. Like my health, fitness or life goals. It took me along to resolve this issue but when I finally did I felt happier. In this podcast I talk about F.O.M.O. and what helped me overcome it. Hopefully, it will help you too 😊
June 5, 2018
Foodie Friday: The Jerk Shack
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June 2, 2018
Interview With Lana Reed | Yoga Instructor
Latest episode of Total Body Training
May 30, 2018
D.O.M.S Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
OH My GOD! You are sore as hell! And you have no Idea why or what to do about! You're a beginner and the soreness you are experiencing is unbearable! If that sounds like you, then you might be experiencing your first case of D.O.M.S Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Find out what it is and what to do about in this episode of the Podcast!
May 28, 2018
Interview With Madhatters Tea House & Cafe
In this episode of Foodie Friday’s, I take you to one of my favorite cafes in town, Madhatters Tea House and Cafe . Madhatters is in South Town. I used to ride my bike there to get food and do work on my lap. Here are 3 reason I like about Mad Hatters 1. The Food Is good. 2. The environment is on point and 3. The Staff is excellent. In this video I expand on those points and introduce you to Cody. Cody is a staff member at Madhatters and he has a real passion for tea. Madhatters has a broad selection of teas and we discuss those. We also discuss all the tasty foods and options that Madhatters has to offer! Listen or watch the episode to learn more. Madhatters Tea House and Cafe Website: Instagram:
May 26, 2018
Just Try Part 2 | A message for Beginners.
Just Try Part 2 | A Message For beginners
May 23, 2018
Interview with Ashton Rouska | Powerlifter
Latest episode of Total Body Training
May 22, 2018
If you're afraid of failing then you're afraid of winning
Latest episode of Total Body Training
May 19, 2018
Stop Deciding You Can't | Before you Try
Latest episode of Total Body Training
May 17, 2018
Interview with Koa Empire Athletic | Rachael Johnson
Latest episode of Total Body Training
May 15, 2018
Feeling Discouraged in The Gym | Fitness Goals
It's easy to get discouraged when you are a beginner. It's easy to start feeling as though you will never progress with your fitness goals. Trust me I know. I've been there and it sucks to feel that way. So, what do you do when you feel discouraged? Watch or listen to this episode to hear my perspective on this topic. These tips have always helped me to remain positive about my fitness goals. They might help you too ;) (NOTE: I made a boo-boo and got cut off right at the end of the podcast :( its a bit abrupt by already go the whole message out at that point. You'll see ;)
May 14, 2018
Mothers Day Episode | Erica Balbuena & Vanesa Garza
Latest episode of Total Body Training
May 12, 2018
Interview With Naco Mexican Brunch
Hey, a while ago I went and visited NACO Mexican Brunch . I did a short interview with the owners there and shared some healthy food options that they have. They also have a ton of really tasty traditional Mexican foods that I think you all have love. Go check them out!
May 10, 2018
Interview With Molly Badger | Yoga Instructor | Owner of Southtown Yoga Loft
Latest episode of Total Body Training
May 9, 2018
Vacation & on & on & on....
 me when I try to sing Will Smith’s song “Summertime.”  Maybe I’m kidding, maybe I’m not… listen to find out!   So you are going on summer vacation and you’re doing super amazing with your workout & nutrition plan.  AND THEN… YOU GO ON THE VACATION.  Then you quit the gym, stop following nutrition, and feel mentally unclear, so HOW do you solve this problem?   VacatiUN  vs. Vacation-on-on-on… What’s the difference and how do you not fall in the trap of dropping ALL your habits?  Consider how you’ve built a great habit working out and eating properly, just because you go on vacation doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your NEW habits for OLD ones.  Here are some tips and tricks to have a vacatiUN vs. vacation-on-on-on and on…………   Listen to the podcast now for tips and tricks to survive the summer vacatiUNs!   Yo! I’m not a licensed therapist, I just talk about real shit that’s happened to my clients and me. Do you have a fitness story you want to share? Contact me directly:Tota
May 5, 2018
You Can Eat A Banana If you Want To
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May 4, 2018
Weight Loss Surgery | Interview with @Lisa Elizabeth Holloway & Shawn Russell
Today’s episode is brought to you by coffee: Lisa likes sugar and cream and Shawn likes hazelnut creamer with lots of sweet-n-low. I sit down and interview Lisa Holloway and Shawn Russell, who both had gastric sleeve surgery. These women sit down and discuss how the weight fell off, but still struggle with body image, medical complications, and how their lives has transformed due to surgery. I wanted to interview these ladies for perspective of how their experiences. Listen to the podcast to learn more !
May 3, 2018
Interview With Toni Marinucci
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May 1, 2018
Losing Perspective
Latest episode of Total Body Training
April 30, 2018
Teens Who Lift | Dominique & Brianna
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April 26, 2018
Interview With Julia Hamilton | Strong Man
“It was either doing this (strength training) or living without living.” –Julia Hamilton I had the pleasure to interview Julia HamiltonAKA Lady Beast Juju, to discuss her road to finding her voice and power within Strong Man competitions. Julia discusses her body image, redefining cultural norms, and life. How did she find herself and strength within Strong Man training and competitions? Her journey to self-love and strength are sure to inspire and empower you to reach your goals. Julia’s life experiences dealing with abusive relationships and over coming cancer guided her to strength training. Dealing with six months of suffering, her strength took over and she said enough. In the moments of her last fight, she was literally fighting for her life and escaped. Julia’s experience being homeless and realizing that her self worth no longer comes from others led her to heavy self-reflecting, journaling, finishing her sociology degree, and asking herself the hard questions. Listen 4 more.
April 25, 2018
Plan for Bad Days
There will be days when the last feel like doing is going to the gym. Your having a bad day. Your mind is elsewhere and you just want to go doing anything but workout. I completely understand. I have those days. In this episode we go over what to do when you feel this way.
April 23, 2018
Client Spotlight | Sydney Barrera | Weight loss Story
This weeks Client Spotlight is Sydney Barrera ! Sydney has been kicking ass lately. Lately shes been getting in really good shape. How is she doing it? By strength training, conditioning and changing her nutrition. We found a nutrition plan that works great for her! Watch this video to learn more about how she is getting in the best shape of her life!
April 20, 2018
Interview With Joseph Pena | He squatted 1025 lbs
Joseph Pena is a truly incredible athlete. He holds numerous powerlifting state records in the squat and total. Inluding: a THSPA record squat at 1025 Lbs. and a total Record (Squat, bench and Deadlift) at 2175 lbs. He currently holds the national Raw Squat Record in the USA Powerlifting and the International Powerlifting Federation - IPF for squat at 854Lbs. . In this interiview Joseph gives us his origin story. We discuss how he started strength training with his dad John Pena . We discuss the Starting Strength - The Aasgaard Company which he utilized and continues to use to improve his strength. He gives insight into what its like to be a competitive athlete. If you are curious about what it takes to become an elite level powerlifter this podcast is for you. Or if you just want to hear the perspective of a dedicated athlete then please listen to this podcast.
April 17, 2018
It's Okay To Cry In the Gym | How Pain Can Empower You
Recently, my friends, client and staff member Hearin had a really tough day. She started crying during her workout which I know was tough. This isn't the first time that I've had someone cry in the gym. But why ? Well, because working out is tough. Sometimes, all your emotions can come out when you start pushing yourself in the gym. So, in this episode I'm going to talk about how Its Okay to cry in the gym. And how pain can empower you! Rhodesia by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist:
April 16, 2018
How To: Not Drink When you go out! | How to still have fun!
I use to drink and party a lot! There is nothing wrong with having a drink every so often. It only becomes a problem if it starts conflicting with your health or with your goals. And in my case It messed with both. So, That being said, when I first started going out and not drinking it was sorta weird...because anything new can feel strange and awkward but also because the people around me kept wondering why I wasn't drinking. In this episode of the Video Podcast I share my own tips for going out with friends, having a good time without drinking. YES, IT IS DOABLE! I've certainly done it many times now! NOTE: I am not a therapist or life expert! This is just my opinion which is based on me fucking up and trying to unfuck myself.
April 14, 2018
Client Spotlight | Jessica Ramirez | Weight loss Story
I sat down with one of my clients Jessica Ramirez to ask her about her weight loss journey. Jessica has lost nearly 25 lbs in 2 and a 1/2 Months. She plans plans to lose another 30lbs or so over the next 3-4 months. What Jessica's secret? She is 100% committed to achieving her fitness goals. She follows a solid nutrition plan and works out 4-5 days a week. In this interview we talk about what it's like to be a busy mom who is trying to improve her health while also working a full time job! I think Jessica offers a lot of insight to beginners who are looking to lose weight. Her story is an inspiration to those who are trying to lose weight but also feel overwhelmed. Watch or listen to this episode to learn more.
April 12, 2018
An Interview with Cory Torkelson | American Ninja Warrior
This Is an Interview with American Ninja Warrior Cory Torkelson.
April 10, 2018
Just Try | A Message For Beginners Who Feel Overwhelmed
Today’s episode is brought to you by caffeine: I LOVE CAFFEINE – Coffee with cinnamon and milk. In the fitness industry there is an idea that you “JUST GOTTA DO IT!” Achieve your fitness goals NOW, MAN! Yes, you should achieve your fitness goals. Be prepared, it’s not easy to start. In fact, starting a fitness journey can be intense, but you don’t have to feel overwhelmed with the process. Say you’re in your 30’s or 40’s and your doctor says, “You’ve got to lose some weight.” You’ve never been a ‘workout type’ but know you need to do something to take control of your health. Maybe you get pumped and think, “Let’s do this!” So you hop on Instagram and see the super intense and motivated fitness guru. They’re all fit, excited to workout, and post their food prep daily. Soon you realize that you don’t know where to start and feel overwhelmed, don’t worry! Maybe the message you’re seeing isn’t for you. Beginners maybe intimidated by the all or nothing fitness assault on social media.
April 9, 2018
Would You Like some Cheese With That Whine | Please, Stop Complaining
Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine | Stop Complaining about Working Out . In this episode I talk about why complaining and or whining constantly doesn't help you. In fact, I would say that it actually sets you back from achieving your fitness goals.
April 7, 2018
Weight Loss Story With Avery Lloyd | Client Interview
Wow, just wow! This client spotlight goes out to @barbs_8 aka Avery Loyd AKA Baby Blue Crew front woman lol. (Inside Jokes) . Avery has 🔥 LOST 50 Lbs. and dropped 8 sizes 🔥 since joining @totalbodytraining @barbs_8 has been successful because she works out CONSISTENTlY and has been dieting according to her bodies needs. She listens to the recommendations I make as her trainer and takes them to heart and really shows in the way she is progressing with her strength training.
April 5, 2018
Meet The Team
In this episode I introduce you to the Total Body Training Team.
April 4, 2018
Haters of Your Fitness Goals
This episodes is all about how to handle the haters of your fitness goals.
April 3, 2018
I Don't Have Time to Workout
I don't have time to workout and neither do you! I get it, you are busy with life... You have a busy life, with kids, family, work, etc.... I really do get it. Im hearing the reason why you don't have the time. What I would like to hear is what can I do with the time you have? Are you making the best use of your time? Maybe we could be more efficient with our time. In this episode I talk about ways to work with the time that you do have. So, that you can actually get that workout in and take better care of your health! LINKS:
March 26, 2018
Comparing Yourself To OTher People in The Gym | Ep. 8
This episode is all about Comparing yourself To Other People in the gym and how unhealthy that can be. This conversation is for all the beginners out there! I know that when I was a beginner I struggled with it a lot and I hated going into the gym because I felt out of shape and silly next to incredibly fit people. It just didn't feel good... But I think there is a more healthy way that you can approach being in the gym and gym culture. So, I talk about that here. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this episode of the Livestream and Podcast!
March 22, 2018
Supplements: Overrated Or Underrated? | Ep. 7
Supplement Overrated or underrated? In this episode of the Total Body Training Podcast I discuss supplements and whether or nor you should be taking them! IMPORTANT: I AM NOT SELLING YOU ANYTHING HERE!!! I am trying to help give you some insight as to whether you even need supplements. In the podcast I promised to share some links that might help you if you want to take a supplement. The links will be below this. QUESTION OF THE DAY: What kinds of Supplements are you taking? What have you taken in the past? Please, feel free to share you comments and ask me any questions that you might have about this topic! Links: NSF Sport Google NSF AP:… Apple I-tunes NSF AP:… Informed Choice
March 20, 2018
TBT Rules for Success
Hey whats people Carlos here with the Total Body Training podcast and today we are going over the TBT Rules for Success. These rules are based on a number of things. 1st they are product that I have fucked up a lot in my life and these rules have helped me un-fuck myself. That being said these rules are not original they are a just things that I have learned from other authors like Jacko Willink, Ryan Holiday and Stoic philosophy. But that being said, these other authors also got their information from the Stoics so we are all kind of pulling from both life experience and the experience of people who wrote centuries ago. 2nd these rules are also based on the mistakes that I have seen and witness as a trainer and business owner. I noticed that there are certain patterns of behavior that tend to hurt my clients progress and here I’ve tried my best to compile those mistakes into a list that you and they can use to improve their lives. Hopefully you it will help you too!
March 12, 2018
Do The Right shit.
Do the right shit and good shit will happen. If you don't do the right shit then ain't shit gonna happen. In other words if you have a solid workout program in routine and you stick to it you will see results if you kind of sort of do it every now and thenof not being consistent you will not be very happy with your lack of results. Listen to this episode to learn more about this topic.
February 6, 2018
Always Remember Your Why
Remember Your Why | Total Body Training Podcast Episode 3. This time of the year everyone seems to be getting a gym membership. Everyone's got a a fitness goal or a New Year's resolution. I think that's pretty awesome! However, we all know that this Fitness hype and New Year's resolution excitement usually only lasts till about Midway through February! :( \ud83d\ude36Which sucks because so many really should be taking better care of themselves. Some of you have been struggling with taking care of your health for years. Losing weight or gaining muscle has been a real trial for you. Breaking bad habits and becoming a better version of yourself is something you've always wanted but can never attain. I know this all too well. I've been there myself. I believe, one reason that people fall off track is because they forget their WHY. They forget the sometimes painful moments that brought them to start working out and to lose a few pounds and get in shape. In this podcast I'm going to talk t
January 18, 2018
Learning From Your Mistakes
Learning From Your Mistakes and Achieving Your Fitness Goals
January 11, 2018
Baby Steps & Fitness Goals
Baby Steps and New Years Fitness Resolution
January 5, 2018